Chapter 194: I Won’t Let You Escape Me!

GOR Chapter 194: I Won’t Let You Escape Me!

“How much do you want? Is a big slab enough for you?” asked Bei Tai as he turned to look at Colombo. He was in the kitchen, holding on to a table knife as he sliced a loaf of bread.

Colombo stared at the TV screen. His face was a mask of surprise and he exclaimed, “Oh, my God! Come here quick! Something happened!”

Bei Tai came out while holding onto the table knife. He asked, “What happened?”

On the TV screen, the morning news was covering a special report. Depicted in the screen was the murder scene in Hanbury Street. A reporter was doing a live coverage of the news as he stood outside the police cordon.

The news got Lun Tai’s attention as well and the three of them stood in the living room, staring at the TV screen.

At that same moment, in the kitchen, there was a row of sharp kitchen knives… a few among those sharp kitchen knives silently floated up. Seemingly under the control of an invisible force, the kitchen knives slowly turned so that their sharp blades faced the three people standing in the living room. Little by little, they floated over…

“What news is this?” Bei Tai grabbed a piece of bread and stuffed it into his mouth even as he was speaking.

“Hanbury Street! That is… that is the where the two of them were headed to find Black Annie! It seems… someone had been killed!”

Lun Tai’s mind raced and he quickly opened up his system interface. Accessing the guild channel, he sent over a message.

“En? Message cannot be sent? What is going on?” Lun Tai’s face sank and he said, “Make a call to the Guild Leader!”

Bei Tai quickly pulled out a mobile phone. Just as he was about to make the call…

Air piercing sounds suddenly echoed out from behind them!

As a veteran who had experienced various instance dungeons, Bei Tai was quick to react!

He quickly moved his body to the side and a sharp kitchen knife grazed past his neck!

The second knife came whizzing over and Bei Tai roared out loudly. His right hand, which was holding onto a table knife, was raised, and he deflected the incoming kitchen knife with a resounding “ding”. The deflected knife flew away and pierced itself into the wall. The hilt of the knife quivered!

“Big Bro!” Bei Tai shouted and saw that Lun Tai had, at an unknown moment jumped onto the sofa. The poor forensic doctor was pinned down beneath him.

“I'm fine!" Lun Tai spat out. A kitchen knife flew over, grazing his forehead before stabbing into the armrest area of the sofa.

“A ah!”

A wretched scream rang out from within the toilet!

Without showing any hesitation, Bei Tai charged forward. He pummelled through the door and broke into the toilet!

Entering the toilet, he saw that poor Polly had her neck firmly tied by the shower curtains rope. Her entire body was lifted up and her two legs trashed about in desperation. The towel rack was overturned as a result – the woman was probably in the middle of relieving herself and she had no time to even pull up her pants.

With a table knife in hand, Bei Tai pounced forward and sliced off the shower curtains rope. The woman fell heavily onto the floor, her face a mask of red as she desperately tried to breathe.

At the same time, Lun Tai pulled out the kitchen knife that was pierced into the sofa and he rushed toward the bedroom. With one kick, he forced open the door and entered.

Then, Lun Tai saw something shocking!

In the bedroom, Dr Mu was still asleep on the bed. Beside the bed, however, was a translucent vengeful spirit. The female spirit was right there beside the bed!

In her hand was a knife. The sharp blade of the knife was aimed right at Dr Mu’s heart!

Lun Tai howled out and he threw the kitchen knife in his hand forward.

The female vengeful spirit abruptly turned around and the kitchen knife simple flew past her body to pierce into the bedroom’s wall.

The female vengeful spirit opened her mouth and she screeched out at Lun Tai with a ferocious expression.

By then, Lun Tai had already pulled out the revolver placed in his belt.

It was the special revolver loaned to him by Phoenix!


Bang bang!

Bang bang bang!

Lun Tai did not hesitate to pull the trigger. He unloaded all the bullets in one go without pause!

The bullets struck the female vengeful spirit’s body and she shrieked out mournfully. Under the barrage of the bullets, her body was forced back before slamming onto the wall.

The bullets exploded upon her spirit body, creating several holes as a result.

Lun Tai had emptied the revolver’s ammo and it issued out “ka ka” sounds.

The glow on the female vengeful spirit’s translucent body dimmed considerably. Then, with a sharp wail, her body dissipated, transforming into fragments, which disappeared into the air.

Lun Tai grabbed hold of Dr Mu and pulled him out of the bed. He slapped Dr Mu on the face and found that he could not wake Dr Mu up. Faced with no choice, he slung Dr Mu over his shoulders and ran out of the bedroom.

In the living room, Bei Tai had already pulled the poor Polly out from the toilet. Bei Tai had wrapped her up in a blanket.

As for Colombo, he was trembling as he attempted to shrink himself into the sofa.

“We need to get out of here, fast!” Lun Tai howled.

His decision was extremely correct!

Just as he finished shouting, a sharp scream rang out from within the bedroom.

The female vengeful spirit charged out from within the bedroom!

Lun Tai quickly retreated. While carrying Dr Mu to a corner, he used one hand to place a bullet into the revolver.


