Chapter 621 Escaping Manhattan

GOR Chapter 621 Escaping Manhattan

Chen Xiaolian’s brows were tightly knitted together.

Sounds of explosions had been ringing out from afar for quite some time. That caused Chen Xiaolian to feel disturbed.

Mr Bluesea, you… … could something have happened to you?

He sent a glance at the three people sitting before the entrance to the convenience store. There was a slight look of concern on Yang Lin’s face and he would occasionally turn to look in the direction where the sounds of explosions were coming from. Daniel had an indifferent expression on his face. However, both his fists were clenched tightly. As for the Swiss woman, Grace, she was already holding onto an assault rifle; she continuous pulled out the rifle’s bullet magazine to confirm that it was filled with bullets.

Since Chen Xiaolian could hear the sounds coming from afar, it was only natural that they, too, could hear it.

However, none of them took the initiative to talk to Chen Xiaolian. In fact, not a single conversation occurred between the three of them.

If Mr Bluesea… … really does not return…

Am I really gong to have to count on these three to bring me to their ‘village’?

Chen Xiaolian’s heart was filled with doubts.

More importantly, Chen Xiaolian was never a loving Holy Mother.

Back then, Bluesea and Chen Xiaolian had made a deal. For his end of the deal, Chen Xiaolian would protect those three. However – between the life and death of three people who had no relationship with him and the life and death of Bluesea, who was more important? There was no need to even think about it.

The only concern weighing down on Chen Xiaolian was, if he really did went out to find Bluesea and the three ended up encountering some unknown danger, would that end up infuriating Bluesea and in turn, void the deal they had earlier?

After all, this Bluesea was no longer the Bluesea that he was once familiar with.

As Chen Xiaolian was hesitating, he heard another sound.

Hearing the sound caused his face to flicker somewhat.

It was the roar of a monster. Although it was faraway, this roar was stronger and more ferocious compared to the earlier monsters.


Chen Xiaolian quickly made up his mind.

No matter what, he must first protect Bluesea.

After making up his mind, he immediately stepped forward and walked toward a vehicle parked beside the street.

“Chen Xiaolian, you… … where are you going?”

Seeing Chen Xiaolian’s actions of leaving, Yang Lin quickly got up. After a moment’s hesitation, he asked.

“I’m going to get your team leader.” Chen Xiaolian opened up the car door and sat down without looking back. “You’ve heard the sounds. You fellows probably don’t plan of having him die outside, do you?”

Yang Lin grew silent. He did not know what to say. At that moment, he had no reason to stop Chen Xiaolian.

The woman, Grace, immediately stood up. There was a rather agitated look on her face as she said, “Wait! Bluesea said you need to stay here to protect us!”

“He needs me more.”

Without pausing, Chen Xiaolian started up the car and began reversing it. However, Grace quickly ran to stand before the car. Spreading both hands out, she stopped Chen Xiaolian’s path. “You cannot go!”


Chen Xiaolian looked at Grace through the windshield.

“You had an agreement with him! You… … you must honour the spirit of the agreement!” Grace stared at Chen Xiaolian, her chest heaved up high.

“If the one who made the contract is dead, would the contract still exist?” Chen Xiaolian gave a cold sneer. “Make way. Let me go get Bluesea. Then, we will leave together. Believe it or not, if Bluesea is dead, I will abandon you fellows and leave on my own.”

Chen Xiaolian watched as Grace’s body faltered slightly. After a moment’s hesitation, she said, “You… mean it?”


Chen Xiaolian swore inwardly. However, after suppressing the fury in his heart, he nodded.

This woman… … could she not understand? If Bluesea is dead, there is no way they could survive!

“Then… … we will go into the store and wait for you… … after you find Bluesea…” Grace gritted her teeth and stepped aside. Suddenly, a look of panic washed over her face. She turned and raised the rifle in her arms to aim at the street behind her.

A sports car turned into the street and barrelled toward them at full speed.

“Who… … who is it?!”

Grace’s finger was already placed upon the trigger and she shouted shakily. There was clearly still a great distance between her and the sports car and there was no way for her voice to carry over to the car. It was unknown if her words were for the people inside the car, or Chen Xiaolian, or herself.

Those words had just left her mouth when something flashed before her eyes. Chen Xiaolian’s hand had shot out to grip her assault rifle’s gun barrel.

Chen Xiaolian gave her a cold stare as he pulled the rifle away from Grace. “Don’t you know you shouldn’t arbitrarily raise your gun and shoot?”

“But…” Grace opened her mouth, wanting to say something. However, Chen Xiaolian was in no mood to entertain her. Shoving the rifle back into Grace’s chest, he said, “That is Bluesea.”

