447 - Experts frequently appearing

Chapter 447, Experts frequently appearing 

But then again, since the Light Palace was all prepared, then this first battle must be won beautifully.

Just when Ye Qingyu was contemplating——

In the sky, the complacent voice of the Spirit monkey battle pet suddenly came, “Hey hey, old thing, you managed to escape several times before. This time I will kill you, and I will uncover your true face!”

The thunder-like voice shattered the sky of clouds.


The golden coiled dragon cudgel was suddenly emitting tens of thousands of golden streaks of light, materializing into a heavy stick, and suddenly struck the giant jet-black bell from all directions.


A sharp snapping sound resounded.

On the surface of the giant jet-black bell, there were several cracks spreading across. Many parts were like dry, cracked soil, sunken down, pieces of black fragments falling off...

“Dong! Dong! Dong!

The giant bell frantically shook, the dense black mist inside was frantically being dispelled, turning into a dark light, as though to compensate for the shattered pieces of the bell. There were more and more layers floating out, flickering, and the voice of the devil was echoing inside.

“The knell of the devil!”

A furious and oppressive voice sounded from the giant jet-black bell.

The power of the giant bell, in this moment, was increased several folds. The black mist was frantically filling the air, hiding the sky and sun. The sky of the Imperial Capital was as dark as though night had fallen, like the world was about to collapse.

The terrible sound of the bell had shattered the originally blue sky, transforming it into a dark and icy-cold cosmic void, with irregular air flow and wind growing stronger... 

“Hey, hey, the knell of the devil? Shamefully boastful, the death knell is ringing for yourself... take this!” 

The Spirit monkey battle companion thundered again.

On the giant golden coiled dragon cudgel, the coiled dragons on the ends were suddenly extending, grew alive, and instantly turned into two beams of golden light. Like a pair of golden scissors, they pierced through laye after layer of the black mist, until it was snipping at the giant bell! 


The terrifying thunder-like roar came again.

The great bell crumbled into black debris, like a collapsed mountain, sputtering out huge jet-black fragments in the void that fell to the ground.

“Pah... you’re going too far!”

An angry voice blared out again.

The jet-black fragments that were spread across the sky suddenly were suspended again, returning at a rapid speed, and the huge pieces of the bell body abruptly shrunk as small as a grain of black sand, like quicksand, reducing to a dot in the void.

The ripples of space flickered.

A black-robed old man stepped out from the ripples. His body was tall and huge like a tower, spreading open his palm, and the black grains of sand were being pulled towards his palm like a whale drawing in water. The dark light was flashing, and all the jet-black fragments had disappeared.

“You destroyed my treasured object, monkey. You must die.” The black-robed old man’s breathing was more laboured, evidently injured. His voice rumbled like thunder, sending the mist and streams of air rolling like waves.


Two golden beams of light were flickering, returning to the golden coiled dragon cudgel, transforming into two coiled dragons, wrapping around the ends of the golden long stick, looking vivid and lifelike.

A wisp of faint golden mist floated out from the golden coiled dragon cudgel, when a pale golden monkey-shaped shadow appeared at the side of the golden coiled dragon cudgel, The faint golden mist was floating about, as though it would easily be blown away with a gust of wind. 

“Hey, old fool, you repeatedly attacked my [Light Palace], you want to die?” The monkey-shaped shadow sneered coldly, “Since you came today, don’t expect to leave today. Back then you ran for your life, anxious to leave 108,000 miles away from the Imperial Capital. What? You’ve been eating chaff and wild herbs for 100 years, and are not afraid of death now. You have nerve to come back again.”

The black-robed old man’s face was overcast, his skin was full of folds like dried orange peel, and his eyes were sunken and seemed as though there were black flames blazing within, as he said grimly, “That ruthless ruler had died, leaving you smelly monkey. You dare to assume the majesty of your master, today I will peel your monkey skin off!” 

“Hahaha, this is the best joke I have ever heard. I recognize you. A surviving member of the Devil Bell Sect, a defeated opponent. In order to escape, you even betrayed your master and seniors, and let them be your scapegoat. Now you dare bark furiously in front of me, your raven black bell had been destroyed by me. What other abilities do you have, I’ll give you the chance to show it! I will fight you with one hand!” 

The tone of the Spirit monkey battle pet was full of disdain and provocation.

The black flames within the black-robed elder’s eyes were blazing more fiercely, black mist tumbling around his body, he was evidently enraged, but then suddenly laughed grimly, “By myself, I may indeed be no match for you, but...”

His voice died away.

Another voice sounded, “But... what if you included me?”

The void was rippling again, and there was a strange monster that looked carved from a rock stepping out of the ripples, standing side by side with the black-robed old man.

