Chapter 659 Price

GOR Chapter 659 Price

This time, the Irregularity spent a much longer time drawing his bowstring compared to earlier.

The longbow was curved like a moon. After pulling it taut, he even went so far as to grip the bowstring and twist it.

“Damn it!”

Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth as he rushed toward Bluesea.

Chen Xiaolian had figured out Bluesea’s situation – the Bug Armour’s power was dependent on the genetic compatibility between itself and its host. However, how long it could unleash its power would depend on the strength of its host’s fleshly body.

Looking at it from another perspective, if the entity formed by combining Bluesea and the Bug Armour was a mobile phone, the Bug Armour would be the CPU while Bluesea was the battery.

Although the CPU was very advanced, the battery known as Bluesea was incapable of letting the CPU operate at its full speed. If he were to force the CPU to operate at full speed, his small reserve of power will be immediately drained. Then, due to over exhaustion, he would be forced into a sleep mode or even a forced shutdown state.

Earlier, Bluesea fired out high-temperature beams at full power three times. He had over exhausted himself. Since sending out the whip to latch onto Chen Xiaolian’s spear, Bluesea had stopped moving. Even when he struck the ground, he had not made a single move.

It was likely that Bluesea was already in the process of entering sleep mode the moment he sent out the whip.

Previously, the silver longbow man had only pulled the bowstring without putting any real arrows on it. This was the first time he actually placed an arrow on it. Even a dummy could figure out that this next arrow from him would be more powerful than before.

Should it hit home, Bluesea would certainly die.

Chen Xiaolian practically flew toward Bluesea. At the same time that he was about to pull Bluesea up, the silver longbowman released the bowstring.

The crystal arrow spun as it shot toward Chen Xiaolian. The whirlwind caused by the spinning arrow caused the ground in its path to crack.

Chen Xiaolian gripped the Sword in the Stone with both hands and braced every single muscle in his body in preparation to receive the mighty arrow attack.

However, he was not confident that he could successfully take on the arrow attack.

If he still possessed Skyblade’s power, the attack would count for nothing. Rather, even if he only had his normal strength, he was confident that he would be able to block it.

At that moment, however, not even 50 per cent of his attributes had recovered.


Chen Xiaolian, who was about to bet it all on activating the Sword in the Stone’s skill to restore himself to his prime, suddenly heard Qiao Qiao shout, “Leave it to me!”

A black shadow floated forward to position itself before Chen Xiaolian and Bluesea.

The crystal arrow struck Qiao Qiao, who had transformed into the black shadow, only to halt stiffly in the air, Then, beginning from the tip of the arrow, it slowly broke apart.

However, despite having lost the crystal arrow, the energy within the arrow remained. It pierced through Qiao Qiao’s Anti-materialization form and sped toward Chen Xiaolian and Bluesea.

A cry of pain came from the black shadow.

With a low grunt, Chen Xiaolian gripped the Sword in the Stone with both hands to hack down at the arrow beam.


The arrow beam shattered. Yet, in the aftermath of the strike, Chen Xiaolian felt waves of aching sensations assailing his arms. It was such that he felt himself nearly losing his grip on the sword. That was especially true for the left shoulder that was wounded earlier. His wound tore open once more as blood spurt out from his back.

“Let’s go!”

Qiao Qiao reformed her normal body. Despite her pale face, she picked up Bluesea from the ground, propping him up with her shoulder. Then, together with Chen Xiaolian, she ran toward the mountain path.

In the square, the only ones left were the silver longbowman and the mech. After exchanging glances, they looked up for a moment before rushing forward in pursuit of Chen Xiaolian’s group.

Sister Yun brandished her spear with both hands. With a loud crashing sound, she smashed the huge ball of flames flying toward her back at the white-robed magus.

Next, she urged her white horse forward as she lowered her body. Charging in right behind the fireball, she unleashed a stabbing attack.

However, as the fireball was halfway through the sky, a sharp sword beam cut it apart.

A katana-wielding Irregularity with a tengu mask on his face flapped the wings on his back to hover before the magus.

Next, a howling purple electric dragon swirled toward Sister Yun.

Having no other choice, Sister Yun had to give up on attacking the white-robed magus. Turning around, she swung her spear, breaking the purple electric dragon. By doing so, she lost the chance to attack the magus.

The warrior with the halberd bellowed, emitting a stern atmosphere. He was the one who had unleashed the purple electric dragon.