A gunshot rang out and the bullet struck the vengeful spirit right in between her eyebrows. The female vengeful spirit shrieked out harshly; then, like a cold wind, her body disappeared into the wall of the living room!

“Hurry up and move!” shouted Lun Tai toward Colombo.

He handed Dr Mu over to Bei Tai. For Bei Tai, carrying both Dr Mu and Polly was not a problem. Lun Tai took the opportunity to quickly reload the revolver with the special bullets given by Phoenix.

They ran out of the apartment and arrived at the corridor outside.

“Take the stairs!” shouted Lun Tai. “It’s too dangerous to be taking the elevator! If the rope breaks, we’ll be doomed!”

Right as he finished speaking, he suddenly snapped his neck and dodged!

A knife shot at him from behind and nailed itself onto the wall area next to his head!

The knife turned out to be a sharp scalpel!

“The Hell! Colombo! How many knives do you have in your house?”

Colombo was unable to stop himself from swearing, “Don’t forget, I am a bloody f**king doctor! A forensic doctor!”

“Hurry up! It’s coming again!”

Bei Tai turned to look at Colombo’s apartment. Floating in the air by the door was an assortment of sharp knives! There were table knives, kitchen knives and even a number of scalpels.

Lun Tai howled and retrieved an explosion-proof shield from his own storage equipment. Positioning the shield before him, he said, “I’ll guard the rear! Hurry!”

The three of them rushed down the stairs while Lun Tai held onto the explosion-proof shield, attempting to protect all of them. He was the last to descend.

The invisible force controlled the knives floating in the middle of the air and sent them flying forward. Occasionally, some would strike the shield and be deflected. However, the deflected knives would turn around in the middle of the air and shoot forward once more.

“Son of a bitch! It just keeps coming!” Lun Tai was enraged.

Unfortunately, he lacked the means to do anything against an enemy that remain concealed – his skill could not harm spirit entities.

They finally descended the building and arrived at the lobby. Bei Tai quickly charged out of the entrance and into the street.

It was early in the morning in London and no cars and people could be sighted in the street. It was only six in the morning after all and the sky had yet to brighten.

“Get to an open place!” Lun Tai shouted out from the back.

Bei Tai ran.

After running a few steps forward, they suddenly caught sight of something. A car that was parked by the road suddenly started up by itself. Next, the car came barrelling toward them like a wild animal!

"Damn it!"

Bei Tai was carrying two people on both his shoulders; he was unable to use his hands. Faced with no alternative, he leapt into the air! He soared up to a height of nearly two metres and vaulted across the top of the incoming car.

The car crashed into the window of a clothing store beside him.

Colombo screamed. Two pieces of broken glass fragment stabbed into his leg. Thankfully, Lun Tai who was behind came over and helped him up.

At the same time, the sound of roaring engine suddenly covered the street!

Chen Xiaolian stepped heavily down the throttle and the car swerved into a drift through the intersection!

The doors of the car were abruptly opened and both Chen Xiaolian and Phoenix rushed out from their respective sides.

Chen Xiaolian rolled on the ground a few times before jumping up. His feet pushed and he was propelled forward.

His hand was carrying the door of the car that he had torn off!

Just like how one would throw a discus, he threw forth the door!

The door fell behind Lun Tai. Tens of sharp knives could be seen stabbing onto the surface of the door!

“Hurry up and run!” Chen Xiaolian shouted.

At that instant, the vengeful spirit’s body quickly appeared from the window upstairs. It let out a sharp howl.

It was like a screaming witch that one would often see in movies. Its harsh scream caused all the windows in the street to shatter.

Countless glass fragments flew into the air before shooting toward them!

Phoenix’s body was flying in the air. Like a gust of wind, she descended in between Lun Tai and Bei Tai. She quickly said, “Get down!”

Both Lun Tai and Bei Tai threw themselves down. Lun Tai reached out and pressed Colombo down onto the ground.

Phoenix extended both hands out. The fingers on both her hands shone with light and a silver coloured light enveloped the three of them like a shield.

An intense sound rang out as countless glass fragments descended like blades. They struck the protective sphere like arrows, creating a sound that resembled those heard when frying beans.

Chen Xiaolian ran until he was before the door of a shop overlooking the street…

The shattered glass fragments swept through half the street like a tempest!

When the intense sound finally came to an end, the female vengeful spirit up above them charged down. As she was flying through the air, she spread open her arms and revealed her sharp fingers. They were akin to sharp swords, which stabbed toward Phoenix!

Phoenix pulled up the side of her clothes and she abruptly pulled out a gun from her belt!

It seemed that her belt was a storage equipment. As for the gun she retrieved from it, it turned out to be a uniquely shaped rifle.


One shot!

Three bullets!

The bullets exploded outward. The incoming vengeful spirit ended up flying into the barrage of bullets and was thrown back!

At the same time, Phoenix’s other hand came out. She pulled a one-metre-long wooden stick out from her belt and used it to strike the ground!


A silver coloured arc of light spread out instantly, enveloping the whole street!

The arc of light enveloped the vengeful spirit that was thrown back, causing smoke to erupt out of her spirit body! It was as though something was being burnt!

Finally, she screamed and her body retreated, disappearing into a dark alley.

“I won’t let you escape from me!”

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