Chapter 572 - Trebuchets!

Chapter 572 - Trebuchets!

Carrying such a heavy burden on his shoulders, Nie Yan felt an increasing sense of urgency. During the day, he arranged various things for the War God Tribe through video call. With the backing of Asskickers United, the War God Tribe expanded at an astonishing rate, cooperating with more than 20 other companies to open up real world business districts in a total of 23 strongholds. This provided World Bloc with large profits as well as aided them in expanding their businesses. They had forged cooperative relationships with 70 companies so far. This was the foundation for their future growth.

As for the game, Nie Yan continued training his skills while commanding Asskickers United remotely.

The trebuchets were completed and ready to roll out. The war between Asskickers United and Alliance of Mages was finally reaching its climax.

Asskickers United’s army arrived outside of the Edgarton Stronghold.

Bladelight was the head commander of this battle. Smoke Stub and Paladin of the Elegy would be providing support. With an army of 300,000, they set up camp outside the Edgarton Stronghold.

The Edgarton Strongholds defenses were truly akin to a turtle shell. The walls were garrisoned with many troops and 11 Armoured Catapults. These giant siege machines gave off a great sense of pressure. Further back was a forest of arrow towers, ready to launch a hail of projectiles at a moment’s notice.

Asskickers United’s 50 elites sat on the grass at the front of the army. They appeared quite relaxed.

They were Asskickers United’s most elite troops and trump card.

“Those sons of bitches from Alliance of Mages. They’re hiding in their stronghold, like wussies refusing to come out.” Edgeless caressed his sword. It had been a long time since he last fought in a war. He was longing for battle.

During their break, Asskickers United’s players had greatly advanced in strength. Many were itching for action.

“Don’t worry, there’ll be more than enough for you to slaughter later. How about we have a little competition? Let’s see who climbs over the enemy walls first.” Monochrome chuckled.

“Hmm, you’re on!” The others also seemed interested.

From their perspective, Alliance of Mages was like a lamb waiting for the slaughter.

“Are our trebuchets here yet?”

“No, those things are slow. It’ll be a while.”

As these players chatted freely, their voices were filled with excitement. Today, they would be sweeping over Alliance of Mages!

At this moment, Nie Yan was monitoring the situation through a livestream. Sun, King of the World, and the others had already scouted out the Edgarton Stronghold’s defenses a few days ago. Bladelight and the others estimated that breaching through the walls with only the Armoured Ice Catapults would prove incredibly difficult if not impossible. A direct assault would be even more disastrous.

Have our Engineers calculated the attack range of those Armoured Catapults on the walls?」Nie Yan asked.

Already done. We’ve also drawn a diagram. The Edgarton Stronghold’s walls are about 30 meters high. With the elevation bonus, the attack range of those Armoured Catapults is roughly 1,600 meters. If Armoured Ice Catapults want to reach them, we need to approach within at least 600 meters of the walls. With the trebuchets, 2,500 meters is enough,」Bladelight replied. The Trebuchets were currently making their way towards the Edgarton Stronghold. If Alliance of Mages knew of their might, they would be wetting their pants right now.

In terms of attack range, Asskickers United’s trebuchets possessed a large advantage.

If Asskickers United’s trebuchets continuously bombarded the Edgarton Stronghold, the Armoured Catapults on the walls would eventually be destroyed. If Alliance of Mages’ players charged out of the Edgarton Stronghold, they would only be fodder for the Armoured Ice Catapults.

Under these circumstances, Nie Yan refused to believe Alliance of Mages could come up with a solution. Even if Angels Corps did lend their aid, it was already too late to reverse the tide.

One Armoured Ice Catapult after another rolled out onto the battlefield. There were 37 altogether. They created an imposing force. Having experienced their destructive power before, the players in the Edgarton Stronghold couldn’t help but shiver.

On an open battlefield, these Armoured Ice Catapults were untouchable existences. Anyone that dared to approach them would be blasted into oblivion.

Apart from the 37 Armoured Ice Catapults, six trebuchets were heading for the Edgarton Stronghold. They were both extremely slow, taking a long time to get moving. They were also immobile, making them easy to intercept. That’s why Asskickers United made sure to conceal their existence.

