529 - Taking advantage of a confused environment

Chapter 529, Taking advantage of a confused environment 

“If it wasn’t for the Greater One notice, do you think I was after the beauty of this bearded man?” Ye Qingyu grumpily said.

Old Fish gave a very wretched smile, revealing his yellow teeth, grinning, “Who knows, look, everybody says you are a super big pervert, you might not only have interest in women, but men too, those men were quite sturdy...” 

Ye Qingyu was simply speechless. 

Ever since they returned to land, Old Fis’s lack of integrity, behaviour, words and actions had turned all the respect that Ye Qingyu had towards this million years old figure into smoke.

Now, in Ye Qingyu’s mind, this Old Fish was almost equal to a scoundrel. 

“Don’t talk nonsense, quickly look, see if you can erase the consciousness mark of the bearded man.”  Ye Qingyu could not bother with his nonsense anymore and spoke in an impolite manner. 

If his mind was not trapped in the [Cloud Top Cauldron], and his consciousness drastically weakened, Ye Qingyu could have erased the drop of consciousness within that Greater One notice himself. Would he needed to ask the Old Fish?

Old Fish smiled, and with one brief, casual touch easily wiped away the consciousness of the bearded man on the Greater One notice, grinning as he handed it back over. 

“So fast?” Ye Qingyu was a little surprised. “Do you not have a Dao injury?”  

Old Fish evidently enjoyed seeing such an expression on Ye Qingyu’s face. He replied triumphantly, “The consciousness of a little trash of the Bitter Sea boundary, how much time does it need? No need to be so surprised! Although I said that I had sustained a Dao injury, but that does not mean that I cannot fight with that person, nor does it represent that I cannot use some consciousness techniques. I have been trapped in the bucket for more than 1 million years, besides healing the Dao injury, I have been cultivating my consciousness. Hey, in this current world, there is no one’s consciousness that can be compared to mine.” 

Ye Qingyu received the Greater One notice. He slightly observed it for a moment, obtaining the information on it. 

This notice offered the reward of 100 kilograms of Origin crystal and the acceptance of joining the Greater One Sect. And it also detailed some of the so-called ruthless crimes of Ye Qingyu, including the raping and killing of three female disciples of the Greater One Sect’s Clear Lotus Peak. It portrayed Ye Qingyu as an ignorant and brutal monster of a lower domain who will commit any crimes. But also further directed the enemy’s crime at Heaven Wasteland Domain, vaguely insinuating the fact that the people of Heaven Wasteland Domain were also devil-like villains from Hell.  

“Interesting... they have an ulterior motive.” 

Ye Qingyu was beginning to understand the Greater One Sect’s intention.

They wanted to take a hold of the Heaven Wasteland Domain. 

This was likely all done to help pave the road for them to invade the domain. 

The Greater One Sect wanted to invade Heaven Wasteland Domain?

Ye Qingyu thought of many associations.

And the most obvious sign was that, in addition to the arrest warrant of Ye Qingyu, at the very end of the notice, Greater One Sect attached another paragraph. The principal was going to hold a so-called Sword Storm meeting, to gather various masters and experts at Greater One Sect’s Lotus Flower Eight Petals Peak, in order to discuss a major event. 

This Greater One notice could be considered as an invitation.

Of course these were not the only invitations. The real major forces and sects received a more refined and formal invitation. 

“I was just about to find Xing’er, then better take advantage of this opportunity to sneak into Greater One Sect. What bullshit Sword Storm gathering, it is just a meeting to discuss how to invade Heaven Wasteland Domain, then I better go and mess things up.” 

Ye Qingyu secretly pondered in his mind.  

After a brief thought, he handed this Greater One notice to Old Fish, “Didn’t you just brag that your consciousness is unparalleled? Then I’ll give this to you, first let it recognize the owner, then with it, we can sneak into Greater One Sect, and kick up a storm.” The reason why he did not drop his own blood was because Ye Qingyu was worried that Greater One Sect would be able to, through this notice, detect his whereabouts. After all, a major influential sect like Greater One Sect surely would possess all kinds of secret techniques. 

Old Fish’s eyes suddenly opened wide, a look of excitement across his face as he impatiently replied, “Haha, good, youngster, I really did not misread you, you have the courage, you wilfully go up a mountain despite knowing there are tigers... Hey, I can enjoy some lively, fun atmosphere again.” 

