Chapter 118 – Just What is This

Chapter 118 – Just What is This

The other side.

Ye Qingyu did not take notice of this scene.

“Come, beast, come again…”

Ye Qingyu was in a berserk state. Throwing away the enormous arm in his hand, he rushed forward yet again.

Big Head let out an excited bark. Like a streak of lightning, he charged forward. Leaping on the arm of the massive ape that had been torn apart, he gorged himself happily.


Very quickly, Ye Qingyu managed to tear another arm of the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape].

“Huchi Huchi, Wuwuwuwu!”

Big Head once again panted excitedly and bounded over.

The massive arm of the ape that he was devouring was already finished. What was left was only fresh white bones, with not even a shred of flesh remaining. Furthermore, in each of the bones, there were two little holes used to crack the bone open. The bone marrow had been entirely sucked out.

“What is that thing?” The sentries were dumbfounded.

“Are my eyes mistaking me…” The sentries rubbed their eyes, and then saw a white ball of light circling the second arm of the huge ape at high speed. Nearly in an instant, the arm was similarly sucked dried and transformed into pearly white bones.

“It seems like some sort of thing from the superior’s body?” The sentries did their utmost to recall where this creature had originated from.

“Could it be a pet that the superior is raising?” the sentinels asked with a considering tone.

“What nonsense are you saying.” The head of the sentries Yan Fan gave them a glare. “Be careful and cautious, protect the superior…”

Saying this, Yan Fan abruptly realized that there was no way they could interfere in a battle of this scale. They could not be said to be protecting Ye Qingyu at all. Yan Fan unconsciously blushed with shame. But his gaze was suddenly drawn to an object next to the white bones. There was some sort of thing shining with a golden light: “Just what is that, go and see…”

The group avoided the ripples emanating from the battle, skirting around the snow waves and icy rocks from far away. They went over and had a look.

It was a golden wrist protection for the beast.

The gaze of Yan Fan and the others became serious, lifting the golden wrist protection up for inspection. It was around a hundred pounds of weight. The diameter of the wristband could entirely encircle the three or four of them together. Stupidly heavy, there was some sort of special pattern engraved on the surface that had an unknown meaning. This pattern was intricate, and was absolutely not something that the demon beast could create naturally by itself. Very evidently, this gold wrist protection band was originally worn on the body of the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape], but the fur of the Snow Ground dragon ape was too long and had covered it. Only when the arm was completely devoured, was it exposed.

“This [Snow Ground Dragon Ape] seems to be raised by someone…” Yan Fan’s mind suddenly realized this problem at this time.

“Huchi, Huchi Huchi Huchi!”

A strange noise was heard.

The several people turned around and looked, seeing a little white dog the size of their palm behind them. He had fallen back from the arm and was currently crouched in front of them. He was sticking out his little pink tongue, the little white milk teeth in his mouth glinting with little sparkles. With a curious expression, he was evaluating Yan Fan and the others.

“A very cute little fellow.” The compassion of the sentinels was instantly invoked.

“Don’t move,” Yan Fan shouted clearly. “It should have been him.” He pointed towards the devoured arm of the huge ape where only white bones remained.

“It shouldn’t be, how could such a little fellow…” The sentries still had suspicions.

Before they finished.

They saw the jaw of the silly dog Big Head shake, as if something was being forced out, then a terrifying thing happened—

The originally adorable jaw suddenly became larger, larger and larger. In the blink of an eye it was four or five meters tall, and the little pink tongue had become a barbed and bloody tongue. The cute little milk teeth became like rows of steel swords, and then from inside this terrifying jaw, something came. A completely clean and enormous white bone was vomited out from the throat.

It was a main bone from the arm of the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape].

After the silly dog Big Head had vomited this humongous bone, the jaw returned to its original appearance. Dainty and cute, the little pink tongue licked its lips and jaws.

Seeing this scene, cold sweat poured from the sentinels.

No one felt the little fellow was adorable anymore.

“Huchi Huchi…” Big Head lifted his head to look up at the people, a strange sound emitting from within. He evaluated the five people with curiosity, a trace of saliva dripping from the corner of its mouth”

“Would it eat even us…” one of the sentinels whispered.

“Is this the pet that superior Ye raised or not.” The sentries were somewhat nervous, seeing the saliva of the little fellow. They felt that in the eyes of this little dog, they held no difference from a delicious arm of the dragon ape.

“Huchi Huchi!”

Big Head hopped left and right.

The speed was extremely rapid. When it jumped, it was like a bolt of lightning whistling through the air. As if by teleportation, he constantly changed his position. The eyes of Yan Fan and the others could not keep up with that sort of speed. Only by following it for several breaths of time did the sentinels feel as if their eyes did not belong to themselves any longer, their eyes spinning.


From the mouth of Big Head, saliva flowed out. He stared at the five people, constantly nearing.


He suddenly jumped up, charging towards Yan Fan.

The originally small jaw already showed signs of turning large.


He wants to eat me?

The head of the sentries, Yan Fan was shocked.

At this time—


Ye Qingyu suddenly appeared in front of Yan Fan and the others and slapped the silly dog that had nearly turned into a streak of lightning flying away.

“Wuwuwu, Huchi Huchi!” The silly dog very quickly rushed back over, squatting in front of Ye Qingyu. He had an appearance that he had been extremely wronged. Black and large watery eyes gazed towards Ye Qingyu, indicating that he did not understand why he was struck.

