Chapter 535 - Death God Appears

Chapter 535 - Death God Appears

Lustboy had many life escaping skills at his disposal. So, when he was surrounded earlier, he could rely on his skills to escape. Only if he was backed into a corner with no other alternative would he use an Unknown Transfer Scroll since they became less effective with each successive use. It was better to use them sparingly. However, since the boss already had a plan, he decided to give these Alliance of Mages bastards a taste of their own medicine. He was no longer trying to escape.

All around Lustboy were steep cliffs, save for the direction he came from. This area was devoid of plant life, perfectly suited for battle.

Lustboy halted his steps. As he looked behind him, several shadows dashed out from the forest and blocked off his escape routes.

“Little rat! Let’s see where you can run off to now!” Several Warriors circled in on Lustboy with evil smiles on their faces.

Lustboy gazed past them. Two cloaked players stepped out of the forest. They belonged to Direwolf!

Sikong and Gambler remained at the back of the group, showing no signs of approaching any closer. As for the Thief from Bloodfiends, he was nowhere to be seen.

Lustboy was a bit worried. If these fellows didn’t approach any closer, when Nie Yan and the others teleported over, they might get away. He wondered what he had to do to bait them closer.

The Warriors approached closer and closer, having already entered Lustboy’s attack range. The atmosphere instantly turned tense.

Magic fluttered and circled around Lustboy’s staff, radiating a threatening light.

“Gambler, if we don’t step forward, I reckon these blockheads from Alliance of Mages won’t be able to deal with that Elementalist.” Sikong knitted his brow. He was well aware of how frightening a Mage like Lustboy was when going all out. A spell or two was all he needed to kill someone. Furthermore, he also had plenty of control magic. Even if he was surrounded, he could still put up a good fight. At the very least, he could bring down seven players with him.

“Don’t you think it’s strange? He can escape any time he wants with an Unknown Transfer Scroll,” Gambler remarked. A player of Lustboy’s caliber would definitely be carrying something like an Unknown Transfer Scroll. However, Lustboy didn’t seem like he was in a hurry to leave. He actually seemed rather relaxed. Was he not worried about a Shadow Priest targeting him with Shackles of Strife?

Listening to Gambler’s words, Sikong also felt something off. “Maybe he ran out of Unknown Transfer Scrolls?”

“Let’s keep watching.”

The two didn’t approach Lustboy, instead letting the players from Alliance of Mages do the dirty work.

As for the Thief from Bloodfiends, he was still nowhere to be found. Gambler and Sikong were also wary of him. They had no idea what kind of organization Bloodfiends was. They only knew that five of their players had almost successfully killed Nirvana Flame. 

At first, they didn’t care much for Bloodfiends. However, the strength that Thief displayed in the previous battle left them shocked. At the same time, their interests were also piqued. They couldn’t command him. After all, they were roughly on the same level in terms of skill. No one knew where that fellow was hiding. If he was willing to take action, even Lustboy would be in a pickle. 

Charge! Charge! Charge! 

Three Warriors rushed toward Lustboy.

“Punk, watch how I deal with you!” 

“Hmph!” Lustboy sneered. If he encountered these Warriors in the wilderness, he could easily toy with their lives.

Lustboy shielded himself, then dashed to the side and fired off a spell.

「Bang!」Magic struck one of the Warriors, dealing more than 3,000 damage and causing his health to fall below 20%. The Warrior was scared out of his wits. What terrifying damage!

Just as he was about to retreat to the back so the Priests and Paladins could heal him, another spell flew toward him. His eyes trembled as he quickly rolled to the side. Barely evading the attack, his forehead dripped with cold sweat. A gentle radiance enveloped him and healed his health back to full.

Lustboy understood that this kind of attack wouldn't kill these players. If he wanted to buy some time, he would have to drag the two Direwolf players into the fray.

Two Warriors arrived beside Lustboy and slashed down with their swords. Lustboy activated Repelling Aura and pushed them back. These kind of backs and forths continued as Lustboy kited them further back.

The rest of the players from Alliance of Mages were also circling in, creating an airtight blockade.

Lustboy was somewhat anxious. Those two from Direwolf still weren’t showing any signs of moving, maintaining their distance. They had probably sensed the danger. What frightening gamesense! Lustboy thought for a moment. So be it! He would take out a few people first, then have Nie Yan and the others come over.

