590 - Strength rises after breakthrough

Chapter 590, Strength rises after breakthrough

The Underground Moon Immortal Palace. 

Ye Qingyu was sat crossed-legged on a broken stalagmite on the underground river outside of the hidden chamber. Dense mist was curling around his body and a faintly discernible yuan qi was emitting from his body. 

His face was calm, there was no joy or sorrow, like he was a monk that had entered into a meditative state, solemn and peaceful. 

In the past one month, except for Old Fish who had been fishing in the underground river every day, all other people, including Ye Qingyu, almost had not eaten, drank, or slept for days, making use of every second to cultivate. 

After the Storm Sword meeting, Ye Qingyu had greatly benefitted.  

In addition to the battle against Chen Shaohua, he had observed and experienced the powerful moves of the martial arts experts of the top sects of Clear River Domain. In particular, Liu Shaji’s White Lotus Sword skills, Liu Xuezong, He Ju and other Immortal rank experts, and even the Greater One Spiritual Master and Nangong Jue. He had also experienced the aura of the Clear Sky Mirror, the Life Map and others sacred weapons, which all had a great impact on the development of his martial arts.

Ye Qingyu’s photographic memory ability made him remember every single martial arts move and technique that was displayed on the Storm Platform. Although he could not thoroughly understand the mystery of each, but it was still definitely a great supplement for Ye Qingyu’s martial system. 

It should be said that Ye Qingyu’s cultivation techniques, up to the present day, except for the three main sword techniques, were slowly understood from the reading of countless books.

On his cultivation journey, he never had a master to teach him. 

For him to be able to possess the cultivation skills that he had today, apart from the fortuitous encounters, all relied on his own ability to comprehend.

This inevitably meant that Ye Qingyu’s understanding of martial arts was not comprehensive,. Although his battle strength was very high, his foundation was not solid.

In the previous years, there had been many martial arts sages who learnt widely from others' strong points to create their own unique path. Only when one finds their own martial arts road, could one really be able to step on the peak.

Ye Qingyu had always been walking the road of others, cultivating the techniques that the formers sages had established, so what he lacked was valuable experience and accumulated wisdom. 

And through spectating the battles on the Storm Platform this time, to a large extent, had supplemented his weakness in this aspect.

For the past one month, he had completely isolated himself to cultivate. In his mind, the countless moves and techniques of people were constantly played back, his comprehension of the entire Storm Sword Duel replayed over and over again. The thousands and thousands of moves, techniques, aura, divine weapons and so on, were constantly fusing, like forging iron. Purifying and refining over and over again to eliminate the impurities...  

In the last 10 days, Ye Qingyu almost seemed to have petrified; he had not moved a single jot, and was immersed in a wonderful and mysterious world. 

No one knew when it had started, but the aura curling around Ye Qingyu was beginning to undergo some wonderful changes. The yuan qi began to quietly rise, the surrounding temperature falling and there were faint ice crystals growing in the void, like fireflies, fluttering and spinning around him... 

Above his head was a group of silver light like flames of nothingness leaping about and blazing brightly. The silver colour grew more and more dazzling, brighter and brighter, but without giving off the slightest heat.

Centering around him, a faint layer of frost appeared on the ground.

A beautiful ice pattern that looked skillfully carved, like a lively silver dragon twisted around Ye Qingyu’s feet, legs, and body, and extended towards all directions... 

Wherever the icy silver dragon passed by, everything was frozen solid.

A horrifying chill, with Ye QIngyu as the center, spread out in all directions, causing the temperature within the entire Underground Moon Immortal Palace to plummet. 

While Ye Qingyu was completely submerged in the silver brilliance. 

Around his side, silver crystals were increasing in size, transforming into an elegant snowflake the size of a saucepan lid, surging and whistling like lightning, and their trajectory, like the horn of an antelope, could not be detected at all. They were extremely mysterious, like waves of a river of stars, like stars moving along its course... 

Liu Shaji and the others were also alarmed. 

Looking across from afar, and seeing the strangeness coming from Ye Qingyu's body, everyone looked indefinitely bewildered. 

They were able to clearly sense that a peculiar ice yuan qi was growing within Ye Qingyu’s body, and the rate of growth was simply astonishing.

In their impression, Ye Qingyu’s forte had always been his powerful physical strength and the purple lightning and thunder power. They had never seen Ye Qingyu display such strange ice yuan qi power. 

Only Yu Xiaoxing, after her initial surprise, had understanding dawning on her face.  

“Cousin's strength is about to be restored.” The girl's face lit up.

Hearing her say this, Liu Shaji, Hu Bugui and Nan Tieyi were slightly taken aback for a moment.

About to be restored? 

This meant...  

The former tyrannical and powerful Ye Qingyu had not shown his true strength yet? Could it be that this ice yuan qi was his real strength?

This was a little too abnormal, isn't it? 

The several women of the Hundred Spirits Sect were also alarmed. They ended their cultivation training and walked over to this side, and a look of shock crossed their face when they saw Ye Qingyu from hundreds of meters away.  

“Yo, this little rascal seems to be making a breakthrough, haha, kind of interesting.” Old Fish came over with the fishing pole resting on his shoulder, and after observing him for a while he said with a grin, “All scatter, scatter, don't disturb this little rascal.”

When the crowd heard this, they immediately drew back for fear of disturbing Ye Qingyu.

They were all martial arts experts, so they also understood that Ye Qingyu should be in a state of enlightenment that many martial artists dreamt of. This harvest was enough to make many Immortal Step experts envious.

