Chapter 1092: March into the Abyss!

Chapter 1092: March into the Abyss!

“What is going on, father?”

Serine rushed forward to meet a depressed Carey after she saw him.

Hester, Naji, Josh and the rest of the Cullen Family did the same.

Many of them had bloodshot eyes.

The recent days had been the most miserable experience the Cullen Family had ever had in their lives. They were chased out of their homes, forced to live under under an ally’s roof, and without hope towards the future.

Most of them didn’t even feel like cultivating.

Carey felt gloomy when he saw these people. A helpless and forlorn feeling rose in his heart.

He knew that his entire family had suffered because of his ambition. Because Naji stole the Dark Soul Beast’s skull, and Serine came to have a strange connection with it, the family had to part ways with the Asura Realm completely.

In the end, the Dark Soul Beast their entire family put high hopes in had exploded because of Qin Lie, leaving them with nothing.

They lost everything without gaining what they hoped to get. Everything the family once possessed was ruined by their enemies too.

Carey felt incredibly helpless.

He didn’t know how to save the Cullen Family. He didn’t know who could save the Cullen Family.

Just a few minutes ago, the presence of unfamiliar brethren had terrified him because he thought that they were hunters from Asura Realm or the Dark Soul Beast’s minions.

He had become as weak-minded as a bird that was startled by the mere twang of a bow.

“It’s nothing. I think I sensed our brethren just now, but… they were not familiar to me.” He actually turned around to console them after smiling bitterly. “We’re in Boluo Realm right now, so I doubt they’re from the five families of Asura Realm. They’re… probably from the other Asura Race branch in Boluo Realm.”

“I thought they were all enslaved by the Dark Soul Beast already? Why have they come over?” Hester asked in surprise.

“I don’t know. I only saw Qin Lie and the rank nine Vermillion Bird.” Carey shook his head.

“Qin Lie?” Serine looked surprised. “He was with our brethren earlier?”

“If they were even there, I haven’t actually seen them,” Carey said.

Serine pondered for a moment before saying, “A few hours ago, I… stopped sensing that stifling, terrifying pressure in my soul.”

“What do you mean?” Naji asked in confusion.

“The Dark Soul Beast has probably left Boluo Realm,” Serine said.

“What?!” Everyone exclaimed in surprise.

“Does that mean we’re finally safe?” Hester looked overjoyed.

Even Carey was moved a little.

It was at this moment Ge Rongguang flew over on an exquisite flying spirit artifact.

The flying spirit artifact came to a halt in the Cullen Family’s airspace. Standing on the flying spirit artifact, Ge Rongguang looked at the Asura clansmen and bowed slightly in greeting. “My master wishes to meet you all at Seven Spirits Islands when the seventh moon rises in Boluo Realm.”

“Seven Spirits Islands?” Carey looked confused.

Ge Rongguang turned sideways and pointed at a clump of seven continents floating not far away in the distance. “These are Seven Spirits Islands, Flaming Sun Island’s headquarters in Boluo Realm.”

“Qin Lie is your master?” An odd light flashed past Serine’s eyes.

Ge Rongguang nodded smilingly before continuing, “For your knowledge, the invite is extended to the entire Cullen Family.”

After that, Ge Rongguang turned around and left the area.

The Cullen Family gathered around and discussed about the invitation with great doubt.

Right now, five silver moons were suspended in the sky.

“When the seventh moon rises…” Carey frowned deeply.

Time passed quickly.

The Cullen Family hadn’t arrived at a decision yet, but suddenly they saw a lot of human experts pouring out of the mountain peak where the Ancient Beast Race’s secret realm entrance was situated.

Xu Ran, Lei Yan, and many familiar faces from the Terminator Sect were leading a lot of Nirvana and Imperishable Realm experts towards Seven Spirits Islands.

That wasn’t all. Feng Yi, Qi Yang, and Jiang An were moving out of the mountain peak as well.

“They’re the strongest forces in the Land of Chaos! Where are they headed to?” Hester exclaimed.

For many years, Hester was the liaison between the Cullen Family and the Terminator Sect. He often travelled between the continents of the Land of Chaos in order to carry out his duties.

He was intimately familiar with the leaders and Soul Altar experts of the Land of Chaos.

That was also why Hester was stunned beyond words to see the elites of the Land of Chaos entering Boluo Realm and flying towards Seven Spirits Islands.

“When the seventh moon rises…” Carey inhaled deeply before declaring, “Since Qin Lie had invited us to his place, we may as well head over and see what it’s all about.”

