Chapter 315 - Molelord Bennett

Chapter 315 - Molelord Bennett

Nie Yan quickly turned tail to flee. Trying to fight the Molelord was suicidal. Probably only Bladelight could tank a hit.

Bladelight raised his heavy shield and charged forward to intercept the Molelord.

Shield Bash!

The shield slammed into the Molelord with a heavy thud.

Heroic Strike!

Bladelight chopped down on the Molelord.


At this moment, the others took the time to inspect the Molelord.

Molelord Bennett (Lord): Level 50
Health: 109,944/110,000

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Molelord Bennett’s stats were still so terrifying despite being reduced by 30% by the journal.

After being blocked by Bladelight, the Molelord swept its pike at him.

「Klang!」The pike struck the heavy shield as Bladelight felt an enormous force travel up his arm. He dug his feet into the ground and used both arms on his shield to brace against the impact. However, he was still blown back.

Bladelight was forced backwards 5 meters before finally regaining his balance.

At this moment, Lofty Shadow and Yi Yan rushed forward to cover for Bladelight.

Lofty Shadow was provided high-quality equipment by the guild. Add this to his impressive talent and skill, and he overtook Yi Yan to become the number two Fighter in Asskickers United. He was just a step behind Bladelight in terms of tankiness.

Lofty Shadow was naturally the next one up after Bladelight was blown back.

Taunt! Lofty Shadow bellowed out, forcing the Molelord to target him.

The Molelord sent the three Fighters flying away repeatedly, but they stubbornly rushed back up every time.

All the while the Mages bombarded the Molelord with spells.

The Molelord’s health started falling bit by bit.

“Bladelight, pull it to the right,” Nie Yan ordered. The uneven ground in that direction would heavily impact the Molelord’s charging speed, reducing the danger it posed to the Mages in the backline.

“Got it.” Bladelight nodded. He started moving to the right, pulling the Molelord along with him.

The three Fighters worked in tandem to pull the Molelord to the right, then surrounded it and hunkered down behind their shields.

Demoralizing Shout!


It instantly became much harder for the Molelord to maneuver. Although it was three times their size, it was still blocked in by Bladelight, Lofty Shadow, and Yi Yan who were like immovable boulders. Even slightly turning was a challenge.

As the Molelord swung down at Bladelight with its pike, the Priests and Paladins quickly buffed him with multiple blessings.

「Klang!」The pike smashed down on Bladelight’s shield, instantly shattering the Radiant Barrier protecting him.

The Molelord’s attacks were imbued with corrosive dark energy, which made them extremely effective against Light-type protective spells.

Radiant Barrier could only endure a single hit from the Molelord!

Seeing the Molelord swing down again, Bladelight activated the Rank 8 Shield from his Everlasting Dark Gold Set.

「Klang!」He withstood the heavy blow from the Molelord.

Bladelight, Lofty Shadow, and Yi Yan stood their ground as they fiercely slashed down at the Molelord with their swords.

The Mages were spread out in a circle, with the Molelord at the center, as they unleashed a steady stream of spells.

Edgeless, Monochrome, and the other Berserkers jumped into the fray after the Molelord was locked down by the three Fighters. Another source of damage was added to the fight.

The Molelord’s health was gradually being chipped away. It kept trying to break free of the encirclement. But Bladelight, Lofty Shadow, and Yi Yan were like nails in the ground, refusing to budge even an inch.

Nie Yan circled around and plunged Zennarde’s Sword into the Molemord, after which he activated Blast. 


Blast landed as a critical hit and armour broke the Molelord! Furthermore, it was inflicted with burn and bleed damage!

Everyone’s jaws dropped in shock. Nie Yan’s attacks were simply too frightening! It was already impressive if they could deal more than 40 damage to the Molelord, while perhaps only the strongest among them could deal 100 damage. Let alone Blast, they couldn’t even compare to his bleed damage!

The Molelord’s aggro instantly shifted to Nie Yan. It attempted to attack him, but Bladelight, Lofty Shadow, and Yi Yan prevented it from turning around.

At this moment, Nie Yan unleashed a flurry of ferocious attacks, causing the Molelord’s health to rapidly drop.

The Ignore Armour property from Zennarde’s Sword, his high critical rate, and the attack power bonus he gained when attacking an enemy from behind allowed Nie Yan to deal shocking damage.

Nie Yan knew full well that his explosive tempest of attacks would lead to the Molelord’s aggro shifting solely on him. However, he had long since stopped paying this any mind.

