430 - Enlighten with perfect wisdom

    Control the [Divine Sword of Light]?

    Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

    "Is this some secret manual of the Sword Dao?" Ye Qingyu enquired.

    "That's not it." the voice of the Spirit Monkey sounded out. "Do you still remember the situation when you first sat on the jade stone chair? The [Divine Sword of Light] shot towards the heavens, this is the power of the [Divine Sword of Light]. If you can completely control that power, perhaps you will have the ability to protect yourself..." 

    Hearing this, Ye Qingyu fell somewhat silent.

    He understood.

    The so called [Divine Sword of Light] was not some secret technique of the Sword Dao, nor was it some divine weapon. It was that pillar of light that had shot towards the sky, the power that was like a divine sword.

    Even a Heaven Ascension stage expert, may not possess such a power?

    Ye Qingyu knew the speed of his cultivation was shocking, but for him to enter into the Heaven Ascension stage... fine, this condition was even harder to attain than what the Spirit Monkey had just mentioned.

    "Hehe, I know what you're thinking of, but you're really overthinking it. I did not say you have to enter into the Heaven Ascension stage..." There was teasing and mockery that was completely undisguised within the voice of the Spirit Monkey. "I mean, that if you are able to control the power of the formation array in the stone palace, you can borrow the energy of the Earth Fire pit. For a short period, you will have the power to protect yourself. I can promise you, for a set period of time, I will let you leave the [Light Palace]." 

    Power of the formations?

    Ye Qingyu somewhat understood.

    He did not pay attention to the teasing within the opposing party, but instead said seriously, "Please teach me, elder."

    The voice of the Spirit Monkey fell silent for a brief moment, then sound again. It grumbled, "You really are uninteresting, you don't even throw a temper. Fine, for the sake of that person, I'll tell you just what kind of power is contained within the [Light Palace], and why everyone in Heaven Wasteland Domain is apprehensive of this place..."



    In the following period of time, Ye Qingyu split his time into three.

    The first was yuan qi cultivation. He used it to firm up his foundations of the Bitter Sea River stage.

    The second was to give advice and teachings for the cultivation of Bai Yuanxing and the others.

    The third was to begin to learn and understand the formation arrays under the advice and teaching of the voice of the Spirit Monkey.

    As for the other assorted matters of the [Light Palace], Ye Qingyu placed an order that Ximen Yeshui, Wen Wan and Gao Han were to discuss and decide for themselves. The first two fellows were too strange, but Gao Han was honest and venerable. He was worthy to be trusted. With Gao Han controlling them, Ximen Yeshui and Wen Wan should not cause any great trouble.

    Of course, the most important matter was that there wasn't really anything important that the [Light Palace] had to go take care of.

    They were an entity that had remain lifeless for near a hundred years. People had nearly even forgotten the existence of this place. There was no way their previous duty could be enacted upon anymore. The only ability remaining seemed to be their ability to obtain wages from the Imperial family every month.

    The patience of Liu Jingyan and the other Envoys of Light were nearly completely extinguished.

    Yang Henshui once again returned to his previous state, studying blade techniques and battle techniques every day. Li Changheng would still carry his wine gourd and sneak out, but the majority of the time he would be accompanied by Ximen Yeshui. They would go, arms on each other soldiers, as they went to the brothels in the capital. One person was because they lusted after the flourishment of the world, the other was because his heart was broken. They shared the same language...

    Wen Wan still could not be seen for most of the day, and according to the rumours, he spent his day in the capital searching for delicious delicacies.

    After Wen Wan returned to the City of Light, he would fight a battle with Yan Hengshui until they were both completely bruised and swollen in the face. They both had their victories and losses. They fought so much that even the big fatty military officer would bring his gambling soldiers and bet on who would win. After all, this was even more interesting than wagering on the battles within the soldiers in the camp. 

    There was only Gao Han who was careful and conscientious. He deeply feared betraying Ye Qingyu's trust, but did not know what to do. 

    In the blink of an eye, a month had passed by.

    At the end of the month, there was a torrential rainstorm.

    On the sunset of the day that the rain stopped, the little Princess Yu Xiaoxing that had not been seen for a long time, descended. She discussed matters with Ye Qingyu for just under a half an hour, with the majority being cluttered, scattered news. The reason this little girl had not appeared during this period of time was because she had followed her Aunt, Princess Chang, as the latter travelled throughout the major provinces. She had only arrived back three days ago. Yu Xiaoxing was naturally extremely aware of the current situation...

    "Quick, quick, quick, call me Princess," Yu Xiaoxing cried.

    Ye Qingyu was somewhat nonplussed. "Why do you like others calling you Princess so much? Are you addicted to being a princess?"

    Yu Xiaoxing had a gaze of disdain as she looked towards Ye Qingyu. "What do you know. With the current precarious situation, perhaps it will be little more than a year before not only am I not a Princess, but I will be forced to flee for my life. A fallen phoenix cannot even be compared to a chicken. Since right now I am still a true and real Princess, I'll make you call me a Princess more as there might not be a chance to in the future.”

    Ye Qingyu bit his teeth. "As a member of the Imperial family, isn't your perspective too negative? If this was to spread out, wouldn’t it perhaps have a negative impact? The Empire was founded for a hundred years, it must have accumulated an extremely deep foundation. Right now, the situation is a bit tense, but it still hasn't reached the stage of no return, right?"

