Chapter 1059: Triumphant Progress

Chapter 1059: Triumphant Progress

While Zhuang Jing was speaking, her soul energy had suddenly increased to the point where she was instantly able to ascend to the Nirvana Realm.

Both Lin Jie and You Qianlan were dumbfounded by this incident.

The two women were just discussing with Zhuang Jing about the drastic changes happening in Boluo Realm, the Dark Soul Beast that had recently emerged amidst the Asura Race, and the future...

Then, Zhuang Jing trembled as soul energy spilled out of her body like a tidal wave. She informed them she was about to reach the Nirvana Realm.

—It was all so ridiculous.

“Senior sister, did you just say you’re about to reach… the Nirvana Realm? Are you absolutely certain?” Lin Jie opened her eyes.

“It has to be a mistake.” You Qianlan obviously didn’t believe her either.

Zhuang Jing didn’t have the leisure to speak with them. She suddenly closed her eyes before piling many high grade spirit stones around herself. She assembled them into a formation akin to a small Spirit Gathering diagram.

Zhuang Jing sat in the middle of the formation as moonlight spilled down her body like water. A sacred glow appeared from her face.

Silver colored moon essence spilled down from the moons of Boluo Realm.

The moonlight had descended straight onto her skull.

Soul water was rampaging inside Zhuang Jing’s Soul Lake. When silver-colored ripples slowly spread to the edge, the Soul Lake grew larger in response.

A strange feeling rose from the depths of her soul. Passages of secret arts relating to the Serene Moon Race forcefully imprinted themselves into her memories as if she just achieved enlightenment.

“Master…” Zhuang Jing whispered in her mind.

She had figured out that the gift had come from Qin Lie. She also knew that she was ascending to the Nirvana Realm.

“S-she’s actually starting to achieve a breakthrough!”

Lin Jie and You Qianlan probed around for a bit. Indescribable astonishment clung to their beautiful faces.

They were both stunned by the sudden change that had taken over Zhuang Jing.


At the Ancient Beast Race’s domain.


A blue lightning suddenly flashed through the sky and struck a volcano that never stopped gushing out lava.

The lightning went straight into the mouth of the volcano.


A burning body splashed right through the burning lava; lava that was hot enough to melt metal itself.

“Glug glug!”

Shocking number of fiery bubbles appeared and burst apart constantly on the surface of the lava pool.

A shocking amount of fire energy was rising to the sky as jets of flames.

The burning body that fell into the lava pool caused the heart of the volcano a rank nine Vermillion Bird used to cultivate in to boil up all of the sudden.

Fiery streams could actually be seen swimming inside the lava pool like fire snakes.

These streams of fire converged from all directions into a ball of flame.

Inside the ball of flame was a strong physical body that devoured the fiery streams like it was trying to transform into a sun.

“Bang bang! Boom boom boom!”

Several explosions incessantly resounded at the bottom of the lava pool. Fiery streams scattered everywhere like fireworks.

Long tongues of flame and burning lava spilled outwards and turned into many lava streams.

The winding streams at the bottom of the volcano illuminated this area of the Ancient Beast Race’s domain so that it looked like a fiery apocalypse was about to descend on them.

A dozen or so rank seven Vermillion Birds were living nearby. They all came to the volcano after they heard of the commotion.

The rank seven Vermillion Birds flapped their wings and flew above the mouth of the volcano. They stared at the bottom of the lava pool with their tiny, scarlet eyes.

They all saw a naked human cultivating deep inside the piery pool of lava.

“It’s that human youngster called Qin Lie.”

“He shares a deep friendship with Lord Tong Yan.”

“Mn, he is our friend.”

“Everyone, let’s guard him and make sure that no one disturbs his cultivation.”

The Vermillion Birds landed at the edges of the volcano’s mouth after discussing what to do for a short moment.

At the same time, a many foreign races in Boluo Realm were trying to leave through the Ancient Beast Race’s secret realm entrance to avoid the terrible disaster that might sweep through the entire Boluo Realm.

The Black Jail Race and Giant Race’s young clansmen were among them.

—They hadn’t received the latest news regarding the Asura Race yet.

Every clansman who came to the Ancient Beast Race’s domain thought that the Asura Race would soon slaughter every intelligent being in Boluo Realm now that their true identity had been exposed.

They all wanted to leave Boluo Realm through the secret realm entrance while they still could.

However, Teng Yuan had ordered the Ancient Beast clansmen to guard the secret realm entrance and prevent anyone from going through.

Naturally, conflicts had broken out between the foreign races and the Ancient Beast Race.

Qin Lie had chosen a bad timing to suddenly fall into the heart of the volcano and cultivate inside the lava pool.

Luckily for him, he had had close contact with Ancient Beast Race for the past few years. As a result, the Vermillion Birds living in Boluo Realm were able to obtain many precious cultivation spirit materials from him.

That was why the Vermillion Birds felt grateful towards Qin Lie. Not only did they remain calm after discovering that he was the one who was cultivating in the volcano, they even gathered at the mouth of the volcano to protect him.

At the bottom of the lava pool.

Wrapped inside a literal fireball, Qin Lie was absorbing fire energy madly into himself like a furnace.

His soul energy spread outwards and caused his Soul Lake to grow bigger and bigger.

The fusion between his blood and the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s blood suddenly quickened as his bloodline took in the geocentric flames.

His strength and potential were both evolving because of this.

