558 - Blood Rainstorm (4)

Chapter 558, Blood Rainstorm (4) 

“Greater One Sect's, Chen Shaohua, come out to die.”

A thunder-like voice suddenly resounded. 

This low voice that was like a great ball came from the southwest direction, pulling back everyone’s soul from dreamland. Everyone around the floating peaks snapped out of the previous astonishment, and one after another as though they had awakened from a dream, turned their head to that side.

Flowing light was flickering, yuan qi was surging.

An old man with a pale complexion and a very broad figure, dressed in a golden armour, like an angry lion, stepped into the clouds and landed on the bloody Storm Platform. 

“Chen Shaohua, come on the platform.” 

The old man looked toward the direction of Greater One Sect's floating peak, with a sorrowful countenance and a roaring voice.

The old man looked at least seventy or eighty years old, a head of grey hair, facial features that seemed he had been through the ravage of life. Although his body was tall and straight, his face was wrinkled by a lifetime of suffering.

It was hard to imagine why such a powerful martial artist like him would look so old. After all, once a martial artist reaches the Spirit spring stage, they would possess an abundant qi and blood, surging life force, their organs completely reborn, and compared to ordinary people, will appear younger. Many hundred year old monsters on the surface will look like a youngster of around 20 years old.

But the old man, like any ordinary old man, had a wrinkled face, looking incomparably miserable. Especially at the moment, his hair was disheveled by the wind, it revealed an unconcealable sadness and loneliness.

He was welding a heavy sword with a three meters wide blade, about two palms wide, the blade surface rugged, and there were dark red formations flickering indefinitely.

All around, the people on the floating peaks were gasping in astonishment.

“Finally, someone came forward to challenge someone of the Greater One Sect.”

“Haha, this may be interesting.” 

“Who is this old man? Why does he look so unfamiliar.”

“Haha, the Storm Sword Duel is held once every hundred years, it is reported that to this day no one had dared challenge the disciples of Greater One Sect in their territory.”

“Yes, and the one challenged is Chen Shaohua.” 

“This Chen Shaohua, is he not the Greater One Sect disciple defeated by the successor of the Thunder and Lightning Sect that day in the tea garden?”

“Yes, hehe, he threatened to fight Tian Huang again, who knew that there would be someone else calling him up to challenge him.”

“Who is this old man? Although his strength is also regarded as a first-class expert, but to challenge one of the eight main successors of the Greater One Sect in front of the Greater One Spiritual Master, the headmasters and elders, it is... sigh, it depends on the old man’s luck...”  

On the Greater One Sect’s floating-peak. 

Sitting calmly with a smile on his face all this time, the Greater One Spiritual Master’s complexion did not have the slightest change.

Behind him, the several other headmasters also had the same expression as before.

Only the headmaster of Great Hua Peak had a slight change of expression.

And standing behind Great Hua Peak’s headmaster, Chen Shaohua’s eyes flashed with a hint of killing intent. 

To be the first person to be named and challenged in this Storm Sword Duel was undoubtedly a humiliation to Chen Shaohua, especially in front of the headmasters of his sect and the other sects. Chen Shaohua was worried that it will have a negative impact on his future rise.

Of course, the most important thing is that he did not know the old man on the platform, or even why he would challenge him? 

“Master, disciple has brought shame upon you.” Chen Shaohua apologized to the peak master of Great Hua Peak right away. 

 The Great Hua Peak headmaster nodded, “Since you’re challenged, then go on the platform.”

“Yes, disciples certainly will not embarrass master and our sect.” Chen Shaohua respectfully bowed. 

But when he turned around and looked to the platform, his face darkened with anger and killing intent.

His figure moved slightly.


An empty sound like a sharp arrow piercing the air. 

The next moment, Chen Shaohua’s figure was seen standing on the platform.  

“Who are you?” Chen Shaohua slowly walked towards the old man, his voice biting cold. “I do not know you, why did you challenge me?” 

“You don’t know me?” A colour of sorrow and hatred came to the old man's face. “I am Golden Dragon Sect’s Xie Yuan.”

“Golden Dragon Sect?” Chen Shaohua’s eyes narrowed, as though he remembered something.

“Yes, murderer, do you remember the murder of 40 years ago?” Xie Yuan cried, his countenance mournful. “A family of three went out to travel, and as they passed across the Fragrance Plains, just because a one-year-old little boy was crying nonstop and inadvertently disturbed you, you killed him. My son, daughter-in-law and grandchild were all killed and their head hung on the gate of the town. No one was allowed to collect the corpse... Just a one-year-old child, he doesn’t know anything, my son also apologized to you, you... you... you are so cold-blooded... murderer, you are so ruthless, when I dream at night, do you know how much my heart aches?” 

As he said his last sentence, the old patriarch of Golden Dragon Sect was unable to hold back his grief and sorrow any longer, tears welling up in his eyes.

“Heart aches? Haha, it happened 40 years ago, and it’s such a small matter, who would remember so much.” Chen Shaohua smiled. “There are too many people that have died under my sword, how can I remember everyone. So many people die in this world every day, the weak are like ants, what is there to be sad about.” 

