Chapter 1281: Stance

Chapter 1281: Stance

Thamur had abandoned his flesh and blood puppet and went straight for Qin Lie. His soul had split up into many green ghostfire that suddenly surrounded the human youth.

The flames kept changing and displaying all sorts of blurry faces and soul figures. They seemed to form a strange soul-bewitching formation.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie had arrived at a critical point of his inscription.

But Thamur’s sudden arrival and fierce soul attacks had put him in a dilemma.

He couldn’t stop inscribing the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram until it was finished. If he did, the spirit diagram would collapse, and all of his efforts would be for naught.

All the lifeblood essences and soul energy he had used would be wasted.

However, this meant that he couldn’t deal with Thamur’s soul attacks.

Suddenly, two figures took to the air while he was still hesitating.

The moment he shot a glance toward their direction and noticed who they were, he abruptly relaxed and once again concentrated on the unfinished ancient spirit diagram.

He had no doubt that Ling Yushi would protect him from Thamur.

For whatever reason, he was equally confident that Indigo was here to help him as well.

Ling Yushi’s grasp of the soul had already escaped the borders of his imagination.

As the Spirit Seed whose bloodline exhibited space, time, life, and fate attributes, all at the same time, Indigo was well-versed in the arts of the soul as well.

He was certain that Thamur couldn’t threaten him as long as Ling Yushi and Indigo worked together to protect him!

That was why he chose to inscribe the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram instead of protecting himself.

“Get out of the way! I don’t want to waste any time on you two!”

Thamur’s dark scream seemed to resound from every flame tongue. The ghastly green flames that numbered almost a hundred wriggled as if they were growing in size.

A shocking amount of soul ripples were spreading to the surroundings.

Thamur’s terrifying howls seemed to affect only the soul. They spread across the land in every direction and threatened to flood the entire world.

Suddenly, Qin Lie discovered that the soul thoughts he had imbued inside the blood threads were breaking as if they were cut by Thamur’s howls.

His soul tendrils were being cut into many pieces as well.

Qin Lie had no choice but to stop inscribing the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram that was more than half complete.

He stopped the Sky Piercing ancient spirit diagram from collapsing immediately with a portion of his soul consciousness.

At the same time, he sent a soul thought to Ling Yushi and told her to fight Thamur.

“Keep him busy!” he yelled.


Purple bolts of lightning flew out of Ling Yushi’s eyes and swam across the sky.

A soul magnetic field that belonged to no one but herself suddenly enveloped a portion of the world.

Countless purple lightning bolts joined one another to form a purple domain.

The domain looked chaotic and unclear. It looked like a terrifying purgatory that shackled the soul.

Amazingly, the ghostfire Thamur’s soul had split into started being sucked into Ling Yushi’s soul magnetic field uncontrollably.

“The Nine Hells Monarch’s Soul Purgatory!?” Thamur exclaimed.

“That’s right,” Ling Yushi said coolly.

Her purple pupils seemed to hide two soul seas. In fact, they looked just like Nether Realm’s “Nine Soul Hell”. They seemed capable of devouring a person’s soul.

Suddenly, giant waves appeared on the soul seas in Ling Yushi’s eyes.

Purple patterns suddenly covered the purple space made of purple lightning. It was as if a bridge to another world had been made.

Earlier, Thamur’s soul flames had threatened to engulf Qin Lie. Now, they were being drawn into Ling Yushi’s strange domain like metal to a magnet.

The strange howl that had cut Qin Lie’s soul tendrils apart suddenly came to a stop.

Qin Lie was freed from Thamur’s influence.

He even had the leisure to observe his surroundings.

He noticed Indigo hesitating and wondering if she should participate in the action.

Her clear, gem-like eyes turned occasionally towards Ling Yushi and him. She seemed afraid that Ling Yushi might misunderstand something.

Qin Lie hesitated for a moment before sending Indigo a soul message. “She’s my fiancee…”

“Mn.” Indigo nodded from afar as if she had caught his meaning.

She didn’t rush to attack Thamur, however. Instead, she moved away from Qin Lie and left the heavy responsibility of protecting Qin Lie to Ling Yushi completely.

The reason she did this was because she noticed that Ling Yushi was fighting Thamur equally.

If Ling Yushi alone was enough to defend Qin Lie, then there was no need for her to interfere. She didn’t want to act overly hasty and cause Ling Yushi to misunderstand her intentions as a result.

That being said, she was still paying attention to Qin Lie despite moving further away from him.

The moment Ling Yushi showed any signs of defeat, she would act without hesitation and stop Thamur from hurting Qin Lie.

“Thamur seems to be targeting Qin Lie alone…”

Meanwhile, Xuan Luo of the Profound Ice Family said uncertainly near the Origin Sea.

“That has nothing to do with us!” Nan Qi snorted coldly. “This is good. Ming Xu, Cang Ye, and Hao Jie can claim the Origin Crystal while they’re fighting!”

The eyes of the God Race clansmen lit up.

Luckily for them, the four threats who were well-versed in the art of the soul and had the power to claim the Origin Crystal for themselves were being kept busy.

Thamur, Qin Lie, Ling Yushi, and Indigo. None of them could afford to focus on the Origin Sea right now.

In the end, Ming Xu, Hao Jie and Cang Ye were free to explore the Origin Sea without any distractions.

Since the situation was most advantageous to them, the God Race was perfectly fine with leaving things be.

In fact, Nan Qi and a couple others couldn’t wait for Ling Yushi and Indigo to fight Thamur to the death and become wounded in the process.

Gan Xing, Liu Yang, and Wu Sha were the only ones who looked worried.

They had wanted to help Qin Lie the moment they saw that he was being attacked by Thamur.

But when they remembered that Yan Feng had died at the hands of the Abyss Devils, and that Qin Lie and Ling Yushi were engaged to each other, they couldn’t help but hesitate.

They gradually realized that their kin’s death and Qin Lie’s clear protectiveness over Ling Yushi had driven a wedge between them.

“There are some things you really can’t ignore after they've happened.” Gan Xing sighed in his heart.

“Gan Xing… will we become enemies with Qin Lie in the future?” Liu Yang asked suddenly.

Gan Xing hesitated for a moment before smiling bitterly. “That depends on him.”

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