Chapter 323 Jacob

GOR Chapter 323 Jacob

The explosion of light was just like a nuclear explosion!

All the debris within the little town was blown away by the powerful air currents of the explosion. Although it was supposed to be day, the sky appeared as dark as night.

The Dark Avenger suddenly turned around and thrust the black sword into the ground. He stabbed it so deep, even the hilt could barely be seen! The intense air currents lifted the Dark Avenger off his feet and his body was left dangling parallel to the ground. He used both hands to grab onto the hilt of the black sword and was barely able to stop himself from being blown away!

Up in the sky, Roddy spread out his wings to envelop his body, which quickly descended and fell to the ground!

As for Qimu Xi, she had long since fallen into the hole created by the black coloured beam of light when it shot out from the ground.

The most miserable of them all was Selina.

The Latin woman screamed sharply and her body flew up. The metal chain in her hand was incapable of blocking off the stormy winds. Despite its ability to rotate rapidly, the metal chain was not a wall.

Selina’s screams were soon drowned by the sound of the stormy winds and her body was sucked up into the sky! Thankfully, the other end of her metal chain, which was shooting out in every direction managed to reach Roddy!

Roddy extended out a hand from behind his protective wings and seized the metal chain.

Even so, Selina’s body had been lifted up into the sky and she became like a humanoid kite, flying about in the stormy winds.

Gravel and stones covered the sky and they struck Selina’s face and body. It was unknown just how many times she was struck by them. However, Selina had a tough disposition and was able to hold on. She held on tightly to the metal chain and was able to avoid being blown away.

Roddy could sense the alarms coming from the Floating Angel mech armour!

The shockwaves brought about by the electromagnetic explosion bombarded the Floating Angel’s defensive force field, sapping its energy reserves.

This was the Feral Tiger Angel’s dying attack and the power behind it was extraordinary. Sparks flew out from the surface of the Floating Angel mech armour. Just how many circuits were being shorted due to this attack was unknown as the energy reserves of the mech armour entered a state of freefall! Weapons systems, defensive systems, even the turbine issued warnings!



In face of the powerful electromagnetic explosion, one of the wings snapped and was blown off!

Due to the loss of the defence afforded by one of the wings, Roddy’s body was lifted up into the sky. He quickly pushed the turbine to maximum power and used the propelling power of the turbine to fight against the storm!

However, the flames shooting out from the turbine nozzle gradually weakened…

Nagase Komi was in another street inside the town. The moment the explosion of light erupted, the bald girl’s face sank and she immediately howled!

Her entire body melted like ice cream! They melted into liquid metal, which quickly wriggled toward the nearest building. It coiled itself upon one of the pillars of the building.

It was as though an extra layer of metal had been added to the foundation deep underground.

The speed of the incoming explosion was such that the other two fellows, Carmen and Rodriguez simply had no time to react before their figures disappeared before the resulting storm!

Among the two, Carmen had the worst luck. The shockwaves blasted his figure up into the sky and he did not even have the opportunity to utter a miserable scream before his body was torn to pieces!

The turbulent air currents tore his body apart! There was no spray of blood either as they were quickly swept away without a trace by the storm.

Rodriguez let out a mournful whimper as he rushed into the building beside him. However, the shockwaves destroyed the building in but an instant!

Rodriguez had attempted to position his rifle butt on the wall to anchor himself. However, the violent storm tore and lifted the entire wall up into the air!

He then fell into the explosion of light. The entire wall was incinerated!

Rodriguez screamed wretchedly; however, his body too was quickly turned into a mass of flames…

“Oh my God…”

Somewhere roughly one kilometre away from the little town…

Phoenix and Monster stopped dead in their tracks, as they looked at the distant town… the scene that resembled a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion…

There was a very dispirited look on Sawakita Mitsuo’s face. Beside him was the middle-aged man. He appeared on the verge of death and was only barely able to move forward thanks to the old man’s support.

As for the Titan brothers, they were behind Phoenix. They were in an even worse state.

One of them had lost an arm while the other had lost a leg and the two of them helped each other as they moved toward the little town.

Clearly, these people had undergone an intense battle and had only just arrived.

Phoenix who was observing the destructive explosion of light had a contorted expression on her face and she whispered, “This… just what kind of power could do this?”

The rampaging explosion of light finally faded away…

Chen Xiaolian was lying on the ground.

The black armour on him had disappeared.

The 30 seconds for the Dark Avenger body merging skill had ended.

At the last moment, Chen Xiaolian was nearly blown away by the air current as well. Thankfully, the explosion of light ended before that. Even so, Chen Xiaolian’s figure had been thrown into another street. His body slammed into a collapsed wall and blood trickled down his head.

Roughly 50 metres away from him was Roddy!

The Floating Angel had landed on the ground.

