Chapter 268 Part 1: Thank You, Sorry

GOR Chapter 268 Part 1: Thank You, Sorry

Nagase Komi carried a bag with her and had earphones placed into her ears. Her eyes were cast down and her head lowered as she boarded the airplane. Her face was emotionless and cold as she ignored the flight attendant’s greetings and simply walked into the cabin with indifference.

As she was walking through the cabin entrance, Nagase Komi raised her head and her eyes just happened to meet with Chen Xiaolian’s.

Nagase Komi’s face froze and she shuddered! There was shock, surprise and even a hint of panic on her face. However, it soon faded as she once again recollected herself. She lowered her head while casting a complicated gaze at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian became puzzled. Then, he decided against his desire to get up and speak with Nagase Komi. At the same time, he secretly held onto Roddy’s arm, signalling to him not to do anything.

Because Chen Xiaolian noticed that Nagase Komi was not alone!

Behind Nagase Komi, a short figure belonging to an old man slowly walked in.

The most eye-catching aspect of the old man was that he was wearing a traditional Japanese attire.

He wore a large black coloured robe that was devoid of patterns and a hakama under his torso. He sported a trimmed and clean beard while holding onto a small fan in his left hand. Despite his silvery white hair, his face was glowing with pink. He had the standard look of a healthy elderly man. However, those pair of narrow eyes made it hard to discern what lurked behind his eyes. As for his expression, it was cold and serious.

Behind the old man was a middle-aged man wearing a suit. The middle-aged man carried a box while following behind the old man.

The Japanese old man whispered something to Nagase Komi and she grunted in response. She did not turn her head and simply walked forward with her head lowered. Although her expression remained cold, a trace of fear could be seen on her.

The middle-aged man behind them revealed a look of dissatisfaction and muttered something in a low tone.

When Nagase Komi reached Chen Xiaolian and Roddy’s position, she deliberately ignored them. She had her eyes gazing elsewhere as she quickly moved forward.

The old man waved his voluminous sleeve and fanned himself with the fan in his left hand before slowly following behind. When he reached Chen Xiaolian and Roddy’s position, who knows if it was intentional or coincidental, he narrowed his eyes and glanced at them. Then, with a face of indifference, he walked past them.

As the old man was walking past them, Chen Xiaolian could sense a frigid air swirling around the old man. Chen Xiaolian subconsciously frowned and shrunk his neck back.

Nagase Komi, the old man and the middle-aged man sat in a position that was two rows away from Chen Xiaolian and Roddy.

Chen Xiaolian secretly raised his mobile phone and used the reflection on it to get a view of the back. He saw the old man and Nagase Komi sitting side by side while the middle-aged man sat in another corner.

The old man seemingly spoke something in a low tone of voice. Although Nagase Komi appeared rather vexed, she still replied with her head bowed. There was a look of submission in her actions.

Mm, submission was the word.

It was not respect, but a faint sense of fear. One that forced out an attitude of submission.

“This flight is going to be a lively one,” said Chen Xiaolian to himself as he smiled wryly.

Nagase Komi… is she also going to participate in this punishment instance dungeon?

That is not an impossibility.

After a while, a warm announcement by the flight attendant was broadcasted through the airplane.

Next, the airplane slowly began moving across the airport runway.

Following a roaring sound, the airplane took off and ascended into the sky.

After the airplane reached a certain height, it gradually stabilized its flight. The flight attendants then informed the passengers that they may now freely move about. Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian quickly got up. Putting on a façade of stretching his waist, he then threw a signal at Roddy, indicating that he should not do anything rash. After that, he walked toward the rear end of the cabin.

As he was walking past Nagase Komi’s seat, he deliberately staggered and his body knocked into Nagase Komi’s seat. Then, he quickly straightened his body and bowed to Nagase Komi. “I’m sorry.”

There was an indifferent expression in Nagase Komi’s eyes. As she glanced at Chen Xiaolian, a complicated expression appeared on her face – there was also a hint of warning.

Chen Xiaolian gave a soft smile and he kept moving forward as he made his way into the restroom.

After a while, Chen Xiaolian then came out from the restroom and returned to his seat.

He sat in his seat quietly. However, his eyes were constantly paying attention to what was happening behind.

After a few minutes, Chen Xiaolian finally heard Nagase Komi getting up. Again, he used the reflections to watch as Nagase Komi left her seat and headed for the restroom as well.

Chen Xiaolian breathed a sigh of relief.

After Nagase Komi entered the restroom, she locked the door and quickly proceeded to inspect every corner of the restroom.

She searched through every detail and finally found a symbol beneath the restroom sink.

It was a big ‘?’ symbol drawn using crayon.

Seeing the symbol, Nagase Komi became hesitant and a complicated expression was etched on her face. Finally, she inhaled deeply.