Ye Qingyu wiped away the frost on his face, and could not laugh or cry seeing this. Pretending to be greatly angered, “You idiot that only knows how to eat. I have always endured the fact that you can eat so much. Who would have thought that you dared to eat people now? Is it that after a while of time, you will even eat me?”

“Huchi… Huchi!”

Big Head quickly rushed to put on an expression. He indicated that he thought Yan Fan and the others were the enemies and this was all just a misunderstanding. Then he came over in a flattering fashion, jumping and rubbing his head against Ye Qingyu’s leg, sticking out its tongue in flattery. He indicated that he would absolutely not eat Ye Qingyu, that he was a very obedient dog.

The little fellow was only a dog, but the expression on his face was extremely rich and agile.

Without knowing why, Ye Qingyu was able to understood what he meant with just one look.

“You can eat so much, can you help and eat that large monkey?” Ye Qingyu panted roughly, pointing at the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape] that was also breathing in a similar state.

During the course of battle, the situation of the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape] had already became incomparably grievous.

Of the four arms, three of them had already been torn and ripped apart by Ye Qingyu. The white bones of the chest were exposed, and its eyes had nearly been struck blind, nearly not even able to stand stably. It supported itself against a humongous icy rock. Silver blood constantly dripped from the wounds, flowing down to the ground and instantly freezing into ice…

The beast was very vicious. After receiving such injuries, it was still incomparably ferocious.

“Hou Hou Hou!”

Supporting itself against the icy boulder, it let out a roar. It’s ferocious killing aura shot into the heavens. Transforming into a bloody gale, it charged towards Ye Qingyu and the others.

Yan Fan and the others could not help but cover their ears, their heart palpitating. They were so shaken that they were near dumb.

Ye Qingyu’s brow also knitted.

And the stupid dog who only knew how to eat, because he had committed a wrong, was currently flattering and attempting to curry favour. He was fawning over Ye Qingyu. The bellow of the ape shook him till his fur stood up. In a flash, like a mad lion that had its mate snatched away during mating, he suddenly became furious. Lifting his heads, in a split second his jaw expanded, transforming into a ferocious bloody mouth that roared back at the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape]!

“Huchi Huchi… Wu Wu!”

A weak and sissy-like voice sounded.

Compared to the sound waves of the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape] that could create wave after wave of aftershock, the voice of the silly dog was completely like a fly buzzing.

Ye Qingyu could not help but cover his face.

This was just too shameful.

From now on, he decided he would not let this adorable and stupid dog to make a disgrace of himself anymore. At this moment, Ye Qingyu really wanted to throw away this thing that only knew how to eat. This was really too useless, apart from eating, he possessed no other ability whatsoever.

Yan Fan and the others, could not restrain a smile.

This little dog was too dimwitted, too cute.

“Woof Woof… Huchi, Wuwu!” Big Head did his best, continuing to roar.

At this time, Ye Qingyu could not force himself to watch any longer. He grabbed Big Head’s neck and lifted him up. He was about to say something, but suddenly felt that something was not right. Turning his head to look, he discovered that the heavily injured [Snow Ground Dragon Ape] twenty meters away had long stopped roaring. It was hiding behind an icy rock. As if it was a little child that was badly scared, it was quivering, whimpering noises coming from its mouth.

Just what was this?

Ye Qingyu turned his head to look back at Yan Fan and the others.

The five people were still in a fossilized and frozen state.

Ye Qingyu again looked around at his surroundings. There was nearly nothing else that had appeared.

Could it be?

Ye Qingyu lowered his head to look at the thing he was carrying in his hand. The silly dog Big Head had a face of flattery, panting with his tongue and trying to curry favour with Ye Qingyu. A ridiculous notion could not help but be born in his heart. Could it be that the roar of this little thing had really scared the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape]?

This can’t be true.

Could it be that this glutton was the natural enemy of the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape]?

Ye Qingyu thought for a while, then decided to do a brave experiment.

He lowered his head and gave a grin to the silly dog Big Head. Then he directly threw the glutton, sending him sailing in the direction of the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape].

“En, even if the glutton is not the natural enemy of the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape], from the speed he just displayed, he can escape. At the most, he will be wounded, how could he die so easily…” Demon King Ye persuaded himself in such a fashion.

But the scene after also made Ye Qingyu enter into a fossilized state.

The stupid dog Big Head, after being thrown on the body of the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape], did not display any expression of fear whatsoever. On the contrary, the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape] did not dare to move at all. It was quaking, a low pleading noise coming from its mouth…

But it had no use whatsoever.

Big head transformed into a streak of light, rapidly rotating around the [Snow Ground Dragon Ape].

After approximately ten breaths of time. The [Snow Ground Dragon Ape] had disappeared and was replaced by a complete skeleton. The white bones did not even have a shred of flesh remaining on it. From far away, it seemed like a large scale corpse that had undergone thousand years of wind and this was the fossilized skeleton.

The stupid dog Big Head stood on the skeleton, licking its jaw in satisfaction.


Ye Qingyu felt slightly powerless in his language.

Just what was this?

The little thing really caused a living [Snow Ground Dragon Ape] to turn into a skeleton just like nibbling at it like corn?

First, let’s not discuss why it would have such an ability. If your father I, knew about this long ago, then I would have long barred the doors and just released the dog. There was no need to fight for half the day, tiring himself out till he was red in the face.

Ye Qingyu beckoned to the silly dog Big Head.


The little fellow appeared in a flash in front of Ye Qingyu, panting under his feet. He stuck out his tongue and pretended to be adorable.

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