Chapter 861 - Purifying Angud

Half-Demon Angud locked his gaze onto Nie Yan and pushed off the ground. 50 meters, 40 meters, 30 meters...

The Warriors in the expedition team threw themselves into the path of Angud, only to be knocked away. No matter how much of them went up, they couldn’t even slow Angud down, let alone block him.

When Angud was 29 meters away, Nie Yan’s pupils shrunk.

The ground within a 20-meter radius around Angud transformed into a whirlpool of quicksand. Angud got stuck, unable to lift his feet. No matter how much he struggled or tried to leap away, he only sank further in.

This was Violet Mist’s most powerful Quicksand Trap, super effective against bosses!

Nie Yan didn’t have high hopes of this trap locking Angud down for long. Just a few seconds, and he’d be happy.

“Nirvana Flame can’t move! This is our chance! Kill him!”

Over 60 Thieves from Angel Corps came rushing out from their hiding spots. They only had a singular goal, to kill Nie Yan!

“Scoundrel, Yao Yao, Sparrow Hawk, come and help! We can’t deal with all of them in time!” 

King of the World, Mistaken Smile, and Sun couldn’t block all these 60 Thieves from reaching Nie Yan. The rest of the expedition team members were busy dealing with the golden skeletons, so they couldn’t lend any help right now either. Nor could the other players who were stationed only a small distance away. They had their hands full with a 3,000-man team from Angel Corps rushing over.

Several Thieves were about to close in on Nie Yan, when Xie Yao arrived in front of them with just a few Blinks.

“Watch out for that Mage!”

“Kill her!”

Xie Yao waved her staff, casting a Rank 13 Holy Judgement. A massive pillar of light descended, only gaining in size.


BANG! BANG! Two Thieves failed to evade in time and were sent flying. 

One Thief escaped with Gale Step and tried to close in on Nie Yan. Xie Yao instantly blinked in front of them. With a wave of her staff, she fired a Holy Bolt.

Only a distance of two meters separated the two. The Thief had no time to react at all. BANG! His body flew through the air lifelessly.

Several of the Thieves further back broke out in a cold sweat.

“Shit, that Mage is too scary!”

“Ignore her! Deal with Nirvana Flame first!”

Two more Thieves were charging towards Nie Yan, when they suddenly both came to a screeching halt. Someone stood in front of them.

“It’s Sparrow Hawk! Run!”

“Get away!”

These were the last words the Thieves said. Tang Yao’s notoriety in Asskickers United was only second to Nie Yan’s. To the outside, he was an untouchable existence.

Tang Yao took quick care of these two Thieves with only a few spells.

Still struggling in the quicksand, Angud raised his hand and conjured an enormous fireball. He aimed it toward the ground below his feet.

BOOOM! The intense heat transformed the sand into glass, which shattered as Angud freed himself.

Angud leaped forward and landed 10 meters away from Nie Yan. He raised his fist, his face looking particularly sinister within the dark aura he was giving off.

Tang Yao waved his staff, summoning an Arcane Ice Shield in front of Nie Yan.

BOOOM! Angud punched the black shield and shattered it in one blow, practically disintegrating it as specks of ice crystals fluttered in the air.

“Shit! There’s no stopping him!” Tang Yao despaired.

Seeing Angud closing in fast, Nie Yan’s lips curved into a faint smile.

“Boss, run!” Undying Scoundrel cried out anxiously.

Nie Yan showed no signs of fleeing. Instead, he shouted, “Kelo, appear!”

WHOOOOSH! An unrivalled aura swept away all the players within a 60-meter radius. A giant tornado descended from the sky. Angud was sent flying away and crashed into the ground. He struggled to resist the fierce gale. The powerful new presence caused him to tremble in fear.

A large, burly figure appeared within the tornado.

“The boss did it!”

The surrounding Asskickers United players broke out in cheers. 

War God Kelo had come to their rescue!

The tornado gradually dissipated, revealing War God Kelo.

“You’ve used a Kelo Runestone. As promised, I’ll help you with one thing, granted it doesn’t violate my two conditions,” War God Kelo said.