This person’s skin was flowing like lava. He did not look like a person, rather a rock that had become a spiritual being. Only he was human-shaped, his head was a square black rock, with a few holes, representing the facial features.

When this monster spoke, the smell of sulphur was breathed out from his mouth.

“Smelly monkey, we meet again.” From the tone of the strange lava person, there was an unforgettable hint of hatred. 

The golden misty shadow of the Spirit monkey curiously stared hard at him for a moment, and suddenly exclaimed, “Nanming Ember? Oh, I was thinking who it was? So it’s a defeated enemy of mine, a surviving member of the Fire Worship Demon Sect. Haha, you were struck into the underground river of flames, unexpectedly you’re still alive. You became looking this ghastly, yet you still dare to come out to die?”

“Hahaha, good, stinky monkey, after 100 years you still recognize me, back then you ruthlessly killed thousands of my Fire Worship Demon Sect. I was smashed to pieces, fell into the underground river of flame, and my soul almost scattered. Fortunately I did not give up hope, I met the underground river ember, successfully swallowed it, and instead managed to cultivate the remarkable powers of the Fire Worship Demon Sect...”

Strange lava person roared in rage, the blue flame over his body sputtering, “Smelly monkey, your master is dead. A homeless dog wants to assume the majesty of the tiger, today is the day of your death.”

“Pah Pah Pah, since the heavens had spared your life, then you should start a new life... Back then the Fire Worship Demon Sect had caused many disasters, slaughtered many living things, and offered living people as sacrifice. The Human Race within thousands of miles of the mountain of flames were eaten, and their bones covered the earth. This evil sect should be uprooted sooner. You’re lucky that you’re still alive, and not praying for atonement in the underground river of flames. You have not changed and continue to bring disaster to the world.” The Spirit monkey said with contempt, “You are seeking death, you two bugs attack together, I will send you on the road to death!”


The Spirit monkey battle companion was the first to attack.

The golden coiled dragon cudgel turned into thousands upon thousands of cudgels, the golden brilliance staining the void yellow, enveloping that black-robed old man and the strange lava person inside. 

A battle instantly broke out once again.

On the ground.

Ye Qingyu and others looked up at the sky.

All eyes were fixed on the battle.

“Seems like a big basket, the black-robed old man is already very scary, and now another bad guy has come out, the mother of...” Ye Qingyu appeared calm on the surface, but was swearing inside, “This smelly monkey, how many bad guys had he angered back then, does it not know to destroy the roots when cutting weeds, now it will soon be surrounded by them!” 

Suffering from diarrhea, silly dog Little Nine was holding his belly and crawling back.

He collapsed by Ye Qingyu’s side, saying, “Look, woof told you already, this smelly monkey is unreliable, a troublemaker, we should leave quickly…”

Ye Qingyu did not speak.

There was a flash of brilliance.

Ximen Yeshui returned to the ground.

He was carrying a grey-robed middle-aged man with a triangular face in his hand.

This middle-aged man was red with shame and anger, vaguely there was a kind of aura of a master, but he was badly beaten, a few of his front teeth had fallen out, and he was tied up with a blue light rope. The more he struggled, the tighter the light rope was digging into his flesh, and his powerful cultivation skills were all sealed.

Like a little stream, a light blue light was hanging at his waist, binding a scarlet demon pestle. 

This demon pestle was the length and thickness of a child’s arm, like clotted blood, the glistening red was gone. A faint but deep dark power surging within, though it could not break away from the binding of the blue light rope.


Ximen Yeshui casually dropped the triangular faced man on the ground, kicked him and said, “You disturbed me training my bird...” Then he impatiently went over to Gao Han. “Where’s my [Rosy Cloud]?”

Gao Han’s line of sight shifted over from the captured triangular-faced man, lifting his finger pointing to the [Light Palace].

Ximen Yeshui looked up, only to see the bright-coloured parrot at Ye Qingyu’s feet, proudly flapping its wings, relaxedly and freely moving about in small quick steps.

The expression on the dark-faced scholar’s face abruptly changed. “[Rosy Cloud] little baby, come back...”

Because beside this brightly-coloured parrot, was silly dog Little Nine who had collapsed from stomach-aches, staring intently at this parrot, licking his mouth, and his eyes lit up. “Ah woof, a fat and tender little hen, I want to eat it...”

The parrot, completely unaware that the silly dog who eats everything had defined it as a fat and tender food, was still proudly flaunting its feathers.

Ximen Yeshui hurriedly raised his hand into the air, when a gush of strength brought the parrot over to him. 

Silly dog Little Nine opened his mouth wide and then closed it. “Forget it, my appetite is not good recently, can’t eat greasy food...” 

Ye Qingyu’s attention was fixed on the triangular faced expert. 

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