Sister Yun took several deep breaths as she observed the eight Irregularities surrounding her. She was gradually growing impatient.

Although the Irregularities here were not weak, the normal her would have killed them all by now. Unfortunately, the attack she used to break the restrictive barrier had exhausted a great deal of her strength. Faced with their endless attacks, she found herself trapped.

Additionally… … the development of their battle had taken a strange turn.

The moment these Irregularities appeared, they had attacked her furiously without respite. In order to buy time for Chen Xiaolian’s group, Sister Yun had mainly focused on blocking their attacks, only counter attacking once in a while to preserve as much of her stamina as she could.

The moment she saw Chen Xiaolian, Bluesea and Qiao Qiao run out from the Pantheon Temple, Sister Yun quickly began attacking. She had wanted to kill off one or two of the Irregularities attacking her before going down to provide support.

At that very moment, though, for some unknown reason, the Irregularities suddenly switched into a different tactic. They went on the defensive while locking her in the sky.

Sister Yun had realized that the white-robed magus, despite his strong appearance, was weak in melee. She had wanted to initiate a surprise attack against him several times now. However, every time she did so, his allies would come out to support him, causing her attempts to fail.

As for Sister Yun, her loss in stamina was gradually increasing.

Although the fire support from below had stopped, the eight Irregularities were cooperating with each other immaculately. There was no way for Sister Yun to immediately break away from the encirclement that the eight Irregularities were forming to join up with Chen Xiaolian.

Naturally, it would not be hard for her to retreat by herself. However, doing so would only make the Irregularities shift their attention to Chen Xiaolian’s group.

Their actions were clearly aimed at stopping Sister Yun so that she would be unable to provide support.

Sister Yun reined her horse with her left hand while her right hand gripped her spear. Her gaze swept across the faces of the Irregularities surrounding her. With an icy face, she said, “You people… … knew I was coming?”

“Finding out at this juncture, it’s too late for you.” The purple-faced warrior raised his head up and laughed. Next, he pulled out a bronze mirror from his chest.

The other seven Irregularities surrounding her, too, pulled out a bronze mirror each.

Each of the mirrors, made of copper, had a character on their backs: Gan, Kun, Li, Kan, Zhen, Xun, Gen, Dui.

An icy expression flashed across Sister Yun’s eyes and her spear shot out with a flash. The spear shot out toward an Irregularity who was flying on a skateboard. However, just as the spear was about to arrive, the Irregularity had tossed the bronze mirror into the sky.

When the spear was only a few metres before the Irregularity, a mirror-like shimmer of light flashed out, sending the spear flying back toward Sister Yun.

The white horse neighed as it reared up both its legs. Sister Yun pressed her hand down upon the horse’s head as she stared at the purple-faced warrior with a pair of icy eyes.

“You can stop wasting your efforts. You should know just how powerful Mt Olympus’ restrictive barrier is.” The purple-faced warrior laughed loudly. “Even if you are powerful enough to break it, you will have wasted much of your strength. Now that you are trapped within the Antecedent Heaven’s Eight Trigram Furnace, even if you grow wings, you still won’t be able to escape!”

By then, the other Irregularities around her had also tossed their respective bronze mirrors up, letting them hover in the sky. Each of the bronze mirrors were radiating light to form a large furnace-shaped copper-coloured projection.

Sister Yun raised her head to look at the spell array made of light surrounding her with a calm expression. Not a word came from her.

“Enough, just stay there obediently and let yourself be refined by it!” The purple-faced warrior swung his halberd. The eight Irregularities up in the sky then moved to position themselves behind their respective bronze mirrors. Biting their right index finger, they then inked their blood onto the back of their respective bronze mirrors.

“You think this is enough to kill me?” A faint smile suddenly appeared on Sister Yun’s face. For some unknown reason, all the Irregularities there who saw her face suddenly felt a chill running down their spine.

This woman is already trapped inside the Antecedent Heaven’s Eight Trigram Furnace, so why… … why is there no trace of fear inside her eyes? Rather, there is a look of absolute confidence?

Sister Yun stretched out her hand to press the head of the white horse. With a neigh, the white horse transformed into a clump of light before disappearing.

She then raised her head. Slowly, her gaze swept past the faces of those around her. Her eyes, they appeared to be smiling.

“Although I will have to pay a small price for this move… … it’s worth it.”


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