Chapter 625 Part 1 Thank You

GOR Chapter 625 Part 1 Thank You

Wu Ya had always been a decisive person and not one to hesitate. Since it was clear that there was no possibility of Chen Xiaolian joining him, Wu Ya did not hesitate to immediately unleash his attack.

While they were conversing earlier, Wu Ya had secretly embedded his metal energies into the bridge, tempering and forging the steel bars within the bridge into tens of long swords.

After the sword array was completed, Wu Ya jumped up onto one of the flying swords. With a wave of the sword hand-seal on his right hand, he directed all the flying swords toward Chen Xiaolian and they flew forth like a flowing river.

The gleaming lights reflected off the surface of the swords were like a bolt of electricity.

Wielding his long blade, Chen Xiaolian deflected one of the incoming long swords. After that, however, he found that the impact caused his purlicue to ache slightly. Before the feeling of surprise could set in, the second sword had descended.

The flying swords were hastily forged by Wu Ya using his ability and had a rough appearance. He had not even sharpened the tips of the swords. Even so, they were incomparably durable and a layer of chilling glow continuously flowed through its surface.

Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth as he continuously brandished his long blade to deflect each of the incoming flying swords. However, the high number of flying swords continued to circle around him. Even those that were deflected only hovered around for a moment before shooting toward him once again.

After but moments, tens of small nicks had appeared on the long blade that Chen Xiaolian was holding.

Chen Xiaolian gradually grew anxious.

If he could just fully unleash Skyblade’s power, he could clear away all the flying swords before him with one hacking motion. However… … he could not do so.

Since acquiring Skyblade’s power, Chen Xiaolian had been gradually learning how to use it in short bursts. He no longer unleashed them all out in one go as he used to.

Assuming Chen Xiaolian’s original way of using Skyblade’s power was equivalent to that of detonating explosives, the present him could control the release of the power, allowing him to slowly and continuously unleash the power.

Since entering this Word’s End, Chen Xiaolian had not once fully unleashed Skyblade’s power.

The reason for that was not due to his body. Rather… … it was the long blade.

After entering World’s End, with the exception of the clothes on his person, Chen Xiaolian had nothing else on him. Even the long blade he presently wield was something that he had liberated from Deiha’s hands.

However, the long blade was just some common system-produced alloy weapon. Other than its durability and sharpness, it had no other special attributes. It also had no supplementary skill.

How could a common weapon such as this handle the power of [S] class? 

If Chen Xiaolian could unleash Skyblade’s power for real, the array of swords around him would fall in one strike. However… … before he could unleash that powerful strike, the long blade in his hand would break apart from the strain of the mighty power classified as [S] class.

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian was fondly reminded of the Sword in the Stone.

Unfortunately, the Sword in the Stone had been destroyed by Shen back in the battle for Zero City.

Wu Ya was not about to give Chen Xiaolian time to reminisce.

The tens of flying swords continued shooting toward Chen Xiaolian, who was standing within their encirclement. As for Wu Ya, he stood in the distance atop a flying sword, looking down on Chen Xiaolian coldly.

The youngster before him was pretty good. However… … ‘pretty good’ was all he amounted to.

Although it would be a rather pity to kill him off, Wu Ya was not the hesitant type.

He had insisted on not joining the Coalition and help with the clearing of Awakened ones. Thus, Wu Ya could not allow someone like that to survive and disrupt their plan to restart the Recycle Bin’s clearing function.

Wu Ya had absolute confidence in his own strength. In this World’s End, he could easily defeat most enemies he faced without transforming.

And he was certain that the youngster before him would not be an exception.

The array of flying swords continued to stab at Chen Xiaolian non-stop even while they continued to temper themselves. The faint smell of iron filled the air as the impurities within the flying swords were gradually discharged from the swords.

As the situation progressed, the sharpness of the flying swords gradually increased, bit by bit.

The situation grew even more strenuous for Chen Xiaolian.

A layer of golden light coated the surface of the long blade in his hand. Thanks to that golden light, he was able to deflect the attacks of all the flying swords up till now. Even so, the long blade itself had suffered from a considerable amount of damage.

If the situation were to continue, it would be just a matter of time before Chen Xiaolian died.

Wu Ya could discern that Chen Xiaolian should be stronger than this. If the blade in his hand was not some common weapon, he would be able to unleash an even higher level of fight.

However… … there was no way around it.

After entering World’s End, every Irregularity will suffer from a substantial decline in strength. The decline would differ from person to person.

Because their personal systems will be inaccessible within World’s End. Their personal skills and enhanced physical attributes remained, but the items within the storage space cannot be retrieved.

If the Irregularity had taken the equipment-oriented route, then his or her equipment, be it technological equipment or magical equipment, would be lost forever.

In other words, the stronger their personal strength, the less dependent they were on equipment, the smaller their loss.

