Chapter 771 - War God Gaming Organization

Of the 21 Masters here, no more than five had opened a Legendary chest. These chests often contained Legendary equipment, high rank pets, and other amazing items.

A Legendary chest wasn’t something you could find just because you wanted to; it was a combination of hard work and luck. So, all of them took any opportunity to open one very seriously.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. 

“What do we do? There’s so many Lords.”

“Who cares!? It’s a Legendary chest!”

As Masters, they had encountered even tougher situations and welcomed everything that came at them with open arms. If they turned back just because things got a little difficult, the chest would end up getting taken away by someone else.

“So what if there are some Lords in our way!? We can think of something!” 

“True, but we’ll have to put it off till tomorrow. We don’t have enough time today,” Nie Yan said after checking the clock. They had to consider things meticulously. Even if it were a Legendary chest, he didn’t want to see the team wiping for it. They still weren’t strong enough to take down groups of Lords. Normally, a single Lord would take some time, let alone so many.

“It’ll be tough, especially since there are so many Dark Druids,” Black Hell remarked.

Hearing Black Hell’s words, only then did everyone realize. If these Lords were any other class, like a Mage or a Warrior, it’d be easy. However, they were Druids. They were all around classes like Paladins, capable of casting magic, healing, and fighting on the frontlines. A group of Lord-class Druids or Paladins was an extremely broken line-up.

A group of Lords was already frightening enough to deal with, but these Dark Druids could also heal and buff each other! How the hell were you supposed to kill them?

“When you went to investigate just now, at what range did they detect you?” Nie Yan asked Mistaken Smile.

“About 30 meters. I was paying close attention to their movements. They only noticed me after I passed that range,” Mistaken Smile said. This was his first time ending up in such a sorry state after becoming a Shadow Dancer.

Nie Yan knitted his words. He was well aware of Mistaken Smile’s strength. If the safe range for Mistaken Smile was 30 meters, it would be about 15 meters for him.

In other words, as soon as Nie Yan came within 15 meters of those Dark Druids, they would notice him.

Given this kind of range, sneaking over and opening the chest was impossible. 

“The senses of those Dark Druids are too powerful.”

“It’s fine. Let’s hunt some other mobs. We’ll think of what to do tomorrow.”

The team headed off for another street. When they departed, Nie Yan turned his head and gave the five obelisks in the center of the square one final glance. He could faintly see a chest in the middle of them. Just what could they do to reach and open it?

They grinded mobs in the vicinity until it was time to log off. Nie Yan exited the game and stepped out of the game capsule. 

Nie Yan and Xie Yao both headed for the bathroom and took a moment to freshen up.

“I’ll go make breakfast,” Xie Yao said. She was acting like a gentle housewife. The pink sling skirt she wore was cute and lovely.

“Sure.” Nie Yan nodded. He recalled that he would meet up with Guo Huai today. They still had a lot of business to take care of. 

After Xie Yao went to the kitchen, Guo Huai gave Nie Yan a call.

How’s everything on your side? Are the preparations finalized?」Nie Yan asked.

It’s all settled. Just like you said, we set up our main headquarters in Huahai. We already have close to 4,000 guild members joining. I also bought a villa near the Top Military Academy. It’ll serve as a gathering place for the members of Azure Windchime. This can be considered one of our branches. We have about 300 people there so far,」Guo Huai said. He had spared no effort. Asskickers United had ample funds anyway, be it in real world credits or in-game gold. Buying a villa was a drop in the ocean.

Where’s the villa?

Not too far from your place, it’s villa 785.」 

Nice, I’ll go take a look in a bit,」Nie Yan said. Guo Huai was quite efficient, recruiting so many people in such a short amount of time.

Alright, I’ll inform them.

Asskickers United was finally starting to walk the path of a gaming organization. This was definitely a good thing for their development. Those who could join the War God gaming organization were all elites of the guild. Gathering all these members together would be good for the unity of the guild, as well as making it easier for Nie Yan and Guo Huai to manage them.

I want to separate the headquarters in Huahai into five different groups and set up different requirements for each one,」Nie Yan said. This was his idea to filter out the best of the best. 

Guo Huai thought for a moment.「Not a bad idea. Kind of like our guild’s elite team or Thieves squad.

I’ll be troubling you again,」Nie Yan said. Ever since the guild was established, Guo Huai had been managing most of the guild affairs. He really did a lot.

What trouble?」Guo Huai chuckled and waved his hand. Asskickers United could also be considered his own enterprise. He had quite some shares in it. The guild was a money-making machine, and he was reaping in the benefits.

