Chapter 1124: Exposed!

Chapter 1124: Exposed!

“Blaze Spear!”

At the volcano crater, the tall and handsome Yan Feng summoned a scarlet spear that looked like a fire snake out of nowhere.

He urged his bloodline power and injected hundred of dazzling divine characters straight into his spear.

Sounds of fire energy exploding could be heard from within the spear. He abruptly stabbed the weapon straight at a rank seven Devil Flame Golden Lion.

The rank seven Devil Flame Golden Lion swung its dark red hoof straight at the spear.


Scarlet fire danced wildly in the air like thousands of fire snake. It was as if someone had detonated ten Blazing Profound Bombs at the same time. The fire snakes twisted in midair to form a mysterious fire formation.

Countless blaze divine characters sprung to life and trapped the Devil Flame Golden Lion inside the secret formation.

The rank seven Devil Flame Golden Lion had a tough body. It charged aimlessly and wildly inside the formation while roaring.

One by one, small wounds began to appear on the Abyss Devil’s skin.

Inside the fire formation, the Blaze Spear suddenly split into thousands of images and stabbed into the rank seven Devil Flame Golden Lion’s body.

The Abyss Devil was wounded all over the place in just a short time.

“Ring of the Burning Sun!”

A hot God Race beauty called Liu Yang giggled and made a hand seal with her slender fingers.

Wisps of orange flames bloomed inside her palm like flowers. The flame instantly transformed into the Ring of the Burning Sun.

In just three breaths’ time, three Rings of the Burning Sun about the size of a millstone had appeared at the same time.

Every Ring of the Burning Sun were sputtering Blaze divine characters. These Blaze divine characters were like fire spirits that contained Liu Yang’s refined soul thought.

The three fiery discs glowed red like a setting sun. Controlled by her soul thoughts, they rammed into another rank seven Devil Flame Golden Lion.

When the fiery discs had descended from the sky, they kept switching positions and alternating formations as if it was hiding a wonder.

Liu Yang herself was floating above the volcano crater. She was clad in a scarlet battle armor and surrounded by intimidating fire. It made her look more and more alluring by the second.

“Bloodline talent—Fire Soul!”

Another God Race woman who seemed quiet and gentle-natured, but had an equally hot body cried out softly before unleashing her bloodline power.

A blazing fire bird flew out of her bloodline and charged into the last rank seven Devil Flame Golden Lion.

“That’s the refined soul of a rank eight vermillion bird!”

Still hiding at the bottom of the pond where the heart of the volcano was, Qin Lie couldn’t help but be shaken by the sight.

The fire bird that had flown out of that mysterious woman’s blood was obviously the refined soul of a rank eight vermillion bird. This vermillion bird soul was tempered into some sort of fire spirit after it had been fused into the mysterious woman’s bloodline.

A fire spirit like this could merge perfectly with the Blaze bloodline. Once it was tempered and nurtured properly by the bloodline talent “Fire Soul”, its combat strength would become very impressive.

As he had expected, the woman simply stood by with a smile after she had unleashed her fire spirit made from the refined soul of a rank eight vermillion bird.

The fire spirit was fully locked in combat with the last rank seven Devil Flame Golden Lion.

She didn’t need to interfere at all.

Qin Lie knew that the Blaze Family had once gone to the Vermillion Bird Realm and forced the vermillion birds to submit to them.

A fierce war had broken out back then.

Many rank eight and rank nine vermillion birds were killed during that war.

The vermillion bird’s refined soul were claimed by the God Race as spoils of war. Later on, they granted them to those clansmen who possessed the bloodline talent Fire Soul.

Fire Soul was a bloodline talent that enabled a cultivator to nurture a refined fire soul and use them in combat.

It was a common but incredibly practical bloodline talent.

The three God Race man and women had rank seven Blaze bloodline. They obviously had the upper hand after they had executed their secret arts and challenged a Devil Flame Golden Lion each.

The real leader of the group, Gan Xing simply watched the battle with interest. He didn’t plan to join the fight.

The remaining members of the team had rank six bloodline. They all executed their own secret arts and attacked the weaker Devil Flame Golden Lion.

The volcano crater quickly became a war zone.

Beneath the lava pond, Qin Lie continued to watch on in silence as his blood kin did battle against the Devil Flame Golden Lions. Gradually, he began to understand how the God Race fought in battle.

Every Blaze Family clansman had a powerful physique. They didn’t fear fighting the Devil Flame Golden Lion in close range in the slightest.

This meant that their physique were as strong as the Abyss Devils’.

Even the women weren’t afraid to fight the Devil Flame Golden Lions at close range. The thought that they might be torn to bits didn’t cross their minds at all.

Not only was their physique as tough as a monster’s, they all possessed a bloodline talent of their own and was capable of executing secret bloodline arts such as the Ring of Burning Sun.

Besides that, they also wielded high grade spirit artifacts. For example, Yan Feng’s Blaze Spear and Liu Yang’s fire war armor were equipment that worked perfectly with their bloodline.

To sum it up, they had a powerful physique, a bloodline with near infinite uses, a considerable number of secret bloodline arts and high grade spirit artifacts. Almost none of these Blaze Family clansmen had clear weaknesses.

They weren’t afraid to engage anyone in close range or long range.

Moreover, they recovered quickly just like the Abyss Devils.

