Chapter 505 Not Just Anyone Can Use It

GOR Chapter 505 Not Just Anyone Can Use It

One black, one white.

A clear contrast.

The BOSS Bai Qi also became subdued. Seeing this figure that looked exactly like him, he seemingly entered a state of confusion.

However, War Soul Bai Qi was only distracted for a moment. His brows quickly furrowed up.

“I, hate you!”

The short sword in War Soul Bai Qi’s hand shot out.


A hatred that had no reasoning behind it.

Hatred toward this figure that looked exactly like him. Hatred toward the face, which looked exactly like his.

And… the black attire.

Hate! Absolute hatred!

BOSS Bai Qi was clearly far lacking when it came to controlling his state of mind. He was unable to recollect himself fast enough. Only after War Soul Bai Qi’s short sword had appeared before him did his battle reflexes kick in.

He raised his sword.

Chen Xiaolian watched from afar. The black Bai Qi and white Bai Qi confronted each other and a loud sound of metals colliding echoed outward. The white Bai Qi’s body became like a beam of light as he… … fell away.

In their first confrontation, it became obvious that War Soul Bai Qi’s strength was inferior.

Seeing that did not shock Chen Xiaolian much. Back when he obtained Bai Qi’s War Soul, the system had automatically reduced his strength, considerably. The BOSS Bai Qi’s strength was far superior compared to War Soul Bai Qi’s strength.

However, War Soul Bai Qi, whose body was falling through the air, quickly made a turn. His body movements were dextrous and light. Seeing that, Chen Xiaolian could not stop himself from letting out a sigh.

That was… … turning around without any leverage.

If that were Chen Xiaolian up there, he would not be able to pull that same stunt.

War Soul Bai Qi had seemingly turned on a cheat program. While he was in the middle of falling through the air, he made a move that defied the laws of physics. He turned at an incredible angle and shot forward with his sword held before him.

Although the black Bai Qi was superior in strength, he was clearly behind War Soul Bai Qi when it came to state of mind. This strike from War Soul Bai Qi forced him to retreat backward before pulling off a deflecting move.

When their swords clashed, the powerful strength behind his move forced War Soul Bai Qi to fall back again. Black Bai Qi stood in the middle of the air and Chen Xiaolian was able to notice how War Soul Bai Qi’s white clothes were gradually tearing up and drifting away under the effects of the black smoke.

War Soul Bai Qi grunted, his face remaining cold as he made another turn in mid-air. After turning, he executed another lightning fast attack aimed at BOSS Bai Qi.

For a moment, the white Bai Qi’s figure split up, transforming into a thousand birds that moved like white light, surrounding BOSS Bai Qi.

As Chen Xiaolian was agape at what he saw, he suddenly heard War Soul Bai Qi’s cold voice.

“What are you staring at? Move!”

Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian recollected himself and quickly jumped toward another bronze statue.

He had no weapon in hand. However, he shouted, “Taishi Ci!”

Taishi Ci bellowed in response. He swung the spear in his hand, sending a Qin military officer flying. The terracotta soldier broke into pieces of stone even as it was flying through the air. As for Taishi Ci, he threw his spear toward Chen Xiaolian’s location.

With a whistling sound, the spear transformed into a beam of light and pierced into the base position of the bronze statue. A silver coloured light flashed out from the base position of the bronze statue and it broke.

Chen Xiaolian leapt forward and sent his palms forward to push it. He shouted, “GO!!!”

The bronze statue that was being pushed by Chen Xiaolian with all his might finally fell. It moved sideways for a few metres before falling down upon the large tree.

BOSS Bai Qi noticed it. As the bronze statue was falling down, he abruptly howled out. It was a howl that could seemingly summon a tidal wave. Instantly, the thousand white silhouettes of birds turned and flew away.

War Soul Bai Qi appeared in the middle of the air. He coughed out a mouthful of bloody mist. Amid the bloody mist was a golden lustre.

War Soul Bai Qi’s face grew pale to the point of becoming transparent. He seemingly wobbled in the middle of the air.

BOSS Bai Qi rushed to the ground, his black figure moving like a tempest as he shot toward the bronze statue. Seeing that, War Soul Bai Qi twisted his face and charged forward as well.

BOSS Bai Qi’s black figure landed before the falling bronze statue. However, just as he was about to raise the black coloured short sword in his hand, a white figure arrived. The white figure and his sword slammed into BOSS Bai Qi’s chest. The two of them became entangled and the momentum sent the both of them flying away.


The bronze statue finally smashed into the large tree. The crown of the tree was instantly smashed into several segments. Even so, the momentum of the bronze statue did not diminish. It continued smashing down upon the trunk of the tree. After that, the broken trunk, along with its branches fell down on the main square.