    "Your stupid, the empire has prepared for a hundred years, but the enemies have also prepared for a hundred years. The Hurricane Wave Demon Court, Snow Ground Demon Court, just which of them are an entity that has not existed for countless years . The Brute Race in the North East and North West cannot be discounted, and right now, they have also received the support from some secret ancient sects. The situation of the empire right now can be described as a storm coming from all sides, with enemies coming all at once. This time, they have attacked our four borders, with signs that the Brute Race and the Demon Race are uniting together. This is absolutely not a normal war, it seems that the races have already been preparing for this for a very long time." Yu Xiaoxing had a worried expression, as she said with a frown, "Furthermore, Aunt said this may involve some interference from the powers outside this domain!” 

    "Powers outside our domain?" Ye Qingyu was shocked. "A power that is outside of Heaven Wasteland Domain?"

    Yu Xiaoxing nodded her head.

    Hearing of this, Ye Qingyu suddenly faintly understood the importance of the current situation of Heaven Wasteland Domain. 

    He still wanted to say something, but Yu Xiaoxing changed the subject, diverting the matter to something else.

    She had gone to Youyan Pass last month, and largely recounted the situation of the Youyan Pass right now. She especially mentioned the situation of Liu Zongyuan, Ye Congyun and what happened to them. After Ye Congyun left, Liu Zongyuan was heavily trusted by Liu Siufeng, and Ye Congyun also soared straight to the heavens. His power and status rocketed highly, and he could be counted as a star amongst Youyan Pass right now.

    "Since the situation of the Empire is like so, have you not thought of doing something?" Ye Qingyu asked. "With your talent and cultivation, as well as your special position, there must be many things you can do, no?"

    "You really overestimate me." Yu Xiaoxing smiled. "You have such confidence in me, I am only a girl, the older generation doesn't really regard me as important. I can... only give it my best."

    Her words were somewhat helpless.

    After they conversed for a while, Yu Xiaoxing left crisply.

    Ye Qingyu could tell that this girl really had something that concerned her. She wanted to converse with someone, not only because she wanted to vent, she just wanted someone to talk to.

    Could the situation of the Empire really have worsened to such an extent?

    Ye Qingyu sat by the stone palace foundation, then returned to the stone palace, continuing to cultivate.

    In the next half a month, there were strange light glimmers constantly coming out from the [Light Palace]. But the time it continued for was not long. One night, there was a surge of glorious silver glimmers coming from the skywell, reaching halfway up the sky. There were faint signs of the [Divine Sword of Light] cutting apart the skies that occurred that day. But this could barely sustain for an instant before it completely dispersed...

    The complexities of the formation arrays in the [Light Palace] far exceeded Ye Qingyu's imagination.

    Even with the teaching and guidance of the Spirit Monkey, even with the extreme understanding of Ye Qingyu, he still had no way of completely grasping it. As his consciousness entered into the lines of the formation arrays inside the stone palace, he instantly felt like he had entered into the sea or the ocean. He would instantly become lost and would even be made dizzy and woozy from the strikes of the waves on the ocean...


    The moon was like water.

    Ye Qingyu sat on the stone chair, slowly opening his eyes. As his focus returned, he let out a long breath of air.

    "This still won't do..." Seeing the flickering patterns on the ground, Ye Qingyu was completely clueless. The complexity of the formation created by the path of the little silver snake far exceeded his initial imagination. Ye Qingyu had absolutely no way of finding out the order of the labyrinth like lines anymore...

    His mind tried to recall the path the silver snake had taken, but he had been enwrapped in silver flames. Shocked at his strange state, he did not pay attention to the route the silver snake took at the very beginning. Even if his memory was extreme, but he did not pay attention then so his memories were of no use.

    "If the silver snake was still there, and crawled the path once again, perhaps that would give me some true insight." Ye Qingyu sighed with regret. It was a pity that the little silver snake had been eaten by Little Silver.

    However, when such a thought occurred to Ye Qingyu, the little silver dragon that had turned to a silver hairpin acted as if their hearts were connected. With a faint flash, it turned into a strange silver light that flew down from his hair. It landed on the ground and began crawling with an extremely slow pace.


    With shock, Ye Qingyu carefully inspected and discovered that the path the little silver dragon took, was namely the lines of the formation array of the stone palace. It seemed to be exactly the same path the silver snake had left behind.


    The sound of the extremely shocked voice of the Spirit Monkey sounded out once again.

    The shock in it’s voice was exactly the same as that tiny silver snake was swallowed by the little silver dragon.

    But Ye Qingyu already could not pay any attention to it. He began focusing and examining the path the little silver dragon took.

    After only several glances, Ye Qingyu could instantly be sure that the path it took was namely recreating the formation array. Looking at it again right now with a clear view caused Ye Qingyu to instantly be able to find the eye of the formation as well as the path it took. The confusions and mysteries that had previously puzzle him were instantly gone.

    No matter how many times the Spirit Monkey taught him, he had not understood the mysteries of the formation.

    The things that the Spirit Monkey taught were really just the outer edges and not the most central part.

    Ye Qingyu felt like he was being immersed with knowledge.

    His gaze followed the path of the little silver dragon, while his consciousness immersed itself within the formation array. The scenery before him suddenly changed, the stone palace disappearing. His entire person seemed to be amongst the stars, the milky way glimmering and bright. A divine sword of light, was in front of his hands next to the stars...

    The [Divine Sword of Light]!

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