If the were hurt in battle, they could use the recovery talent of their bloodline, or stabilized their wounds with their bloodline powers for even quicker recovery.

Everyone of these fellows seemed like they were born for battle. Everyone of them looked like a natural warrior.

The powerful golden rank forces at the Central World might have stolen the bloodline of powerful ancient races for themselves, but their third generation cultivators—assuming that they were at the same realm as these God Race clansmen—would be no match for these people nonetheless.

Thirty thousand years ago, the God Race was already incredibly powerful. They had obviously become even stronger after fighting and evolving themselves in outer space for thirty thousand years.

Judging from their younglings’ performances, Qin Lie had reason to believe that their rank eight, nine, and ten bloodline experts had become stronger too.

Once they had gathered enough refined flesh and blood energy from the Abyss, once they had truly begun their invasion of Spirit Realm, the tragedy from thirty thousand years ago would almost certainly repeat itself—Spirit Realm might very well be conquered once more.

“Flame World!”

While he was still deep in thought, Gan Xing smiled and activated his bloodline talent.

A special world made of fire swiftly came to existence with Gan Xing at the center of it.

It was a world of fire where violent and explosive wildfire existed.

The Flame World enveloped all the God Race clansmen in combat.

These God Race youngsters with the Blaze Family’s bloodline grew more and more stronger. Because they were inside Flame World, their bloodline powers grew more and more active, and they looked like they all gained a sudden boost of strength.

Their secret bloodline arts, powerful spirit artifacts, and fire spirits made using their Blaze bloodline all became more powerful and deadlier than before.

These God Race juniors already had the upper hand to begin with. After Gan Xing’s Flame World had enhanced their abilities, their combat strength instantly skyrocketed to a new level.

The low rank Devil Flame Golden Lions were the first to be killed. The rank seven Devil Flame Golden Lion Liu Yang was fighting was severely injured by her three Ring of the Burning Suns and lost all ability to do battle.

Gan Xing’s Flame World had the ability to improve his kin’s bloodline activity and improve their strength massively.

All he needed to do was to activate Flame World, and most of the time it was good enough to win the battle.

The Devil Flame Golden Lions weren’t particularly powerful Abyss Devils in the Extreme Flame Abyss anyway.

That was why they quickly crumbled under pressure and were killed after he created the Flame World and improved his companions’ strength.


Suddenly, the tip of Gan Xing’s brow moved as he turned to look at the heart of the volcano in astonishment.

He slowly descended down the volcano crater while staring at the bottom with a pair of burning eyes.

“Oh no!”

Qin Lie frowned suddenly at the bottom of the lava pond.

After Gan Xing had created the Flame World, every God Race clansman who possessed the Blaze Family’s bloodline near him would experience increased bloodline activity.

Just the same, Qin Lie’s bloodline was affected by Gan Xing’s Flame World and became difficult to control.

His bloodline presence became obvious due to its increased activity.

Gan Xing’s senses became much sharper while he was within the Flame World. Naturally, he didn’t miss Qin Lie’s suddenly active bloodline.

Gan Xing was both astonished and suspicious of the bloodline resonance that had appeared out of nowhere from the bottom of the volcano pond.

He descended deep into the volcano, but didn’t go into the pond. Instead, he smiled and said, “Brother, are you cultivating the Molten Blood Art? Hehe, you’ve definitely chosen a good place for yourself. There’s a flame crystal vein here, so flame crystals will naturally form in this place every once in a while.”

Yan Feng, Liu Yang, and the others were busy killing the last of the Devil Flame Golden Lion. They all ignored Gan Xing’s unusual movements.

It was because they hadn’t detected a kin at the bottom of the lava pond like Gan Xing did.

Qin Lie knew that he was exposed the moment he heard Gan Xing’s words.

He thought that Gan Xing must have not recognized him, so after a moment’s consideration he activated his bloodline and turned his hair and eyes red like a God Race clansman would look like. Then, he slowly emerged from the lava pond.

However, contrary to his expectations, Gan Xing’s expression changed drastically as he exclaimed, “Why are you here?”

Qin Lie had never seen Gan Xing in his life, but Gan Xing had seen Qin Lie before through the secret mirror back at Spirit Realm’s chaotic streams of space.

Qin Lie had left a deep impression in him.

This was the Extreme Flame Abyss, and to Gan Xing’s knowledge Qin Lie had never left Spirit Realm. That was why he was completely stunned to find Qin Lie in this Abyss level.

He had no idea how Qin Lie had entered the Extreme Flame Abyss.

“You know me?” Qin Lie himself was confused.

He couldn’t remember Gan Xing at all despite scouring through his memories. He believed that he had never seen this man before.

In fact, Cang Ye of the Darkness Family was the only God Race clansman he had ever seen until now.

“Cang Ye is my cousin. I saw you back at Spirit Realm’s chaotic streams of space not long ago…” Gan Xing answered with surprising honesty. He didn’t hide this fact from Qin Lie at all. “Before my sister left, she asked you to give her a drop of lifeblood essence. However, you didn’t do as she requested. I was on the other side of that spatial passage, urging Sister Cang Ye to leave that place as soon as possible. Do you remember?”

Qin Lie abruptly recalled the memory.

Back then, a young man’s voice had urged Cang Ye to leave from the other side of the spatial passage. That was why she had left in a hurry.

Now that he thought about it, that voice did belong to Gan Xing.

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