Chapter 209 - You deserved to be hit

Chapter 209 - You deserved to be hit

"What? What's so great about the Hundred Herb Hall?" Of the crowd of Jianghu people, there was a young person with purple robes that abruptly turned back. He coldly evaluated Shopkeeper Sui with a glance, contempt in his face.

"There is nothing so great about Hundred Herb Hall," Shopkeeper Sui harshly replied. "But if you want to capture my herbal masters within Hundred Herb Hall, then you will have to think about this twice." "Hm, really?" The purple robed young man laughed.

The surrounding Jianghu people also began chuckling.

Ye Qingyu gave these people a glance, recognizing them as the disciples of the Violet Seven Stars sect. Within, there were the people who were taken care of by him previously - including the junior brother Lin. His swollen face had already returned to normal, and the teeth that were knocked out had been replaced. There did not seem to be too much difference from his usual appearance. It was only that in his expression, there seemed to be an evil fire hiding within, a poisonous gaze flickering within his eyes.

“We've long heard that the Hundred Herb Hall could not be provoked. However…" Saying this, the young man that just spoke coldly sneered. "But we did not imagine that the Hundred Herb Hall would shelter the Demon Race."

As these words were said, the expression of everyone’s faces changed.

Sheltering the Demon Race?

Hundred Herb Hall?

This was a truly grave matter.

In that instant, everyone looked towards Shopkeeper Sui. If the Hundred Herb Hall was really proven to have some sort of relationship with the Demon Race, then it was not just a simple matter of a herbal master being dragged away. Most likely, even the entire Hundred Herb Hall would not be able to bear this crime. One must know that the Demon Race had become the topic of conversation that caused people’s faces to pale whenever they discussed this issue within Youyan Pass.

Shopkeeper Sui was taken aback, then chuckled coldly. "Whether I have or have not sheltered the Demon Race is not something that could be determined without proof by someone like you. Don't try to spread lies and rumours here. If you really have suspicions, then you should let the [Youyan army] investigate. You are only someone without status of the Jianghu, you dare smear the name of the Hundred Herb Hall? Do you not want to live anymore?"

These words powerfully resonated throughout the room.

Hundred Herb Hall had never lacked for status; after all these years of cooperating with the army, how was it possible for them to be threatened by these Jianghu people.

"Haha, Hundred Herb Hall is really too glorious." The young person of the Violet Seven Stars sect began chuckling, taking out an oval shaped seal and waving it about. "We are under orders from the military supply department to capture the demonic creatures within the city, what about it? Can this be counted as the judgement of the [Youyan army]? Does your Hundred Herb Hall, accept this?"

Shopkeeper Sui gave a glance at this, his heart dropping.

This oval shaped seal was really the military seal of the supply department.

Why would there be a military seal of the supply department on the body of these Jianghu people?

The matter became hard to handle.

Hundred Herb Hall had always maintained an excellent relationship with the army, but it did have some small conflict with the head of the military supply department Zhang San. The relationship between them was not that good. The primary reason for this was that the personality of Zhang San was far too greedy; he began taxing more and more of the herbs that Hundred Herb Hall provided to the army. This had already exceeded the warning limits of the Hundred Herb Hall. For the whole Hundred Herb Hall, it was not too great a problem if they gave some herbs and money to Zhang San. But the true problem was that if they gifted Zhang San with too many things, this would break the laws of the Empire. This was truly the matter they needed to be careful of.

But Zhang San did not share this perspective.

This was the reason they were in a somewhat conflicted situation in the recent year or two.

Could it be that this was Zhang San's directions behind the scene? "Mama, mam, I'm hurta…" The little boy that was held in steel shackles was shivering, the barbed steel shackles had torn apart his skin, nearly touching his bones. His face was ghastly as he twitched, obviously scared out of his wits. He tightly hugged his own mother; at this time, only the most important person in his life could give him a sense of security.

"Ling'er don't cry…" Huang Zhen tightly clutched onto her own son, her hand latching onto those piercing steel chains, to prevent it entering any deeper into her son’s body. But both her hands, were already completely broken and dripping with blood. The steel barbs had completely pierced through her dainty hands, her hair falling down around her face like the clouds. She lifted her head. "I did not collude with the Demon Race." "You did not collude with the Demon Race?" The purple-robed young man coldly sneered, taking out a trigram shaped jade piece from the people behind him. Afterwards, he directed it onto the head of the little boy. On the white jade piece, one could suddenly see a pale red light flickering on it.

"Demon Seeking Jade Piece[JR1] [AT2] . If they are of the Demon Race, once they near this jade piece, it will show a red colour. Humans can lie, but the formation on this jade piece will not." The purple robed young person cruelly tugged the steel chains in his hand, coldly saying, "The son is someone of the Demon Race, what about his mother? Haha, having affairs with the Demon Race? Or perhaps she is originally someone of the Demon Race? The Hundred Herb Hall has hidden these evildoers, I fear even you guys will not be able to evade responsibility."

As the steel shackles moved, the boy screamed tragically with pain.

The colour of shopkeeper Sui's face became hard to look upon.

“No, it's not like this. Ling'er was a premature birth, so he had a weak constitution since birth. To treat this, I've given him a drop of the blood flame demon bear to ingest every day, this can help his Yang Qi. Therefore this Demon Seeking Jade Piece[JR3] would have a reaction…" Huang Zhen explained loudly, tightly protecting her son.

