526 - Entry Level Piece of the Dao Manual

    Ye Qingyu felt that this matter was somewhat bizarre. 

    The shock in the Inspiration King's heart was evidently even greater than Ye Qingyu's.

    He told Ye Qingyu to casually recount some of the contents of the nameless breathing technique, then asked several more questions. 

    When he finished asking, the Inspiration King was completely dumbfounded.

    As one of the existences who stood shoulder to shoulder in battle with the Emperor of the human Race, he was evidently much more familiar with the Great Dao cultivation technique of the Lightning Emperor.

    When the Lightning Emperor achieved the Dao in the past, he ruled over fate. But when he was about to fight the great disaster of the Human Race, to fight against those Fiendgods, even he did not have absolute confidence. He could only leave his legacy behind, and give the Great Dao cultivation technique to him. He said that the Inspiration King could look at it and cultivate in it. He hoped that the [Ultimate Lightning Enlightenment] would be able to heal the Dao wound of the Inspiration King.   

    In these hundred of thousands of years, the Inspiration King had also looked and pondered over this Emperor manual. In terms of helping him heal from his Dao wound, there was a certain effect. 

    Therefore his understanding towards this Emperor manual could be regarded as number one apart from the Lightning Emperor, Qin Ming himself. 

    Although Ye Qingyu had only recited several phrases from the nameless breathing technique, but the Inspiration King could already be sure that the cultivation technique this young man trained in was of the same origins as the [Ultimate Lightning Enlightenment]. In the most intricate core contents, it was absolutely the same. It was only that some of the more surface level moves had been altered slightly. And this sort of alteration was what had perhaps caused the originally extremely complex introductory piece to be easy to understand and comprehend. It was even more suitable for someone who did not have any prior foundation in cultivation. 

    How could this be possible?

    [Ultimate Lightning Enlightenment] was something that only the Lightning Emperor, and he, the Inspiration King, possessed. It was not possible for a third copy to exist.

    In these hundreds of thousands of years, there had been other people visiting this place. But it was a pity, because of various reasons they had no way of entering in this store rom. Although through the words of this person, the Inspiration King knew everything that had happened in the outside world. He knew that the Lightning Emperor had managed to turn the situation around, and managed to settle down the situation for the Human Race to continue and reproduce. But in a blink, like a shooting star falling, he disappeared from the world, with no traces at all. And in this world, there was no longer the legacy of the Lightning Emperor remaining.

    The Lightning Emperor had long disappeared from this world.

    The person in the past managed to obtain some benefits from the Inspiration King, and ultimately left.

    But it was absolutely not the Dao manual of the Lightning Emperor.

    Could it be that, after all these years, the legacy of the Lightning Emperor had once again reappeared in this world?

    In this period of time, there was a multitude of thoughts occurring to the Inspiration King.

    After hundred of thousands of years of quiet, and what he had experienced hundreds of thousands of years ago, there was very little that could make this old Koi lose his composure like so.

    As soon as heard some clues regarding the Lightning Emperor, this Koi became incomparably excited.

    Without experiencing the matters of the world, without being trapped in this meter wide area for a hundred thousand year, others had no way of understanding his current mood. Such news had made him even more invigorated than he himself obtaining his own freedom. 

     "Could it be, young man, that you are Little Ming's descendant? That's not right, your family name is Ye, not Qin. If you really were the descendant of the Lightning Emperor, as one of the descendants of a Great Emperor, it would be impossible for you to change your family's name... Could it be that one of the ancestors of this young man had great fortune, and discovered another Great Emperor Dao manual that Little Ming left behind in some other location, so you were... That's impossible. If the ancestor of that young man really discovered Little Ming's Dao manual, then he would most likely instantly ascend, and create an incomparable Empire. Even if his talent and fortune was limited, and had no way of creating a new Empire, but he could absolute run rampant in an area. After all, it's the cultivation technique of a Great Emperor. But this little fellow is as down as a dog. He doesn't look like the son or disciple of a rampant Empire at all?”

    The old Koi had extreme intelligence, and was able to conjecture many things.

    In the past, he was once an amazing character in the Vast Thousand Worlds. His ability in investigating and observing was already at a master's level. Just by looking at Ye Qingyu, he could largely approximate his background. From his poor appearance, he was absolutely not any successor that had been painstaking brought up and came from any great family. 

    There were too many questions in his heart, that even the Inspiration King did not know what to ask.

    Ultimately, he forcefully suppressed the queries in his heart.

    But the attitude he had towards Ye Qingyu became somewhat more serious from deep inside.

    If previously it was because he had the mindset of doing a transaction with Ye Qingyu, because the Lightning Emperor had left the words behind to give the 'Dao Manual to a fated person', then right now Ye Qingyu was placed with a mysterious identity of the possibility of being a descendant of the Lightning Emperor. The Inspiration King became serious and was filled with curiosity towards Ye Qingyu.

    "No matter what the reason, and I also won't ask you what the contents to the so called nameless breathing technique. But what I will teach you is absolutely the entry level piece of the [Ultimate Lightning Enlightenment] according to the previous transaction. Listen well, I will only recite it three times. After you remember it, you can go compare it with your so called nameless breathing technique. Then you will know how similar it is. After you learn the essence of it, and grasp the basics of this, then I can teach you the other parts of this Dao manual."

    The Inspiration King said word by word.

