Chapter 225 - Tears and a faint smile

Chapter 225 - Tears and a faint smile

“Show some mercy?" The military officer with a sword scar kicked away the nearby table. "For a commoner such as you, do you deserve my mercy? Why don't you tell me, just how many spies of the Demon Race have been captured in your liquor house in these days? Why is it that there are so many demons hiding here, could it be that this is the next gathering spot of the Demon Race?" "This is a mistake; how would I dare." The female owner bent her back with a placating smile. "Please have a seat military officers. Order what you want to eat and drink, I'll immediately have them prepared." "Peh, just what kind of good food would you have in this dog's den?" Another military officer sat with his legs wide apart on a table, his gaze sweeping around at the timidly cowering customers. With a sneer. "Don't think you can placate me with such things. Speak, are there any more suspicious people today?"

The female owner forced a smile, quickly replying, "Officer, there is not a single suspicious person today. All those who came are regulars who have been here tens of years, they are definitely innocent…" "Hehe, whether they are innocent or not is not something such a lowly mouth should determine.” The military officer with the sword scar swiped his hand across. "Soldiers, give this place a detailed search to see whether this is a den of the Demon Race. If you encounter anyone suspicious people, do not let them go."

The soldiers behind him rushed in like wolves or tigers, kicking away tables and chairs. With a crash and clatter, everything was broken or flipped away. Everywhere in one's sight, there was completely a mess.

There was a placating smile on the female proprietor’s face, but her heart was dripping blood.

These soldiers came every day to cause chaos, causing this little liquor house's business to fall. There were some regulars that did not dare come anymore. The depression of the business made her wonder as if she had offended anyone. It seems like she should copy the stores nearby and close earlier, at least this would prevent some losses.

If this chaos continued, she would become a target at any moment.

For the [Youyan army] to turn into such a state.

In the blink of an eye, the [Common Liquor House] had turned into a scene of breakage and disarray. Tables and chairs lay slanted on the floor as they were kicked, and shattered dishes and bowls were everywhere on the floor. The customers were grabbed and searched, then kicked out. Because the waiter had hidden too late, he was beaten ‘til his mouth was bleeding. He was pretending to be dead by one side… "Senior brot—… No, Superior, I did not discover any suspicious people.” "There is also no one in the kitchen behind…" "Everyone in this store is poor, it seems like there is nothing valuable."

The soldiers gathered, but their actions were not like a typical Youyan soldier. They seemed more like a group of bandits or shameless rogues, their statures slanted and awry, their armours loose. The words they said as well as their laughing expressions were not like soldiers at all.

But they were evidently wearing military uniforms.

The military officer with the sword scar nodded his head, sweeping his gaze across the hall. His pupils suddenly constricted, as he saw the white-robed figure next to the window far off. He imperceptibly nodded his head, then turned his head to regard the female owner with a figure like a water bucket. "What is the background of that white-robed person?"

The female owner had a painful face. She originally wanted to say that was Marquis Ye, but suddenly a flash of light flickered throughout her mind. Thinking of the signal Ye Qingyu gave her when he came in, she said without knowing why, "A regular, he comes here to drink often. He should be a neighbour nearby, I really am not too clear…" "Bitch!" The sword scarred military officer was enraged, kicking away the chair in front of him and striking on the sales counter. The counter made out of rough wood instantly turned into wood scraps. With a roar, the officer said, "You are not too clear? Did you not say these are all old regulars with innocent backgrounds? You dare fool me?" "Officer, please calm down…" The female owner was trembling, kneeling on the floor for mercy.

With a wave of his hand, the sword scarred military officer ordered the soldiers around to surround the window direction.

During the search of the soldiers, they had not even noticed there was a person sitting there. This really was too bizarre. The officer faintly felt that there was something wrong, but he did not consider too carefully before he went over step by step and unsheathed the blade at his waist.

"Friend, turn around. What are you doing here?" The sword scarred officer lifted his hand, patting it on the shoulder of the white-robed figure.

But at this time, the white-robed figure quivered, his outline becoming blurry.

The hand of the officer swiped empty air, as if he was slapping nothing.

Everyone could only feel a blur across their eyes. The white-robed figure was gone.

The person sitting there had disappeared inexplicably.

On the table, there was only a little white dog[1] around four inches long. It was currently baring its fang at them, emitting a low growl from his throat.

"What has happened?" The sword scarred military officer was taken aback.

"Ahaha, for you bunch of idiotic humans to disturb me, you are dead for sure. I will bite you to death…" There was suddenly human speech coming out from the mouth of the white little dog.

The soldier was suddenly shaken.