At present, there was only one way to describe the Floating Angel… it was like a broken robot doll…

A battle damaged edition!

Half of the wings behind the Floating Angel had disappeared while the two remaining had become bent.

The surface of the mech armour was mostly charred and criss-crossing indentations could be seen everywhere!

At some places, sparks would fall out.

Roddy was kneeling on the ground, his one hand still tightly clutching onto the metal chain!

On the other end of the metal chain was the poor Latin woman, Selina. She was lying on the ground, her state unknown.

Originally, due to the power of the explosion of light, she should have died. However, she used the residual energy of the metal chain to have it coil around her and block off the majority of the explosion’s power. If not for that, she would presently be sharing the same fate as her other two team members.

Roddy and Chen Xiaolian raised their heads.

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian had lost all ability to fight!

Roddy was barely able to move his body and he found that the remaining energy reserves and the mech armour’s integrity was insufficient…  20 %!

The two of them turned to look in the same direction at the same time!

Feral Tiger Angel!

There was a huge crater on the ground and Denzel lay within it.

The huge shield was on the ground beside him, utterly charred and devoid of its original colour.

Denzel’s hair, which was styled in a Mohican style were all burnt up. As for the Feral Tiger Angel mech armour he wore, it had become terribly damaged… appearance wise, it looked like a doll that had been torn apart and then stitched back together.

The remaining function on his Floating Angel mech allowed Roddy to probe outward and he received the prompt: Weak life sign!

He forced himself to walk over while Chen Xiaolian who was on the other side also forced himself to crawl over using his hands and legs.

Inside the crater…

Denzel opened his eyes.

His breath was extremely faint.

He could not move his fingers at all.

He narrowed his eyes and saw that Chen Xiaolian and Roddy had reached the edge of the crater.

He suddenly revealed a grin on his face and said, “Humph, still alive…”

He inhaled deeply and continued, “I knew it won’t be able to kill you fellows… I had used up too much of my energy reserves. That last attack did not have sufficient energy to back it up… however, to be able to deal a critical damage to you is good enough for me.”

Denzel’s rate of breathing quickened and he raised his fingers. A dim looking tiger head descended beside him.

“Although I cannot kill you, by crippling you, by sapping all your battle strength, the other participants heading this place will kill you all for me!”

A savage grin appeared on his face and he said, “I… am the Feral Tiger Angel… a proud warrior! I will not allow myself to die in your hands. You can forget about getting points from me!”

His finger formed a hook and the tiger head beside him suddenly shot out a beam…


The beam penetrated Denzel’s head, shooting right through it! Denzel had finally taken his last breath!


Chen Xiaolian swore.

Roddy slumped to the ground and puffed. He grumbled, “Just what kind of shitty ending is this?”

“Enough nonsense, hurry up and follow me.” Chen Xiaolian propped himself up and said, “Come on! Follow me! I already…”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian suddenly shut his mouth up!

A strong sense of unease spread through his entire body!

He hastily turned around!

Behind him, a lanky figure slowly walked out from the other end of the street, moving toward him.

“How lively… it seems this event is over?”

Jacob gently pulled off the outer coat on his body and tossed it on the ground.

“Let me have a look… this is a big harvest! A Floating Angel, this is truly a surprise! Ah… and a dead Feral Tiger Angel to boot?”

Jacob let out a gentle sigh and a look of satisfaction was evident in his face. “This arrangement by God is simply too satisfactory.”

After saying that, he smiled and performed a polite gesture toward Chen Xiaolian and Roddy. “Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jacob. I am not affiliated with any guild, a lone hunter. Why am I introducing myself? That is because… I hope that when I kill you all, you will know who it is that killed you.”

Chen Xiaolian could sense a terrifying killing intent!

Roddy responded in the most direct manner!

He raised his hand and used the Floating Angel mech armour to fire out a beam from the muzzle on his arm!


The beam struck Jacob’s body, which transformed into a beam of light and disappeared!

The clothes that he was wearing all fell onto the ground.

“… he died?” Roddy was bewildered at that.

Chen Xiaolian’s expression sank and he quickly shouted out, “Run quick!”

He turned, ran and jumped toward Roddy!

When Jacob’s body disappeared, there on the pile of clothes left on the ground… a silhouette crawled out.

It was none other than… the talking lizard.

The lizard with red body crawled out from under the pile of clothes and opened its mouth…

Suddenly, a roar reverberated loud and clear through Heaven and Earth!

Chen Xiaolian ran furiously toward Roddy and saw a gigantic shadow appear on the ground!

He raised his head and looked…

A colossal body! Red scales and skin!

Thick, sturdy torso and legs… and a pair of spread open wings!

Upon the massive head were vertical pupils!

Its entire body was at least 10 metres high!

It was a…


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