Ye Qingyu, “...” 

“Yes, this bullshit meeting is held one month from now, what are we going to do next?” Old Fish instilled his consciousness into the notice sheet for it to recognize the owner and read the information on it. 

Ye Qingyu smiled, “Flowing Light City is the final big city that leads to Greater One Sect on Fragrant Plains, and also the transport hub of various places. There is no harm to staying here for the time being, we will surely be able to hear a lot of news, that way we can prepare easily, prepare a huge gift for Greater One Sect. Then when the moment comes, we shall deliver it to the door and let them have a good time.” 

“Youngster, I feel that you have lots of evil tricks.” Old Fish’s cross eyes shot a glance at Ye Qingyu from sideways, then continued with a smile, “But, I admire you.”



For the rest of their time, the old and young really did stay in Flowing Light City. 

Having gained rough insight into the great plot of Greater One Sect, Ye Qingyu was not in a hurry to find Yu Xiaoxing. 

Because from the news that he gathered, after Yu Xiaoxing joined Greater One Sect’s Clear Lotus Peak, her days there were relatively stable.

Now the entire Clear River Domain had heard of the famous name of Ye Qingyu, even a lot of ordinary people had also heard of the news that a foreign domain barbarian had defiled several fairies of the Greater One Sect, which is like a direct, merciless slap to the face of the Lord-like sect of the Human Race of this domain. And this sort of news was constantly being spread around with a more exaggerated version every day. 

But what Ye Qingyu and Old Fish had not expect was that, although Demon King Ye was clearly situated in Flowing Light City, there was still constantly news about him burning, killing, robbing and raping women circulating around. 

“Hey, did you hear, that lower domain barbarian is causing trouble again, the daughter of the sect master of Golden Spear Sky Sect was defiled.” 

“What? When did that happen? Was it not the wife of the sect master of Sky Ruling Sect?”

“Your news are old, the most recent evil crime of that lower domain demon was killing Divine Eagle Couple, Yang Feng and Zhao Ruoyun. It’s such a pity, heroine Zhao Ruoyun had a strong sense of justice, she had saved many women that had fallen into evil clutches, but when her body was found, it is said that she had no clothes on and her eyes were wide open...” 

“He is detestable, wait till the heavens strike a lightning down to kill that lower domain barbarian.”

Such rumours circulated around Flowing Light City. 

Every time Old Fish would gather around them, he would listen with great interest and would curse the lower domain demon Ye Qingyu together with the furious people.

Ye Qingyu had become completely immune to this already.

He rented out a room in the city’s largest restaurant Oblique Rain House, dwelled in deep seclusion and rarely came out, making best use of the time to cultivate. 

Entering into the [Cloud Top Cauldron] daily to observe the ancient murals on the copper walls was one of the tasks that he must do everyday. These mysterious murals could greatly enhance the power of Ye Qingyu’s consciousness. During this long period of time, Ye Qingyu persevered, and the degree of the power of his consciousness, compared to that of before, had increased five or six times, which was comparable to some Heaven Ascension experts. Unfortunately, the majority of the power of his consciousness was still trapped in that mysterious space of the copper cauldron, unable to get out. 

The most direct consequence was that Ye Qingyu’s powerful yuan qi was unable to be used to its full true strength. 

The Ye Qingyu today, on the surface, seemed stronger than when he was in Heaven Wasteland Domain. His strength was approximately around 40 Spirit springs, but in fact, in his dantian desert world, in the 100 Spirit springs, the frightening yuan qi spring was surging up violently like the sea, containing an unimaginable explosive force. The stream in the sea of bitterness was also more and more massive, the vast expanse of ocean had stars, his real yuan qi strength was much more vigorous than that of many peak Bitter Sea experts. 

Unfortunately, such powerful strength was restrained by his incomplete consciousness, and could not be mobilized. 

However, through his great efforts these days, Ye Qingyu could vaguely feel that the force that was imprisoning his consciousness in the mysterious mural space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron], was not as secure as before. It was instead gradually beginning to be loosened up.

He was beginning to feel some hope of bursting out of imprisonment. 

The only thing that made Ye Qingyu surprised was that the process of refining the [Blood Drinker Sword] was much slower than he had expected——which probably had something to do with the fact that he had added a few drops of chaotic thunder liquid from the Dragon Seizing Wooden bucket.