In the distance, a Shadow Priest targeted Lustboy with Shackles of Strife, preventing him from teleporting away with an Unknown Transfer Scroll. 

Lustboy fought fiercely. No longer holding back, he erupted with a Frost Roar.

Frost Roar was an extremely powerful attack. With a cast time of five seconds, it generally wasn’t practical to use in heated battles since it could be easily interrupted. However, Lustboy had a special skill that allowed him to reduce the cast time of certain spells to zero. When these two skills were combined, the potency of Frost Roar increased drastically.

Frost Roar was enough to make everyone break out in a cold sweat.

A giant iceball shot out. It instantly transformed into spikes that blotted out the sky, sweeping over everyone in the surroundings. Those who were hit were immediately covered in thick layers of ice as their speed plummeted. Strings of damage values in the several hundreds floated up above their heads. The area of effect wasn’t large, but it was concentrated. One Paladin was instantly killed while six nearby players were left with low health.

Rays of gentle light enveloped the Warriors, saving them from death.

Lustboy didn’t give up because of this. An icicle shot toward one of the Warriors. With a bang, the Warrior was sent flying, emptying his health bar.

The Warriors who weren’t killed had their movement speed reduced to a crawl. As such, they had no way of catching Lustboy.

The melee players couldn’t get close to Lustboy. However, the constant harassment from the Mages in the back was giving him a headache.

As Lustboy ran and dodged, he ended up suffering five hits. The shield protecting him shattered into shards of light, and his health fell low. He endured the pain and drank an Advance Health Potion, instantly restoring his health to full. Advanced Health Potions were extremely rare, and Asskickers United’s supply was limited. Only the top players would receive some. He really wanted to save them if he could.

This time, he gave himself an Ice Shield and dodged to the side.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a chill behind his neck. His heart trembled. A Thief! 

A cold light flashed at the back of his head. The attack was sharp and decisive. Lustboy quickly activated Blink and evaded this fatal attack.

Looking at his previous location, a figure materialized. It was that Thief from Bloodfiends!

The Thief was a bit surprised that his attack missed. He didn’t expect Lustboy’s reaction to be so quick.

Lustboy raised his staff and cast Frost Judgement. An omnipresent frost suddenly converged on the Thief.

The Thief dodged the attack with Gale Step, then disappeared from sight.

Lustboy could still sense the Thief quietly observing him from the shadows. If he was distracted for even a moment, his life would be in danger.

Being stalked by such a Thief, Lustboy was under a lot of pressure. The two Direwolf players still hadn’t taken any action either. He didn’t know how much longer he could hold out for. He was really starting to get anxious. Instead of waiting for the perfect moment, he would have to bring Nie Yan over right now!

Boss! Come over, I can’t hold on much longer!」Lustboy cried out.「The people on Alliance of Mages’ side are too strong!

How many people do you need?」Nie Yan asked, putting on the Hyperlink Ring. 

If you come, it’s enough.」Lustboy knew how skilled Nie Yan was. As long as Nie Yan was here, everything would be fine.

Nie Yan thought for a moment. There was merit to only going with two. They’d be smaller targets, while the others could continue on with their own business. The two of them would make do.

Nie Yan activated the Hyperlink Ring. His surroundings warped and when he opened his eyes, he was greeted by a chaotic battle.

Lustboy was still trading blows with the players from Alliance of Mages.

The people around Nie Yan were dumbfounded. An Alliance of Mages player cried out, “Shit, that’s Zennarde’s Sword! It’s Nirvana Flame!”

Nie Yan’s Zennarde’s Sword was too eye-catching! 

Gambler and Sikong were also shocked at Nie Yan’s sudden appearance.

“Nirvana Flame? Where the hell did he come from?” Gambler said in shock. Nie Yan’s appearance was far too abrupt. It was completely unexpected.

“I think he teleported over. They have a teleport skill!” Sikong said with a dark expression.

With Nirvana Flame here, winning became much more difficult.

“Do you think anyone else is coming?” Gambler asked with a trace of worry.

“I’m not sure.” 

At this moment, Nie Yan entered stealth, disappearing from sight. The players from Alliance of Mages immediately went on high alert.

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