Chapter 448 Strange Behaviour

GOR Chapter 448 Strange Behaviour

His motorcycle was speeding along the road, but Chen Xiaolian decided to slow down and stop.

As he did so, the motorcycle left a long tyre mark along the road.

There was a distance of no more than 20 metres between him and the young man.

Chen Xiaolian took off the helmet but remained seated on the motorcycle. He stared at the young man.

Shen too, was looking at Chen Xiaolian.

There was calmness in both their faces. However, their expressions differed.

After a full ten seconds had passed, Chen Xiaolian opened his mouth.

His first sentence was not “Who are you?” or “Do you want a ride?”.

Instead, it was…

“I think I have seen you before.”

Shen smiled.

With his features that were beyond that of a human, his smile was particularly attractive.

The bright golden hair, the sapphire-like eyes and the mouth that was set in a faint smile…

When Chen Xiaolian was writing his novels, he had used the term ‘heretical charm’ many times before. Truth be told, he himself had no idea what this term meant.

Today, at this very moment, looking at the smile on Shen’s face, Chen Xiaolian finally found the answer to the question.

“At the Wailing Wall,” said Chen Xiaolian with a very vigilant tone. His words were carefully measured as he continued in a whisper, “I am certain I saw you back at the Wailing Wall area. Back then, there were many girls looking to take pictures with you. At that time, I was standing not far away from you.”

Shen shrugged his shoulders and continued looking at Chen Xiaolian. There was an assessing look in his face as he asked, “Why did you stop?”

Chen Xiaolian smiled and replied, “You are blocking the way with your car, so I had to stop. And yet here you are asking me why I stopped?”

Shen released what appeared to be a sigh and said, “Normal people would not choose to stop in a situation like this.”

Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly and said, “I think not stopping would not make a difference. Since you are blocking the way, you will most probably take action should I choose to continue moving.”

Then, the two of them laughed out.

“Let us introduce ourselves, my name is Shen.” Shen walked forward with an unpretentious and altruistic air and extended his hand out toward Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian too, showed no hesitation to jump down from the motorcycle and stretch out his hand for the other party.

“Chen Xiao Lian.”

“An interesting name.

Chen Xiaolian stretched his head to look at the Bentley Continental behind Shen. “What happened to your car?”

“A burst tyre,” said Shen calmly. “There was an accident.”

Chen Xiaolian stared at the Bentley Continental and was able to clearly make out bullet marks on the tyre wheel. He smiled wryly and said, “It doesn’t quite look like an accident.”

After a pause, he knitted his brows and asked, “Why aren’t you changing into another car? Could it be you did not bring any spare?”

There was a shocked expression on Shen’s face. He pondered the question and shook his head. “It would appear… … it has been a long time since I had to bring a spare.”

“Don’t you have a Storage Watch or something?”

“I used to wear it and there are plenty of them back home. But I don’t wear them anymore these days.”


That was Chen Xiaolian’s assessment of Shen.

“So, what do we do?” Chen Xiaolian looked at Shen. “Duke it out? If you win, you will take my motorcycle away?”

Shen suddenly laughed. “What gave you that idea?”

“This is an instance dungeon and we are Awakened ones.” Chen Xiaolian scratched his head. “You are in need of a transport and blocked the way. So, next up, we will have to fight, no?”

Shen nodded and said in a very serious tone. “Your words are quite right. Truth be told, if you did not stop just now, I would have taken action against you.”

Well, at least he is being truthful.

“If so, then let us start.” Chen Xiaolian spread his hands and took a step back. He flexed his shoulders and wrists. “I am in a hurry, so we will have to make this quick… … you seem like a pretty decent fellow, but since we are in an instance dungeon, there is no other way.”

Shen looked at Chen Xiaolian and the amusement on the corners of his mouth grew. “Why must we fight?”

“Because you want my motorcycle and I only have this one.”

Shen smiled. When he did so, his sapphire-like eyes seemingly shone with light.

He gently forwarded Chen Xiaolian a question. Hearing the question, Chen Xiaolian was left speechless.

“That rear seat on your motorcycle, is it just for show?”

Chen Xiaolian, “… … …”

After a few seconds had passed, he pointed to the motorcycle in disbelief and said, “You mean…”

“You ride while I sit in the rear seat.” There was a look of tranquillity in Shen’s smile. “Or if you do not like fetching others, I can be the one to ride while you sit behind.”

Chen Xiaolian was stupefied.

Completely stupefied.

He wanted so much to grab the other fellow by the neck and shake him. This is an instance dungeon! A world where either you die or I die!

To say something like this, don’t you think there is something wrong with your words?

What a… … magnanimous man?

“Contacting Eye of Heaven. Team C calling in regarding route no. 4 and the task to intercept participants from reaching Tel Aviv.”

“Eye of Heaven receiving. Go ahead.”

“Team C here. Requesting surveillance on target…”

A few seconds later…

“Contacting Eye of Heaven, we have found some suspicious targets along route no. 4. They are heading north to Tel Aviv. We suspect them to be game participants. Requesting authorization to attack.”

“Eye of Heaven receiving. Authorization approved. You may attack at will and eliminate the other game participants that are not part of our guild.”

“Team C receiving. Authorization accepted. Locking down on the targets. Unmanned drone is in place. Relaying the visual for the targets… preparing attack. 5, 4, 3… … wait! Abort! Abort! I repeat! Abort the attack!”