After the success of the fusion of the first drop of thunder liquid, under the guidance of the Old Fish, Ye Qingyu relied on his understanding of the [Ultimate Lightning Enlightenment] and finally managed to incorporate another drop of chaotic lightning liquid into his own body.

Just as there was only 10 days until the so called Sword Storm meeting, Ye Qingyu had already succeeded in instilling three drops of thunder liquid into his body, transforming them into the strength of his own body.

According to Old Fish, even Heaven Ascension experts would fear the power of thunder and lightning that Ye Qingyu had currently mastered. 

Ye Qingyu calculated the time and stopped fusing with the thunder liquid, and instead began to seriously cultivate some battle techniques that used the power of thunder and lightning.

Meanwhile, in Flowing Light City, experts from various sects and major forces, experts of the older generation, and current influential figures were beginning to appear.

Clear River Domain was a domain established from hundreds of races, and accordingly, the forces that Greater One Sect had invited, there were not only sects of the Human Race, ut also other major races, and even some rarely seen mysterious races, also showed up. 

In this period of time, there was a storm gathering.

It was five days before the Sword Storm meeting, and Ye Qingyu and the Old Fish were on their way there.

They set out from Flowing Light City, along with a large group of martial artists, heading in the direction of Greater One Sect’s Lotus Mountain. 

Old Fish claimed to be the sect master of the Thunder and Lightning Sect, and Ye Qingyu was his only disciple Tian Huang (TN: Heaven wasteland in chinese).

It has to be said that Old Fish had extreme talents in deceiving people, because in a short period of time of less than three days, just as they had just come to the periphery of Lotus Mountain, various stories about the Thunder and Lightning Sect had begun to circulate. Many people had sworn that they knew about this sect, and had a deep friendship with the previous sect masters of Thunder and Lightning Sect, and also their relationship with Old Fish, this fake sect master, was very good.

Ye Qingyu was stunned by this.  

In less than three days, Old Fish had formed a sect, as well as perfectly spread about the ‘long history’ of this sect. And what was even more unbelievable was that many people believed him and addressed him as brother.

As a result, in front of the main gate of Greater One Sect, when the Greater One Sect disciples responsible for welcoming the various experts heard the relatively unfamiliar name of Thunder and Lightning Sect, and just began to question him, there were immediately dozens of leaders of several forces standing up to testify for Old Fish, making up the fact that they have been friends with Old Fish for hundreds of years and he was definitely trustworthy. 

So the dumbfounded Greater One Sect disciples had really thought they were too ignorant, and hurriedly and politely let Old Fish and Ye Qingyu through the gate. 

Ye Qingyu was utterly amazed by Old Fish’s ability.

Everything went smoothly. 

He finally returned to the Greater One Sect once again. 

Chapter 529, Liu Shaji 

Interestingly, after entering Greater One Sect, Ye Qingyu was once again arranged into the odd job worker disciple area at the foothills.  

The Sword Storm meeting held by the Greater One Sect was incredibly ambitious, and in order to increase the scale, besides invited large sects and major forces, many unknown martial artists from ordinary sects and forces had also received an invitation. But they were not allowed into the core area of the Greater One Sect, which was clearly a precaution. And sects with little fame and status, such as the Thunder and Lightning Sect that the Old Fish had made up, were generally arranged to the odd job worker disciple area at the foothills. 

And the martial artists of small forces who were buzzing with excitement did not have much opinion on this matter, they were just happy to be able to come to Greater One Sect. 

Greater One Sect was indeed the largest sect within millions of miles of radius, especially in the hearts of many martial artist of the Human Race of Clear River Domain. It was a sacred land of martial arts.

Old Fish and Ye Qingyu were arranged in a small courtyard. 

After taking a circle around the entire odd job worker disciple area, Old Fish stood on a rock by the riverside, gazing into the distance, pretending to be an expert. He said twitching his mouth, “The scale of Greater One Sect is little, but their arrogance is not small. But this mountain range and terrain is quite interesting, looks like the ancestors of Greater One Sect should be very able people. Connecting the luck of the sect to the spiritual veins of this piece of land, it is a pity that these younger disciples have narrow vision. In order to pursue beauty and imposing style, they disorderly repaired and built buildings, destroying the most original layout. Hey, the foundations that the old ancestors left are almost all destroyed.”

