Chapter 509 Chen Xiaolian’s Place

GOR Chapter 509 Chen Xiaolian’s Place

My own place?

From what Chen Xiaolian could understand, those words meant that the existing seats were not his.

But the issue here was… was there any seat here for him?

“Can you please don’t pull this kind of stunt?” Chen Xiaolian sighed and inadvertently pulled his face before continuing, “Don’t you feel that this is way too much of a cliché move? An important moment arrives and you speak to me in riddles. My own place? How could there be any seat here that is my own? Can you please just explain it all to me? Is there any point in you playing around with riddles? Is there?”

By the end of it, Chen Xiaolian’s tone had taken on an obvious tone of impatience. In fact, traces of anger could be heard in his tone as well.

Instead, Zero City remained silent. It became utterly silent and no reply came.

Chen Xiaolian waited for a full minute. After confirming that he would not be getting a clear answer, he swore furiously.

“Damn it!”

Fatty was sitting at the back of the car. He looked at the stalwart man beside him who remained unconscious – more accurately, that man was his father. He was Skyblade, who had been refreshed into an ordinary human.

Skyblade remained unconscious and he showed no signs of waking up at all. Fatty became anxious and he turned to look at the woman who was driving the car.

Aunt Flame had one hand on the steering wheel while her other hand rested upon the rolled down window. There was a cigarette between her fingers and she would occasionally take a puff from it. The winds coming in from the outside dispersed the cigarette smoke. Fatty cautiously looked at the woman’s face through the rear-view mirror.

“Why are you looking at me?” Aunt Flame’s tone remained cold and hard.

Fatty gulped. “Err, Aunt Flame, how did you find…”


Aunt Flame sneered and threw the cigarette butt away. “Your father had gone missing for so many years, did you think it never crossed my mind that he might have died? I have always been keeping an eye on his hometown. Should he die, he would certainly be refreshed back as an ordinary human. Since I cannot find Skyblade when he was alive… … after he died, I must at least find him.”

After saying that, she paused for a moment. Then, she continued.

“I just… … didn’t expect him to actually get himself killed. Bastard!”

Fatty remained anxious. He looked at Aunt Flame and hesitated before speaking up, “That…”

“Shut your mouth, you are also a bastard!” Aunt Flame’s face turned fierce and she raised her head to glare at Fatty. “You are a bastard! That Bluesea, even more so! Despite having news on Skyblade, you dare hide it from me!”

Fatty quickly said, “I am innocent, Aunt Flame! I have remained in the dark about my father all this while! Besides, I am the same. Mm, Uncle Bluesea had always locked me up. It is only recently that he sent me out from Zero City. I was only able to secretly make my way here after that. If I knew my father was here all along, I… … you looked after me as I grew up, how could I not tell you about this?”

Would Aunt Flame be deceived by Fatty’s lies? She gave a harrumph. “So young, yet so full of trickery. Lying without even thinking about it. You sure are your father’s son!”

Fatty smiled. Seeing Aunt Flame show a casual attitude, he asked, “Err… … where do you plan on taking us?”

“This is all because you are a fool. After finding him, you allowed him to be wronged by those villagers. Even though he has been refreshed to an ordinary human, he is still Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild’s Skyblade! How could we allow him to be on the receiving end of those scoundrels? Since I have found him, I will not allow him to stay in that shithole.”

After saying that, Aunt Flame took a deep breath. She seemed to be forcing down the fury in her heart. “Your father is someone who must be returned to Zero City in the end.”

“… ah?”

Fatty stared absent-mindedly in response.

“What?” Aunt Flame asked with a frown.

Fatty replied with a hushed tone, “However… … Uncle Bluesea said before… … father’s matters must be kept confidential. We must not allow people to know that he has been refreshed. He also said… … before my father died, he said… … not to come look for him and let him live his normal days in peace.”


Aunt Flame spat out in fury and slammed her palm down on the steering wheel.

This SUV of a certain German brand had a very durable steering wheel. However, Aunt Flame’s palm instantly broke it apart. Aunt Flame then stepped down on the brake, halting the SUV by the road.

Fatty exclaimed and raised both his hands to grab onto the front and back seats. Next, he heard Aunt Flame’s words, words filled with anger. “Don’t go look for him? Let him live his life as an ordinary human? Bullshit! A load of bullshit! Since when did Skyblade become such a kind of person? Did Bluesea tell you that? Humph, I don’t buy it!”

“… err, it is true.” Fatty gulped and continued gingerly, “Uncle Bluesea would not lie about something like this. I… … I know that there are some conflicts between you and Uncle Bluesea, but this is something that he would not lie about.”

“… …” Aunt Flame held back her fury. After taking a few breaths of air, she turned to look outside. After a moment of silence, she suddenly said in a cold voice. “No.”


“I said, NO!” It would appear that Aunt Flame had calmed down. However, despite her calm state, her words contained an indescribable sense of determination. “Who is he? He is Skyblade! The leader of Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild! He brought us with him as he laid down the foundation for our guild, led us together as he fought against all those obstacles. And now? Things are only halfway done and he just wants to leave? It is not as simple as that! Even if he is the leader, he cannot make such an irresponsible choice. So many of our brothers and sisters sacrificed and died. All of us had worked hard for the sake of what we have today. And many of them are still waiting for him to return.

