Chapter 521 - Massacre

Chapter 521 - Massacre

At the same moment, Young Seven revealed the three Thieves with Illuminate. Tang Yao, Summer Bug, and Undying Scoundrel locked them down with control magic. No matter how skilled these Thieves were, there was no escaping. They were ruthlessly blasted with spells and knocked flying back.

It was over in the blink of an eye. Broken Bone Blade and the other Thieves broke out in a cold sweat. These Asskickers United players were basically death gods. As soon as their scythes came out, heads would roll.

When some of the Asskickers United players began channeling their Return Scrolls, ripples of magic swept over them.


Although the damage was negligible, it was enough to prevent them from teleporting away!

“Over there, it’s a Thief!” A player pointed to a silhouette hidden behind some thickets in the distance.

The Thief was precisely Broken Bone Blade. He had used a Ripple Wave Scroll to interrupt their Return Scrolls.

“Kill him! Don’t let him run!”

Tang Yao, Summer Bug, and the other Mages raised their staffs and fired off a slew of spells at Broken Bone Blade.

Broken Bone Blade was already prepared. He ducked away with Gale Step and disappeared from sight.

At this moment, players from Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors started appearing in the surroundings en masse. There were more than 1,000 players in total. All of them had been teleported here by the Arcane Mages. They started aggressively closing in on Bladelight and the others, with their numbers continuously growing.

“We’ve been surrounded!” Smoke Stub shouted. Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors had clearly come prepared. 

“These pieces of trash think they can stop us? We’ll slaughter our way out!” Tang Yao said. He raised his staff and started firing off spells like a mad man.

The Thieves from Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors took out scrolls and targeted the forces of Asskickers United. Alliance of Mages were well known for their scrolls. They had spent time, money, and energy nurturing a large number of expert scroll crafters. Even when they had time off, they were still making scrolls. As such, they accumulated far more scrolls than any other guild, not to mention the numerous scrolls they bought from scroll shops. For the sake of dealing with these players from Asskickers United, they had invested quite a bit of resources.

For the sake of this operation, Crazy Magic had spent more than 300,000 gold on scrolls alone.

“Everyone, Asskickers United won’t last much longer. Slaughter them!” Crazy Magic shouted in a deep voice. He stood atop a cliff, his dark red robes fluttering in the wind as he commanded the players below.

A group of 120 Thieves all activated Advanced Web Scrolls simultaneously. Giant webs emerged out of thin air, resembling a net shrouding the sky.

Tang Yao and the other Mages hurriedly cast fire magic to burn the webs. However, some still got through and trapped the Asskickers United players below. 

Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors had Bladelight’s group completely surrounded. There was nowhere for them to escape.

Both sides clashed, with players dying left and right.

Tang Yao, Undying Scoundrel, Natural Fiend, and the other Mages raised their staffs, sending one enemy flying after another. However, for every enemy they killed, two would take their place.

“Where’s the Mad Rogue? If you have the balls, show yourself! Don’t think you can be invincible forever!” Crazy Magic howled with laughter. 

Bladelight’s group had suffered heavy losses. Due to the webs trapping them, more than 30 players died to the barrage of spells.

However, Asskickers United’s forces didn’t falter. Despite being at a clear disadvantage, they still fought with the ferocity of tigers, killing over 70 players from Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors. Nevertheless, their losses were still heavier. Each of their players was a top elite. All of them could easily climb to the ranks of top 50 or even top 10 in any other major guild.

Seeing the players from Asskickers United dropping like flies, Crazy Magic emotionally clenched his fists. Based on the success of today’s operation, he could receive even more financial backing from the Century Financial Group. Compared to that, the initial investment of 300,000 gold was nothing more than overhead. After suffering such a disastrous loss, Asskickers United would definitely be licking their wounds for a while, allowing Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors to accumulate contribution and freely snatch up the important properties in the Hilton Stronghold.

The battle raged on. Alliance of Mages was determined to wipe out Bladelight’s group. They were using scrolls like they grew on trees.

Mind Assault Scrolls, Twisting Vines Scrolls, Blizzard Scrolls… every type of scroll was used without hesitation.

“Bladelight, we can’t hold on much longer. Our losses are too heavy!” Young Seven cried out.