Ye Qingyu saw that Old Fish was again showing off, immediately stood further away from him, and did not join in the conversation. 

Old Fish flew into a rage, “What? You don’t believe me, kid? I assert that this Greater One Sect will encounter a disaster, and that time is not far away.”  

“Why did you change your occupation to be a psychic?” Ye Qingyu said in a disdainful tone. 

“What do you know, this is called qi watching, not only can it see the mountains and the rivers, and view the moon and stars, also look at the luck and fate. It is a very clever technique, the three forces - heaven, earth and man complement one another,” Old Fish said irritably. “The location of Greater One Sect is surrounded by beautiful mountains, clear waters and picturesque scenery, as a result there are many talents, many disciples. But the original spiritual veins formed along with the land had been forcibly divided into eight by these idiotic trashes. The eight peaks of Greater One Sect compete against one another, which seems to enhance the competitiveness of the sect, but in fact weakens the feng shui of the geographical location, disperses the spiritual qi of the location and accumulates heterogeneous qi. So I can conclude that the Greater One Sect, in spite of its number of disciples, the qualities of disciples are uneven. The most important thing is that, look at the landscape, what do you see? In the Southwest direction isn’t there often a mass of dark clouds, hehe, that is not a gathering of mist but malignant qi...”  

Before his voice had faded. 

Another voice came without warning—— 

“Ha ha, good, very good.” 

His sight fell on a young man with a blue, clean silk robe coming slowly from afar, laughing and saying, “I am Liu Shaji, a wanderer, I was just passing by here, and was not intentionally eavesdropping, just happened to hear this old man’s wonderful words, like a lotus flower, it is extremely exquisite. I could not help interrupting your dialogue, please forgive me.” 

The young man’s brows were like swords and his eyes dazzling. He had a dignified appearance, stature, and elegance with a trace of boldness. This was a rare handsome person.

Ye Qingyu was slightly surprised. 

He was not the slightest aware of the presence of this person.

And it seemed that Old Fish also had not noticed him.

Liu Shaji? 

The name was a little strange. 

With this thought, Ye Qingyu smiled and cupped his fist in greeting, “Master likes to delve into some strange things, in recent days he was a bit obsessed and just made a slip of the tongue, Brother Liu, please excuse him.”

The Old Fish’s expression changed instantly. “Punk, who talks about his master like that, I am not talking nonsense, I...”  

“Cough, cough.” Ye Qingyu coughed a couple of times, faintly saying, “Master, stay calm.” 

Liu Shaji immediately burst out laughing.

This two master and disciple were kind of interesting. 

Why does it feel like the disciple’s status is higher than the master? 

“I have no bad intention, I just heard elder say something impressive, so I couldn’t help but to ask to be friends.” Liu Shaji came over, bowing his head with a smile. 

He was usually arrogant and conceited, and the number of people that he pays attention to, even in the entire Clear River Domain, there was only a few. Even the master of Greater One Sect, in Liu Shaji’s eyes, was just so-so. But this time for some reason, when he heard the old man's words and then saw the youngster’s demeanor, something sparked his interest in these two, although it seemed that the strength of these two people was not too good.    

“Make friends? Haha, great, I really like making friends, back then the Thunder and Lightning Emperor also confusedly became my friend. Hey, to be able to make a friend after over one millions years is also a great joy in life.” Old Fish very coldly came over to pat Liu Shaji’s shoulder. “Youngster, I see that your bones are strange, quite extraordinary, well, although you’re slightly worse than my disciple, but I guess I can. Okay, you can be my friend.”

“Er...” Liu Shaji was stumped for words.

Just now when he heard the old man described the layout and the air of the sky, ground, mountains and rivers, he really thought that this person should be a real master.

But why was it that as soon as he opens his mouth, he talked nonsense?  

A friend of the Thunder and Lightning Emperor? 

Lived for hundreds of thousands of years?

Could it really be that as the young man had said, his master is actually crazy?

Liu Shaji remained outwardly calm and collected, but he did not know whether to laugh or cry inside. Could it be that he had really misjudged him? 

The Old Fish noticed the look of embarrassment on Liu Shaji’s face, and smiled. “What, are you intimidated by my background? Don’t worry, do not feel inferior, although you are way below me, but I do not mind, you can still be my friend.”

Liu Shaji indeed was not an ordinary person, he gave a slight smile, “Haha, good, then junior will unworthily make friends with elder.” 