“And? He is just going to wipe his ass and leave just because he wants to?

“Even if he is willing, are you willing to accept that? Is Bluesea willing?

“I am not!”

Fatty’s face contorted in grief. “But… … but he is already an ordinary human. What else can be done?”

“What else?” Aunt Flame replied coldly, “Bring him back to Zero City, give him his memories back like what we did to Brother Qiao. We’ll do the same thing we did for Brother Qiao for him!”

“But… … even if his memories are restored, he would still be an ordinary person. He would no longer be the Skyblade he was. How can an ordinary human continue to lead Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild?”

“… I don’t care!” Aunt Flame snapped loudly. “I want to restore his memories! Then, I will point at him and question him! Ask him what the Hell is going on! Why did he disappear without a word back then? He brought harm to so many people! To me! Even if he cannot do anything to help in the future, I still want to wake him up!

“Even if it means I would only be able to scold him and beat him up!”

Fatty was flabbergasted. “Eh, that… you, that, aren’t you being too unreasonable… he is already in such a state…”

Aunt Flame glanced at Fatty and replied coldly, “I am a woman. Women are unreasonable. Is this your first time finding out about it?”

After saying that, Aunt Flame gently touched something on her wrist. She then retrieved something that appeared like a metal rod from her storage equipment.

“Return to Zero City now? You want to open up a portal here?” Fatty appeared troubled. “This… … the security protocols forbid…”

“Shut up!” Aunt Flame retorted angrily.

Next however, Aunt Flame became shocked.

She stared at the metal rod in her hand. She had pressed the button on it, but there was no response.


Fatty shrunk his head back and asked, “What is it?”

“The reserve passageway cannot be opened? There is no signal response.” Aunt Flame knitted her brows. “This has never happened before.”

After saying that, she handed the metal rod over to Fatty and said, “Aren’t you very skilled in mechanical field? Check this thing out. Is it broken?”

Fatty accepted it and fiddled with it for a while. Then, he frowned and said, “It should be all right. However, it is not getting any response. It seems like the receiver is not getting any response.”

Aunt Flame’s face turned serious. She stepped down from the SUV and quickly pulled out a big equipment from her storage equipment.

It was a doorframe.

She placed the metal doorframe on the ground.

“Aunt Flame… … you actually have this thing? The old type of security reserve portal. Weren’t these things phased out already?”

“The Hell cares how old it is? As long as it is reliable.” Aunt Flame shook her head.

This was a special equipment belonging to Zero City. It was designed specifically for the sake of entering and exiting Zero City by opening up a special passageway.

Later on, these items were phased out due to the introduction of better and newer equipment.

However, some older fellows would continue to use these old versions.

A few seconds later, Aunt Flame’s face became extremely ugly to behold.

“Something is wrong!”

Aunt Flame turned her head to look at Fatty. “This door of mine has the passwords for four reserve passageways… … all of them are not responding!”

“All four won’t open?” Fatty jumped out of the SUV. His face too, grew twisted to the extreme.

“Zero City’s special passageways are not responding!”

“What about the emergency passageway?” asked Fatty with a frown.

“Tried, useless.”

The two of them exchanged glances and saw the twisted expressions on both their faces.

“My place, my place… … damn it!” Chen Xiaolian clutched his head.

He had circled the stone slab a few times now.

He looked at the ‘seats’ before him. Stone stool, tree stump, tortoise shell, straw bale, straw cushion, saddle…

These really are *** showing their individuality!

What are these supposed to be, customized seats?

Chen Xiaolian was unable to stop himself from pulling a face.

Then, he abruptly thought of something.


He re-examined the seats.

Six seats. In other words, the number of founders, inclusive of Mr San and Bai Qi, amount to six.

Each of these six members had different seats.

If so…

Chen Xiaolian contemplated the matter. Next, he quickly looked through his storage equipment.

He quickly pulled something out.

First, he attempted to thrust the Sword in the Stone down beside the table.

However, something strange happened.

He raised the Sword in the Stone and was about to thrust it down the grassy patch of land when a force repelled him back.

Chen Xiaolian tried three times. In his final attempt, he resorted to using Skyblade’s power. Even so, he was still repelled, forced to take five to six steps backward.

“Sword in the Stone cannot?”

After considering it, he then pulled out a carton filled with mineral water and placed it before the stone slab.

This time, the carton was not repelled off. Chen Xiaolian became overjoyed and he moved to sit down.

One second later…

With a shout of surprise, Chen Xiaolian was sent flying by that repelling force. His body flew a distance of around 10 metres before landing head first into the meadow. The carton was also ejected away and it landed beside him.

“I… … I am going to start cursing!” Chen Xiaolian furiously got up and said, “Zero City! What is going on here?”

No answer.

Chen Xiaolian then chose to sit down cross-legged before the stone slab. Next, he retrieved various items from his Storage Watch.

He tested them one after another.


Wooden box?



The seat cushion taken out from a car?

He tried them one by one. All of them failed.

Chen Xiaolian silently observed the six ‘seats’.

There are six completely different items. What special aspects do they possess?

What common aspect do the six items share?

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