Chen Shaohua laughed right in front of him, as though it had nothing to do with him. 

“You... cold-blooded man, you went too far! Forty years of bereavement, I had endured to today, I must settle this on the platform.” The old man bellowed, eyes blazing, sword flashing in his hands, and his fury soaring. 

“Haha, the weak are prey to the strong, this has always been the case.” Chen Shaohua sneered disdainfully. “Old master Xie, you are an elderly, why do you take it to heart, I see you may not have many years left to enjoy, why rush to report to the gates of hell? I can spare you today and not kill you, step down the platform.”  

As Chen Shaohua was speaking, there was a scornful smile on his face.

He did not attach any importance to the old man of the Golden Dragon Sect.

This old thing, is he worthy of being my opponent?


“Haha, good, good, good!” 

Xie Yuan was trembling with rage.

He knew it was no use talking. 


The old man roared, yuan qi surged, the formation markings on his sword flashing frantically, as he charged at Chen Shaohua.

This strike that contained great indignation, was also frightening. 


“Haha, old thing, so reckless, then I will fulfill your wish.”

A sneer passed over Chen Shaohua’s face, his eyes flashing with killing intent. There were already numerous silver yuan qi light swords that had formed from his thoughts.

He gently moved his hand forward in a pushing motion. 

Swoosh swoosh swoosh. 

Countless silver light swords shot out in an instant, as if death was waving its sickle, blocking off endless space, and battering Xie Yuan like a shower of rain. In the twinkling of an eye he was entirely submerged. 

“Ah ah ah...” Xie Yuan, like a wounded old lion, roared wildly.

The formation sword in his hands was waved about frantically, propelling the yuan qi light swords. His feet moving non-stop, like a fish swimming against the current, he directly faced the wind and rain, closing the distance between him and Chen Shaohua.

Chen Shaohua's handsome face wore a contemptuous and cruel smile. 

The yuan qi light swords were endless, as the air was being torn, constantly striking Xie Yuan.

Before Xie Yuan took more than ten steps, the movements of his formation sword were much more jerky, the sword body was mottled with scars and the sword could no longer completely block off the silver light swords. He swayed side to side, when four or five light swords broke his defense, piercing his body.

Bright red blood projected out of the wounds.

The old man's body was pierced and blood was flowing out like a fountain.

But as though he did not feel anything, he was still howling madly with glaring eyes, rushing against the destructive power of the light sword to where Chen Shaohua was.

Yuan qi light swords were constantly slashing across his body.




One hundred...

Hundreds of sword scars appeared on his body. 

Only two breaths of time had gone, yet the old man's golden battle armour had been pierced through, falling apart, his body covered with bone-deep sword scars, like he had been through torture, looking miserable to the extreme.  

“I’ll... kill... you... I...” The old man’s breathing was faint, and each of his steps left bloody footprints behind him. He would rather die than stop charging towards Chen Shaohua.

The heavy sword that he wielded had been broken into fragments, leaving only the hilt. 

“I... even if I die... I need to... kill you... you...” When the old man was only three steps away from Chen Shaohua, apart from his head, he almost only had a bloody skeleton left, but the strong vitality of a martial artist kept him alive.

Even if my sword is able to touch this villain lightly, I can have counted to have avenged my family.

The old man's sight was a little blurred, as he howled in his heart.

The broken hilt was gradually drawing nearer to Chen Shaohua. 

Behind him was a bloody path.

It was all his blood, his flesh. 

Countless light swords solidified around Chen Shaohua, like a killing formation of Asura. 

His face was without the slightest mercy. 

“Old thing, you dared to challenge me. This is what you deserve.” He did not immediately trigger the light sword to kill Xie Yuan, but began taunting him, like he was tormenting a dog.

“I... you...” The old man finally stood unsteady, his hand failed to clasp around the hilt, losing his last strength of support and slowly collapsed.


Collapsed to the ground 

All his bones and joints of the body were broken and damaged. 

The old man had only his head left. 

His eyes looked to the sky, a trace of relief, but even more of resentment. 

“One day, you'll get what you deserve.”

His last words were complete and flowing. 

After death, his eyes were still glaring and open.  

He died without closing his eyes. 

Between the heaven and earth, there was a strong moving and tragic atmosphere flowing about.

It was the first time that there was some quiet around the Storm Platform.

A lot of people didn’t know what to say.

Many people felt as though their heart was blocked with something, feeling very uncomfortable.

Some young disciples were even shedding tears. 

The old man was pitiful, but respectable. 

Only Chen Shaohua had a cold smile on his face.

He lifted up a foot, like kicking a piece of rubbish, and sent flying the head of Xie Yuan, who died with a remaining grievance, and then deeply took a breath, his eyes lighting up as he suddenly looked towards a distant floating peak where Ye Qingyu was and thundered——

“Tian Huang, come up to receive your death.

He stood upright on the Storm Platform, arrogance across his face, as though the wind and clouds of this world were under his control. 

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