512 - The will of the people

Chapter 512, The will of the people

 “What's the situation?”

Ye Qingyu’s expression slightly changed, taking one step forward and calmly shielding Yu Xiaoxing. 

“Bad, its the Demon Wind-Winged Wolf, and a pack...quickly run!” Lin Yi’s complexion abruptly changed greatly at one glance, revealing the colour of fear. “In the heavenly gate training grounds, the Demon Wind-Winged Wolf is not considered the strongest demon beast, but it is definitely the most difficult race to deal with, they are unafraid of death...”  

As he was speaking, the other disciples had begun to retreat.

“Don’t activate yuan qi, these beasts are most sensitive to the fluctuations of yuan qi of the Human Race...” someone warned. 

As the disciples of a large sect of Clear River Domain, they have a profound understanding of the dangers of heavenly gate training grounds, and know how to deal with every demonic creature. 

The Demon Wind-Winged Wolf was a mutation of the spirit beast of the God and Devil Age, and it is said that the descendant of the blue wolf corps of the Demon Clan was physically huge, born with wings and galloped like the wind, and the ground and sky was its hunting ground. 

The crowd gathered quickly, then retreated into the stone forest in the distance. 

Ye Qingyu was protecting Yu Xiaoxing, walking at the back of the crowd. 

In the distance. 

The crowd of blue black shadows was very fast, like flashes of dark lightning, arriving at the low altitude above their heads in the blink of an eye. 

A demonic aura was filling the air. 

Ye Qingyu glanced up while running, and couldn’t help clicking his tongue in amazement.

The entire body of the Demon Wind-Winged Wolves was blue grey, very similar to the colour of the trees of the forest sea, and were at least three meters long. Its body was strong and muscular, like a dragon and horse. The mane on its back was like iron, its four limbs were short, and its tail was big and fluffy. As they were flying, they were skillfully controlling the direction like the helm of a ship.

In addition, the wolf’s body was surrounded by rotating wind blades. 

Of course, the thing that surprised Ye Qingyu the most was that the Demon Wind-Winged Wolf’s aura was extremely terrifying, swallowing and spitting wind blades that contained the power of law, which was comparable to high level Bitter Sea stage experts. 

No wonder these Greater One Sect disciples who were as arrogant as an emperor would be so afraid and actively fled.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh! 

The giant wolf’s figure was like a bolt of lightning, flitting across the low altitude, seemingly endless.

The terrifying aura made all living creatures tremble, and even the worms in the grass curled up, shivering.

Fortunately, these demon creatures, for some reason, seemed uninterested in the crowd on the ground that were hiding. Instead they just swiftly passed by and did not actively attack. 

But, an accident very soon inevitably appeared.  

“Bad, it’s attacking me... It’s going to kill me.” “

A gloomy-looking Greater One Sect disciple howled.

He evidently had not seen such a scene, trembling with fear, and at a loss for what to do.

A huge wind blade that a giant Demon Wind-Winged Wolf casually gushed out had sliced through a stone pillar at his side, soil and stone falling, but him who was in a tense state, because of fear or anger, instinctively threw a backhand sword slash. 


Lin Yi, upon seeing this scene, turned ghostly pale with fright, screaming at him to stop, but it was already too late. 


Pure yuan sword qi, like a blade, struck right at a Demon Wind-Winged Wolf, causing a vibrating force that sent it knocking into its companion. 

The blow immediately seemed like it had stirred a hornet’s nest. 

The originally ‘passing’ Demon Wind=Winged Wolves, immediately like hornets whose   nest had been stabbed by a stick, plunged into a state of extreme rage. The giant wolf that was attacked roared and stabilized its body before swooping down fast.

Before it neared the ground, it opened its mouth launching a series of shower-like wind blades. 

“Be careful!”


“Idiot, why did you mess with it.” 

After a series of cursing, Greater One Sect disciples howled as they evaded the attacks, speeding toward the stone forest.

The space within the stone forest was narrow, and there were many rocks, crevices, and caves, but there they could avoid the Demon Wind-Winged Wolf’s endless stream of attacks. 

Ye Qingyu, along with Yu Xiaoxing, were also bolting. 

He seemed a lot more relaxed.

Ye Qingyu was surprised to see that, the wind blade that the demon creatures shot out from their mouth were a light green jade-like colour, but there was a strange natural rune chain circling around, containing a frightening power. This was the reason that he felt a power of laws before.

The destructive power of a Demon Wind-Winged Wolf alone was, of course, not enough to thoroughly threaten the Greater One Sect disciples, but when dozens and hundreds of them dove down together to attack and kill, the Greater One Sect disciples ran for their life at once

Very soon someone was wounded. 

And blood was obviously the catalyst that made the Demon Wind-Winged Wolf crazy. 

“Damn it.” One of the disciples was wounded on his shoulder blade. The cut, which was deep as the bones, was pouring out blood, and four or five Demon Wind-Winged Wolves were surrounded him.

“Set up the sword formation,” someone yelled. 

But the scene was already a mess, who would stop and stand in battle formation? 

Ye Qingyu shook his head at the sight. 

These Greater One Sect disciples really were flowers of a greenhouse. They had strength, but not the courage to match that strength. Once a situation was not going their way, they would immediately become a group of headless flies. 

“Ah, no...” a disciple screamed tragically. His one arm was bitten off by a giant wolf, and was about to be killed.

Ye Qingyu finally made a move. 


He kicked out with a very exquisite and skilful strength, sending a huge rock at the side of his foot flying out, as fast as a shooting star, smashing right into the Demon Wind-Winged Wolf that was attacking one of the disciples. 

Just how terrifying was the power of Ye Qingyu?