    Seeing him be this serious, without any sign of deception, Ye Qingyu also became dumbfounded.

    Could it be that the words this Old Fish spoke really was true?

    He was not lying to him?

    If the nameless breathing technique was really related to the legacy of the Lightning Emperor, then his father was...

    As he thought of this, Ye Qingyu's heart trembled. 

    Thinking that his parents could possibly be related to the Lightning Emperor, this was something that Ye Qingyu absolutely dared not to believe.

    The mysteries that had originally enshrouded his origins abruptly became even more unbelievable.

    Yu Junhan had once said she was his mother, that his own father was that incomparable War God in Snow Empire. Then right now... Those normal parents he had in his own memories, had a shred of relation with the Lightning Emperor?

    Time passed by.

    After carefully hearing the Old Fish Inspiration King recite the entry level piece to the Emperor Dao manual, Ye Qingyu could basically confirm that this Old Fish was not really deceiving him.

    Because the nameless breathing technique was not known at all throughout Heaven Wasteland Domain. Even the ancient soul that was slumbering deep within the Snow Dragons den had once said that the nameless breathing technique was mysterious and abnormal. It seemed ordinary, but it went from shallow to deep. It contained incomparably profound essences, and was a rare cultivation technique. It seemed that it was especially created for someone with no fate like Ye Qingyu. 

    Even if the Old Fish wanted to fool him, it was impossible for him to know the essences of the nameless breathing technique.

    Thinking to here, Ye Qingyu could basically be sure that the nameless breathing technique was largely the same as the [Ultimate Lightning Enlightenment] of the Lightning Emperor.

    He did not imagine that the cultivation technique he had always trained in had such an unbelievable history.

    The Inspiration King finished reciting it in detail, then paused for a brief moment: "Do you remember it?"

    Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

    The entry level piece to the Emperor Dao manual mentioned in the words, apart from some minor alterations to the nameless breathing technique, was largely similar. It was not hard to remember even at the start, and adding to this, he had a photographic memory, and his power of memorization was abnormal.

    "Good. Then I will say it for the second time." The expression of the Old Fish became serious.

    Ye Qingyu was about to say that he had already remembered this, and question the need to recite it all over again, but the Inspiration King had already begun without paying attention to anyone else.

    After hearing a few phrases, Ye Qingyu's complexion fiercely transformed. He became serious once again.

    Because during the second recital, the voice of the Old Fish suddenly became vast and distant. it was as if the entire world was resounding, containing the essence of the Dao within. The same words were significantly different from his first recital, there was an even deeper and profound meaning being stated.

    Ye Qingyu did not dare tarry, and immediately concentrated and listened.

    He did not know how much time had passed, before the voice of the Old Fish finally halted.

    Ye Qingyu stood dumbly where he was, and remained dumbfounded for an incense worth of time, before finally recovering.

    In his mind, the nameless breathing technique and this entry level Dao manual piece began consolidating slowly. The core essence of the nameless breathing technique became even more complete, and the complex and difficult to comprehend sections of the entry level Dao manual gradually became clearer.

     Ye Qingyu felt as if he had received the impact of listening to the Dao, and was able to experience an unprecedented world.

    After a short moment.

    "Thank you, elder."

    Ye Qingyu bowed in a gesture of respect towards the bucket.

    In the Dragon Wood bucket, the Old Fish did not make a sound for a long while. After a long period of time, he then said breathlessly, "You brat... at least you have a conscience."

    Even what he referred to him had changed. Previously, he had referred to him as friend. Although this seemed respectful, in reality, there was a distance between them. Now he called him 'you brat'. The relationship between them had instantly gotten a lot closer, as if he was berating one of his juniors.

    "How is elder?" Ye Qingyu could tell that the breathing of this old spirit was not stable.

    "Because I had to recite the entry level piece of the Great Dao manual to you, I expended at least ten years of my own life. The second recital just now was the insight I had towards pondering deep in the [Ultimate Lightning Enlightenment] for the hundreds of thousands of years. You go and comprehend yourself. But you don't have to treat it as the golden principle. After all, everyone has their own martial path. If you want to walk your own Emperor's path, then you need to walk your own road. Walking the road of your predecessors is only just copying.”

    The Old Fish gave earnest and well meaning advice.

    Previously, he was still bargaining with Ye Qingyu, and right now he had the attitude as if he was teaching or instructing.

    Ye Qingyu once again expressed his thanks.

    "The third recital, is extremely important. It was the personal voice of the Lightning Emperor when he left. He used a secret technique to imprint it into my own soul. I can only release this once in my entire life..." The Old Fish rested for a while, recovering his breath.

    Hearing this, a thought suddenly occurred to Ye Qingyu. He said, “Elder, can you please wait. For the third recital, can we change the location?"

    The Inspiration King was taken aback, "Why so?"

    "This... I want to wait until my understanding of the entry level Dao manual has deepend, before hearing the personal recital of the Lightning Emperor. After all, it's the words from a Great Emperor. This opportunity is precious, I don't want to waste it in a state where I am unprepared." Ye Qingyu smiled, then hesitated and asked again, "Elder, when the Lightning Emperor left his words behind, did he say that only one person could listen to it?"

    "He did not, what does your question mean?" The Inspiration King suddenly achieved Ye Qingyu's plan. "Could it be that you want to..."

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