325 - Return to the city

Chapter 325, Return to the city

“Hey, how did you get into the shrine? This matter is very interesting,” Ximen Yeshui asked without feeling any sense of awkwardness.

“To enter the shrine, one needed achievements and virtue. I buried the corpses of those people, advanced up the steps of the sacred mountain one step at a time, and then I unknowingly entered the shrine,” Ye Qingyu casually said whatever came to his head. It would be best not to disclose anything yet about the mysterious person. He could only keep it a secret for now.

“I knew it,” Ximen Yeshui said with contempt in his eyes, looking at Ye Qingyu. “You, you already knew of a way to enter the shrine, but you did not tell me and little Qin, are we not brothers?”

A frown was creasing Ye Qingyu’s forehead into deep lines as he said, “Who was the one that wanted to rush up the sacred mountain first? I couldn’t even pull you back...”

Ximen Yeshui’s expression turned embarrassed.

As to what was exactly inside the formation shrine, what kind of opportunity Ye Qingyu obtained, and had he really cultivated out 100 Spirit springs, Ximen Yeshui no longer questioned him and instead asked, “Brother, where are you going next?”

Ye Qingyu looked into the distance, replying, “Of course I will go back to Deer City since I still need to report back.”

Ximen Yeshui thought about it for a moment, then took on an excited expression, saying, “I see, haha, take me too. I finally get to leave the sect, I did not expect that the [Base of the Formation Sovereign] would end so soon. It wasn’t fun and I haven’t played enough so if I go back now, that old guy would lock me up.”

Ye Qingyu automatically ignored this person, turning around to face Qin Zhishui.

“I have to return to the sect.” Qin Zhishui clasped his blade and continued, “But before I return, I have some business in Deer City, so I can return to the city with Brother Ye... Your Highness.”

“Calling me Little Ye is fine, Brother Qin, you needn’t be too polite.” Ye Qingyu smiled.

The three people continued to discuss and headed along the way.

Following the original path back, the demonic beasts horde had already disappeared.

Even the corpse of the demonic beasts were not seen. But at the foot of the mountain, the desolated path created by the demonic beasts was still there, like it had been crushed by an army. The vegetation withered, rocks crumbled, and dust was swirling in the air. The surroundings that should have been a hilly forest were like waste soil, and when the wind blew there were choking dust and sand filling the air, forming a yellow tornado.

Throughout Deer Mountain, the majority of the area had been turned into ruins, like it had experienced a horrific pillage.

Thinking of the day when there was an endless demonic beasts tide covering the sky and earth, everyone still felt a lingering fear and trembled all over.

The three people were high up in the air, taking in all the sights.

Since the demonic beasts had disappeared, Ye Qingyu was not very anxious.

The huge blood red rune markings on the door of the shrine had been wiped away by the mysterious man and could no longer release demonic beasts. Therefore, Deer Mountain would no longer have to suffer an outbreak and Deer City would be completely safe.

“Right, Brother Ximen do you know about the background of [Yin Yang Monarch] and [Turtle Shell Immortal]? In snow empire’s martial arts circle, are they very famous?” Ye Qingyu thought about the strong people that he had encountered on this adventure and couldn’t help asking.

Ximen Yeshui was happily teasing the silly dog Little Nine who was in deep sleep. Ever since he came out of the shrine, perhaps because he had absorbed too much of the energy of the books, the puppy seemed like he was drunk, lying on the ground without any reaction. Ximen Yeshui, who the silly dog had constantly bit onto the heels of, found the chance to bully the dog back. He fiddled with the little dog’s hands and feet and stretched his mouth back.

When he heard what was said, he answered without raising his head, “[Yin Yang Monarch], that old fool is a relic of the sect era. He possesses a profound cultivation. A hundred years ago, [Yin and Yang Path] and [Turtle Deity Island] were huge authorities. The current strength of the Three Schools and Three Sects, in front of them, are just like a small onion...”

Qin Zhishui drew back the corners of his mouth, but in the end did not say anything.

Ximen Yeshui continued, “But now, the great powers of the sect era have preserved their strength somewhat, some are unknown, some are uprooted, and some are hiding in a secret place. If one thought about it seriously, among the Human Race of Heaven Wasteland Domain, the strength of the old fools [Yin Yang Monarch] and [Turtle Shell Immortal] should be in the top 50. They should not be underestimated. They now wholeheartedly want to follow you, feel free to use them as you please. HisHighness Luo So appeared personally to greet them for you, even if these old fools were given ten thousand hearts, they still wouldn’t dare to comply in public, but oppose in private.”

“According to you, some of the great powers of the sect era were not really suppressed and are now hiding in the Snow Empire?” Ye Qingyu exclaimed.

Ximen Yeshui lifted his head up and looked at Ye Qingyu like looking at an idiot. “I say brother, you are really a bird that has just come out of a thatched cottage. You really do not know anything? What is called a few forces, I will tell you the truth. More than 90% of the sects have not been suppressed. The Snow Empire has not even been established for more than a hundred years. Do you really think that the sects that had lasted for thousands of years would be so easily suppressed? As they say, ‘a strong dragon cannot repress a local snake’. Although the Snow Empire has the assistance of the domain above, but their foundations are still shallow. Back then, they only just killed some chickens for the monkeys to see, they gave them a warning. The monkey saw that the blade of Snow Empire was too sharp. They estimated that their own bones cannot carry it, so they retired one after another, and surrendered. Anyway, on the surface it seems that the Human Race territory was given to the Snow Country, but in fact they are waiting for an opportunity, for the blade to use up its energy. If it does not die, then in the long-term...”