The sports car that was coming at them at full-speed reached their position in the blink of an eye. Braking, it halted before them. Bluesea jumped out from the sports car and rushed toward Chen Xiaolian. In his haste, he nearly stumbled down.

Chen Xiaolian used one hand to help support Bluesea. However, Bluesea shook his head and pushed Chen Xiaolian’s hand away. “It is all right. I am just a little tired. Let us get on the SUV and head out.”

Bluesea headed to the SUV as he spoke.

Chen Xiaolian nodded, not asking him about it. He quickly turned toward the SUV’s driver seat. “I’ll drive.”

“Wait! Are we just going to leave? There is still a good amount of supplies that we haven’t loaded up! Also, we do not have enough ammo!” Grace was stunned for a moment, but she quickly chased after Bluesea.

“We don’t have the time for it. This place is too dangerous. We will need to figure something out for food and ammo later.” Bluesea pulled Grace, opened up the SUV door and pushed her in. “There are pursuers coming from behind. If we do not leave, we won’t make it.”

Hearing the word ‘pursuers’ caused Grace to shudder. She grew silent.

The food that they had placed on the ground to be loaded up were abandoned and the five of them quickly got into the SUV. Chen Xiaolian started it up and drove it in the direction opposite from the direction Bluesea had arrived from.

“You encountered enemies?” As he was driving, Chen Xiaolian turned to look at Bluesea, who was seated beside him.

“Mm.” After sitting down on the front passenger seat, Bluesea appeared more at ease. “Other than the monster we encountered earlier, there is also… … a tank.”

“Tank?” Chen Xiaolian furrowed his brows. “What type?”

“I do not recognize it. It is not from any country in the real world.” Bluesea shook his head and pointed forward. “Turn left.”

Chen Xiaolian followed Bluesea’s instruction and turned. After making the turn, he continued asking, “Its turret muzzle, is it square-shaped? It fires not artillery shells but energy beams?” 

Bluesea nodded. “You… encountered it before?”

Chen Xiaolian released a gentle sigh. “Yes. Its name is Thunderstorm Tank. This will be… … rather troublesome.”

“Maybe not.” Bluesea rolled down the window, letting the wind blow upon his face. “That Thunderstorm Tank chased me for quite some time. However, it was blocked by a monster.”

“Like the one from before?”

“No, it is bigger, much, much bigger.” Bluesea peeked out from the window, looking behind to confirm that no one was pursuing them. “It is tens of metres high. Fortunately, the monster stopped the tank and they ended up fighting each other. That was how I managed to escape. However, I do not know which one emerged victorious in the end.”

“Tens of metres high?” Chen Xiaolian smiled. “If that is the case, the one to emerge victorious is likely the monster.”

“How do you know?”

“I saw one such monster not too long ago. Even 20 Thunderstorm Tanks were no match for that monster.” Chen Xiaolian recalled his memories of the monster in Zero City. “Truthfully, there… … you had also seen it.”

Bluesea turned and gave Chen Xiaolian a glance. However, he did not say anything.

“Whatever, after we make it back, I will slowly explain it to you. At any rate, we should be relatively safe right now.” Chen Xiaolian thought about it and said, “This is just the remnant of an instance dungeon. Without the system’s commands, it is unlikely for the monsters to personally chase after a faraway target.”

“That is good.” Bluesea nodded his head. “Although I don’t quite get what you are saying, I will trust you on this.”

“Thank you.”

Manhattan was not too large. However, many of its streets were now blocked off due to the destruction from the preceding battles. Following Bluesea’s instructions, Chen Xiaolian avoided several of the blocked off streets and continued driving southward.

The so-called ‘south’ was simply the bearing they got based off the positioning of Manhattan Island. In this World’s End, the sky was simply an expanse of white. There was no sun, no moon, no stars. Neither was there any night. Naturally, there was no way to identify the cardinal directions.

According to Bluesea, by heading ‘south’ they will reach the next area, a stretch of Gobi Desert. It was a desolate place, almost devoid of life. Thankfully, the terrain there was flat. Vehicles can move unobstructed across the area.

After making their way past another two instance dungeon areas, they will arrive at the instance dungeon where the village was situated.

After making a few turns, the SUV gradually made its way to the edge of Manhattan.

“After another turn, you will see a bridge. By crossing the bridge, we will make it out of Manhattan Island.” Seeing that they were about to leave the instance dungeon area, Bluesea gradually became more at ease.

After turning the steering wheel, however, Chen Xiaolian’s heart gave a heavy thump.

The Manhattan Bridge was laid out before them. However, resting before the bridge was a…

Thunderstorm Tank.


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