Seeing his comrades getting massacred, Bladelight’s heart ached. These players made up the core strength of Asskickers United!

“Everyone, follow me! We’re forcing our way out!” Bladelight hollered. Drinking an Advanced Magic Resistance Potion and activating Barbarian Strength, he led the vanguard in breaking out of the encirclement.

Bladelight charged into the enemy lines, sending multiple players flying.

Bladelight immediately attracted the attention of the players from Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors. Around 60 Mages focused their firepower on him, only to find to their dismay that they simply didn’t have the strength to deal any substantial damage to him. Even their critical hits were barely dealing over 100 damage.

Nevertheless, Bladelight’s health was dropping fast.

Rays of gentle light fell over Bladelight, restoring his health back to full. His health rapidly fluctuated up and down, but he was kept relatively safe thanks to the timely healing of Young Seven and Painted Muslin in the rear.

Buffed with several blessings, Bladelight finally charged through to the enemy’s backline. He felled a player with each swing of his blade. These squishy, cloth armoured Mages were no match for him!

Smoke Stub, Monochrome, Edgeless, and the others followed close behind Bladelight. As they slaughtered their way out from the north side of the valley, they left a trail of corpses in their wake!

The Warriors from Alliance of Mages and Divine Protector charged into Asskickers United’s ranks. A chaotic melee ensued as fighting broke out everywhere. No one dared to cast AoE magic for fear of hitting their own.

The situation devolved into a battle of attrition. Most Asskickers United players could easily 1v3, with some of the stronger ones even being able to 1v5. Meanwhile, players like Bladelight and Smoke Stub could sweep through everything in their path. They were far superior in both equipment and skill!

However, the person who had racked up the highest kill count wasn’t Bladelight or Smoke Stub, but Tang Yao. He was like a turret, firing off one spell after another. No player, Mages and Warriors alike, could survive his assault. His Arcane Fairy had already reached Rank 4. Even during Nie Yan’s peak in the previous timeline, Arcane Fairies were still fairly rare, capable of immensely boosting a Mage’s firepower. At this stage of the game, Tang Yao was practically a god-like existence. Several Warriors tried to rush at him, only to be blown away by powerful magic.

Crazy Magic overlooked the battle from atop the cliff. Asskickers United were known for their invincibility. He had witnessed their strength first hand during the siege of the Cripps Stronghold. However, in the blink of an eye, his forces had already killed more than 100 of their players. He was quite satisfied with the progress of the battle, even if his side had suffered more than 500 casualties in the process.

Crazy Magic looked down and saw Bladelight, Tang Yao, and the others slaughtering their way out. He knitted his brows. These bunch of players were too strong. Just the few of them alone had killed more than 60 players.

Dammit, Boiling Water, go stop them. Don’t let them escape. Any piece of equipment they drop is priceless!」Crazy Magic ordered.

Understood. Boss, that Young Sparrow Hawk has a flying mount. Should we take him down first?

Flying mounts were too powerful. If Tang Yao was given the opportunity to summon his Netherthunder Eagle, they would be in trouble.

No, let him summon his flying mount. In fact, don’t try to stop him!」Crazy Magic laughed. It would be a huge achievement if they could kill Tang Yao’s Netherthunder Eagle. 

Even though Boiling Water was confused as to why Crazy Magic would give this order, as a lowly grunt, he could only do as he was told.

While Crazy Magic was busy gloating to himself, a cold flash of light appeared behind him. His heart tightened. A Thief! By the time he reacted, it was already too late. As a Mage, he didn’t have many methods of evading a Thief. In this situation, he had no time to cast a spell. He could only try to roll out of the way.

At this moment, the sound of two daggers clashing came from behind his ears.

Crazy Magic turned around. A fair and graceful figure emerged before him. It was One Strike Vow! This enchanting beauty was like a thorny rose, brimming with danger. The person who had saved him just now was the Thief from earlier, Broken Bone Blade. 

Broken Bone Blade had barely blocked the attack in time, allowing Crazy Magic to escape with his life. However, he didn’t expect One Strike Vow to immediately switch targets. The last thing he saw before blacking out was a dagger plunging into his forehead.

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