Time slowly went by. 

The snowflakes that shrouded Ye Qingyu had unknowingly become spheres of silver light, like the stars. There was a total of one hundred that revolved around Ye Qingyu, like it was orbiting the universe, slowly moving up and down, left and right. 

This scene really was too shocking.

From afar, it looked as if Ye Qingyu had turned into a giant demon, sitting cross-legged in the boundless cosmic void and stars that were almost the size of a fist were revolving around him as though he was the center of the universe. 

Seeing the brilliance of the one hundred stars from afar, Hu Bugui and the others were completely shocked, wide-eyed, and speechless.

They understood what this was. 

The springs of yuan qi. 

Only when someone had 100 yuan qi Spirit springs in one's body, will there be such a spectacle during the ultimate cultivation.

That meant... 

“This boy...” Hu Bugui clenched his teeth. 

Liu Shaji was equally as astonished. 

Nan Tieyi, after the initial shock, curved his lips into a smile. He could not help but think back to the willful Tian Huang on the Storm Platform, and suddenly felt that everything in sight made sense.

The three people at this time all had the same thought; they all believed that they had already given Ye Qingyu a very high appraisal before, but now it seems that their high appraisal before was underestimating this little brother.

They knew exactly what it truly meant to cultivate one hundred Spirit springs.

The ancient Martial arts Emperors, whether it was the Three Sovereigns or Five Emperors, it was all the same. 

Once 100 spring eyes are opened, it indicated that there will be a chance of reaching the peak in the future.

In the distance. 

The ice yuan qi that was emanating from Ye Qingyu's body was being, little by little, retrieved into his body.

The silvery flames leaping and blazing above his head gradually sank back to his body. 

The one hundred huge stars were arranged in different order; like a swallow returning to its nest, it went back to the dantian of Ye Qingyu’s body.

The dense mist gradually disappeared. 

The figure was clear. 

Ye Qingyu's face gradually gained a glimmer of expression, his mouth curving in a smile, as he suddenly shot open his eyes and slowly stood up.

Holding out his hand, an ice crystal on his palm condensed and constantly changed into a variety of shapes, landscape, insects, flowers, trees, people, spiritual birds and strange beasts, all lifelike.  

“It's really a pleasant surprise.” 

Ye Qingyu couldn't help laughing. 

He never thought that, after he was hunted like a dog, fled for a month, came to this Underground Moon Immortal Palace, and after a moment of enlightenment, he would succeed by a lucky stroke. This had thereby solved the biggest and most difficult problem that had been bothering him.

The imprisonment of his consciousness was finally broken. 

Even Ye Qingyu had not figured out what this process was about. All along, his consciousness was imprisoned in the mural space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] unable to break free, but in this one cultivation training, it had been completely released.  

“Is this what they mean by when conditions are right, success will follow naturally.” 

Ye Qingyu felt the refreshing and comfortable feeling of the consciousness being restored to its full state, feeling his body regaining the energy of yuan qi, like he had been reborn.

“The power of consciousness is restored, my yuan qi power is restored, and now my strength...” He activated his yuan qi power, circulating around his body several laps, and immediately felt the endless power inside him like the sun had erupted. 

The internal view of the consciousness. 

In the barren dantian world, the yuan qi spring was bubbling like the eye of the sea, the yuan qi river was surging and roaring, just like a flood had broken out. In the blink of the eye, a river of yuan qi had broken through the former clog, constantly gathering, forming into a lake, then a sea and finally an ocean.

Only a year had past but the barren dantian world was now covered in a vast body of water, thousands of miles of waves were roaring and bursting forth. 

The waves roared, sea sprays thrown thousands of meters high.

A wave gushed to the sky. 

This was the sign of the Heaven Ascension boundary. 

Moreover the wave had rocketed to thousands of meters high; this was not a simple sign of the Heaven Ascension boundary. 

As they say, tread on the waves, aim for the sky, thousand of waves form into one, one wave ascends to the heaven. 

Ye Qingyu observed for a moment, when he saw the highest wave was at least 6,000 meters. 

“If I had not remembered wrong, the yuan qi wave in the Bitter Sea that are more than 5,000 meters can be regarded as the middle stages of the Heaven Ascension, more than 6,000 meters is halfway of the higher stages of the Heaven Ascension boundary.” 

Ye Qingyu had already determined his current yuan qi cultivation level. 

To rise from the Bitter River to half way of the higher stages of the Heaven Ascension boundary was something many gifted experts may take a century or so to achieve. Even minor geniuses had taken hundreds of years in the past before being able to come to this step.

But Ye Qingyu did it in one go. 

So that his strength had risen dramatically, Ye Qingyu’s cultivation had been frozen and sealed away for a very long time.

Based on the previous growth rate of his strength, this kind of growth was reasonable.

Apart from the growth of strength, Ye Qingyu's consciousness was more terrifying than it was before, and almost abnormal. The consciousness strength of many Immortal step veterans most likely cannot be compared to him. 

This was all thanks to the mysterious effect of the mural space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron].  

“Ah, this feeling is really good.” 

Ye Qingyu couldn't help burst out laughing. 

He very carefully felt the changes in his strength, his mood unprecedentedly relaxed. After this, even if they ran into Immortal Step experts, he will have the power to fight back.  

“I wonder how long has past, I should go out to take a look. I cannot hide in this Underground Moon Immortal Palace forever.” 

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