"White dog demon… for it to speak, it must be a dog demon!" There was someone screaming.

"Woof, woof, you are the demon…" The white little dog jumped, his body like lightning, before anyone could react, he used his little white tail to slap the soldier fiercely like a whip. The face of that soldier swelled up like a pig's head instantly, then he fainted.

"Capture it…" "It really is a dog demon!“ "It really is someone of the Demon Race!"

The soldiers were slightly in disarray, their weapons unsheathed. They surrounded the white dog demon.

Everyone had reason to believe that this white-robed youth must be the white dog spirit who had transformed into a human. After being surrounded, it revealed its original form. No matter what, they must capture that arrogant white dog spirit. Apart from using its tail to slap someone, it did not seem to possess any ability whatsoever so it was not that dangerous.

After a panic, the white dog spirit was finally captured and stuffed into a steel cage.

"Superior, what should we do with it?" A soldier asked.

The sword scarred military officer considered. "Bring it to the [Beheading Demon Platforms] and just take the reward then kill it.

"Woof?" The white dog demon in the cage pupil's constricted, then it began barking madly. "You bunch of retards, to dare capture me? Do you know who my master is? He is in the city right now, when he finds me, you are all dead…" "En? You have a master?" After a shock, the sword scarred military officer was delighted. "This is too great, who would have thought capturing such a small demon would lead us to get the melon by following the vine[1]. First let’s not bring this white dog demon to the [Beheading Demon Platforms], but bring him back to base, and interrogate him. Find out who his master is!"

All the soldiers said yes.

The bunch brought the steel cage away from the [Common Liquor House], heading out.

Seeing the hall of the liquor house in such a sorry state, the female owner was about to cry.

Why had Youyan Pass turned out like this?

She could not understand.

How could her originally good lifestyle completely collapse in less than a month’s time. It was so quick that even she had not understood what exactly had happened within Youyan Pass.

If she closed the liquor house, she would not have to live her life in fear every day.

But what should she do in the future?

Tears finally flowed down from the face of the female owner.

She went over to assist the injured waiter, her heart feeling desolate and sorrowful.

At this time, there was someone who patted her on the shoulder.

She turned around.

A smiling face, white clothes.

"Marquis, I…" The female owner rushed to pay her respects. After all, she knew Ye Qingyu's real identity. Facing such an important character, she did not show the slightest of disrespect.

Ye Qingyu halted her.

"I'm sorry, I did not act just now." Ye Qingyu had guilt on his face. "For a certain reason, I have to slightly suppress my actions just now. This gold piece will act as compensation for this store." Saying this, he handed a gold tael to the female owner.

"This… how can this do." The female owner was stunned, not daring to accept and quickly refusing. "This is too much, too much. This is enough to purchase three or four liquor houses like mine, Marquis, I…" "Take it." Ye Qingyu patted her on the shoulder. "Everyone's days are not going well. as someone of the Empire, I did not do my duty, I feel very remorseful about this. But I can guarantee that these days will quickly pass. Youyan Pass will very quickly return to its original state… Take this gold piece and shelter yourself somewhere along with the server and the cook. After I've taken care of some of the black sheep of the Pass, I will return here to drink your alcohol."

As he finished, Ye Qingyu stuffed the gold tael into the female owner’s hands. With a smile, he turned to leave.

As he left the door broken by the kick, the sunshine outside shone on his body.

His white robe was as if it was glowing with light, his figure causing a very long and powerful shadow to fall across the ground.

The female owner stood staring dumbly at the golden tael in her hands, her blurry vision gradually clearing up.

She rubbed away the tears on her face, exposing a smile.

She was fat and somewhat ugly.

Her liquor house had been destroyed.

But her mood suddenly turned for the better.

"Everything will be better, everyone will come here to drink again… Marquis Ye promised me." …… ……

After departing from the [Common Liquor House], Ye Qingyu returned to the White Horse tower.

There was no need to further observation. He already knew what was currently occurring within Youyan Pass.

The sword scarred military officer and the others were evidently not true soldiers. They were a bunch of fakes, but they held the uniform of the [Youyan army] as well as the badge of the military. This meant only one thing— something that Ye Qingyu had suspected, but had not turned into truth.

There was someone within the army that was in collusion with the people from the Jianghu.

Ye Qingyu had discovered this the moment these people stepped into the [Common Liquor House].

Therefore, he had not acted.

He had intentionally allowed the silly dog Little Nine to be captured. He wanted to follow the trail and find out about the truth hidden in darkness.

This time, Ye Qingyu was really enraged.

If he discovered who it was, no matter whom… they would die! [1] Get something great by following something small

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