“The Horned Demon Race! The Dark Shadow Race! Even the Ghost Eye Race had come to Boluo Realm!” Suddenly, the Cullen Family’s elderly servant Josh cried out.

The Cullen Family immediately noticed that the three great races of Nether Realm were pouring out of the mountain peak as well.

Their destination was the same as the Silver rank forces’.

The Ancient Beast clansmen were spread out in some valleys and forests at the perimeter of the Ancient Beast Race’s territory. They seemed to be aware of today’s event, because none of them looked surprised by this.

That being said, they were watching the newcomers closely and ready for anything.

“So this is Boluo Realm! Look, there are actually seven moons in the sky. Beautiful. So beautiful!” Feng Yi exclaimed in admiration as he led Celestial Artifact Sect’s experts towards Seven Spirits Islands.

“Qin Lie must have a pretty formidable status in Boluo Realm.” Qi Yang looked at the wary Ancient Beast clansmen scattered at the perimeter and the seven floating continents named Seven Spirits Islands. “These Seven Spirits Islands were probably named after the seven forbidden lands of the Graveyard of Gods. It’s probably Song Tingyu’s idea.”

“Seven Spirits Islands are way bigger than Flaming Sun Island. This means that Flaming Sun Island has put down their roots in Boluo Realm already,” Wang Enze said.

The humans clicked their tongues in wonder as they praised the Boluo Realm. Their recognition of Flaming Sun Island’s strength and Qin Lie’s abilities had also been renewed.

“Luz, is this where you and your people were trapped in for several thousand years?” Gordon of the Horned Demon Race opened his eyes wide and sucked in a deep breath. Then, he said, “This shitty place seriously isn’t suited for us!”

“No Nether Realm plant or Demon Armor Insect could endure the three suns of Boluo Realm,” Luz replied bitterly. “We’re lucky that it’s currently nighttime, or this place would be even more unbearable.”

“You and your people truly are a tenacious bunch. You actually stayed here for over three thousand years!” Gray exclaimed.

“It’s not like we had a choice. We had to adapt in order to survive,” Luz said casually while shrugging. “Well, I was asleep for a very long time, so I escaped plenty of terrible experiences…”

Luz’s tone and appearance made it clear their life here had been very tragic.

“If Qin Lie hadn’t helped us, we would’ve been eliminated by Sun Palace and Lunar Temple,” Luz said calmly.

As they got closer to Seven Spirits Islands, Gordon and Gray spoke at the same time, “The Venerable One has a good grandson.”

Luz’s mouth split into a grin as he nodded. “As of right now, he’s just as good as the Qin Family’s patriarch!”

“He’s destined to surpass Qin Hao,” La Pu said calmly. He had come along with his people.

“Surpass Qin Hao, you say…” Luz looked surprised for a second before he smiled in response. “I guess that isn’t impossible.”

“You guys sure think highly of him.” Gray, clan chief of the Ghost Eye Race let out a chuckle. “Qin Hao was the most likely cultivator to surpass the three human emperors before his Soul Altar was destroyed. Are you saying that Qin Lie’s going to become stronger than even the Three Emperors?”

“You’ll understand what I mean in the future. The height Qin Lie may reach in the future is something none of you may ever be able to imagine.” La Pu spoke with eyes that reminded that of a zealot.

The three peak experts of Nether Realm couldn’t help but be moved by La Pu’s declaration.

For some reason, they suddenly felt that La Pu’s declaration might very well become a reality.

It was an indescribable and unfathomable, yet a most profound feeling.

At the largest floating continent of Seven Spirits Islands.

Qin Lie stood at the entrance of a giant rock palace and looked at the experts of all races advancing towards his direction.

The young man grinned and let out a clear, bright laugh. “Welcome to the expedition to the Abyss!”

“To become a Gold rank force!” Feng Yi declared gallantly.

“To evolve our bloodline to rank ten!” Gordon roared.

“To see the outside world!” Chu Li smiled.

By now, Carey and the Cullen Family had set foot on the giant island as well.

They knew that Qin Lie had summoned them over to transport them to another world after he heard the people’s shouts and the looks of excitement and curiosity on their faces.

He knew nothing about the Abyss.

However, when Carey saw the look of excitement, hope towards the future, passion and curiosity towards an unknown world on everyone’s faces...

His mind was suddenly made up.

He decided that he would lead his entire family into the Abyss.

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