The two chatted about the future of the War God gaming organization. Nie Yan checked Asskickers United’s bank account. From since the game released to now, they had already earned close to ¥500,000,000 from the Dragonsoar Financial Group, Glory Financial Group, World Bloc, and several dozen other companies both large and small. He’d paid out ¥300,000,000 in salaries and bonuses to the players below him and the remainder would be used to invest in the War God gaming organization. This would be their war chest. Furthermore, he had also transferred over some funds from World Bloc, to be used when money was tight.

Nie Yan’s goal was to turn War God into a 50,000-member gaming organization, among which 20,000 were combat classes and 30,000 were production classes. Aside from recruiting within the guild, he also planned to mass recruit professional players on the outside. Of course, the elites of Asskickers United would get a little better treatment, and the better they were, the greater the benefits.

Which people are in the Huahai base?」Nie Yan asked. 

Beginner Student, Lustboy, Blue Yarn Thread, Tyrannical, Elegy, and them are all here. I’ll send you the list of names. More than half of the elites in the guild signed up. Many are still on the way here. The one who gave me the biggest headache was Sun. That kid suddenly showed up on my doorstep with his backpack asking to enter the War God gaming organization. I told him to finish school first, but the lil’ punk refused. So, I went ahead and listed his name in there. When he graduates, he can join as an official member,」Guo Huai said, finding it both funny and depressing.

Nie Yan chuckled.「Really, that kid.

After a while, Nie Yan received a document. It was a list of all the members in the War God gaming organization.

Nie Yan skimmed over the list. He was familiar with the first 300 or so names. He would occasionally chat with them in the guild chat. 

Nie Yan and Guo Huai spoke a little more about the branch in the Top Military Academy before ending the call.

After settling these matters, Nie Yan walked into the dining room. Xie Yao had already finished making breakfast and set the table. The two sat down to eat.

“Do you have any plans for today?” Xie Yao asked. She had overheard Nie Yan chatting with Guo Huai while in the kitchen earlier. 

“Yeah, you should come along. We’re going to visit a place close by here,” Nie Yan said. He still didn’t know the exact location of the villa Guo Huai mentioned.

The two chatted while eating.

Xie Yao leaned her elbows on the table and grabbed a slice of toast. Even though she acted carefree, her movements still carried a trace of elegance. Her delicate fingers looked like they were carved out of fine jade. Nie Yan couldn’t take his eyes away from them.

“What are you staring at...?” Xie Yao blushed.

“Who told you to dress so sexy? I can’t help myself.” Nie Yan chuckled. He looked her up and down with a lustful gaze before stopping on her chest.

The pink sling skirt Xie Yao wore completely exposed her arms. Her shoulders were slender and fair, so captivating Nie Yan couldn’t take his eyes away. 

When they were outside, Xie Yao dressed more conservatively. But at home, she always picked the most loose and comfortable clothing that revealed a lot of skin. Nie Yan had to constantly resist the urge to push her down.

Sensing Nie Yan’s perverted gaze, Xie Yao’s cheeks turned bright red. A peculiar feeling welled up from the bottom of her heart. She stuck up her chest, slightly proud of her womanly appeal.

Nie Yan felt the blood rushing to his groin area. However, he understood that now wasn’t the time to start playing around. He still had a lot of important business to take care of.

After a while, the two finished breakfast and started clearing the table. 

Nie Yan gave Xie Yao a light slap on her buttocks, then chuckled. “Come on. Hurry up and get dressed.”

Xie Yao’s shoulders jumped up as if an electrical shock ran through her. She stamped her feet and shot a reproachful glare before hurrying back to the bedroom.

The two left the house and headed for villa 785. 

After walking through the neighbourhood for about 20 minutes, Nie Yan finally found it.

“Is this the place?” Xie Yao asked.

“Yeah.” Nie Yan rang the doorbell.

After a while, someone opened the door. Seeing Nie Yan’s face, his eyes lit up with elation. He turned his head back and yelled, “The boss is here!”

“The boss is here! Quickly tidy up!”

“Hurry up!”


A huge commotion broke out inside.

“Boss, please come in,” he awkwardly chuckled. 

Nie Yan entered the house and was greeted by a large hall. There were about 300 people gathered here, including the likes of Undying Scoundrel, Lustboy, Monochrome, and Edgeless. After seeing him, they all shouted, “Boss, sister-in-law, welcome!”

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