Chapter 227 - The power to change his destiny

Chapter 227 - The power to change his destiny

“Seal the cauldron!" In the instant a bead of sweat dripped from the corner of his eyes, Ye Qingyu let out a low command. His left palm extended forward, an ice crystal instantly forming that instantaneously transformed into a clear globe of water that was slowly placed within the [Cloud Top Cauldron] by Ye Qingyu's yuan qi. His left palm rapidly changed and transformed into different seals, then with a bang, the cauldron lid fell and sealed the cauldron.


He let out a breath of murky air, relaxing slightly.

From the start to the cauldron being sealed, this was an extremely important process. If there were not any accidents or incidents during this process, then it could be said that he had already half succeeded in refining the pill.

Ye Qingyu wiped away the sweat on his face, once again activating the [Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron], continuing to refine the pill.

The steps that followed after was that one had to follow the requirements of the pill formula, constantly using fierce and gentle fires to refine the pill. Apart from there being extremely strict requirements for the control of time, there were not any other special methods needed. For Ye Qingyu, this was not too difficult.

It was only that this process was something that expended a lot of time.

His hands constantly changed into different seals, controlling the [Supreme Ice flame] to wrap around the [Cloud Top Cauldron] causing the flames to change in strength.

Time passed minute by minute just like that.

There started to be strange changes occurring on the [Cloud Top Cauldron], the patterns on it seeming to come alive. It first started moving like water ripples, then the scenes depicted on the cauldron that described stories of ancients times seemed to come alive, like an illusion. The cauldron began slowly floating, shrinking constantly, and was finally the size of a small pottery pot that rotated in the air.

Ye Qingyu once again felt the yuan qi within his body was being expended like the surge of an avalanche.

Refining pills was something that wasted a great quantity of inner yuan.

Therefore, it was understandable just why there were so few Pill Masters in this world.

Apart from needing to memorize a vast quantity of information regarding herbs and refining pills, most Pill Masters must also be experts and be high in their cultivation. Otherwise, they had no way of using their inner yuan to control the flames while refining the pill. There were very few people who met both these two criteria. Very few people had the energy to memorize such great and complicated information regarding the medicinal properties of herbs, as well as have the martial cultivation needed to control the flame.

The [Pill King of Azure Phoenix] Chen Moyun’s yuan qi cultivation was not as great as Ye Qingyu’s today. This determined that he could only be an above average Pill Master, and could only create Medicine pills with limited future success. The fact that he was unable to take a step further was not only because he was lacking in knowledge regarding the art of pill making, but also the fact that his yuan qi cultivation was lacking.

There were also Pill Masters who did not possess enough yuan qi, but utilized the inner yuan of their followers to control the flame to refine the Pill.

Chen Moyun should largely be of that type.

Otherwise, he would not have obtained the title of the [Pill King of Azure Phoenix].

Of course, these were all Ye Qingyu's guesses.

In his first process of refining a pill, Demon King Ye was able to understand many things. He now thoroughly understood just how strict the requirements for becoming a Pill Master was. With his understanding of Chen Moyun's strength, that person should have relied on external forces to reach such great fame. With solely his strength alone, he should not have been able to obtain the title of Pill King.

In the blink of an eye, time passed by.

During this time, Ye Qingyu did not even dare to close his eyes from start to finish.

Refining a pill was different from cultivation. Training in the nameless breathing technique was a process which nourished one's spirit, so therefore Ye Qingyu could cultivate while sleeping very little, but still be at the peak of his concentration. But refining a pill was a job that expended your concentration in large amounts. In a short time, Ye Qingyu felt fatigue that originated from within his very bones, his entire person becoming dull and drowsy.

Thankfully when the first crack of dawn was exposed and the first ray of the morning sun landed on the top of the White Horse tower, the [Cloud Top Cauldron] finally stopped rotating.

It shimmered with light and radiance.

Ye Qingyu was stunned, then instantly dispersed the seal on the cauldron, removing the [Supreme Ice flame] from the outside.

"Is it… successful?"

Ye Qingyu was somewhat in disbelief.

Such a scene was evidently a sign that the process of refining a pill had finished according to the instructions on the [Pill Mantra] and pill formula. For him to have succeeded in his first time refining the pill? This was somewhat unbelievable. From the start, Ye Qingyu had already expected to fail tens of times. After all, he was stumbling around blind and had no direction at all. He had entirely followed the explanations of the pill formula and [Pill Mantra]…

Seeing the [Cloud Top Cauldron] that had fallen to the ground, Ye Qingyu's heart could not help but be excited.

Had the pill succeeded or not?

Ye Qingyu deeply breathed in, uncovering the lid of the cauldron.

A faint fragrance surged to his nose.

This fragrance was deep and elegant, like the body fragrance from a maiden. The moment it entered into one's nostril, it caused one to feel relaxed and at ease.

Deeply breathing in this strange fragrance, Ye Qingyu felt that the yuan qi within his body was flowing more and more smoothly. His inner yuan even faintly showed signs of growing stronger. Such a feeling was exactly the same as when he would have a breakthrough and increase in cultivation.

Ye Qingyu's heart quivered.

At that moment, he instantly realized that he had successfully refined the pill.

