Chapter 93 – Third Spirit Spring

Chapter 93 – Third Spirit Spring

Fundamentally, the [Blood of the Yuan Qi Giant] was consolidated from the purest yuan qi of Heaven and Earth within the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield]. This was due to the fact that the body of the [Yuan Qi Giant] was originally made from the laws of yuan qi. Its blood did not contain any impurities at all, and after ingesting it into your body, it would transform into surging yuan qi. Even if it was just a tiny drop of [Blood of the Yuan Qi Giant], it could turn into a vast quantity of yuan qi, quickly restoring his body’s needs.

Ye Qingyu swallowed the drop of [Blood of the Yuan Qi Giant].

After the blood was in his stomach, he really could clearly feel a strong and chilly energy being activated. It flowed throughout his limbs and bones, nourishing every single area. Then it gushed like the rush of a large river, finally converging within his limbs and bones and ultimately entering the dantian world.

In a short amount of time, within the dantian desert world, the weather completely changed. Thunder and lightning erupted.

The yuan qi hurricane that had always remained above the third [Yuan Qi Kindling] abruptly transformed. As if it was being assigned its final task, it expended the last of its life energy. Like an enormous silver dragon, it bellowed and roared. From the air, it dove down, frantically rotating. In a moments time, it had already drilled past the surface layer of the desert, advancing rapidly towards the deeply buried [Yuan Qi Kindling].


Ye Qingyu was overjoyed.

When the yuan qi silver dragon impacted against the [Yuan Qi Kindling], it was as if the sky’s thunder had incited the fire under the earth. The earth exploded, the ground cracking apart. A clear yuan spring emerged in the rumbling, breaking out from the underground desert and soaring into the sky hundreds of meters high. Then it became rain and mist, full of vitality, spraying it everyone around the surroundings.

The Spirit spring had been excavated successfully.

The third Spirit spring had appeared.

Ye Qingyu’s power had taken yet another step forward towards the ultimate level.

“This time, the yuan qi of this Spirit spring is much more explosive and turbulent than the first and second Spring. From the very beginning, I have reached the full Spirit spring stage.” Ye Qingyu gradually opened his eyes, a satisfied smile appearing on his face. “It seems like the fighting and yuan qi rewards within the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield] has stockpiled to some extent. Preparations paved the way for success. I succeeded in one strike.”

He stood up. He could feel how the fluctuating yuan qi that was within body was like the violent swell of a river.

It was as if the world in front of his eyes had become ever clearer and more vibrant. After opening his eyes, he could see every minute detail within his room. Even if it was just a speck of dust on the table he was able to see the protrusion and cragginess of it. When he closed his eyes, it was as if he could hear the various formations of different colours functioning on the walls, yuan qi energy flowing through.

Ye Qingyu’s senses were at least three or four times more sensitive than before.

This was not the only change. When Ye Qingyu gradually moved his body he could clearly sense that after entering into the third Spirit spring stage, every inch of his body felt far more sensitive. As long as he concentrated slightly, he could clearly discern every tiny change occurring within his body.

When Ye Qingyu awakened within the pool of blood, he had vaguely felt that the toughness of his body, because of some mysterious reason, had multiplied several times over. This gave birth to a strange impression within him, as if his will could not keep up with the growth and development of his powerful body. He could not control his body as his heart willed because his consciousness and inner yuan were still far too weak, incapable of becoming compatible with his vigorous body.

After entering the third Spirit spring stage, such a feeling disappeared to a large extent.

As every Spirit spring was opened, for the martial artist, it was tantamount to a peaceful rebirth. There were many benefits apart from purely the growth in their inner yuan. Accordingly, the martial artist’s familiarity with their own body would also become clearer. The lifespan of this martial artist, his vitality, and various other functions of the body would also strengthen.

For a martial artist to cultivate, they needed time.

They needed a large amount of time.

Normally, for a person of the one Spirit spring stage to enter the second stage, with average talent, the students needed around two years of time. Little geniuses with exceptional talent, only needed approximately a year of time —–of course, noble youths with powerful family backgrounds such as Xia Houwu had always been nourished with Spirit herbs and pills, so he did not need a year to achieve this.

And Ye Qingyu, from someone with completely no foundations to the third Spirit spring stage had taken him less than half a year of time. This sort of cultivation speed could definitely shock the whole of society. Once this news was spread out, it would definitely cause a huge sensation with the end result that Ye Qingyu would be recognize as a peerless genius.

With Ye Qingyu’s present level of strength, he could directly enter the fourth year of White Deer Academy.

And even after entering the fourth year, such a strength could definitely be placed above average in the fourth year rankings.

But at this moment, Ye Qingyu was not preparing to do this.

Ye Qingyu began to have a new way of thinking.

Especially after experiencing the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], Ye Qingyu suddenly became disappointed in the entire White Deer Academy.

This was not simply because of the arrogance and despotic nobles, such as Qin Wushuang and Xia Houwu. It was also not only because of the fact that his strength was neither taught nor instructed by the teachers of the academy. The reason he was disappointed was because from the bodies of the noble elders, Ye Qingyu was able to smell a rich odour of rot and decay. He was able to understand that the White Deer Academy today was like a person about to die. The disease has already attacked the vitals and ingrained habits were hard to overcome. White Deer Academy had lost their heart to forge ahead. Like a putrid and rotten pond, it would be very difficult to give birth to a dragon in such an environment.