Nie Yan relentlessly slashed away, unloading all his high-damage skills on the Molelord.

The Molelord’s health finally fell to 20%. It let out a furious roar and slammed its pike into the ground, causing a massive shockwave to sweep out.

Nie Yan had already guessed this would happen. He activated Gale Step in the nick of time and avoided being stunned.

Nie Yan’s years of experience allowed him to react to danger almost instantly. Coupled with the fact that Gale Step was his most familiar skill, he was already prepared the moment he saw the subtle cues that the Molelord was about to unleash a special attack.

While Nie Yan could flawlessly avoid the Molelord’s attack, there was no way the others could do the same.

「Boom」Bladelight and the other Warriors were all blown back and stunned.

All the frontliners were struck by the shockwave.

After breaking free of the encirclement, the Molelord let out a furious roar. It locked on the fleeing Nie Yan and immediately charged toward him.

All the Mages quickly retreated while Nie Yan ran to an area with no people.

At this moment, the Molelord stabbed at Nie Yan with its pike.

“Careful!” Tang Yao and the others cried out in alarm.

Just as Nie Yan was about to be skewered, almost as if he grew eyes at the back of his head, he dodge-rolled off to the side.

The Molelord’s pike struck air, and it continued to chase Nie Yan.

After noticing the Molelord’s aggro was completely focused on Nie Yan, the Mages started bombarding it with spells again.

“We can do it, guys! It’s almost dead!”

“Keep at it!”

All the Mages let loose, especially Sunny South. This fellow rarely ever uttered a word. No one knew when he learned the Metamagic mastery. He was firing out spells continuously like a machine gun. When he ran out of mana, he immediately drank an Intermediate Mana Potion and continued.

Every member in the group was an elite among elites. Which one of them didn’t have a trump card or two tucked away? In this critical moment, they no longer held anything back. All of them used their most powerful skills.

The Molelord quickly caught up to Nie Yan and swung down at him with its pike. If this attack hit him, he would be crushed into a meat patty.

Nie Yan threw out a pouch of Intermediate Flash Powder.「Poof!」A dazzling radiance blossomed outward, blinding the Molelord and causing its attack to go off-target.

Nie Yan seized this opportunity to dash past the Molelord.「Bang!」Its pike smashed into the ground, causing debris to fly out everywhere. 

Some of the debris struck Nie Yan, dealing between 10 to 100 damage.

Nie Yan used the Shadow Dancer footwork to circle behind the Molelord, then ruthlessly slashed down with Zennarde’s Sword. He followed up with Lacerate, cutting open a gaping wound across its flesh, causing blood to spurt out into the air.

The Molelord swung its pike in a full circle. However, its surroundings were empty.

Nie Yan had immediately bolted away after executing Lacerate.

At this time, the stun on Bladelight and the other Warriors finally wore off. They rushed forward to intercept the Molelord. 

The Molelord only had around 5% health remaining. It already entered a berserk state. Its skin was blood red, while its body swelled several times in size.

The Molelord struck Bladelight with its pike, sending him flying away. His health instantly emptied, and he collapsed dead to the ground.

The Molelord was unstoppable. It killed everything in its path and left behind a trail of corpses.

Seeing the Molelord’s rampage, the Mages intensified their barrage. Spells were fired out continuously.

The Molelord’s health was about to hit zero. 

Nie Yan noticed something was off about the Molelord. “Young Seven, stay behind! Painted Muslin, quickly get out of here. Find somewhere to hide!”

The group members immediately understood Nie Yan’s intentions.

 Nie Yan and Young Seven gave each other meaningful smiles.

Painted Muslin hesitated as she looked at everyone, then finally turned away and left.

A Priest was the lifeline of a team. Even if Nie Yan and the others wiped, Painted Muslin could still bring them all back.

“Everyone, one final push. It’s almost dead!” Nie Yan said. His life was in constant danger while being chased down by the Molelord. However, he relied on his Shadow Dancer footwork to avoid its attack. Several times he had only survived by a hair’s breadth.

Only Nie Yan was still alive out of all the melee-class players.

Seeing the Molelord with only a few hundred health remaining, Nie Yan went for broke. He used the Shadow Dancer footwork to circle behind it. He leaped into the air and stabbed down with Assassinate, then activated Eviscerate.

「Pu!」A fountain of blood gushed out as the Molelord let out a mournful cry. 

“It’s over! Nie Yan exclaimed.

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