Only a [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] that met the requirements would have such medicinal properties. Solely by inhaling the scent, one would have a slight increase in yuan qi.

As he lowered his head to look within the cauldron, in that swathe of darkness, there were six jade green points of light that flickered in the darkness. These six glimmers of light were the origin of that fragrance.

The [Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron] activated.

A surge of invisible energy shot out from the cauldron, a light gentle breeze that carried these six pills from within the cauldron out.

Ye Qingyu widened his eyes.

Six jade green pills the size of a longan fruit [1] landed in his hand.

"Succeeded, it really succeeded…"

Seeing the glimmer of the medicinal pill, as well as its appearance, Ye Qingyu could finally lay his worries to rest

This [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] was exactly as described by the pill formula, with no difference to its appearance.

A swathe of coldness came from the six [Mysterious Heaven Pellets], quivering about in the center of his palm.

"I did not imagine, this is just my first time refining a pill… could it be that I'm a genius Pill Master? [1] To have succeeded in one go, my luck is that good?" Ye Qingyu was still in slight disbelief. He had never heard of someone succeeding in their first try for refining a pill, and to have achieved a hundred percent success rate on top of this.

To prevent wasting the Spirit herb ingredients, he had only prepared enough to create six pills. Who would have guessed that there would be no wastage of materials at all, and all six [Mysterious Heaven Pellets] were created, fully utilizing all the herbs.

This success rate was definitely terrifying.

Even a more experienced Pill Master would not dare say that he would be able to not waste a single herb and utilize these ingredients without any wastage.

Ye Qingyu was definitely shocked by himself.

This sort of thing that should only happen in theory, did he really do it?

Previously, Ye Qingyu expected that he would fail several times, and would perhaps waste a lot of time. Therefore, he had announced he would go into isolation training. He originally thought that refining a pill was similar to refining down that strange white power. It would require at least four or five days, but he did not expect…

It only took a night.

In a night, he had finished everything.

He lowered his head to look at the six jade green pills the size of a longan. Ye Qingyu had a feeling that he was still dreaming.

If refining a pill was really that simple, then even if he used all the ingredients he had left to refine it down, it should not even take ten days of time. Furthermore, Ye Qingyu was certain that as he got more and more familiar with this process, as well as with the improvement of his control over the [Supreme Ice flame] and the [Cloud Top Cauldron], this time would only get shorter and not lengthen.

In other words, in the future tens of days, he could create at least over a hundred [Mysterious Heaven Pellets].

If all these Spirit herbs were ingested by him, then it could be comparable to four times the effect of that piece of Origin crystal.

This represented that Ye Qingyu could at least increase his cultivation to the fifty Spirit springs realm.

He constantly breathed in and out.

He needed a short while before he could calm down.

Right now, the thing he most needed to do was to examine these [Mysterious Heaven Pellets] and verify whether they really had such an amazing effect as described by that ancient pill formula. Therefore, Ye Qingyu's action after this was…

Swallowing it![2]

He needed to at least ingest one pill to test it out.

This was an extremely dangerous matter.

If there was any error in the process of refining it, then no one had any way of predicting just what consequences it had.

It was previously mentioned that an exploding cauldron was one of the main causes of death of a Pill Master. Testing Pills was the other main cause of death. One of the traditions of the Pill Master profession was that after creating a pill, it must be tested by themselves personally. If there were any errors in the creation of the pill, one could easily die. In these years, there were very few Pill Masters willing to follow this tradition anymore. They would give the task of testing the pills to their disciples, or people volunteering to test the pills or perhaps some criminals.

An experienced Pill Master could definitely tell from the appearance and smell whether the creation of the pill had been successful.

The large majority of time though, the pills created from pill formulas had been done thousands and thousands of times and had been perfected, thus did not need to be tested. Only some experimentally created rare pills needed such a step.

Ye Qingyu look at the jade green pills in his hand. Finally, he took out one, and ingested it.

This pill was as cold as ice or snow.

It dissolved in his mouth.

A cold that pierced into his bones began flowing within Ye Qingyu's body as it dissolved.

It was like there was thorn after thorn that madly flowed within Ye Qingyu's flesh. A swathe of acute pain nearly drowned Ye Qingyu.

"Could it be that I failed?"

Ye Qingyu's heart was shocked.

But in the next instant, all the acute pain disappeared.

A surging powerful yuan qi fluctuation appeared in the meridians throughout his body. It surged throughout the original inner yuan of Ye Qingyu's body, completing a great cycle, then returned to the desert dantian world like rivers returning to the sea.

This was a yuan qi that was equal to the yuan qi he would gain from cultivating for months.

Pure and flawless, without the slightest impurity.

Ye Qingyu breathed in deeply.

He slowly widened his arms, as he could not help but laugh to the heavens.

Because he knew, he had succeeded.

An entirely new gate opened widely for Ye Qingyu as of this moment.

With the Mysterious Heaven pellet in his hand, he could finally begin to race with time.

He could finally compete with those so called geniuses of the sects.

He could change the fates of countless people.

This, this was Ye Qingyu's capital— [1] These are a little bigger than grapes typically, but a little smaller than a golf ball. They’re delicious!

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