482 - The second floor sovereign ruler

Chapter 482, The second floor sovereign ruler

“The route most likely to succeed?”

Li Guangbi was surprised for a moment. 

He couldn’t think of who it was that could make Yu Feiyan and Lin Zheng so confident. The Snow Ground Demon Court was the strongest among the four major demon courts, able to stand as equals with the Human Race, and have a large number of masters and talents. They were the demon clan that gave the Human Race the most headaches.

More than hundreds of years ago, the Snow Ground Demon Court could be said to be the most powerful force in the whole Heaven Wasteland Domain. This status was maintained for thousands of years, until the rise of the Snow Empire, when it was slowly driven to the north of Blizzard Ice Field, and has been dormant ever since. 

With such solid forces, even if Hu Yu and the First Princess, the two experts ranked in the top of the [Divine Dragon List] of the Empire, had personally attacked together, the success rate was not one hundred percent.

Besides the two Snow Emperors, Mister Qin, Mister Yu, the First Princess, and [Martial Madman] Hu Yu, who else could it be that has such strength? 

Li Guangbi looked like he was deep in thought.  

On the other side, Dugu Quan was also pondering deeply, when suddenly his eyes glowed with a look of disbelief, “Besides the Five God Generals of the [Light Palace] and the expert within the shadows, in the [Light Palace] there was another person who could be regarded as invincible. Although she rarely fought, but every time she did, heaven and earth would change colour and the enemy never had the chance to strike a second time.” 

“You mean...” The body of Old Commanderl Li Guangji suddenly shook, staring wide eyed, as he exclaimed in disbelief, “You mean, could it be... the [Second Floor SSovereign Ruler]?” 

Duqu Quan had completely lost his composure, looking rather excited.  

“[Second Floor Sovereign Ruler]?” Left Minister Qu Hanshan finally added in a flabbergasted tone. “Her Highness is still in the Snow Empire? Didn’t they say... back then... already...”

Lin Zheng nodded. “It is the [Second Floor Sovereign Ruler], Her Highness.” 

This matter could be said to have been completely decided.

Li Guangbi, Qu Hanshan, Dugu Quan and Ouyang Buping, these old people, had seen many rain and wind, been through many great changes, but at this time, they also could not help bursting into a series of the most enthusiastic of cheers.

It seemed the appearance of [Second Floor Sovereign Ruler] had instantly filled these old people with hope and confidence.  

On the other side Qin Zhishui gave a curious look and couldn’t help poking Fatty Wang Lijin, asking, “Hey, who is the [Second Floor Sovereign Ruler]?” 

Fatty drew back the corners of his mouth into a grin, “I have never seen Her Highness, however, I’ve heard some of her impressive achievements. Her Highness was rumoured to be the wife of the unparalleled War God, and also the daughter of the First Snow Emperor. She was incomparably talented, breathtakingly beautiful, and impressively strong, second only to the matchless War God. Back then she was also one of the strong pillars of the empire. It is said that the Imperial throne of the Snow Empire was decided to pass down to Her Highness, so some people call her sovereign ruler, and because Her Highness’s resides on the second floor, six meters away from the ground, and was never on the third floor, she was called the [Second Floor Sovereign Ruler].” 

“Is there such a person? Qin Zhishui was astounded. He had never heard of such a thing.

“Yes, it’s only that Her Highness had rarely fought, likes quiet, and did not care for fame or wealth, so her reputation was not well known. Very few people knew about her existence, even me, an important person of the [Light Palace], also had only heard about her. You, an outsider, naturally do not know much,” Fatty said proudly. 

Qin Zhishui shot a glance at him. The smug fatty made him speechless. 

But Fatty was obviously not going to let go off the opportunity to show off his knowledge, he proudly added, “Although the [Second Floor Sovereign Ruler], Her Highness, was not famous, every time she fought, heaven and earth shook. You must know about the destruction of the Greatest First Divine Sect?”  

Qin Zhishui’s heart jolted when he heard this. “Greatest First Divine Sect? The supreme sect that nearly occupied one fourth of Heaven Wasteland Domain’s territory 130 years ago? It is said that when the Snow Empire was established, not many were afraid of its strength. Their first target was the Greatest First Divine Sect. They obtained victory at the first battle, and then won again, but after driving them thousands of miles away, at the main gate of the Greatest First Divine Sect, they encountered setbacks. They continuously fought for more than 100 days and were not able to drive the enemies down the mountain. The Snow Empire was unable to advance or retreat, surrounded by the reinforcements of the Greatest First Divine Sect. As they were under imminent danger, a great expert from the direction of the Snow Empire ancestral land distantly issued a palm attack hundreds of thousands of miles away, exploding the main gate of the Greatest First Divine Sect into smithereens, and even the treasured Dao weapon of the Greatest First Divine Sect was shattered into pieces...” 

Fatty nodded complacently. “It was that war.” 

“But that war, it is said that the unparalleled GWar God...” Qin Zhishui said in disbelief.

The rise of the Snow Empire was the subject of study for many sects, especially large sects like the Three Schools and Three Sects. They will tell disciples to learn about the past events, to understand the strength of the Snow Empire. 

