463 - The appearance of the Right Minister

463 - The appearance of the Right Minister


    "Haha, little obedient, quickly come over. I've already seen through you... don't run, let me shoot at you."

    The fatty was like a gust of wind or heavy rain. In a breath, he had managed to shoot all the arrows in the quiver behind his back out.

    The arrows were like lightning in the air, making the opponent have no time to receive them.

    The jade-faced scholar did not dare to be careless. His footwork was demonstrated to it's extreme, like a flitting shadow, he constantly evaded every projectile.

    But as the vulgar and treacherous loud laughter of the fatty rang, the rain of arrows that was throughout the air had a change. One arrow turned into two, two arrows turned into four, the arrow behind touching the arrow in front, the arrow to the left touching the arrow to the right. The trajectories and path of the arrows completely changed, as if it was living. There was no way of leaving, as if all the escape routes of the jade-faced scholar had been completely sealed off.



    The jade-faced scholar let out a cry as tens of arrows hit his body instantly. Like a hedgehog, his body fell downwards towards the ground from the skies.

    In his moment of consciousness that he still had when he fell down, he finally understood. This fatty that seemed stupid and clumsy previously had only defended and not attacked, not because his strength was not enough, but he was observing into the intricacies of his foot techniques. The fatty had seen through it, and laid out a situation where he would definitely die by his arrows.

    "Haha, I hit him, I hit him, I won again, hahaha..."

    The fatty was lifting his bow and waving it about as he danced excitedly in the air.

    But this sort of excitement did not last for more than three breaths of time, when he suddenly sensed something. His complexion greatly changed.

    Then this fellow was like an alarmed rabbit. He let out a shriek, his eyes rolling back to his head, as he fell down from the air. With a bang, he fell to the ground, dust rising, that fell neatly next to the jade-faced scholar that still had his eyes open in unrest.

    This fellow, with the cover of the rising dust, grabbed a handful of the fresh dripping blood of the jade-faced master, and smothered it all over his body. Then he let out a tragic cry, lying on the ground and pretending to be dead.

    This entire process fell completely in Ye Qingyu's eyes.

    "What is this fellow doing..." Ye Qingyu was between laughter and tears.

    Before he had finished.

    The sky was suddenly completely right. A radiance and aura that was like the sun itself came to the skies above the [Light Palace].

      A vast energy fluctuation that was hard to describe using words exploded from that white light that was like an acute sun. Like a tsunami, it surged throughout the entire space. With the [Light Palace] at it's center, there was a distinct warp in the gravity hundreds of miles around. It was as if the dust particles on the ground had lost its weight, as it seemed to rise slightly.

    Ye Qingyu was able to sense the aura within his body. It began madly surging with an aura that could not be suppressed, it's yuan qi began to madly rush and fluctuate.

    "What is this?"

    He lifted his head to look at the white globe of light. He could faintly see that within the white globe of light, there was a skinny figure that could faintly be seen.

    "The [Light Palace] has existed for a hundred years, it is fated to be broken apart today... the moon and the sun will swap places, the new replace the hold. Today, Snow Capital will receive a truly glorious moment!"

    A voice that seemed solemn, emitted from that white globe of light. As this voice resounded throughout the air, the piercing white light began to fade. The figure that was wearing the [White Tiger Armour] could finally be seen.

    Ye Qingyu's pupils dilated.

    He was able to recognize at one glance who the figure in the skies was.

    The Right Minister of the Empire, Lin Zheng.

    Although he had never seen Lin Zheng in person before, but he had already seen countless formation images and paintings concerning Lin Zheng. After all it was the Right Minister of the Empire, the most significant person under the Emperor. He was famed throughout the world, and was the focal point of all gazes. No matter whether it was the information provided by Dugu Quan or the Two River Gang, the information that had been given to Ye Qingyu was of the most detailed and informative regarding this person.

    Therefore, for Ye Qingyu, although he had never seen Lin Zheng, but he knew very well what the Right Minister of the Empire looked like.

    After the initial shock, there was a faint smile appearing on Ye Qingyu's face.

    He did not imagine that he would see a huge, powerful minister of the Empire in such a situation.

    As the mist and clouds faded, the truth was about to be seen.

    Since Right Minister Lin Zheng had appeared here, then everything regarding this was clear and transparent. Was everything finally uncovered?

    According to the rumours, Lin Zheng not only occupied a high and noble status, controlling hundreds of ministers. But he was also said to have a mind for strategy and scheming that rarely anyone could compare with. He was also a martial genius, with cultivation that could not be guessed at-----in truth, in this world where martial experts were revered, nearly ninety-nine percent of the government ministers of Snow Empire were martial experts. Without enough martial cultivation, there was no way of standing up within the Imperial Court. 

    For Lin Zheng, someone who was born as the son of a concubine, to be able to control the Lin family and step into the position as the Right Minister, this person's strength was prodigious. Not only within the Capital, but even in the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain, he was one of the top ranked experts.

    It was only that because he occupied such a high position, there were many matters where he did not need to act personally. Slowly, there were many people that began to forget his position and fame within the martial world.

    If not for the fact that they stood at opposite ends of the battlefield, Ye Qingyu would even admire this old man.

    For a person's power alone, to be able to change his fate. From such a lowly position as a son of a concubine, to walk step by step into the position he was in today, if he was not an absolute genius, it would be utterly impossible for him to achieve this.

    It was a pity...