Before the Demon Wind-Winged Wolf could let out a anguished howl, amid the sound of bones shattering into pieces, it had disintegrated into a pile of flesh, glued to the rock, and was sent flying away with the rock, continuously smashing into two other companions... 

Three Demon Wind-Winged Wolves were instantly dead.

The disciple whose arm was severed screamed out in panic, and did not even say a word of thanks, directly turning around and fleeing into the stone forest...  

“Coward.” Yu Xiaoxing could not stand it anymore. 

In a flash. 

Ye Qingyu and her also dashed to the edge of the stone forest.

Perhaps because of the fact that he had killed three Demon Wind-Winged Wolves at once, the other demon wolves had turned crazy, charging at Ye Qingyu as though unafraid of dying, roaring in rage, and fighting to the last breath.

“You... don’t come in here. Get lost.” 

A Greater One Sect disciple hiding in the stone forest yelled at Ye Qingyu. 

“You bring bad luck, you attracted the Demon Wind-Winged Wolves and killed the demon wolf. Do you want to bring the herd of beast in to kill us?” The Greater One Sect disciple whose arm was severed off, said fiercely, “Go, get lost!” 

Ye Qingyu stopped suddenly. 

“Say that again?” Paying no attention to the pack of wolves that were frantically charging forward, Ye Qingyu’s mouth was curved coldly, glaring at the Greater One Sect disciple and asking loudly. 

As he was speaking. 

Bang Bang Bang! 

Countless wind blades had struck his back.

Fragments of clothing scattered in the wind. 

The countless wind blades were like water waves hitting steel, collapsing at once, leaving not the slightest mark on his body. 

With Ye Qingyu’s present physical strength, even the eruption of black demonic barbs issued by a Demon Spider Race expert could not penetrate his skin, let alone such a wind blade?

Ye Qingyu swung a clawed backhand.  

The other dozens of wind blades were crushed in his hand. 

“Take good care of her for me.” He gently pushed Yu Xiaoxing into the stone forest, over to Lin Yi’s side. 

As he was doing all this, Ye Qingyu’s eyes were still fixed on the Greater One Sect disciple with the broken arm, waiting for his answer.

The disciple met Ye Qingyu’s steel knife-like gaze, quivered, and no longer dared say a word. 

Other Greater One Sect disciples also reacted at this moment. The demon king before them was more frightening than the Demon Wind-Winged Wolves. Each and every one of them kept their mouth shut. 

“A bunch of trash... you are not worth me killing you.” 

Ye Qingyu cast a disdainful glance at this group of people, and then suddenly turned, facing the Demon Wind-Winged WWolves that were frantically charging over. 


He punched out. 

A terrifying power erupted in the air, that even the air barrier trembled under such strength. The space ripple flickered and the invisible fist images streaked across the void like a divine sword. 



Blood spatter and bones shot out in all directions. 

Tens of Demon Wind-Winged Wolves were in an instant smashed to pieces in this explosive fist. Before they could produce a tragic howl, they collapsed like dumplings... 

There were dozens of Demon Wind-Winged Wolves that had only grazed the fist storm and were seriously injured, or broke their black wings, or even their bones. 

Tragic screams resounded through the air.  


“This... is really the power that a human possesses?” 

“How can someone’s cultivation be so scary?” 

Behind the stone forest, the group of Greater One Sect disciples were completely frozen in shock. 

Demon Wind-Winged Wolves were not only fast and had strong destructive power, their skin was rough and their flesh was thick, and between their skin and bones was an innate demon wind rune. They can be called having a steel-like body and even a peak level treasure weapon may not necessarily dismember them... 

Ye Qingyu’s punch made both their mind and heart tremble.  


Ye Qingyu leaped high up, charging straight into the pack of wolves.

Because of the threat of the Demon Spider Race and the safety of Yu Xiaoxing, Ye Qingyu could not attack those stupid Greater One Sect disciples who repaid kindness with hatred, and could only vent his killing intent on this group of Demon Wind-Winged Wolves.

Fist wind vibrated.

Leg shadows like lightning. 

As Ye Qingyu soared up, countless Demon Wind-Winged Wolves were sent flying out like sandbags, and then directly dropped onto the ground, their breathing having stopped.

The Demon Wind-Winged Wolves that move unhindered throughout heavenly gate training zone, that comes and goes like the wind, that were feared by countless martial artists, it was only at this moment that they had really met their nemesis. 

Their attacks could not cause the slightest harm to their opponent, and their defense under their opponents frightening power was like paper.

In less than one hour, hundreds of Demon Wind-Winged Wolves had fallen. 

The less than 100 remaining all fled in panic. 

“They... are running away...” 

“The Demon Wind-Winged Wolf was known to be unafraid of death, it is said that even if only one remains, they would not fear, but this time they unexpectedly fled...” 

“More than 400 Demon Wind-Winged Wolves are dead, yet that person with the surname Ye only had his clothes torn a little. There is such a huge gap between them, obviously those beast that are unafraid of death would retreat.” 

The Greater One Sect disciples could not believe their eyes. They came running out from the stone forest one after another.

But when their gaze swept across the floor of wolf corpses, the shock flickering within their eyes, gradually turned to greed.

In the heavenly gate training zone there were genius and treasures everywhere. 

The Demon Wind-Winged Wolf was one of them.

Their skin and bones were top materials for armours and weapons, and their wings also have great uses. If sold in other domains, a pair of wings of an adult Demon Wind-Winged Wolf can be exchanged for a spirit weapon, or a considerable amount of Origin crystal.  

The most important thing was that, within the body of Demon Wind-Winged Wolf, there was a treasure called [Endowment Bone Demon Source], which was comparable to God-level Origin crystal. There was no market price for this and it was extremely precious in Clear River Domain. 

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