Chapter 1139: The Ji Family of Central World

 Chapter 1139: The Ji Family of Central World

Qin Lie first came to Soul Summoning Island through Boluo Realm's secret realm entrance and then to Evil Infant Island.

When he appeared on Evil Infant Island, he caused the martial practitioners of Flaming Sun Island to shout. Yi Yuan quickly came over.

"Has that super-large teleportation formation to Central World been finished?" Qin Lie asked directly.

Before he led the martial practitioners of the Land of Chaos to invade the Frost Desolation Abyss, Evil Infant Boy, Tang Siqi, Mo Hai, Yao Tai and the other artificers were building a super-large teleportation formation towards Central World.

He thought if Evil Infant Boy's plan did not have any problems, they should have successfully built the teleportation formation by now.

"It has been successful!" Yi Yuan said with a smile.

"Very good!" Qin Lie became energized.

On Soul Summoning Island, inside the White Bone Nether Spirit Altar of Tate, there was a teleportation formation connected to the Nether Continent.

This teleportation formation seemed extremely important to Nether Realm. It could not always stay on Soul Summoning Island and it only connected to the Nether Continent.

That was not what Qin Lie needed.

He needed a super-large teleportation formation connected to Spirit Realm's Central World, one that would be useful for his future actions.

Hearing that Evil Infant Boy and the others had built such a teleportation formation, he became excited. This meant the artificers of Flaming Sun Island had made great breakthroughs in terms of teleportation formations.

His decision of letting Evil Infant Boy see the ancient diagrams was not a waste.

Under Yi Yuan's directions, he quickly came to the super-large teleportation formation that Evil Infant Boy, Mo Hai, Tang Siqi, Yao Tai and the other artificers had built.

This teleportation formation was almost three hundred meters wide. It used the Fate Crystals, Phantasm Stones, Ethereal Jade, Froststar Stones and other spatial spirit materials as base. Those stones were inscribed with exquisite diagrams, and there were spirit diagrams engraved inside as well.

The spatial spirit stones were placed in the grooves on the teleportation formation to provide power.

The entire teleportation formation was a hexagon shape. Each corner gave off strong spatial vibrations.

At this moment, only Evil Infant Boy was stationed here and saw Qin Lie's arrival. He snickered, his face full of undisguised pride. "We did not fail Island Master, we successfully built this super-large teleportation formation!"

"Good job!" Qin Lie's eyes were full of appreciation. He said with a smile. "For your next step, you can consider developing towards secret realm entrances. And see if you can build secret realm entrances between different realms."

"That is not so easy," Evil Infant Boy said bitterly.

"Small, mid, large, super-large teleportation formations, secret realm entrance, realm entrances. This is the path you have to advance on." Qin Lie grinned and said, "Creating a super-large teleportation formation means your talent and abilities are enough. You only have to keep studying and you will achieve breakthrough."

"We were able to build this teleportation formation because my good senior brother sent over the records Master had left behind about spatial arts." Evil Infant Boy sighed and said, "Even my master only had understanding of teleportation formations within the same realm. And he, in the past, was unable to build super-large teleportation formations. I received his entire inheritance, the ancient diagrams you showed me, and the intelligence of Mo Hai,  Miss Tang, and Yao Tai to build this super-large teleportation formation.

He paused and then said, "Also, we are just able to connect to the teleportation formation of the Nether Continent. I do not know if others are possible."

Before the teleportation formation was built, Qin Family notified the Ling Family on Nether Continent, and had them allow Evil Infant Boy to build with the Nether Continent's teleportation formation as the destination.

Evil Infant Boy and the others built this super-large teleportation formation but only actually connected over there.

They did not have the coordinates for the other teleportation formations in Central World, and could not test. They did not know if this teleportation formation could connect to others.

"There should be no problems." Qin Lie smiled and told the spatial coordinates to Evil Infant Boy. He said, "Help me teleport."

That spatial coordinates came from Ji Yao of the Ji Family. Ji Yao had given them last time he talked in secret on Seven Spirits Islands.