“Team C, what are you doing? Why are you aborting your attack?”

“The target of attack… … is together… … with our Guild Leader.”

“Wh, what?”

“I repeat, target confirmed to be together with our esteemed Guild Leader… Oh, my God! Guild Leader is riding a motorcycle and the target is sitting behind Guild Leader, hugging our Guild Leader’s waist!!”

“… … …”

On the top floor of a certain building in Jerusalem, a member wearing the Thorned Flower Guild’s protective suit pulled down his headset, a flabbergasted look on his face.

“Am I dreaming right now?”

“I say, can you not ride so fast?”

“Just hold on tight!”

“Are you not afraid of breaking this motorcycle?!”

“It is not even yours.”

“… … damn it.”

When Roddy bit down on Qiao Qiao’s arm, she could feel Roddy’s teeth puncturing her skin. Blood flowed.

Green coloured slime flowed out of Roddy’s mouth, contaminating her wound.

Qiao Qiao’s heart sank.

She was taken aback for only a moment. After that, she retaliated with a shoulder drop, throwing Roddy off.

After falling on the floor, Roddy panted and the green light in his eyes faded somewhat. He struggled and said, “Qiao, Qiao Qiao… … run quick, run… … I, I cannot…”

Qiao Qiao leaned silently against the wall and looked at Roddy with a tangled expression. “It is too late… … I am already infected.”

Roddy took a deep breath. Then, he abruptly pulled out the gun on his waist and pointed it at his forehead.

Qiao Qiao’s face sank and she jumped forward. Before Roddy could pull the trigger, she sent her leg flying out, kicking the gun away.

“What are you doing?!”

“Naturally, I am committing suicide.” Roddy gave a harrumph, guilt flowing out of his eyes. “I… … I don’t want to become our team’s enemy. More, I don’t want to harm you all. However, I have already infected you… I don’t want to infect anyone else! If you cannot bring yourself to take action against me, then let me do it myself!”

After saying that, Roddy struggled and rushed forward in an attempt to retrieve the fallen gun. However, Qiao Qiao quickly moved forward. She grabbed hold of Roddy’s shoulder and raised him up. Next, her knee slammed into Roddy’s neck from the back…

A grunt escaped Roddy’s mouth and his head tilted. He fainted.

“Idiot.” Qiao Qiao burst into tears. “You don’t want to hurt your teammates, but did you think that we, your teammates could bear to see you kill yourself? You fool! Be obedient and lie down!”

She exhaled and lowered her head to examine the wound and the layer of green slime on her arm.

Using the guild channel, she called out, “Lun Tai, everyone.”

It did not take long for Lun Tai to respond, “Qiao Qiao, are you two doing all right?”

“… … … what about you fellows?”

“We are still engaged in hit and run warfare with that thing.” Lun Tai’s voice was quick and filled with a sense of urgency. Clearly, the battle was very intense. “Qiao Qiao, we will go save you two ASAP! Hold on! Tell Roddy to hold on as well!”

“No. You all should not come back anymore.” Qiao Qiao suddenly whispered in a firm tone. “Lun Tai… Roddy’s infection is already taking hold and I… … have been infected.”

“… … …” Lun Tai fell silent.

Xia Xiaolei’s infuriated voice quickly rang out within the guild channel. “Damn it! How could this happen?”

Qiao Qiao continued in a very calm but decisive tone.

“Lun Tai. Right now, you must fulfil your duty as a Deputy Guild Leader! This place does not have any way of curing the affliction. The storyline has already made this clear. Staying here would be pointless… … I am asking you all to leave this place! There is no point in staying! You are responsible for the lives of our other members!”

“No!” Lun Tai replied angrily. “Leaving our comrades behind is not the Meteor Rock Guild’s way!  Qiao Qiao…”

Before Lun Tai could finish, the whole of the underground research laboratory shook. It was as though there was an earthquake. Rumbling sounds echoed out non-stop and cracks began appearing on the ceiling. The sounds of explosions could faintly be heard…

Qiao Qiao lost her footing and fell to the floor. Seeing that the lab refrigerator was falling down, she quickly rolled out of the way. The lab refrigerator fell down beside Qiao Qiao with a “crash” and all of containers inside the refrigerator broke, causing green and blue coloured liquid to flow out from it.

“You absolutely must not come back! Hurry up and leave!” Qiao Qiao shouted loudly.

She watched as the wall and the ceiling fell upon the door position of the sealed glass room. Soon, both she and Roddy were trapped inside.

“Qiao Qiao!”


Lun Tai, Xia Xiaolei and Soo Soo shouted furiously through the guild channel.

Qiao Qiao however, was firm and proceeded to cut off their communication through the guild channel.

She sat down again and looked at the liquid flowing out from the lab refrigerator.

Next, she quietly pulled out a gun and placed it beside her hand.

She had made up her mind. Before the virus took hold of her, she must end it herself.

Qiao Qiao then saw a new prompt appear in her personal system.

[System prompt: You are being invaded by an unknown power… calculating duration before zombified state…]

Qiao Qiao snorted and smiled wryly to herself. I wonder how long I have…

However, the next line of prompt left Qiao Qiao shocked.

[System prompt: Property identification complete. Degree of compatibility: 97.6 %! Unknown power identified to be of the darkness attribute. Compatibility has reached perfection level. The invasion of the affliction has been rendered ineffective. Your skill, ‘Child of Darkness’ now activating!]

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