Chapter 639 Guts

GOR Chapter 639 Guts 


Jaina spoke up in shock. “In World’s End… … every Irregularity lives on their own. If not for the issue with the automatic clearing now, there is no way we would have established the Coalition. In a place like this… … how could there be a King?”

“Why not? As long as… … you are strong enough.” There was a mockful look on Sebast’s face.

“But… … no matter how strong a person may be, that person could only go up to [S] class. The World’s End of that time… … could it be that he was the only [S] class then?” Jaina murmured.

Sebast shook his head. “Of course not. At present, there are only three [S] class experts within World’s End. However, back then, there were five others. The King singlehandedly suppressed the other five… … [S] class powerhouses!”

“And so…” Sebast released a lengthy sigh. “The King, using his power, a power which transcends all others, to set down the rules. He had everyone live according to his instructions. No duel to the deaths and no unwarranted killing of Awakened ones. All materials sent into this world will be distributed evenly … … back then, World’s End was just like… … a huge military camp!”

“Five [S] class?” Duan Gang was shocked. “In addition to Sir Wu Ya, Sir Lei Hu and that guy, what happened to the other two [S] class experts… … could it be they had killed each other over equipment?”

“Two?” Sebast sneered. “It’s five! Back then, Lei Hu and the others were but minor characters who would pee their pants if the King so much as let out a cough. As for the five [S] class experts, the King had them… … killed.”

“Why?!” Jaina looked at Sebast in disbelief.

“Because… … they found out that the King was going to leave. In face of that temptation, to be able to leave World’s End, their greed overwhelmed their feelings of fear. However… … they had overestimated their strength. Even after combining their might, the five of them were still killed off by the King.

“It was not just the five [S] class experts… … to be exact, after the news spread out, almost every Irregularity went mad. They joined in on the fight… … no, it should be called a war. A war to capture the opportunity to return to the outside world!

“The King, by himself, fought against the whole of World’s End… … in the end, he won!

“On that day, he killed off almost every single expert within World’s End. The only ones who had survived back then were the cowards like me and Lei Hu. We had run away from the battlefield. From the very beginning, we had no courage to challenge the might of the King. Before he left, the ground he was standing on was a mountain of corpses. He… … stood there alone, looking coldly at us.”

Jaina had not expected that even someone as powerful as Sebast would show fear in his eyes as he recounted the story about the King.

“So… … if Chen Xiaolian had really acquired a way to leave World’s End, he must have… … learned it from the King. There are no other possibilities.” Sebast, who was looking up at the sky, finally lowered his gaze. He looked back at Lu Leiya. “Now, tell me. Where is Chen Xiaolian?”

“I… I…” Facing the ardent look on Sebast’s face, Lu Leiya gritted his teeth. Despite his shaking body, he emboldened himself and said, “I want to leave too! I want to return! Unless you guarantee… … you can bring me as well, then, I will tell you where Chen Xiaolian is!”

“You want to bargain with me?” Sebast smiled. “What gave you the courage to do so?”

“I heard Chen Xiaolian talking about it!” Lu Leiya puffed out his chest. “We… … people like us are known as Awakened ones! You Irregularities can escape the refreshing process of World’s End while we will be cleared away! Even if we escape your pursuit, in the end, we still cannot avoid death! Unless… … unless you bring me out, only then, can I live! If you do not promise me, I will not tell you where Chen Xiaoian went! At any rate… … I will just die!”

“I understand. In that case…” Sebast nodded. He reached out with his index finger, placing it horizontally before Lu Leiya’s face. “Then, you can… die.”

A look of shock washed over Lu Leiya’s face. Before he could even speak up, he felt a cold sensation from his face. Next, the world before his eyes spun.

Sebast smiled as he retracted his hand, watching as the cut half of Lu Leiya’s head fell down the ground. Putting his fingers to his mouth, he licked them before turning to look at Grace. “I believe you will not try to bargain with me, right?”

“I… I… I…” Grace had fallen to the ground and both her legs were shaking uncontrollably. She stammered, incapable of uttering out a single comprehensible word.

“If you have no intention of bargaining with me, then tell me. I like obedient girls, understand?” Having finished licking his fingers, Sebast then placed his hand on Grace’s face.