The core of the Five Elements spell array was destroyed. The black Bai Qi, who had already stabbed his sword into War Soul Bai Qi’s top abdomen area, suddenly flinched.

“I… a a a a a a arggg!!!”

War Soul Bai Qi was tightly gripping his opponent’s sword. Although the sword’s blade had already stabbed its way into his body, he stubbornly held onto the sword’s blade. Seeing what was happening, War Soul Bai Qi suddenly released his grip, flicked his own short sword straight out and stabbed it into BOSS Bai Qi’s heart.

His sword pierced through the heart.

After receiving the stab, BOSS Bai Qi’s body suddenly turned stiff. He had been roaring loudly, but now his voice came to a halt. He simply stared with widened eyes at War Soul Bai Qi, who was before him.

The black smoke on his body had begun dissipating. It surged about, roiling around his body, seemingly looking for a way out. After he was stabbed however, the black smoke seemingly found an opening and all of them gushed into War Soul Bai Qi’s short sword.

BOSS Bai Qi’s body shrunk so quickly it was visible to the naked eye. In the end, he became a transparent figure that was only five inches tall and was caught by War Soul Bai Qi, who suddenly shoved him down his mouth…

Chen Xiaolian was flabbergasted.

After that, War Soul Bai Qi’s body underwent a change.

Black coloured patterns appeared on the collar and sleeve area of his all white clothes. The black patterns were like flowing water and they quickly spread out. Next, Bai Qi turned his head around to reveal his eyes. His pupils grew blacker and livelier. The black colour almost engulfed the entirety of his eyes.

Bai Qi then took a deep breath. Raising his head to face the sky, he exhaled. The black coloured short sword stuck in his body disappeared. The same thing happened to his stab wound.

At that very moment, Chen Xiaolian could clearly sense it. War Soul Bai Qi’s body was radiating an atmosphere, which could only be called ‘powerful’.

He stood there with his tiny body. Yet, he was like a Deity spirit.

Bai Qi swept his gaze across Chen Xiaolian and suddenly raised his short sword, pointing it up at the air.


After those words were spoken out with a low voice…

Immediately, the swarm of Qin terracotta soldiers that were marching through the main square dispersed. Like a receding tide, the countless number of Qin terracotta soldiers rapidly retreated, as though some kind of power was sucking them into some corner. Like a rush of gale, the terracotta soldiers disappeared, leaving nothing behind. Even those terracotta soldiers that were broken into pieces and were lying on the ground had disappeared.

Bai Qi turned his gaze toward Chen Xiaolian. Chen Xiaolian, too, looked at Bai Qi.

Their eyes met and Chen Xiaolian could clearly sense the change in Bai Qi.

If he was to describe Bai Qi’s expression as somewhat dim-witted, seemingly in a half-awake state before this…

The expression on the present Bai Qi was one of clarity and vividness.

His mind… … for the first time ever, was awake.

Chen Xiaolian could see traces of complexity from Bai Qi’s expression. It was one that was hard to describe through words alone.

“Bai Qi, you…”

“I will need to enter a deep sleep for a time. When I wake up, maybe… … everything will be different.”

Bai Qi abruptly said those words, his tone calm. Next, his figure transformed into a beam of light and disappeared back into Chen Xiaolian’s personal system.

The instant Bai Qi returned into his system…

[????: War Soul Bai Qi has completed his advancement. Skill activated. Battalion Commander: The ability to summon one hundred Qin terracotta soldiers out to do battle. Cool down after every summon is 30 minutes.

[????: Starchart of Generals sensed Bai Qi’s War Soul. Rate of compatibility: Perfect. Do you wish to absorb it?

[????: Starchart of Generals sensed Meng Jian’s War Soul. Rate of compatibility: Perfect. Do you wish to absorb it?

[????: Starchart of Generals sensed Meng Jia’s War Soul. Rate of compatibility: Perfect. Do you wish to absorb it?

[????: Starchart of Generals sensed Meng Gong’s War Soul. Rate of compatibility: Perfect. Do you wish to absorb it?]

Chen Xiaolian, “… … …”

No question about it. Meng Jian, Meng Jia and Meng Gong must be the black generals, Qin Shihuang’s Guardian Generals who led the Qin terracotta soldiers.

In the earlier battle, Taishi Ci fought fiercely. The other six generals however, only had average battle strength. They could only fight off the mob soldiers. They could not even take a hit from the black generals. After making a headcount, Chen Xiaolian saw that three of them had died in the battle. The remaining three were heavily injured.

After a brief consideration, Chen Xiaolian chose to put all the Meng generals into the Starchart of Generals.

