Chapter 1251: Soul Split

Chapter 1251: Soul Split

His ability to perceive things with his soul seemed to have gotten a lot stronger after his True Soul had swam out of his body.

He even had the vague feeling that his soul range was higher than Spirits’ of Void and Chaos.

That’s why he didn’t hesitate and sent his soul flashing towards the Origin Sea at an astonishing speed.


Suddenly, an unnatural soul energy targeted him instantly like some sort of predator hunting in the deep sea.

A ghastly, dark green flame appeared before him before he could even react.

“Hehe! I’ve been watching you for a very long time. You separating your soul from your body is exactly the opportunity I’ve been waiting for!”

Thamur’s soul shockwave suddenly spread out and enveloped the entire world in an instant.

Originally, Qin Lie was just planning to investigate the Origin Sea with his soul intent. However, Thamur’s sudden appearance caused him to withdraw unto himself immediately.

He also realized that Thamur had labeled him as a target ever since he had that conversation with him.

Perhaps Thamur was hiding in the dark and observing his every movement until now.

As a member of the Soul Race, Thamur was born as a soul with no body. He must’ve hidden his soul presence using some special method.

That was why neither the Spirits of Void and Chaos nor he himself had detected Thamur at all.

For the past few days, Qin Lie had spent most of his time cultivating the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram. However, he had never tried to act recklessly or separate his soul from his body.

Thamur knew that Qin Lie had a Flesh Filling Tombstone. He also knew how powerful Qin Lie would become if he fused with the artifact.

Even Indigo of the Spirit Race had suffered terrible injuries despite being under the protection of many Spirit Race clansmen. That was why Thamur dared not act recklessly.

However, the Flesh Filling Tombstone was next to useless to a True Soul that had left its physical body.

That was why Thamur lost his patience and attacked Qin Lie!

At first, Thamur looked like a dark green flame. When Qin Lie tried to withdraw his True Soul and return back to his body, the flame suddenly split into many parts.

The flame split into two at first. Then, two turned to four, and four turned to eight...

In an instant, the flames surrounded both his physical body and his True Soul.

Not only were the ghastly flames identical in size, he could sense Thamur’s soul presence in all of them.

Thamur’s odd laugh rang out of each tongue of the ghastly flame.

“If there is one thing you absolutely shouldn’t have done in this Origin World, it would be separating your soul from your physical body. You’re just a mixed-blood who happens to be accomplished in the arts of the soul as well. What good are your bloodline powers and Flesh Filling Tombstone to you without your physical body?”

“Hehe, I’ve been observing you and looking for an opportunity all this time.”

“There was a time I even thought my efforts were wasted.”

“Who would’ve known you would deliver yourself right into my hands!”

Thamur’s souls let out a strange howl as a strange ripple gathered around Qin Lie.

The ripples seemed to disrupt or outright severe the connections between Qin Lie’s soul and physical body.

They kept his soul from fusing seamlessly with his body no matter how he tried.

As a result, his soul kept wandering outside his physical body fruitlessly.

“I’ve severed the connection between your soul and your body with the Soul Disrupting Secret Curse. It won’t be easy for your soul to fuse back into your body.”

Thamur’s soul flames continued to unleash their power as they floated in the sky.

More dark green flames lit up from the distant darkness.

Dressed in black robes from head to toe, Thamur slowly came into view as he walked towards Qin Lie. The ghastly flames floating above Qin Lie’s head looked like they were cheering at their True Soul’s arrival.

Many unusual soul thoughts suddenly filled the soul magnetic field. Each and every was filled with negative emotions.

Qin Lie felt like he could hear the cries of a baby, the shouts of a hawker, the argument between husband and wife, the sounds of a battlefield, the sounds of sex...

Thousands of different noises exploded as if a strange soul curse was triggered.

Suddenly, he felt like his soul was being invaded by the noises. The clear outline of his soul slowly turned blurry.

It was as if those voices were imprinting many tiny foreign soul energies into his soul.

Not only did his soul turn blurry as a result, even his soul intent were slowly coming under Thamur’s control.

“I will slowly deplete your soul energy so that your consciousness will become weak and blurry. Then, I’ll turn you into my soul servant with the my race’s secret art.” Thamur’s eyes glinted excitedly from beneath his hood. “I will turn you into the strongest soul servant I have in this secret realm! I will send you back to the God Race and make you fight Hao Jie, who also has a Flesh Filling Tombstone, when the time is right! Once Hao Jie is dead, no one in the God Race can threaten me!”

“Of course, by that time the God Race will have dealt with those damnable Abyss Devils!”

“Diga, Cang Ye, Hao Jie, Ming Xu, Indigo of the Spirit Race, Salleh, Stanca; I will devour all of your souls and refine them for my own needs!”

“I will slaughter every youth of the Abyss Devils, the God Race, the Spirit Race, the Bone Race and the Winged Race in this Origin World!”

“I will obtain everything that exists in this secret realm!”


Thamur laughed madly as he revealed his thoughts and true intentions. He seemed sure that Qin Lie wouldn’t escape his grasp.

“The Soul Race’s Soul Disrupting Secret Curse, huh…”

Qin Lie muttered to himself as he listened to the thousands of different voices, watched his soul turning blurry and felt his consciousness slowly slipping out of his control.


Suddenly, his soul exploded into countless electrical sparks like fireworks.

His intact soul instantly split into tens of thousands of tendrils.

The soul fragments rained on Qin Lie’s physical body. It sucked them all up like a sponge.

The soul tendrils flowed back into his Soul Lake like a stream.

By splitting his soul and reabsorbing them, Qin Lie successfully retracted his True Soul back into his Soul Lake.

Even better, all the foreign soul energies that had seeped into his soul were crushed into nothingness during the process.

“Soul Split! Soul Merge!” Thamur screamed. “That’s, that’s my race’s secret art! How on earth are you able to use them?!”

“Don’t forget that I’m a mixed-blood. I am also a human of Spirit Realm.” Qin Lie instantly returned to full power after his soul had refused with his body. “A Soul Race clansman once visited the human race. He was called the Soul Progenitor. The Soul Progenitor had taught us much about the Soul Race’s secret arts, and I’m one of those who were lucky enough to acquire his inheritance.”

He mixed both lies and truths in his words. He used the Soul Progenitor to confuse Thamur and hide his own miraculous grasp over the soul.

“Did he appear to your realm thirty thousand years ago?” Thamur looked shocked.

Qin Lie answered after his initial surprise wore off. “That’s right.”

“It’s him! He, he went to your realm!?” Thamur exclaimed.

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