And the battle against the Greatest First Divine Sect was considered to be the most terrifying battle, it was the appearance of the unparalleled War God and that earth-shattering palm that simply petrified countless sects.

But this palm was thrown out by another person? 

Before, Qin Zhishui was merely curious when he heard the name [Second Floor Sovereign Ruler]. Even if other people looked frightened, he did not take it seriously and instead only remembered the name, but right now, he was thoroughly shocked. 

The depths of Snow Empire was really terrifying. 

To this day, there was still such a person watching over it.

Fatty was still looking complacent. 

On the other side.  

“Then... just where is Princess Han, Her Highness, where is she?” Li Guangbi asked excitedly.

Princess Han, was the legendary [Second Floor Sovereign Ruler], Her Highness, the true First Imperial Princess Yu Junhan, a legendary figure that few people knew about.

Now the current First Princess Yu Junqing that everyone knows about was is in fact the second princess. 

In the early years, Princess Han was never involved with the affairs of the world, very few people knew about her existence, and in the same year as the disappearance of the War God, it was also rumoured that Princess Han was gone. Later, people gradually forgot the existence of the Princess, and called Yu Junqing as First Princess. 

“All these years, Princess Han had remained in the Royal Ancestral Land. Today’s plan, it was all thanks to the presence of Princess Han that we have the confidence to win.” 

There were people cheering excitedly.

No one had noticed that, while they were cheering for Princess Han, only Aunt Heng, who was always calm, had her forehead furrowed in a worried frown, not saying a single word.

“Today’s battle had reached this point, although the overall situation has been settled, but the opening of this central Domain Gate is the will of the heavens and cannot be reversed.” 

Lin Zheng looked at the silver light beam gushing out from the Earth Fire sword pit, then at the storm vortex in the sky that was spinning faster and faster, when his brows were knitted in a frown again. 

He sighed a long sigh, “Unlike the narrow fixed Domain Gates of the four major royal demon courts, the location of the underground fire spirit spring is where the central gate was produced and grew by itself in Heaven Wasteland Domain. Once a domain grows to a certain extent, the central Domain Gate will appear, connecting to the rest of the realms of the world. This was the same as what the War God deduced, there is no mistake.” 

Lin Zheng continued, “More importantly, once the central gate opens, it cannot be closed or destroyed, existing eternally. Heaven Wasteland Domain will certainly face attacks from forces of other domains. In at most three months, the central Domain Gate would be completely stabilized; I do not know how many domains it would be connected to at that time. At that moment, whether friends or perhaps the enemy would show up through this Domain Gate, so no matter what, we still have to prepare to greet the arrival of a new era.”

Upon hearing these words, everyone’s face grew serious again. 


For a long time, because Heaven Wasteland Domain was a new domain, it was not closely related to the other domains of the universe. 

Before the emergence of the real important domains, the connection between Heaven Wasteland Domain and the other domains was only through a narrow Domain Gate, or a space-time portal opened via a supreme remarkable ability or divine weapon. 

Through these accidental channels, Heaven Wasteland Domain was able to know more about other domains.

The large-scale invasion more than a century ago, a demi-emperor existence in another domain opened up a sacred gate, and the forces of other domains came flooding into Heaven Wasteland Domain. It was a terrible disaster for the original inhabitants of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

In the last hundred years, Lin Zheng and Yu Feiyan, through the Black Demon Abyss and the Saint Sect, had learnt a lot of information about the other domains of the universe. 

No matter where the information was obtained from, for Heaven Wasteland Domain, it was not very good.

All kinds of information demonstrated that in the other mature domains, there were countless sects, imperial courts exist side by side, and the martial arts were more developed than those of Heaven Wasteland Domain. 

In Heaven Wasteland Domain, whether it was the Human Race or other races, people at the peak of Heaven Ascension can be regarded as true top experts. 

But in other domains, the Immortal steps realm, the Creation realm and even higher realms, all existed...

The invasion of hundred years ago has left behind too much of a shadow on the living creatures of Heaven Wasteland Domain. 

If that unparalleled War God had not appeared, then Heaven Wasteland Domain would have most likely become a puppet of that demi-emperor existence. 

Therefore, the opening of the central Domain Gate, for the people of Heaven Wasteland Domain, was definitely not very good news.

Fortunately, from Lin Zheng’s tone, it was evident that the unparalleled War God had predicted the opening of the central Domain Gate today, and left behind some arrangement, easing the pressure off everyone a little. 

“That being the case, let’s hurry and carry out the plan that the War God had left behind,” Yu Feiyan added, he was one of the few people that knew of this plan of hundred years. “Moreover, we have the [Second Floor Sovereign Ruler] Her Highness, I believe that as long as we prepare adequately, we would certainly be able to grasp the central Domain Gate in our hands.” 

“Yes. Fortunately, the situation has not deteriorated to the worst extent,” Li Guangbi said. 

At this time, Lu Heng, who had kept silent all along, suddenly opened her mouth, “Ye Qingyu is injured, he is in very serious condition.” 

Everyone’s face darkened at once.  

The Right Minister sighed, “Yes, this Ye Qingyu really is a genius of my Human Race, with proper cultivation, he definitely would become a leading figure of Heaven Wasteland Domain, unfortunately...”

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