Asskickers United’s army didn’t show any signs of movements. Standing atop the walls, Crazy Magic and Divine Flame gazed down below. Everything within a 2,000 meter radius of the Edgarton Stronghold was empty. Beyond that zone was a sea of players stretching out as far as the eye could see. An army of 300,000 was quite a spectacular sight, capable of hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors had 100,000 players guarding the Edgarton Stronghold. The other 600,000 were stationed across the various villages around Moonlight City. Once the battle started, they would immediately converge on the Edgarton Stronghold from all directions.

Crazy Magic understood that having all 700,000 players in the Edgarton Stronghold was extremely dangerous. Leaving 600,000 players on the outside would make them more adaptable.

The Edgarton Stronghold’s defenses were rock solid. Crazy Magic wanted to see just how Asskickers United was planning to storm in here.

Asskickers United’s 37 Armoured Ice Catapults were lined up in a row 2,000 meters away from the Edgarton Stronghold. These catapults were like malevolent beasts. Crazy Magic was the most afraid of them. Once the battle began, their destructive power was too frightening. Two rounds of bombardments could probably completely destroy the Edgarton Stronghold’s walls.

Alliance of Mages exhausted all their avenues just to obtain 11 Armoured Catapults. Atop these walls, they had the range advantage. The Armoured Ice Catapults had no way of advancing.

The two sides eyed each other as the air ignited with hostility. With the final battle on the verge of breaking out at any moment, the players on both sides were tense.

Crazy Magic kept pacing back and forth at the top of the walls. Asskickers United’s army was already right at their doorstep, but they were just sitting there. This made him feel restless.

“Asskickers United aren’t fools. I’m sure they’ve already calculated the 1,600 meter range of our Armoured Catapults. If they attack, they’ll definitely suffer heavy losses. That’s probably why they’re not advancing. Since they know, they can’t force their way in. Why are they still here? What are they waiting for?” Divine Flame muttered. Asskickers United’s movements were abnormal. Could it be that they were looking for an opportunity?

What was Asskickers United planning? Crazy Magic couldn’t understand.

While Crazy Magic was lost in thought, Asskickers United’s army suddenly parted in two, allowing for six giant siege machines to pass through. They approached closer and closer before stopping at 2,000 meters from the Edgarton Stronghold. Crazy Magic and Divine Flame looked over. These siege weapons were even bigger than the Armoured Ice Catapults. Their construction was extremely complicated, like a large wooden cart.

“What is that?” The Alliance of Mages players were bewildered.

“It’s a trebuchet!” Crazy Magic sucked in a cold breath of air. He had once seen these things on the forums but didn’t pay much attention to them at the time. After all, blueprints for these siege weapons were extremely rare. He didn’t expect Asskickers United to get their hands on trebuchets, and six of them at that!

This was undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for Alliance of Mages.

“We’re finished…” The higher-ups of Alliance of Mages felt their hearts sink to the pits of their stomach.

Divine Flame was already preparing for the aftermath of Alliance of Mages’ defeat. At this moment, Asskickers United had 37 Armoured Ice Catapults and six trebuchets. This kind of firepower was unrivalled. In front of these weapons of mass destruction, Alliance of Mages was facing impending doom.

The trebuchets came to a stop. The players escorting them locked their wheels, then started assembling a few parts. About 15 minutes later, a giant trebuchet emerged. It was about twice the size of an Armoured Ice Catapult. The thick wooden beam loomed in the air. It was roughly five meters long.

These trebuchets had extremely high launching power. It was an exceptionally good siege weapon. The projectiles they used were giant 300 lb boulders. When these boulders rained down from the sky, even the most fortified walls would eventually collapse.

Six trebuchets finished being erected. Groups of three Warriors carried the heavy boulders into the payload. Everything was ready. All that was left was the go ahead from the higher-ups.

Looking at the livestream, Nie Yan’s eyes flashed cold. These six trebuchet would become the nightmare of Alliance of Mages!

At this moment, the guild chat was boiling with excitement.

Boss Bladelight we’re ready to go!

Let’s flatten the Edgarton Stronghold. Moonlight City will be ours!

Boss, say the word!

Brothers! We’re invincible! Let’s slaughter our way through the Edgarton Stronghold!

The players of Asskickers United were already rearing to go. Their morale was at an all-time high, mostly because they were confident in their victory. This belief allowed them to sweep over any guild, regardless of their power!

Asskickers United was waiting in anticipation. Their war with Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors had already gone on long enough. Many had suffered injustices from Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors, and Asskickers United players had slaughtered Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors players by the hundreds of thousands.

The animosity had already progressed to the point where neither could coexist with the other.

Today Alliance of Mages would be forever silenced.

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