433 - Unmatched Blade King

"Oh, in other words, the experts of the Great Desert Brute Race have set up an arena in the West City for the last four days?

    Ye Qingyu nodded his head meaningfully.

    "That's right, these Brutes are extremely arrogant. They've injured many people," Gao Han said. "Ever since the two great Brute Races and the two great demon courts sent their envoys into the capital, Snow Capital has begun to be completely chaotic. Especially these brutes, they don't recognize any rules and cause trouble everywhere. I've heard that several of the soldiers of the White Mountain Black Water envoys nearly ruined several girls and caused some disturbance.“

    As Ye Qingyu heard to here, his eyebrows frowned, a glimmer passing by his eyes. "This is called some disturbance? According to the laws, they should be killed. How were they treated in the end?"

    "It was resolved without a resolution. No one dares manage them. Those brute soldiers just strode away. Those pitiful women also later reported it to the government, but all the major departments are not willing to receive this case..." Gao Han said angrily.

    Ye Qingyu slapped his palm upon the foundation stone of the stone palace with anger. "What about the people responsible for order in the Capital? The people of the patrolling camp? Shouldn't such a matter fall under their authority?"

    "The head of Law and Order is said to be ill, and is not willing to show himself. That area belongs to the North River patrolling camp, and [Purple Eye] Du Heng is the head of the patrolling camp. According to what the rumours say, he ordered for those commoners who reported such a case, to be thrown out!" Gao Han sighed. "The current situation of the empire is like an egg shell. It is said that the Right Minister as well as the military department had sent out an order that they must ensure the success of this peace negotiation.They've also given a greeting to all the large gangs within the capital, as well as people of the Jinagu for them not to make enemies of the envoy. The main mission of all the patrolling camps of all the areas of the capital is not to guard against the other races, but to restrict the commoners. According to the rumours, in this period of time, every Jianghu people entering into the capital has to register, with stringent precautions. They are worried that some martial experts will break this restriction, and some hot-blooded brash person would do something that is not beneficial towards the greater good of peace negotiations." 

    "The greater good of the peace negotiations?" Ye Qingyu let out a sneer. "To show such concessions and take such a weak stance will make the other races look down on us even more. Can struggling on while at death's door really be able to exchange for peace? The tens of thousands of land of the empire, is won by metal, horses, hot blood, blades and swords. It is not won by begging for it. Those so called great people calculate too much, they try to balance too much. They have forgotten the most basic foundation.“

    Gao Han remained silent.

    A hundred years of peace had really caused far, far too much change in this once incomparably iron blooded empire. The successors had long gotten used to maintaining the status quo, and had lost their heart to advance.

    "Send someone to find those pitiful girls and look after them. Then find out the names of the Brute Race soldiers..." Ye Qingyu looked towards the fire tree forest below, his tone calm and determined.

    There was a trace of delight on Gao Han's face, "Lord, you mean..."

    Ye Qingyu did not say anything.

    But Gao Han already understood what his lord wanted.


    "Who else?"

    The Western city of the capital.

    A Brute Race soldier that had a figure like a black bear shouted loudly in conceit.

    The hair of this Brute Race soldier was messy, and he was about three meters tall, like a little giant. This was the special features of the Brute Race. A normal Brute Race would exceed two meters, but the height of this Brute Race soldier was around three meters.

    There was white bone armour on the body of the Brute Race soldier. The skin it exposed was like little valleys and mountains rising, filled with an explosive kind of power. There were tight and clustered tattoos on his body, and a white bone spear made from the bones of some unknown gigantic beast that was pierced onto the arena.

    At his feet was a middle-aged expert. The bones at his chest were broken and crushed, and he was spitting out large amounts of blood. It seemed he was unlikely to live.

    That Brute Race soldier slapped his own shoulder and began crying loudly.

    There were many people outside the arena.

    There was an extreme face of anger and fury on everyone spectating.

    On the other side of the arena, there were tens of Brute Race soldiers with looks of disdain as they laugh. They were also around three meters tall.

    Amongst these Brutes, there was a human that was especially eye catching.

    It was a human scolar, wearing a long robe with strange crimson Brute Race patterns. In his hands, there was a Brute Race beast fan, his face looking somewhat malicious.

    From his appearance, he seemed to be acting as the translator of these Brutes.

    The Brute soldiers on the arena lowered their heads and grumbled a few words to the malicious looking scholar. The scholar smiled and nodded his head, and turned around, his complexion turning disdainful. Looking at the people surrounding the arena, he began shouting loudly---

    "Lord Stone Tiger said that he heard there are tigers and dragons hiding within the human capital. Who would have guessed this is just false, the people on the arena are too weak. If they are in the White Mountain Black Water, they would only be suitable for becoming slaves. Such weaklings do not even have the right to eat meat...The humans in the capital have really made him too disappointed. Lord Stone Tiger has lowered his standards, he says that if there is anyone who is able to make him use the bone spear next to him, it is his loss!"

    There was the sounds of cursing and insults around the arena.

    There were some insults directed at the Brute Race soldiers.

    There were some insults directed at the malicious looking scholar.

    In the eyes of many of the spectators, this scolar was even more horrible than these Brute Race soldiers. This person had betrayed his own race and gone to ally himself with another race. since ancient times, these people were called Betrayers, and were one of the most hated existence of the Human Race. 

    The Betrayer scholar on the arena was evidently someone who followed the Brute Race here. His attire was entirely something that belonged to the Brute Race, he had become one of their dogs.