These days, everything had changed. From a great academy that had ranked in the upper rankings of the ten academies, from a holy martial place that had once nourished and raised countless experts of the country’s army, White Deer Academy had become the bottom of the ten academies. There was a reason for why the academy became a tool for the children of the noble families in the Deer Mountain Range that was used to bully others.

Ye Qingyu pondered and questioned himself. In such an academy, just what could he learn?

Even though he had regained some glory and dignity for the academy in the fourth round of the grand competition, turning around a desperate situation. But when he returned to the [Ascending Heaven Pavilion], there were several noble elders that made a deer out to be a horse, making things difficult to him. They wholeheartedly wanted him to lose his standing and fall from grace. Such a sinister intention, if he stayed for long within White Deer Academy, just what would his final ending be?

Both the old Dean and Wang Yan evidently favoured him, but they could only protect him for a period of time, could they protect him his entire life?

But if he left White Deer Academy, just where could he go?

Ye Qingyu at this time, felt slightly lost.

White Deer Academy was the entity that gave Ye Qingyu the opportunity to become a martial artist. But he did not feel that it was the best choice to continue in such a place.

Countless ideas flowed within his mind. Ye Qingyu found it difficult to make a choice.

In his hesitation, he slowly extended his arm. Within his palm, a bright light flickered, and the [Little Shang sword] appeared in this gentle glow within his hand. Like a throbbing pool of limpid autumn waters, the back of the sword was like the surface of a mirror, flickering with radiance shining onto Ye Qingyu’s face.

Compared to the time six months ago, after experiencing the trials and hardships, Ye Qingyu’s face had matured very much. His face seemed sharper, the pupil of his eyes like bright stars, eyebrow like swords, his hair cut apart and his nose suspended firmly. His entire figure emitted an aura of thin heroic spirit.

Ye Qingyu touched the [Little Shang sword] in his hand.

After retrieving this Spirit weapon from the Two River Group, Ye Qingyu had always kept this Spirit weapon submerged within his first Spirit spring. After receiving the nourishment of his yuan qi, the [Little Shang sword] appeared increasingly resplendent, without the slightest impurity, as if it was a pearl that was covered in dust finally being cleaned of its murkiness. The sword ultimately issued the luster that had always belonged to the weapon.

Feeling the energy within this weapon, Ye Qingyu could easily judge that the power of the [Little Shang sword] was at least four times greater than the [Inexorable spear].

Within the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], despite encountering dangers several times, Ye Qingyu did not summon the [Little Shang sword] to not expose the existence of this Spirit weapon. One reason for this was because he did not train in any sword techniques. The other reason was that Ye Qingyu did not want to expose all the cards under his sleeve in front of all the higher ups of the academy and the elites of each year.

“I have to find a day to go to the public library of the fourth years, to see if there is a suitable sword technique for me.”

Ye Qingyu was eager to give it a try. The [Inexorable spear] had been crippled within the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield]. Ye Qingyu felt this was a great pity. At the present time, the only weapon that he could utilize was the [Little Shang sword], so he had the intention to begin training in sword techniques.

As he pondered, within his dantian world, an abnormal change began happening.

The yuan qi waters within the third Spirit spring suddenly soared into the sky, transforming into a yuan qi silver dragon. Flowing throughout his limbs and bones, it ultimately converged towards Ye Qingyu’s brain. The speed was extremely quick and the process was not something Ye Qingyu could fundamentally control.

“It’s come again!”

Ye Qingyu did not panic.

In his two previous attempts where he succeeded in excavating a Spirit spring, the bronze book in his sea of consciousness, the [Fiendgod Titled Chart], would crazily absorb the yuan qi of that spring. After doing so, it would purify the yuan qi and return it back to him. Then, the seal of some sections of the book, would be unlocked. In this time yet again, not long after the third Spirit spring had been excavated, the same thing really occurred again.

Ye Qingyu stood where he was, activating the nameless breathing technique.

In the blink of an eye, the inner yuan in his body was crazily absorbed by the bronze book.

Ye Qingyu once again returned to a death-like state. His body withered away. His life force was about to snap, as if it was a candle in the wind, able to be extinguished at any moment. But it always maintained that tiniest thread of connection, close to indistinguishable. It was a very peculiar state of living death.

After a short while, the energy fluctuated within the bronze book.

A purified yuan qi to the extreme like the torrent of a mountain landslide rushed out from the book. Entering into Ye Qingyu’s body, it nourished the majority of the organs that had nearly been completely withered and consumed earlier. This type of method was similar to the body refining techniques where one trained to the extreme limits. Although this type of training was difficult to undergo, but the effect was exceptionally good.

Fifteen minutes later.

Ye Qingyu let out a comfortable and long exhalation.

Not only had the inner yuan in his body completely recovered, but the yuan qi was even purer and the flow was quicker. The compatibility with his body was also higher. Inner yuan could be directed wherever he wanted like it was his own arm. Practically, as long as he willed it, he could make the inner yuan do as his thoughts wished.

His will and the inner yuan was united down to the tiniest of details.

This was a level of control over their inner yuan that only people who excavated over twenty Springs should be able to achieve. But after several fortuitous encounters and the Bronze book, Ye Qingyu had already achieved this today.

After the repayment was over, the thing Ye Qingyu was looking forward to even more happened.

Every time the repayment was complete, part of the contents within the [Fiendgod Titled Chart] would be unsealed. The first time was the [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King], the second was the [Sentry Guard]. And this was the third time, just what kind of new page would be unsealed?

“If it is a technique for the sword, then this is the best!”

Completely submerged by expectations, he summoned the bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart].

Misrepresenting a situation

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