Now, there were the four Meng generals: Meng Ge, Meng Jian, Meng Jia and Meng Gong who were at the same level. The system had reduced them to [B+] class. However, their Growth Capacity was at [A-] class.

Plus Donglai – Taishi Ci. Then, Chen Xiaolian selected the least injured among the three remaining generals.

These six generals were placed inside the Big Dipper star array.

No question about it. Chen Xiaolian left the final and most important Dubhe star slot position for Bai Qi.

After putting Bai Qi into the Big Dipper star array…

[????: The Big Dipper star array of the Starchart of Generals is completed. The main star is at [S-] class and the power of the spell array is increased. The duration for the summoning of the generals is increased to 100 minutes. While in use, you may choose to increase the comprehensive combat power of the generals by one level. Every time a general’s level is increased, the summon duration would be decreased by 15 minutes…]

Holy mother…!

Chen Xiaolian was agape.

So powerful?

During summoning time, he could increase every general’s level by one?

What does that mean?

Let’s take Donglai – Taishi Ci for example. At present, he was at [A-] class. By using this increment on him, he would rise to [A] class.

As for the four Meng generals, they were all at [B+] class. Using this increment on them meant all of them would rise to [A-] class. They would all have one foot through the door of [A] class.

Although every usage of the level increment would decrease the summon time by 15 minutes… … it was definitely worth it.

Additionally… according to the previous system prompt, Bai Qi was now at [S-] class.

By using the level increment on him, wouldn’t that make him [S] class?

However, after a detailed check, Chen Xiaolian became disappointed.

[… the level of the War Soul in the main star slot exceeds that of this equipment’s present level. Its combat power cannot be increased.]

Chen Xiaolian sighed.

As expected, [S] class was not something that could be achieved so easily.

However, it still felt good.

Just now, Taishi Ci had unleashed a Musou attack.

That skill was incredibly lethal. Chen Xiaolian began pondering about it.

By using a level increment, Taishi Ci’s combat power could be boosted up to that of [A] class. If he were to unleash his Musou after that…

He would definitely be comparable to a real [A] class expert, just like those few fellows he faced during Blood Verdict.

“Could it be I am going to go down the path of a summoner?” Chen Xiaolian revealed a wry smile.

The War Pets under his command kept getting stronger while he, the owner, was lagging behind.

Scratching his head, Chen Xiaolian then expunged those thoughts from his head before looking around at the empty square.

Then, there was the great gate leading to the main hall.

Qin Shihuang’s coffin was inside.

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and strode forward. Next, he pushed open the doors of the gate.

The thick doors were pushed apart silently and Chen Xiaolian walked into the great hall.

The great hall was quiet. Despite its vast size, the palace did not have much furnishing.

There in the middle area before him was a large coffin.

The previous time he went through this instance dungeon, Chen Xiaolian had also seen it – back then, however, this item was taken away by Miao Yan.

Truth be told, Chen Xiaolian had always felt curious. Why would Miao Yan want Qin Shihuang’s coffin? What uses could it have?

Now, the opportunity rested before his eyes.

Chen Xiaolian stood before the coffin and first inspected it in detail.

Living up to the Qin belief that they were of the Water De, the coffin was mysteriously black. He was unable to figure out what material was used to make the coffin. However, he could see that it was releasing a faint metal glow.

Chen Xiaolian reached his hand out to touch the surface of the coffin. The moment his fingers made contact, his fingers felt an extreme degree of coldness.

“So cold? It is practically a block of ice!” said Chen Xiaolian with a frown.

What should I do next? Just put it into my storage equipment?

Chen Xiaolian tested this method, but was left shocked at the result.

“I can’t?”

This item could not be kept into his Storage Watch.

After pondering this matter for a moment, Chen Xiaolian then attempted to keep it into his personal system…

[????: Cannot be taken.]

Chen Xiaolian’s heart skipped a beat. Something was not right.

Back then, when Chen Xiaolian and Miao Yan were at this very spot, he had personally witnessed Miao Yan keeping the coffin.

As for whether she kept it into her storage equipment or her personal system, Chen Xiaolian did not know. However, she did indeed take it.

Miao Yan… how did she do it?

Chen Xiaolian’s hand caressed the edges of the coffin and he knitted his brows.

At that very moment, a voice rang out from outside the great hall.

“Not just anyone can use that thing.”

Chen Xiaolian snapped his head back and saw a lanky looking man standing outside the great hall.

He wore grey coloured clothes and his silhouette was inconspicuous. Next, he stepped into the great hall.

The darkness of the great hall made it so Chen Xiaolian could not see his face clearly.

However… … he could see that this man’s hand was holding onto…



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