The corners of Qin Zhishui’s mouth began to twitch.

From Ximen Yeshui’s mouth, the power of the Three Schools and Three Sects wass simply trash. As a disciple of the Matchless Blade City of the Three Schools and Three Sects, what should he say?

As for Ye Qingyu, he was greatly astonished.

This news was completely different from the information he had previously learned.

In the White Deer Academy library, Ye Qingyu had seen many books and maps of territories of the current Heaven Wasteland Domain. It was clearly and plainly written that it was only because of the Snow Empire that the Heaven Wasteland Domain was now so powerful. The sects back then in the sect era were eradicated, and the remaining Three Schools and Three Sects declared them as the officials to the Empire to save them from danger.

But from Ximen Yeshui’s mouth, why has this changed?

Snow Empire suddenly became so weak?

“The blade of the Snow Country that you just talked about, what does it mean?” Ye Qingyu asked.

“Oh, back then there was a very scary existence in Snow Empire. It was precisely because of this person that the sect era of the Heaven Wasteland Domain came to an end, and all sects no matter big or small hid in the dark. It is said that this person’s name is called... Wuwu... Ah ah ah... huhu...” Before Ximen Yeshui could finish speaking, a strange voice sounded from his mouth.

Ye Qingyu twisted his head around to take a look, only to see that across his mouth there was a string of golden rune formation light flashing, like stitches, sealing his mouth, and despite him desperately struggling, he could not utter out a word and was only mumbling with his mouth sewn shut.

What’s going on?

Ye Qingyu and Qin Zhishui felt very strange.

After murmuring for a long while, the golden formation thread on Ximen Yeshui’s mouth began to disappear. He panted loudly, “Okay, okay, I won’t say it then, old fool, do you want to kill me.”

It was only after a long gasp for breath, he cast a glance at the two people next to him and said with a very aggrieved and gloomy tone of voice, “When I left, the old man placed a formation seal on my mouth, if I try to leak any secrets, the power of the seal will sew my mouth shut.”

“Huh?” Ye Qingyu almost spurted out.

Qin Zhishui burst out laughing.

There was still this kind of rune formation light seal?

Seeing Ximen Yeshui’s expression, which was like that of a sulking woman, the two people felt it was extremely hilarious.

No wonder that Ximen Yeshui said he doesn’t want to return to his sect. It turns out that there was such a terrifying old man waiting for him. Before they couldn’t understand why the powerful old man sealed Ximen Yeshui’s mouth, but now Ye Qingyu and Qin Zhishui knew why Ximen Yeshui who talks so much nonsense and has such a sharp tongue——was suppressed.


Half an hour later.

Deer City was coming into view in the distance.

Around the city, there were visible signs of the demonic beast horde’s attack, but there was no corpses of the demonic beasts and only huge pits caused by [Bright Sword Ship] bombardment, numerous and close together. The vegetation around the city was destroyed, large tracts of yellow sandy soil were flying up into the air, and at first sight it looked like a city in a barren desert.

In the air, there was still a faint whiff of the demonic beasts.

The instant Ye Qingyu and the others landed on the city walls they immediately attracted attention. The general in charge of defending the city came to inquire. When he saw that it was Ye Qingyu, he bowed respectfully and reported everything that had happened in detail.

It turns out that five days have passed since Ye Qingyu left.

The demonic beasts horde suddenly retreated yesterday night, receding into the distance like a tide. Some people even saw that the demonic beasts that did not retreat into Deer Mountain in time were disintegrated into dark red ashes at the first glimmer of dawn, scattering between heaven and earth. And in less than two hours of time, the demonic beast horde that had impenetrably surrounded the entire Deer City retreated completely.

At this time, the defense of Deer City was reaching it’s last legs.

It had only been three hours since the demonic beasts had retreated. The atmosphere around the city was a little calmer, but the people were still restless. The defense of the city had not relaxed and the City Lord’s residence had sent out more than 10 teams of patrols to investigate the demonic beasts movements outside of the city.

“No need to send people to investigate, I just came out of Deer Mountain. The demonic beasts have gone and will not appear again,” Ye Qingyu said to the general. “Send someone to inform the City Lord Qin to start preparing for the aftermath and don’t worry about the demoic beasts reappearing again.”

The general heaved a sigh of relief, before saying excitedly, “Marquis Ye had been in Deer Mountain for four days and four nights, could it be that you have found the cause and had eliminated the demonic beasts’ offensive?”

Ye Qingyu smiled. “The cause has been found, but I was not the only person that solved it.”

But when the general heard this, he tacitly thought that it was Ye Qingyu who saved the critical situation and solved the problem. He glanced at the two people at Ye Qingyu’s side, and thinking that they were Marquis Ye’s subordinates, he did not pay much attention to them and instead excitedly shouted from the top of the city walls: “Ha, brothers, Marquis Ye is back, Marquis Ye has killed all the demonic beasts in the mountains, you all won’t have to worry anymore...”

Ye Qingyu shook his head, and jumped down from the top of the city walls with Ximen Yeshui, heading toward the Ye Mansion.

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