The secrets of the soul and the space, and random tidbits of knowledge relating to the earth, the thunder and the ice clashed against one another inside his mind and generated many sparks of intelligence.

His pool of knowledge regarding the different types of powers was growing deeper and deeper.

His realm was also climbing upwards at an extraordinary rate.

A couple of hours later, his Soul Lake had expanded nearly five times its original size. The crystalline light balls of frost, thunder and earth spirit energy had also grown several times larger as well.

Wisps of deep blue fire gushed out of his pores as they performed one final merge with the Blaze Family bloodline.

As the moons of Boluo Realm disappeared one after another, he gradually realized that he was rapidly ascending to the late stage of the Fragmentation Realm at an extraordinary speed.

Moreover, it wasn’t the final stop of his evolution.

As the Dark Soul Beast’s body double injected yet another stream of soul energy into his soul, his enlarged Soul Lake was filled up, tempered, and widened once more.

The fusion between the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s blood and the God Race’s blood forced him to extract even more geocentric fire energy from the volcano. He could clearly sense his bloodline ascending to rank seven.

At the same time, the natal palaces in his spirit sea continued to expand larger bit by bit like living hearts.

When three moons were left in the sky, his spirit energy, soul energy and cultivation realm actually came near the line that was the Nirvana Realm.

“The Nirvana Realm…”

Qin Lie muttered to himself. Suddenly, he realized that his realm would progress triumphantly and uncontrollably thanks to the injection of soul energy, the fusion of his bloodline and the consequent explosion of power.

He kept on ascending.


At Soul Summoning Island.

Song Tingyu, La Pu and a few others were gathered around to the obsidian palace’s walls and staring at the secret realm entrance that refused to take form. Their expressions grew more and more solemn.

“The Ancient Beast Race had probably shut down the secret realm entrance on their side temporarily. That is why we cannot travel to Boluo Realm right now.” La Pu withdrew his hand from the wall and allowed the blinking secret realm entrance to fade away. “Miss Song, something must have happened in Boluo Realm, or the Ancient Beast Race wouldn’t have shut down their secret realm entrance. For now, all we can do is wait for Qin Lie to return from the other side on his own.”

“Wait…” Song Tingyu’s beautiful face looked bitter. “We can wait, but I doubt those people from the Ji Family could do the same.”

La Pu sighed. “I’ve contacted Tate of the Horned Demon Race, he can speak with the Qin Family’s old patriarch. But… the Nether Continent is at a critical juncture right now. Tate simply cannot abandon his post.”

“What should we do?” Song Tingyu felt a headache coming on.

At Flaming Sun island, the three Ji Family elders grew more and more impatient. All they wanted was for Qin Lie to come back as soon as possible and give them an explanation.

All three of them were Void Realm experts, and their strength wasn’t the only thing they had with them. Their background could frighten a weak-hearted man to death.

Li Mu, Duan Quanjie, Tang Beidou, and all other three-level Soul Altar experts who were present at Flaming Sun Island were all inferior, be it in terms of realm or identity.

They didn’t know what Qin Lie had done back in the chaotic streams of space.

That was why Li Mu couldn’t negotiate with the Ji Family on behalf of Qin Lie.

All they could do was wait for Qin Lie’s return.

However, something strange had obviously happened at Boluo Realm. The secret realm entrance had actually shut down...

Song Tingyu was sorely hardpressed.

“Worse comes to worst, we tell the Ji Family the truth. We tell them that the secret realm entrance of Boluo Realm had shut down for some reason,” La Pu suggested helplessly.

“I’m just afraid that they’ll think it’s an excuse.” Song Tingyu sighed.

La Pu hesitated for a moment before saying, “Why don’t you bring them over then? Considering their cultivation level, they should know that we’re telling the truth immediately after they see this.”

“Is this okay?” Song Tingyu sounded surprised.

“The Ji Family isn’t part of the six great forces, and they share no grudges with the Qin Family. I think they won’t try anything bad,” La Pu said.

“If you’re sure, then I’ll send a message to Flaming Sun Island and invite the Ji Family over right now. Is that alright?” Song Tingyu asked.

La Pu nodded.

Song Tingyu immediately took out a sound transmission stone and sent the message.

“Who is it?” La Pu suddenly exclaimed softly.

As it turned out, Lei Yan and Shen Kui of the Terminator Sect and the members of the Cullen Family such as Carey, Naji, Serine, Hester, and so on had arrived outside Soul Summoning Island.

“Why have you come, Senior Shen?” Song Tingyu exclaimed softly.

Shen Kui looked a little embarrassed. He explained. “Suluo Realm is gone, so the Cullen Family wishes to borrow this secret realm entrance to hide in Boluo Realm temporarily. As you know… Qin Lie promised Hester to compensate the Cullen Family for the loss of the Dark Soul Beast’s skull. That’s why I had brought them over.”

“I am the chief of the Cullen Family. Because we had escaped to this place, the nobles of Asura Realm may try to borrow passage from the human forces of the Central World and arrive at the Land of Chaos.” Carey stepped forward and saluted Song Tingyu in a manner of humans. Then, he said apologetically, “We cannot stay in the Land of Chaos for too long. Therefore, we humbly request Miss Song to give us passage to Boluo Realm. From what I learned, Boluo Realm had completely cut ties with the Central World of Spirit Realm. That is exactly the hiding place we need right now.”

“The secret realm entrance on the other side is currently sealed,” Song Tingyu said.

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