    "Who else dares come up? Haha, are there only cowards within the capital? It's been five days, but there's not even been one true expert that has appeared. Has the Human Race really fallen to such an extent? Haha, for such a weak race, what right does it have to possess the most wealthy and rich lands of Heaven Wasteland Domain?"

    The Betrayer scholar began mocking loudly.

    "Go die!"

    There was someone in the crowd that could not bear it any longer. They took out a spear, and threw it like a bolt of lightning towards this scholar.

    In the eyes of the Betrayer scholar, there was a trace of viciousness that flitted by.

    "Die!" The beast feather fan in his hands flicked, and the spear in the air froze, then was rebounded. With an ever quicker speed, it shot back towards the direction it came from. 

    His strength, was evidently not low.

    There were exclamations in the crowd.

    The young man who threw the spear was deathly white.

    He had only been overtaken with fury, and wanted to stab this Betrayer scholar to the death. His true power was only at the four Spirit springs, just how would he be able to receive such a spear returning with such terrifying force? 

    As he closed his eyes and waited for his death, there was another series of screams coming from his ears.

    The young man opened his eyes uncertainty.

    There was a figure that stood against the light.

    A tall and high young man blocked in front of him. The sunlight shone on him, causing his back to be shaded. He extended his hand, and held the spear that was like a lightning bolt. There was less than a hair's width between the spear and his nose, but it could hardly advance any further.

    "A wild dog that betrayed it's master dares to be so vicious in human territory?"

    The tall young man opened his mouth, his voice bright and loud like a blade under the sun. 

    On the arena, the scholar coldly sneered, "Just who do you think you are, just what right do you have to berate me? If you have something against me, then come up on the arena to do battle!"

    The Brute Race soldier called Stone Tiger also had a face filled with contempt as he beckoned with his finger towards the tall and high young man.

    The young man loosened his hands.


    The spear in his hands fell to the ground.

    The surrounding crowd subconsciously retreated.

    The young man's figure flickered. The crowd could only feel their vision blurring, before he appeared on the arena.

    "Force you to use your weapon?" He smiled. "If you are able to receive one of my moves, then it is your victory."

    Before he had finished.

    The palm of the young man moved.

    A series of incomparably sharp blade glimmers emitted from his palm.

    The complexion of Stone Tiger fiercely changed, sensing an instinctive threat. Grabbing the bone spear next to him, the body of the spear fiercely vibrated. With whooshing sounds, it became alive like a draconic python. At the same time, the tattoos on his body began emitting a sinister light. A hard to describe energy began emanating from his body.

    This was the Brute magic power of the Brute Race.

    The power of Stone Tiger instantly exploded. A power comparable to the Bitter Sea stage of human cultivation spread out.


    All this was for nothing.

    When Stone Tiger's aura had reached its pinnacle, the blade glimmer in the hands of the young man struck out.

    It was like a divine weapon cutting apart tofu.

    The bone spear, along with the body of Stone Tiger, was cut neatly into two. 


    The scholar was greatly shocked.

    the tens of Brute Race soldiers had already reacted at this point. They roared with rage as they charged towards the arena, like frenzied tigers that surrounded and attacked the young man.

    The young man lifted his hand unhurriedly and took out the long blade that was carried on his back. 

    On the hilt of the blade, there was a piece of bright red silk.

    With the blade in his hands, the aura of this young man exploded. Instantly, his person was like an undefeatable War God that stood alone on the arena. Waiting until the tens of Brute Race soldiers had reached one meter near him, only then did the blade in his hand strike out.

    At that instant, the light of the blade overshone the light from the Heavens.

    All the figures of the Brute Race soldiers froze where they were.

    "You... you are... [Matchless Blade King], Qin Zhishui?" Only at this time did the Betrayer scholar react. He had shock and fear on his face, his entire person gradually retreated as he began to prepare himself.

    Half a year ago, the name of the [Matchless Blade King] was perhaps something only people of the Jianghu would know.

    But ever since this person had cut off the heads of the two Brute Race leaders who competed to kill ten thousand humans amidst a heavily guarded and militarized camp, then hung their heads upon the war flag of the Brute Race, the name of the [Matchless Blade King] had already resounded throughout the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain.

    In these several months, those White Mountain Black Water Brute Race, driven to fury by their , had sent large quantities of experts to kill Qin Zhishui. But the result was that there were heavy losses on their side...

    One could say that in the hearts of the Brute Race, the name of Qin Zhishui had become one comparable to the demon king.

    but they had never imagined, that they had sent attempts and attempts to kill Qin Zhishui, but he had appeared within the capital, and appeared here.

    The scholar instantly realized the situation was not right, and turned around to flee.

    Although he was a powerful martial expert, but he completely did not have any courage to fight with an existence like the [Matchless Blade King]. That was because he deeply knew just how strong the Brute Race experts were that had died under the blade of the [Matchless Blade King].

    But it was already too late.

    The blade of Qin Zhishui lightly cut out.

    Then his blade retreated instantly.

    "Che che che che..."

    A blood light flashed by. On the body of the Brute Race soldiers as well as on the body of this scholar, there was a blade wound that clearly appeared. Then they were neatly cut in half, the corpse laying on the arena.

    There were cheers all around the arena.

    Then the crowd began to grow chaotic.

    There were soldiers of the Empire rushing from far away.

    On the arena, the figure of the [Matchless Blade King] had already disappeared at some unknown time. There was already no way of determining where he was.

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