    "Where is the Palace Lord of the Light Palace, Ye Qingyu?" Within the skies, there was the calm voice of the Right Minister, Lin Zheng, authority present in his voice.

    Ye Qingyu walked two or three steps forward, paying his respects, "Palace Lord of the Light Palace, Ye Qingyu, sees the Right Minister."

    "Take the [Flowing Silver Light Formation] away and open the [Light Palace]." The figure of the Right Minister, Lin Zheng, slowly descended down towards the [Light Palace], bringing with him an endless pressure and might.

    Ye Qingyu fell silent for a brief moment, then suddenly lifted his head and smiled.

    "Since the situation has progressed to such a stage, then why must the Right Minister say such useless words?" There was not the slightest hint of fear as Ye Qingyu looked at the Right Minister. "Even a clueless brute, in a desperate situation, will strike back and blood will flow. Could it be that in the eyes of the Right Minister, a Palace Lord like me is not even comparable to a brute?"

    In the skies.

    As the Right Minister's gaze fell on Ye Qingyu and regarded him for a brief moment of time, there was a trace of admiration that couldn't help but appear.

    "The name of Ye Qingyu, I have heard many times before. In truth, in the past sixty years, I was known as the number one genius. But from the years past this point on, the title of the number one genius will fall on your shoulders." On the originally calm face of the Right Minister, there was a hint of a smile.

    “I do not deserve the Right Minister’s praise." Demon King Ye's heart was delighted, but his lips still pretended to be calm and modest.

    For the Right Minister of the Empire to evaluate him as the number one genius, if news of this was to spread out, the entire world would be shaken. 

    "I know of the things you did in Youyan Pass. In truth, I admire you very much. But it's a pity, every step along the way, you are acting against me..." The Right Minister slowly descended bove the [Flowing Silver Light Formation], saying, "I admire talents very much. Even if you killed [Red Eagle] and the others, I could not care about it, as long as you came under my wing. I will do my best to nurture and raise you, I could even pass on to you all my status and power."

    As these words were said, it was evident just how much Lin Zheng admired Ye Qingyu.

    Ye Qingyu smiled, "For the Minister to have such expectations of me, I have endless gratitude for this. But... we are of different paths, so we cannot act together. I'm afraid I must waste Minister Lin's good intentions."

    After hearing this Lin Zheng slowly nodded his head, then shook his head, "If it is like this... then it's a pity.”

    As he finished uttering this, his feet suddenly exerted power.

    Kacha Kacha

    The protective barrier of the [Flowing Silver Light Formation] was like an utterly weak and fragile grass layer. Fracture after fracture began appearing.

    Ye Qingyu's eyebrows rose instantly.

    An extremely powerful strength.

    The next instant, Ye Qingyu could feel his vision blurring. Before he could say anything, within his eyesight, there was a sharp tiger's claw infinitely enlarging.

    "Careful." There was the voice of Aunt Heng coming from the side.

    As this was said, there was an explosion. A mad energy spread about everywhere, like a chaotic vortex. Ye Qingyu could feel his body lightening and being dragged to one side.

    At such a crucial time, Aunt Heng had acted and blocked a strike for Ye Qingyu.

    "Little girl Heng, you are not my opponent. Go, don't block my path." Lin Zheng's voice suddenly turned icy.

    Ye Qingyu turned to the side, and could see the complexion of Aunt Heng turning deathly pale, her aura unsteady. It must be that receiving that strike of Lin Zheng had caused her blood qi to be unstable, and received some minor injuries as a result.

    If one lifted their head to look, one would discover that there was a large hole the size of a well that had been broken on the [Flowing Silver Light Formation].

    Lin Zheng stood high above, having not yet truly entered into the City of Light.

    Perhaps from his perspective, this was only a tiny little defensive formation. With just one of his thoughts, it could immediately be broken open, that's why he was not in a rush. It was only that there was a little disturbance in the gaze he used to regard Aunt Heng with. It seemed that the two long knew each other, and their relationship was not normal.

    Aunt Heng did not say anything, and made a defensive stance.

    This was the first time that Ye Qingyu knew that Aunt Heng was also someone who had cultivated. Furthermore, her strength was even slightly higher than him. But after he had received one of Lin Zheng's palms, her aura was shaken. From the above points, it was enough to determine that Aunt Heng had not yet truly stepped into the Heaven Ascension stage, and was only at the higher stages of the Bitter Sea stage.

    "The situation is settled already. The [Light Palace] will definitely be broken through today. Little girl Heng, you are not my match. Retreat," the Right Minister calmly said.

    Aunt Heng did not say anything.

    "If the [Flowing Silver Light Formation] is broken, you immediately retreat within the [Light Palace]." She used a sound transferral technique to speak to Ye Qingyu.

    Ye Qingyu slowly nodded his head.

    Aunt Heng seemed to know something that only she did. If it was like so, then he just needed to listen to her.

    But at this time ---

    "Right Minister really has a true official's might." A strange voice sounded within the air. "I wonder which of the edict of the Snow Emperor are you following, when you are attacking the [Light Palace]?"

    In the air, a figure appeared within the silver mist.

    This was a muscular old man with ash gray hair. he wore a long white robe with several patches, but washed extremely clean.  His face was full of the signs that he had gone under hardship, his facial features clearly defined. He had a lion's mouth and broad shoulders, exceedingly authoritative. His eyebrows were like a blade, hanging above his eyes, making his face seemingly exceedingly mighty.

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