Hearing Nagase Komi walking out from the restroom and back to her seat, Chen Xiaolian smiled and sent a message to Roddy using their guild channel. “After a moment, go into the restroom and check the bottom of the sink to see if there is anything.”

Roddy was surprised to hear that. However, just as he was about to get up, Chen Xiaolian gripped his wrist and shook his head. “Wait another two minutes before going.”

“Is there something wrong with the bald girl?” Roddy asked using the guild channel. “Maybe she is also going to participate in the punishment instance dungeon?”

“That is possible.” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and continued, “It seems she is pretending that she does not know us.”

“Something is definitely not right,” Roddy was quick to reply. “I remember what you said about the last moments of the Tokyo instance dungeon. She was convinced by Tian Lie to quit our guild. Perhaps… she still harbours a grudge against us?”

“Probably not.” Chen Xiaolian frowned. “Back then, I had already talked things through with her and explained that I did not have any intention of abandoning her. I believe that she is probably not holding a grudge against us. However… it is possible that there is something going on with the other two people beside her. Perhaps… they are her companions or guild members.”

“You mean to say… she might have joined another guild?” Roddy’s eyes flickered.

“That old man is not a nobody,” replied Chen Xiaolian with a frown.

“How can you tell?”

Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly and said, “Did you notice the clothes he is wearing?”

Roddy thought about it and answered, “Isn’t that just traditional Japanese kimono?”

“That is not a kimono.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head and continued, “That is the sokutai, worn by clergy members of Japan. It is somewhat similar to the kimono, but there are differences.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian tilted his head and said, “Did you see the knot on his outer layer of cloth? That is an accessory for Shinto priests. Then, recall how his outer layer of cloth looks like. Most kimono would have some patterns or dark lines on it. However, the sokutai worn by members of the clergy would be pure white, signifying piousness, purity and flawlessness.

“Finally, I also noticed the shoes that he was wearing. They were black and had fully enclosed tip. In the Shinto clergy, those shoes are known as the asagutsu.”

Roddy was surprised and he asked, “How did you know all these?”

“I write novels for a living. So, I would look up on miscellaneous stuffs like this.” Chen Xiaolian pursed his lips to the side and continued, “Just now, did you sense any sinister atmosphere from the old man?”

Roddy shook his head. “No.”

Chen Xiaolian knitted his eyebrows but elected to say nothing. He instead checked the time and said, “All right, you can go to the restroom now. See if there is anything and come tell me… remember to clean it up and to not leave any traces behind.”

Roddy rose up and walked to the rear side of the cabin. Chen Xiaolian deliberately picked up a magazine and browsed through it slowly. However, he was constantly straining his ears to listen to what was happening behind.

Three rows behind him, the Japanese old man had his eyes closed while Nagase Komi who was beside him had an indifferent look on her face. She had her head lowered as she listened to music with her earphones. Occasionally however, she would be unable to restrain herself from glancing forward.

As for the middle-aged man, he sat there and had the flight attendant bring him alcohol. He gulped down several glasses before reclining his seat, covering himself with a layer of blanket and going to sleep.

A few minutes later, Roddy returned from the restroom. After he sat down, he glanced at Chen Xiaolian before using the guild channel to send Chen Xiaolian a message.

The message consisted of two words, which formed a name.

A luxurious silver coloured Bentley was travelling through the Hangzhou Bay Bridge. The sea could be seen on both sides of the bridge.

The Bentley slowly drove atop the bridge.

In the back of the car was a young man.

He wore white coloured suit and the cuffs of his sleeves were embroidered with a faint golden pattern. The pattern was clearly that of a thorned flower.

The man sported short golden coloured hair. The curves on his face were as sharp as a knife. His was a handsome face resembling that of the Greek Gods. However, there was a hint of feminine aura in his gaze.

He gave a faint sigh as he held a cup of wine and gulped down the amber coloured champagne.

He retracted his eyes that were looking out the window to gaze upon the seat beside him. There, an exquisite mobile phone lay.

Suddenly, the mobile phone rang.

A faint smile appeared on the blond young man’s mouth.

He picked up the mobile phone and answered the call.

“Speak up, I’m listening.”

His voice was calm and gentle, seemingly blessed with a natural quality of harmony, elegance and magnetism.

The other side was silent for a moment before speaking out.

“… … Guild Leader.”

The blond young man – the Guild Leader of Thorned Flower Guild, Augustine Shen gave a soft sigh. He had a complicated expression on his face as he put down the cup of champagne in his other hand. Then, he said softly, “Did you know? I was waiting for you to call.”

There was silence.

Shen then continued, “I am already on my way to meet you. I’ve thought it through. If you did not call me before I find you… then, I will personally kill you.”

More silence.

There was a slight frown on Shen’s face and he said, “Now then, tell me what is going on here, Tian Lie.”

“… let’s talk after we meet.” Tian Lie’s voice could be heard coming from the mobile phone. “The usual place. I’ll be waiting for you.”

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