747 - Saint Experts

Chapter 747, Saint experts


Ye Qingyu looked around at the figures nearby and found that no one was concerned about the fatty, and did not seem to hear what the he was saying.

It was kind of strange. 

The fatty was a little weird, but his words, if true, were too astonishing.

Ye Qingyu couldn't help wanting to question him further. 

But at that moment, new changes began to appear in the sky. 

The six already extremely distorted and terrifying vortexes of time and space, the Doors of Darkness, suddenly darkened. 

Before everyone had reacted, a blinding brilliance burst forth from the darkness, and then the vortexes of time and space began to twist sharply, as if each were injected with some kind of mysterious force. Endless Black Demon  qi was pulled in, like six giant mouths were frantically devouring the Black Demon  qi between the Heaven and earth. 

The scene was incomparably terrifying.

A twisting and pulling force erupted from the six Doors of Darkness. 

Ye Qingyu could only feel that his body was seemingly being torn apart, fluttering toward the huge Doors of Darkness.

Trembling, he hurriedly resisted, stabilizing his body.

Around him the other countless experts were also rapidly flickering, withstanding against the frightful engulfing force, changing positions, and widening up the distance between them and the Doors of Darkness in order to avoid being devoured by the suction force

On the ground, the gravel, dust, debris, as well as blood, broken limbs, shattered blades, swords and various objects without owners, were slowly floating up, being pulled into the Doors of Darkness like a tremendous whale was sucking up water. 


Suddenly a tragic cry came from the crowd. 

It was a figure dripping with blood, struggling frantically, and was pulled by the suction of the Door of Sarkness.

It was an Immortal Step realm expert of the Demon Raxe who had sustained severe injuries from the earlier battles. Unable to withstand for a moment, he was drawn up, first very slowly drifting over, he desperately struggled and wanted to steady his body.

But then something more terrifying took place.  

 Drops of blood were visibly being sucked out of the wounds of the Immortal Step realm expert. He was no longer in control of his own blood, which flowed out like a brook into the Door of Darkness, and immediately he was shriveled up, lost his vitality, like a dead object, and was similarly pulled into the Door of Darkness, instantly shredded, and turned into fine powder... 

“No, save me,”  another tragic scream echoed. 

There was another unlucky one. 

Soon, miserable screams came one after another. 

One expert after another, unable to resist against the force of the Doors of Darkness, was sucked in instantly and reduced into blood and powder by the distorting force. While their essence and energy were completely absorbed and fused with the Doors of Darkness.


“Get out of here.”  

Some experts gave up activating qi to resist upon the sight and chose to leave, turning into streams of light and directly sped down the Fierce Beast Peak.

If they were to stay any longer, even their lives would be taken away.  

In a twinkling, the figures on the peak were reduced by more than half.

Those who remained were all top experts that were confident with their strength to be able to withstand against the frightful force of the Doors of Darkness.

Ye Qingyu was one of them. 

He was clothed in ragged clothes and was riddled with scars like he had been bitten by a dog, but his physical strength was extraordinary. Adding to this he possessed the power of the chaotic thunder liquid, power of wind and [Supreme Ice flame] to protect his body. As a result, he was able to effortlessly seal up his essence, yuan qi and blood.

To avoid drawing too much attention, or reveal his identity, Ye Qingyu kept a low profile. 

He only had purple lightning flowing around his body, and deliberately concealed the power of wind and [Supreme Ice Flame]. He stood there motionless. It was obvious that, for him, it was not too difficult to resist against that degree of pulling force. 

At the same time, the mysterious bald fatty was screaming at the top of his voice. His body was curled up, like a ball of flesh, gripping onto a mountain rock with all his strength. He closed his eyes tight, like a shivering duck in a storm, clearly frightened and pale, but was not willing to leave the Fierce Beast Peak.

“Ah, ah, ah... Brother... Big brother, I’ll call you big brother, no, call you father, help lend brother a hand...” The trash took a look at Ye Qingyu, who looked very calm and relaxed, and was suddenly all excited, screaming out loud like a slaughtered pig to ask for help.

Father, help your brother? 

 What kind of relationship is that?

Ye Qingyu did not know whether to laugh or cry. This fatty really was a weirdo. 

However, considering how the fellow acted before, perhaps he really did know something. If Ye Qingyu wanted to find Black Demon Herb, he may really have to rely on this fellow. Ye Qingyu, after a brief thought, released a ray of lightning force, forming a small shield that enveloped the bald fatty. 

The fatty immediately felt the horrifying suction power fading. 

“Brother, thank you for covering me.” The bald fatty Sheng Yan wiped away the beads of sweat across his face and breathed a sigh of relief. 

Ye Qingyu ignored him. 

The fatty was difficult to see through. Perhaps he was pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger. 

