Chapter 1229: The Abandonment of the Bone and Winged Races

Chapter 1229: The Abandonment of the Bone and Winged Races

"How many of them?"

Hearing the Spirit Race was about to arrive, Gan Xing's expression grew grim and he asked for details.  

Stanca of the Winged Race, and Salleh of the Bone Race also came over, paying close attention to the matter.

Qin Lie looked at the numbers of Winged and Bone Races. He hesitated and said, "About thirty, compared to us... they are not at a disadvantage."

Gan Xing, Nan Qi, Wu Sha, and the other Blaze Family clansmen had serious expressions when they heard the Spirit Race had so many people.

They had fought the Spirit Race before, and knew the Spirit Race was stronger than the Bone and Winged Races.

A similar number of Spirit Race clansmen would be slightly stronger than their three factions.

Especially when the three factions may not be united at the crucial time.

"How far away are they?" Salleh said.

Qin Lie closed his eyes and measured the distance. He said, "About five kilometers."

Stanca and Salleh's eyes lit up. Their gazes changed when they looked at Qin Lie.

They knew that Qin Lie trained some strange beings that could feel nearby soul vibrations. However, they did not know the perception limits of the Spirits’ of Void and Chaos.

At this moment, when Qin Lie said the Spirit Race was five kilometers away from them, this meant that Qin Lie could feel the movement of enemies within at least that range.

It was no wonder that he had managed to find so many Bone and Winged Races' clansmen.

"Five kilometers, this range..."

Stanca silently thought and then felt a thread of respect towards Qin Lie.

He treated Qin Lie as the most terrifying person of the Blaze Family.

"Those Spirit Race clansmen are coincidentally moving towards us, or... do they know of us?" Gan Xing said urgently.

Qin Lie shook his head. "I do not know."

"Let's see what they want to do," Salleh of the Bone Race said.

"The Spirit Race is not so scary," Stanca sneered.

Gan Xing and Nan Qi were surprised and then immediately looked towards Qin Lie.

Qin Lie shrugged and said carelessly, "Let's watch and see. Maybe... they are coincidentally moving towards us and will go somewhere else later."

"Maybe." Gan Xing relaxed slightly.

Before the Bloodthirst, Light, and Darkness Families arrived, he did not want to have a conflict with the Spirit Race.

He also knew the Spirit Race who was also one of the four transcendent bloodline races was not any weaker than the God Race. He did not want to risk it.

"They are definitely coming towards us."

Suddenly, Xuan Luo, who was standing with Hong Kai, said.

Xuan Luo usually was stoic. This time, after the Profound Ice Family suffered a great defeat under his leadership, he was slightly depressed and his words grew fewer.

Standing silently at the side, Gan Xing, Nan Qi, Stanca, and Salleh almost forgot he existed.

When he spoke, everyone realized that there was another captain of a God Race family present.

He immediately attracted everyone's attention.

When everyone was looking at Xuan Luo, he said coldly, "This time, a mysterious person from the Spirit Race has come. Those Spirit Race clansmen all call her "Young Mistress." I did not actually see her because she is constantly surrounded and protected. But I know her soul consciousness is not affected by the Origin World. My squadmates and I encountered one of the Spirit Race squads and then were chased. No matter where we fled, she could find us."

Pausing, a hint of pain appeared in Xuan Luo's eyes. "Until we accidentally entered the range of those Abyss Devil hunters. The Spirit Race left us then."

"I am sure that mysterious Young Mistress knows our location so the Spirit Race has come in search."

Xuan Luo's expression was grave.

"Soul consciousness completely unaffected by the absolute darkness..."

The group heard his explanation and paled, their moods becoming heavy.

"Xuan Luo is correct, they are heading towards us in a direct line without any hesitation,"  Qin Lie said with a grimace.

"It is trouble." Wu Sha sighed.

Everyone looked at each other and then hesitated.

"What do we fear, let's see what they want!" Salleh said. "Maybe they want to work with us against those Abyss Devils?"

"Possible." Liu Yang's eyes lit up.

After Salleh said this, they all had hope and wanted to meet with the Spirit Race.

But Qin Lie shook his head.

He had met Sienna and Bagi already. He knew that Hao Jie and the others of the Bloodthirst Family had killed many Spirit Race clansmen in the secret realm already.

These Spirit Race clansmen clearly hated the God Race.