“Chen Xiaolian and Bluesea had mentioned that they wanted to go to other instance dungeons to find other Irregularities. Then, they will pretend to be newcomers who know nothing, allowing the other Irregularities to lead them to the headquarters! That way, they will be able to find Qiao Qiao! However… … I didn’t know Chen Xiaolian had a method of going back! Just now, I really… … really did not deliberately try to hide it from you!” Both of Grace’s legs kicked the ground as she backed away. She continued doing so until her back was against the wall of the building behind her.

“The direction. Which direction did they take?”

“They started up an aircraft… … and went toward the rainforest instance dungeon!” Grace was on the verge of crying. “Please have mercy on me! Don’t kill me! I… … I do not want to return to the real world! Just let me live here! Just one more day is good enough! As long as you do not kill me!”

“Thank you. You are a really obedient girl.” With a smile on his face, Sebast reached out with his hand to gently stroke Grace’s blond hair. “Besides, your hair is very beautiful, just like mine.”

Next, he exerted pressure on Grace’s head, gently twisting her neck.

“Mr Sebast… … no, Sir Sebast, killing her so soon… … isn’t that bad? What if there are other answers…” There was a rather ugly look on Duan Gang’s face. He had asked gingerly while changing his way of addressing Sebast.

“There is nothing else to ask.” Sebast shook his head with a happy smile. “I do not have much time. I have to find Chen Xiaolian before he reaches the Palace. I cannot allow the others within the Coalition to find out about this secret. Otherwise… … that bloody war from back then… … may erupt again. After all, there is only one spot available. Who doesn’t want to go back?”

“Mr Sebast, that spot…” Jaina looked at Sebast in disbelief. “There is only one?”

Duan Gang slowly took a few steps back and said in a suppressed tone, “Sir Sebast, I dare not fight you for the opportunity to go back. I just wish to work for you. I ask that, no matter what, you take me under you …”

“Duan Gang, your forehead. Why are you suddenly sweating? Are you feeling hot?” Sebast observed Duan Gang’s move backward with an amused smile. “Strange, why is your hand gripping the light sword?”

“Sir Sebast… … please believe in my loyalty…” Duan Gang gritted his teeth heavily as his face turned pale. “I… … I swear I will be loyal to you…”

“Do you know?” Sebast gave a casual sounding sigh. “Before the news that going back is possible broke out, all the subjects of World’s End had sworn their allegiance to the King. But in the end, you know what happened as well. Do you think I can trust you?”

It was at that moment that Jaina reacted. Screaming out, she jumped onto her flying skateboard and shot backward.

“The fool!” Seeing Jaina making a run for it, Duan Gang snarled. With his right hand holding onto the double-ended blade of light, he then charged Sebast.

The double-ended blade of light swung in a circular arc as it slashed toward Sebast. However, as it was in the middle of swinging through the air, its movement was suddenly stopped.

Using only two fingers, Sebast had broken Duan Gang’s wrist with a twist. There was the same smile on Sebast’s face.

“I am sorry, Duan Gang. Even then, you were no match for me, let alone… …”

His two fingers tightened their grip, shattering Duan Gang’s wrist.

The double-ended blade of light lost its energy supply and the two blades on either end disappeared. The hilt then fell to the ground.

“After killing Wu Ya, I am now also [S] class.”

Sebast ignored the horrified expression on Duan Gang’s face as he gently hugged Duan Gang with his arms. Then, he bit into Duan Gang.

When Sebast finally let go of Duan Gang’s corpse, which had been sucked dry, a spectacular firework erupted up in the sky. He raised his head to look up.

The firework was none other than Jaina and her skateboard, who had struck the edge of the hexagram spell array and the electrical current it discharged.

“Duan Gang was right, you are a real fool. I had already reminded you that the spell array does not differentiate friend from foe.” Sebast shook his head before lowering his head to look back.

There was a look of panic on Daniel’s face, who kept struggling. However, no matter how much he struggled, he was unable to extricate himself from the blood-coloured adhesive. As for Yang Lin, he sat quietly on the ground with lake-like calmness.

“What is your name?” Sebast regarded Yang Lin for a moment. At the same time, the blood-coloured adhesive, which was sealing Yang Lin’s mouth, receded slightly to allow him to speak.

“Yang Lin.”

“I will remember your name. You are… … a gutsy fellow.”

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