Although his background was exceptional, and he looked down on many people, but he would never act self important. At this time, he felt that this old man was growing more and more interesting. He did not pay attention to any of the words of the Old Fish. 

Ye Qingyu really couldn’t stand it anymore, walked over, and gave a fist and palm salute, and said, deadpan, “I am Tian Huang of the Thunder and Lightning Sect, this is my master, the Master of Thunder and Lightning Sect Wu Ciren. Sigh, our sect practices the power of thunder and lightning as our main technique, and master, in order to pursue the mystery of thunder and lightning of the Thunder and Lightning Emperor, revived our Thunder and Lightning Sect. He often puts himself in danger by practicing during a storm. Perhaps because he had suffered too many strikes of lightning, so his brain is a bit abnormal. He often thinks that he is a friend of Thunder and Lightning Emperor His Highness, and that he has lived for millions of years... Brother Liu, please forgive him.” 

Upon hearing this, Liu Shaji hurriedly said firmly, “Elder Wu’s noble character and unquestionable integrity, and the sacrifice he made for his sect, really is admirable, please accept my bow.” 

Ye Qingyu was immediately astounded. 

Old Fish was initially stunned, but shortly after was laughing heartily out loud, and complacently winked at Ye Qingyu. 

“This Liu Shaji, not only has a weird name, his temper is also extremely weird,” Ye Qingyu thought, but did not say it out. 

But Old Fish had already started being overly familiar with Liu Shaji, chatting endlessly with him.

To someone who had been trapped in a small bucket for more than 1 million years, let alone that there was a person chatting with himself, even if a chicken was in front clucking, he will feel that it is the most beautiful music in the world.

And more importantly, the conversation between Liu Shaji and Old Fish was flowing.

This really was a talent of Old Fish, regardless of who they were, he could easily get acquainted with them.

Ye Qingyu cast at glance over at them, sighing helplessly, and was about to turn away to prepare for causing a disturbance in Greater One Sect, when an unexpected change appeared—— 

Suddenly in the sky, clouds were scudding across, wind rising, yuan qi was disorderly, and in the eastern direction, there was a mass of golden-coloured clouds engulfing the sky. Within seconds, as it came closer, the hundreds of figures on this mass of golden cloud were finally discernible. There were golden dragon horses roaring in the vault of heaven. The long roar resembling the growl of the divine dragon, echoing between the heavens and the earth, in the most imposing manner. The dragon horses’ body was dressed in gold armour, and sitting astride them were gold knights wielding gold spear banners. The clatter of horse hooves sounded as though they would shatter the sky.  

“It’s the people of the Nangong family.” 

Someone looked up at the sky and exclaimed. 

“The Nangong family known as one of the two major golden families of Clear River Domain? It is said that the military strength of Nangong’s Golden Dragon horse corps is comparable to a dragon. And had once destroyed the Ancient Demon Sect. Now that I’ve seen it with my own eyes, it really is terrifying.”

“I didn’t expect Greater One Sect to invite the Nangong family to the Sword Storm meeting.”

“This meeting is not simple at all.”

The number of martial artists that was startled by the frightening imposing manner of the spectacle in the sky were all staring petrified. And some slightly weaker people, under the great imposing appearance of the Golden Dragon horse army, were already trembling uncontrollably.

Then, on the distant Lotus Flower Peak, there were streams of flowing light flashing, higher level experts of Greater One Sect appearing in mid air, greeting the men and horse of the Nangong family, and leading the Golden knights to Greater One Peak.  

“Damn, big families really are not the same. They are directly allowed up the Greater One Peak. Us people were unwelcomed, and only allowed at the foothills, and not even halfway up the mountain.” The Old Fish deliberately stated loudly in the middle of the crowd. “Sigh, we came all the way, but Greater One Sect treated us like that, it really makes one feel bitterly disappointed.”

As these words came out, the many people that were arranged into the odd-job worker disciple area immediately had the same thoughts. 

But there were some that objected, shouting, “It is a great honor to be able to enter the area of Greater One Sect, don’t think too much.”

Old Fish grinned, and no longer said anything.

In the crowd, there were a few Greater One Sect disciples that secretly noted down the Old Fish’s face. 

Before the golden clouds had dispersed from the sky, and everyone was still immersed in the imposing manner of the golden family, there was another new change appearing in the far east of the vault of heaven. 

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