In the sky, the six Doors of Darkness were increasingly more terrifying, as if they wanted to devour everything between Heaven and earth. The engulfing force very slowly permeated the entire Taowu Mountain Range. There were countless broken arms, legs, blood, bones, shattered weapons, and corpses, as well as many injured experts who did not have time to escape, and experts who were not strong enough, being pulled into the Doors of Darkness. 

The scene was like the end of the world. 

All of the creatures and dead objects on the ground seemed to have been turned into six tornados, constantly swirling into the six Doors of Darkness.

Only the real experts could go against the current, remain as still as a rock, waiting for the final moment to come.  

“What are they waiting for?” Ye Qingyu opened his mouth and asked Fatty Sheng Yan. 

The Fatry hurriedly answered without thinking when he heard Ye Qingyu's question, “Waiting until the Doors of Darkness have devoured enough flesh and blood for it to stop devouring and waiting until the amount of Black Demon  qi, corpses, blood and qi have reached the extreme limit of death. As they say, ‘extreme sorrow turns to joy’. When things reach an extreme, they can only move in the opposite direction. When death reaches the extreme, there is life. At that time, the Door of Life will appear.” 

Ye Qingyu looked deep in thought upon hearing this. 

Although the Fatty called Sheng Yan looked unreliable, but what he had told him so far did not seem absurd, and matched with what was happening in front of him.  

But Ye Qingyu's focus was not here. 

He was incredibly calm. 

He knew well that his purpose for coming to the Taowu Mountain Range was only to find the Black Demon Herb, so as to complete the assessment task, and not to compete for any opportunity.

Perhaps the appearance of the Door of Life of the 18th District of the Black Demon Abyss was a great opportunity, but Ye Qingyu knew that such an opportunity had little to do with him.  

First of all, because he was alone, he was no match for the many opponents of the super forces. He did not have the capital to compete against the others. If this was not his fate, then competing forcefully will only attract disaster to himself. Secondly, even if there was a certain probability, he did not have the time to compete. Once he stepped into the Door of Darkness], and into the 18th District of the Black Demon Abyss, it was unknown when he would come back out. If he delayed the assessment of Heaven Wasteland Domain, then by the time he comes back out, he may find that the Heaven Wasteland Domain has been reduced to a subsidiary colony and that Snow Empire has been turned to ashes. At that time, even if he possessed a cultivation base that defies the natural order, there would still be nothing he could do about it.

Drawing a deep breath, Ye Qingyu asked again, “Since you know so many things, then let me ask you this, where can I find Black Demon Herb?”

“Black Demon Herb?” Sheng Yan was taken aback. He did not expect Ye Qingyu to, at such a crucial moment, ask about something not related to the 18th District of the Black Demon Abyss but something unimportant in comparison.

After a moment, Sheng Yan pondered carefully and replied, “A few days ago, someone in the Black Demon Abyss was purchasing Black Demon Herb at an amount  that was near a hundred times higher than the current selling price. This kind of divine grass is now all gone. Now even if you use thousands of times of money, you most likely will have to wait until the next season of Black Demon Herb to find some. But, a day ago, at the time of the eruption of the demon tide, a lot of Black Demon Herb were spurted out, though all fell into the hands of the major forces, including the Sinful Pit, the Heavenly Meteor Sect, the Jade Pearl Sect, the Kaiyang Imperial Court, the Black Demon Race and other forces.” 

Ye Qingyu knitted his brows upon hearing this. 

“Big brother, with your strength, it does not seem you need Black Demon Herb, wait until the next season, offer a little higher price and you can get it,” Sheng Yan kindly reminded. 

Ye Qingyu ignored the bald fatty.

He ran his gaze across the top experts of the major forces in the sky. 

Sheng Yan all of a sudden had an abrupt change of expression, stuttering, “Brother... Oh, no, big brother, you're my brother, you're not going to be... not thinking of robbing those top experts for the sake of the Black Demon Herb, right? This is crazy, you must think it over again.”

Ye Qingyu cast a glance at the fatty, finding it both funny and embarrassing. 

He really had such a thought in mind, but after the fatty's persuasion, Ye Qingyu also knew that he was too irrational and began to think of other ways.

At that moment——  

“Everyone, the record on the divine book is not wrong, ‘Demon spits God swallows’, the darkness is receding. It is time. Hahaha, the Door of Life is about to appear,” a voice containing endless majesty sounded above the Fierce Beast Peak. 

The person who spoke, standing in midair, was a figure shrouded all over in dark green light, exuding a suffocating power, like a dark green sun, and was very close to the Doors of Darkness, less than one thousand meters, but was not in any way affected by the frightening force.

Could... could it be an expert of the Saint level? 

Ye Qingyu trembled inwardly at the thought. 

There were nine steps of the Immortal Step boundary. One must climb the nine platform steps and knock on the Immortal gate. 

Once one knocked on the Immortal gate, one will be declared a Saint. 

Saint-level existences were existences of another peak boundary level of martial arts—— 


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