The skill that Wu Ya had initially gained was known as ‘Unity of Five Energies’. The skill allowed him to manipulate the five elements.

Within the system, this skill was a rare skill which could be enhanced through self-cultivation, without requiring points.

Although he had also lost a lot of high-grade equipment after his death, that skill was something that could not be taken away.

The most terrifying aspect of the skill was, even here within World’s End, it could still grow stronger over time.

Even more so, Wu Ya also possessed another decisive move, a transformation skill that he had managed to get his hands on by chance: Magical Dragon Transformation.

The complete version of the Magical Dragon Transformation would allow its user to transform into the Jormungandr from Norse mythology.

The Magical Dragon Transformation skill that Wu Ya acquired, however, was not the complete version. Thus, the Jormungandr transformation did not transform him into the standard colossal python. Rather, it was a mix of dragon, python and some human traits.

Even so, it was enough for Wu Ya to build up his current level of renown throughout this World’s End.

Wu Ya stood up in the sky as he watched Chen Xiaolian, who continued to swing the long blade around. He snorted inwardly.

The Unity of Five Energies allowed for the manipulation of the energies of metal, wood, water, fire and earth, the five elements. Each of them needed to be cultivated separately, a laborious and time-consuming process. Before his death, Wu Ya had not put much effort into the skill. It was only after coming to World’s End did he turn to the skill once more and seriously cultivate them. Due to the limitation in energy, however, the one he prioritized most was the cultivation of the metal element.

Due to the earlier time constraint, when Wu Ya was setting up the sword array, he was only able to roughly smelt the steel bars into the shape of flying swords. However, now that he had Chen Xiaolian trapped within the array, he had the time to control the attacks of the flying swords and slowly temper them.

At most, it will take only another three minutes. Then, Chen Xiaolian… … you will be defeated!

Chen Xiaolian swung the blade, again and again.

The force behind each incoming attack grew increasingly stronger. The resulting tremors from each collision caused his arm to ache. Even so, Chen Xiaolian could only continue to swing the blade.

Back then, facing the stream of flames shot out from the youngling Karra beasts, Chen Xiaolian had channelled Skyblade’s power through the blade to form a barrier before him. Now, facing this sword array from Wu Ya, he dared not repeat the same move.

He feared that the strength behind the flying swords could instantly pierce through the golden barrier.

Even his present method of using the long blade to deflect the incoming flying swords could not last long.

In addition to nicks, several cracks had appeared on the long blade. On the contrary, the force behind the flying swords was growing stronger. It was such that the winds created from the flying swords were causing lines of gully to form on the surface of the bridge around him. Despite the short amount of time that had passed, the surface of the bridge around Chen Xiaolian was filled with cuts and pieces of gravel flew about in the air.


Ding ding!

Ding ding ding!


After that last collision, the long blade, which was filled with cracks, was finally no longer capable of handling any more of the powerful and unrelenting attacks. It finally broke into two.

After the flying sword was sent flying from the collision, three more flying swords shot out toward Chen Xiaolian from three different directions.

Chen Xiaolian only had a broken blade in his hand.

When the three flying swords were flying toward him, Chen Xiaolian’s rate of movement suddenly increased by several notches.

Twisting his body in a way that most people would be unable to do, Chen Xiaolian made his way through two of the incoming flying swords. Then, he reached out with his palm to grab hold of the third flying sword.

Golden light flashed out from the hilt of the flying sword, spreading forward until it reached the tip of the sword. When it happened, Wu Ya, who was up in the sky, flinched.

Due to the golden light, the metal energy that Wu Ya placed upon the flying sword was instantly swept away, causing him to lose control over the flying sword.

As for Chen Xiaolian, the moment his palm grabbed hold of the flying sword, an atmosphere that he had never revealed before erupted from his body.

Casting a cold gaze at Wu Ya, who was up in the sky, he raised the flying sword up above his head before hacking down with it.

There was still a distance of tens of metres between him and Chen Xiaolian. However, seeing the hacking motion, Wu Ya felt his heart growing tense. Even the act of breathing became laboured.

There were still tens of flying swords circling around Chen Xiaolian. Yet, for some unknown reason, Wu Ya felt a faint sense of danger.

This was an instinct forged through countless battles.

After just a moment’s hesitation, Wu Ya waved his hand and the flying sword that he was on made a circle to fly back.

As the flying sword was flying back, the strike from Chen Xiaolian descended.

A golden light, piercing through the Heaven and Earth alike, enveloped all around him.

The mighty golden light spread forward and Wu Ya found it hard to keep his eyes open in face of the attack.

Thankfully, he had just retreated a distance of several hundred metres, allowing him to escape the area enveloped by the golden light. As for his sword array, they were like melting ice, vanishing instantly in face of the golden light.

The golden light faded away. Of the many flying swords that filled the sky around Chen Xiaolian, only one was left.

The one in Chen Xiaolian’s hand.

“Thank you for giving me a good sword.”

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