 Ji Yao hoped to form a close relationship with him.

He came from the Extreme Flame Abyss to Evil Infant Island because he wanted to find Ji Yao for a discussion through this teleportation formation.

"Our teleportation formation has only connected to the Nether Continent, we have not tried any others. I worry ..." The Evil Infant Boy hesitated.

"Just activate it, do not worry about anything else. Even if you throw me into the void, I can return." Qin Lie laughed.

Possessing the Star Door latent ability from the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline, he did not fear anything that would occur in the teleportation process. He did not worry about being thrown into the desolate unknown and void.

He could find his soul beacons and easily return.

He didn’t have to worry at all.

Seeing him so confident, the Evil Infant Boy hesitated for only a short while, and agreed to open the teleportation formation.

Qin Lie immediately approached the center of the enormous teleportation formation.

Before the Evil Infant Boy activated the teleportation formation, he told the spatial coordinates of this teleportation formation using a secret soul art for Qin Lie to remember.

Qin Lie nodded, and indicated for him to not delay and start as soon as possible.

The Evil Infant Boy activated the teleportation formation.

Countless beautiful white lines of light covered Qin Lie.

After a burst of spinning, Qin Lie's figure disappeared from Evil Infant Island.

It seemed to only be one moment, or a hundred thousand years. Qin Lie appeared in an ancient palace with slight bewilderment.

There were many copper blades, metal artifacts, and strange totems around the palace.

The place he stood was the center of the palace. The floor under his feet covered in mysterious spirit lines.

Those spirit lines formed a spiderweb. This was a complex spirit diagram that contained the rules of the universe.

"Who are you?"

A beautiful matron dressed in ancient robes sat at a corner of the palace and seemed to be inhaling the spirit energy of the world.

She saw Qin Lie suddenly arrive and appeared very shocked. She examined Qin Lie carefully to ascertain his identity.

"This is the Ji Family of Central World?" Qin Family asked.

The lady in ancient robes nodded and said, "This is ninth of the Ji Family's teleportation formations. Only people who are closely connected to the Ji Family will know the coordinates of this teleportation formation."

"Ninth..." Qin Lie was shocked.

Right now, Flaming Sun Island only had the one newly-build super-large teleportation formation. and the Evil Infant Boy was clearly not confident in it.

He knew that Song Tingyu had almost used a third of the spirit materials Flaming Sun Island stored to create this super-large teleportation formation.

With Flaming Sun Island’s wealth, they still had a difficult time building a super-large teleportation formation.

The Ji Family had at least nine of the super-large teleportation formations!

He immediately realized that Flaming Sun Island's wealth was most likely far from the resources of Gold rank forces of Central World.

"Elder Ji Yao told me the spatial coordinates of this teleportation formation. He told me to come if I had urgent matters," Qin Lie said honestly.

The lady in ancient robes heard him say this and her expression shifted. She suddenly said, "You are... Qin Lie?"

Her eyes were full of suspicion, her eyebrows slightly raised as though she felt it was incomprehensible.

"Have you seen me before?" Qin Lie grinned.

The matron snorted, and said directly," Yes, I have a terrible impression of you!"

Rubbing his nose, Qin Lie felt extremely awkward. He said, "The past is the past."

"I hope that the incident three centuries ago really changed you. Otherwise..." The matron looked at him and did not continue.

Qin Lie knew her next words would not be pleasing. He could only grimace and maintain his silence.

"Wait a while, I have already messaged my big brother. He will come soon." The matron thought for a moment, and said, "Stay in this place and do not leave so other people do not see you."

"So cautious?" Qin Lie was shocked.

He still wanted to tour the Ji Family and see how magnificent the Ji Family, the most ancient in the Central World, was.

He had not expected the matron to not allow him to leave the ancient palace.

"The people from the six forces are at the Ji Family," the beautiful matron said coolly.

When she said this, Qin Lie's face extremely darkened, and killing intent rose in his eyes.

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