"I can stand as witness," Shopkeeper Sui exclaimed loudly. "There has been some misunderstanding."

But the Jianghu people facing them all began laughing.

"What misunderstanding, it’s not something you can talk your way out of. We have to bring them back to investigate," the purple robed young man said sinisterly. "And as you people say, within this boy’s body, there is the blood of the blood flame demon bear. Who knows, will he do something similar to Yan Buhui in the future, betraying the Human Race. We would rather kill someone wrongly than let someone go. He must not remain alive." "You…" Shopkeeper Sui was completely frozen with rage.

The little boy tightly hugged his mother. Looking at Huang Zhen's hand which has been pierced through, his little hands rubbed away the tears on his deathly pale white face. Crying, he said, "Mama, Ling'er doesn't hurt. Release the shackles, your hand is dripping with blood…"

Huang Zhen's heart hurt like blades were stabbing into it.

At this moment, this stubborn female herbal master felt despair.

Thinking back to her husband who had perished during battle with the Demon Race, looking at her young and weak child, her heart was about to be crushed.

“Haha, why are we still hesitating. Bring the slut woman who had an affair with the Demon Race as well as her demonic child away." A muscular man whose figure exceeded two meters appeared; previously, he had only regarded this scene with a cold smile. But right now he felt somewhat impatient. This person lifted his palms that were far larger than the normal person. There was a faint darkness around his fingers and palm, evidently he was skilled in palm martial arts.

Once this person spoke up, the purple-robed young man instantly tugged at the steel shackles, as if he was about to drag Huang Zhen and Ling'er back forcefully.

Huang Zhen's begging gaze turned towards Shopkeeper Sui.

She looked towards Shopkeeper Sui's figure quivering with rage. But in the depth of his pupils, there was hesitation and conflict. At this instant, Huang Zhen finally understood. She finally fell into despair…

But at this instant, another voice sounded out.

"Wait a minute."

Ye Qingyu walked out from behind Shopkeeper Sui.

In no time at all, everyone’s gaze once again focused on Ye Qingyu's body.

"Who are you?" The purple-robed young man was taken aback, then immediately sneered. "Since I don't know you, don't interfere in business that has nothing to do with you. Otherwise, the consequences are not something you can bear."

It was as if Ye Qingyu did not hear him at all.

He kneeled down, his palm lightly patting the head of the little boy called Ling'er and smiled at him. "Little fellow, is the blood of the blood flame demon bear tasty?"

The little fellow stared somewhat guardedly at Ye Qingyu, but was affected by Ye Qingyu's smile. He instinctively shook his head. "It's not good to drink bitter, somewhat scalding… But mama said, only by drinking it can I grow stronger. I need to get stronger to head towards the battlefield and kill the demons, to take revenge for my father…" "Obedient. Where's your father?" Ye Qingyu's palm was placed on Linger's head.

"Mummy said that father is sleeping at the demon field battleground, he can't come back anymore… When I've grown older, I'll go find him…" Ling'ers head was lowered, his little fist tightly clenching.

Huang Zhen had a questioning look on her face as she stared at Ye Qingyu.

She did not know the history of this young man with white robes like jade, nor did she know his motives for asking these questions. But the light of hope after falling into despair made her quiver.

Ye Qingyu smiled, lifting his head to look at Shopkeeper Sui. "The father of this child was one of the heroes who died in battle?"

Shopkeeper Sui quickly rushed to reply, "That's right, Ling'er’s father is the military warfare officer of the Vanguard. In the Battle of the Explosive Snow Glacier, he unfortunately perished…" "Fine, fine, what's the point of saying such useless words. Just who do you think you are, quickly scram away." The purple-robed young man glared unfriendly at Ye Qingyu. "You are so concerned about this slut and her little brat, could it be that you are also their comrade?"

Ye Qingyu still did not pay the slightest attention to him.

He nodded. "This is right; this little child has the smell of the blood flame demon bear. But I can observe that there is not any of the bloodline of the Demon Race within his body. As for the reason the Demon Seeking Jade Piece[JR4] reacted, it should be the fact that he has ingested the demonic blood…" As he spoke to here, his final verdict was, "This child has nothing to do with the Demon Race."

Shopkeeper Sui let out a breath of relief.

The other workers of the Hundred Herb Hall could also relax.

But this purple-robed young man began roaring in rage, "Just who do you think you fucking are, coming out and saying such words. Haha, you think your words are the law, you…"

Before he’d finished.

Ye Qingyu stood up, his hand slapping out.


The purple-robed young man had not finished speaking when he flew out horizontally, blood jetting out crazily from his mouth.

"No manners, interrupting someone’s words. You deserved to be hit." Ye Qingyu lightly clasped his hands, and in the countless tongue tied gazes, he slowly released Huang Zhen and Ling'er from the shackles on their body. Patting Ling'er on the head, he said with a smile, "All is well now… The son of a perished soldier is someone of the Demon Race. To use such a reason to act is really completely ridiculous." "Thank you, uncle," Ling'er said in a weak voice. Pain caused his entire body to convulse, but he expressed his thanks in the first instant.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback and said in a somewhat annoyed tone, "What uncle? Just how old do you think I am? Call me brother."

Everyone around them began laughing.

The atmosphere evidently relaxed slightly.

But seeing the exploding rage and killing intent from the faces of the Violet Seven Stars sect disciples around them, everyone immediately understood the matter had not ended. A truly horrifying thing was about to happen.

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