Chapter 1167: Massacre

Chapter 1167: Massacre

Jun Tianyao’s shout had awakened some memories in Qin Lie. He began recalling the memories that used to belong to his other self.

Miao Yizi and Chen Lin were affiliated with the Qin Family since a long time ago.

Their masters used to be good friends of Qin Shan.

It was why Chen Lin and Miao Yizi often traveled together with Qin Hao.

Miao Yizi had already come to admire Qin Hao since she was a young girl.

Even Qin Shan and her master had played matchmaker in hopes that she and Qin Hao would become a couple one day.

Unfortunately, the young Qin Hao was a wild man who was absorbed in his pursuit of the pinnacle of the martial way. Miao Yizi was just a younger sister to him, not the most important partner of his life.   

Many years later, after ascending to a new realm at outer space, Qin Hao brought Qin Lie, a boy who had the Blaze Family’s bloodline back home. He declared that he had copulated with a woman of the God Race.

The declaration removed the final fantasy Miao Yizi harbored in her mind.

After that, Miao Yizi stayed inside her private realm and shied away from the outside world for a very long time.

By the time Miao Yizi accepted reality, calmed herself down and walked out of the private realm, Qin Lie was already a teenager.

Because he was born with two souls inside one body, a teenage Qin Lie wasn’t able to awaken his bloodline. He didn’t exhibit any exceptional talent in the way of martial arts either.

Teenage Qin Lie ultimately crumbled under the pressure because he wasn’t able to prove himself despite having to face the ridicules of the public and the disappointment of his family elders.

He started giving himself up to despair and letting himself go. All he wanted was to lead a careless life.

There was a period of time where Qin Hao was busy with his own cultivation, and Qin Shan was needed for the refinement of Divine Grade artifacts. Since neither of them could look after Qin Lie, they asked Miao Yizi to guide Qin Lie instead.

Qin Shao was hoping that Miao Yizi, a woman, would be able to inspire Qin Lie into pulling himself together and turning over a new leaf.

Miao Yizi didn’t harbor any favorable impression towards Qin Lie from the start.

At the time Qin Lie was at a low point of his life. However, she was disgusted by his actions, and her teaching methods lacked gentleness.

In Miao Yizi’s opinion, Qin Shan was the greatest artificer, and Qin Hao was a great ruler of a corner of the world.

Compared to them, Qin Lie was practically a good-for-nothing.

Resentful and impatient, Miao Yizi had treated Qin Lie extremely bad. The way they interacted always involved scoldings or beatings.

She didn’t realize that Qin Lie was overflowing with negative emotions because he was laughed at by the entire world at the time.

Because Miao Yizi had repeatedly provoked him, Qin Lie ultimately lost control and did a most terrible thing—he had tried to drug and rape her.

Luckily for her, her extraordinary cultivation prevented Qin Lie from succeeding. She even wounded Qin Lie severely as a result.

After that, she lost all hope in Qin Lie. She had also severed her ties with the Qin Family.

Once again, she hid inside her private realm and stayed there.

A while later, the news that Qin Lie had been tricked by Han Qian and Ninth Heaven and killed in horrible fashion reached her ears.

At the time, she thought that Qin Lie more than deserved his death because he had refused to change his ways even till the very end.

Later on, she learned that a furious Qin Shan and Qin Hao had attacked Ninth Heaven with their forces. She stayed silent.

Even later, she learned that the six great forces had joined hands, wounded the Qin Family severely and destroyed Qin Hao’s Soul Altar.

But she knew that there was nothing she could do about it.

She could only maintain her silence and watch everything unfold. She watched as the Qin Family exited the Central World, and everything else she knew changed beyond recognition.

At the Sun Palace’s public square.

Qin Lie abruptly recalled the past after Jun Tianyao’s ridiculing words reached him.

Miao Yizi was also running through old memories amidst Jun Tianyao’s hoarse swearings.

Qin Lie’s expression was unfathomable as he floated beneath the star door.

Seated above her six-level Soul Altar, Miao Yizi’s cool eyes were also etched with a hint of vacantness.

Jun Tianyao’s angry yells seemed to escape her mind.

Curtis, Teng Yuan, and the others were going to kill Jun Tianyao, but after realizing that the things he was speaking of were related to Qin Lie, they suddenly decided that it could wait.

They surrounded Jun Tianyao tightly, frowned and waited for his next instruction.

They knew that Qin Lie’s memories of the past were blurry. They thought that he might want to know more about what actually happened in the past.

That was why they let Jun Tianyao shout all he want.


In the end, Curtis decided to send a soul message to Qin Lie seeing that Jun Tianyao was still shouting above his sun Soul Altar like a mad dog.

He needed a clear instruction before he could act.

Curtis’s call slowly pulled Qin Lie back to reality.

He turned his gaze slowly towards Jun Tianyao.

“Do you really think you can change things just because your bloodline has awakened, you little bastard?” Jun Tianyao laughed madly after noticing that Qin Lie’s attention was caught. “The six great forces took out many of the Qin Family’s bases in outer space, and what did they do? They hid themselves even deeper like a flinching tortoise! Hahaha, the six great forces had already wounded the Qin Family grievously and chased them into the outer space three hundred years ago, and they’ll make sure to grind them to dust this time! It’s only a matter of time before you and that bitch are buried alongside the Qin Family!”

Jun Tianyao had noticed that the two Sun Palace Void Realm experts who accompanied him were killed by the dragons, the rank nine Vermillion Bird and the Asura clansmen.

Even further away, Miao Fengtian was controlling many Corpse Demons, rampaging across Sun Palace’s territory and killing even more Sun Palace martial practitioners.

He knew that the force he had created so long ago was going to turn into a piece of the Central World’s history very soon.

He could hardly stay calm as the force spent thousands of years to build was being destroyed right before his eyes.

It was why every word he said was filled with intense hatred.

“The Qin Family will not turn into dust, and I will not be buried alongside them.”

It was at this moment Qin Lie slowly walked off the Soul Beast avatar’s head and moved towards Jun Tianyao.

The Soul Beast’s mad and bloodthirsty aura drowned Jun Tianyao like an invisible flood.

“It won’t be long before I wash away the shame Ninth Heaven and the conspirators had flung upon me with their blood.” Qin Lie’s expression and tone was frighteningly calm. “But unfortunately for you, you won’t live to see that day.”

He sent an order to Curtis through the soul.

“Kill him!”

Curtis and a bunch of five-level Soul Altar Asura Race experts charged towards the sun screen Jun Tianyao had created for himself.

Teng Yuan, Nivitt, and everyone else understood that Qin Lie had laid down the order after seeing Curtis’s charge.

They too let out a roar and charged towards Jun Tianyao.

In an instant, Jun Tianyao and his six-level Soul Altar was engulfed by the beasts and Asura clansmen.

The golden light of his sun Soul Altar slowly died like the setting of a sun.

“Everyone, you have one hour to exterminate Sun Palace’s remaining forces as best you can and loot every piece of wealth you can find,” Qin Lie said calmly.

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