Last time, he couldn’t even present his partnership plan forced away by Sienna and Bagi.

He did not think that the arrival of the Spirit Race was good for them.

Yet Stanca and Salleh seemed to know the intentions of the Spirit Race. Adding on the other knew their precise location, there was no meaning in avoidance.

Therefore, he could only wait silently.

An hour later.

The Spirit Race clansmen he had felt with the help of the wood spirit arrived in organized ranks to where they were.

An enormous Darklight Stone made from several dozen pieces hung above their heads like a bright moon.

The Bone Race, Winged Race, and Blaze Family's Darklight Stones added together were not a third the size of the Spirit Race’s.

Just by the size of the Darklight Stone, they were at a great disadvantage. Their collective power... was probably no different.

His gaze looked below the enormous Darklight Stone and found that seven Spirit Race clansmen completely covered one figure there.

He could not clearly see the appearance of the Spirit Race girl.

And Sienna, who he had once met, walked out of the Spirit Race crowd in front of him.

"Stanca!" Sienna's expression changed.

Stanca of the Winged Race seemed to know Sienna. Hearing her exclamation, he couldn't resist putting his head up proudly.

"Why have you come to find us? Do you want to work together against the Abyss Devils?" Gan Xing walked out with a smile.

"We want to work together, but not with the God Race!" Sienna twisted her lips and then said to Stanca and Salleh. "Our Young Mistress invites the Bone and Winged Races to work together against the Abyss Devil group which has taken over the Origin Sea. What do you think? Let me say first, if the Winged and Bone Races do not agree, then we... will immediately fight!"

When she said this, a strange vibration came from the center of the Spirit Race clansmen.

All of the people who did not have any perception in the Origin World could clearly feel that vibration.

Suddenly, everyone, including Qin Lie, felt as though space was twisting, time was in chaos, fate was unpredictable, and their lives were flowing away.

In this moment,  everyone felt that time, space, their bodies and souls were breaking apart.

This was completely loss of control of their environment, their bodies and souls.

"She, she is..." Stanca had a shocked expression.

Sienna smiled slightly ands aid, "You’ve heard of her. She is our Young Mistress—Indigo."

"I am willing to join you!" Stanca suddenly shouted.

Sienna looked towards Salleh.

That terrifying power vibration seemed to turn tangible, becoming the power of time that softly landed on Salleh's white jade bones.

The son of the Bone Race patriarch showed a hint of terror in his eyes. He seemed to see his body was going to corrode as if it had experienced millions of years.

The resistance he attempted was futile.

"I also agree!" Salleh screamed.

"As expected of Salleh, smart enough and pragmatic," Sienna praised.

The time power that had been applied to Salleh disappeared along with her words.

Qin Lie, Gan Xing, Xuan Luo, Nan Qi, and the other God Race clansmen felt the terror of space and time twisting, and their lives flowing by. Hearing Stanca and Salleh's betrayal, they felt completely cold.

They could not avoid feeling terrified of the "Young Mistress" the Spirit Race was protecting, and felt helpless.

"Spare them, they helped us! At least... do not attack this time." At this time, Salleh shouted, looking at Qin Lie and the others.

"This time, please spare the Blaze Family! We were saved by them!" Stanca shouted.

Sienna had a shocked expression. She looked back behind at the Spirit Race clansmen and felt with her soul.

A strange soul thought rippled in her mind. She immediately knew the Young Mistress's intentions.

"Alright. Young Mistress has agreed to your request. We will not attack the Blaze Family this time. You two, order your fellows to leave with us, immediately!" Sienna said unwillingly.

Suddenly, all of the twisting space, and power vibrations disappeared.

The young girl protected by the circle of the Spirit Race clansmen had turned and left at this time.

Stanca and Salleh hurriedly ordered their clansmen to follow the Spirit Race.

These two walked at the rear. Under Sienna's gaze, Stanca said to Qin Lie, "I apologize, we are not their match."

Salleh said, "Take care."

Hesitating, he also said, "Let me advise you. Before you meet with the clansmen of the other families, do not attempt to fight the Spirit Race."

Then, he and Stanca turned and left under Sienna's urgings.

Sienna left a few words herself. "This time, you were lucky!"

Qin Lie and the Blaze Family watched as they were abandoned by the Bone Race and the Winged Race. Facing Sienna's cold disdain, they felt greatly humiliated.

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