Nie Yan glanced over at Angud. He was trembling uncontrollably, like a mouse who encountered a cat. He didn’t even have the willpower to flee.

“Sir Kelo, that demon over there came all the way over from the underworld to kill me and steal my treasures. I’m powerless to stop him. Please get rid of him for me,” Nie Yan said.

“Treasures? Are you talking about the Death God’s Edge?” War God Kelo asked.

“Yes.” Nie Yan’s heart trembled. War God Kelo wouldn’t be after the Death God’s Edge too, right? If that were the case, he was powerless to stop him.

“It’s no wonder evil creatures have their eyes on you.” War God Kelo chuckled. “Sure, I will carry out your request.”

Nie Yan breathed a sigh of relief. With Angud taken care of, that was one less thing to worry about.

War God Kelo walked over to Angud. He placed his hand over Angud’s head and muttered, “You pitiful abomination. May your suffering end here.”

Angud didn’t even dare to raise his head.

A pillar of holy light descended from the sky and enveloped Angud.

Angud’s body slowly melted away, not struggling in the slightest, before disappearing completely as if he were never there in the first place.

“Youngster, I’ve completed your request. I’ll be going now,” War God Kelo said before disappearing.

Since Angud was killed by War God Kelo, he didn’t drop any loot.

The Thieves from Angel Corps made a retreat. The 3,000 players a little further away followed suit.

With Angud’s death, their opportunity was gone. The brief moment where Nie Yan was human came to an end, his status as invincible reinstated. There was no reason for them to stay here any longer.

Nie Yan had finally gotten rid of a sharp thorn in his side. Now the only ones left to deal with were Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group. After that, Asskickers United's path to the summit would be unimpeded!

Corpses littered the ground. Nie Yan turned to Young Seven. “Revive Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the rest of the fallen.”

Young Seven, Painted Muslin, Black Heaven, and the other Priests walked over to the corpses and started reviving them.

After Angud’s death, the golden skeletons also collapsed into a pile of dust. The battlefield calmed down. The team members sat down to recover their health and mana.


Before long, Angel Corps, the Century Financial Group, and Pantheon received reports of Angud’s death.

Soaring Angel watched the video with a pensive look on his face. He sent a whisper to Cao Xu.

What are your thoughts, Brother Cao?」Soaring Angel asked.

Nirvana Flame is pretty lucky to get the help of War God Kelo. It’s a pity Angud died so soon. We could’ve used him to our advantage. Oh well.

Godking, that fool,」Soaring Angel cursed.

You can’t blame Godking on this one. There’s no way he could control a Level 180 Demonified Lord. Angud didn’t listen to anyone. Right now, we can only rely on ourselves to deal with Asskickers United.

Soaring Angel enlarged the video and locked onto the stone Nie Yan had crushed.

That stone is probably what Nirvana Flame used to summon War God Kelo. I wonder if he has any more.

It doesn’t matter if he has more or not. The crucial point is that there is a limited amount of them. Also, didn’t you hear the exchange between War God Kelo and Nirvana Flame? War God Kelo has certain conditions on lending his help. Logically speaking, if War God Kelo could be freely called at any time, Nirvana Flame would’ve used him to deal with Angud right at the start. Would there be a need to go through all that trouble? Likely, the requirements for summoning War God Kelo are quite strict. Not to mention existences on the level of Kelo can’t participate in the affairs between players. This is something set by the system,」Cao Xu gave his analysis.

Soaring Angel sank into silence. Cao Xu’s words made sense.

In any case, we’re already riding on the tiger’s back. We can only fight with Asskickers United until the bitter end. There’s no need to worry about these things. We can only deal with whatever comes our way. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.」Cao Xu chuckled.

Thank you for your guidance, Brother Cao,」Soaring Angel said. At times like these, he could not allow fear and anxiousness to warp his judgement.

Soaring Angel and Cao Xu took Angud’s death fairly calmly. On the other hand, Godking went into a flying rage. Angud was crucial to several of his important quests. Now, all of them had come to a premature end. Not to mention that Angud’s existence was one of Pantheon’s greatest trump cards. They were left with nothing.

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