Chapter 1394: Implanting a Devil Seed

Chapter 1394: Implanting a Devil Seed

“Oh, nothing,” Qin Lie replied, but it was clear that his eyes were saying a different thing.

He currently possessed two Soul Beast avatars and a troop of soul slaves at Boluo Realm and the Frost Desolation Abyss. Just now, he could’ve conjured a star door to Sky Bearing City, Boluo Realm, or Frost Desolation Abyss, but in the end he chose to come to Dark Natal Realm where the Blood Soul Beast was instead. It was because he figured that Mia, a member of the Profound Ice Family, would follow him.

At Sky Bearing City, the Ji Family, Sky Mender Palace, and the citizens of Sky Bearing City were present.

At Boluo Realm, the Ancient Beast Race, Giant Race, Black Jail Race, and other foreign races were present.

Even at the Frost Desolation Abyss, there were Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos and the Asura Race.

As of then, the news that the God Race had invaded Spirit Realm should have spread already, and the excuse the six great forces were using to oppose the Qin Family was that the Qin Family was in cahoots with the God Race.

If he brought Mia back to either one of these locations, he would draw criticism and even suspicion from his fellow allies.

At that point of time, the only thing he could do to clear his name would be to kill Mia on the spot.

But if he did that, Han Che of the Profound Ice Family was sure to break out in madness. Their invasion of Spirit Realm would become many times bloodier as a result.

—That wasn’t the outcome he wished to see.

That was why he had brought Mia to the desolate Dark Natal Realm, specifically the underground prison where the Blood Soul Beast was busy digesting its food. This way, no one would realize their presences.

“You seem to be harboring malicious intent towards me.” Mia snorted. “Our race has never been friends with the Soul Race. Do your people really understand the consequences of colluding with the Soul Race?”

She still thought that Qin Lie was a pawn the Blaze Family had planted in Spirit Realm.

“Your father probably loves you a lot, and both you and Xuan Luo are the two young experts with the highest potential within your family…” Qin Lie rubbed his chin while thinking out loud. “Maybe I can use you and slow down the Profound Ice Family’s footsteps a little. Spirit Realm used to be the Blaze and Darkness Families’ territory, and it is only right that it falls back into our hands even if we were forced to leave thirty thousand years ago, don’t you think?”

“What?” Mia reacted to Qin Lie’s words after she had recovered. “You can’t seriously think that the Blaze Family and the Darkness Family are strong enough to conquer Spirit Realm like they did thirty thousand years ago? If you do, then why did you even ask the rest of the families to join in?”

Qin Lie chuckled, but didn’t reply. He was content to see Mia being misled and unable to see through his true intentions.

Mia’s icy face was gloomy and dark. Puzzlement slowly turned her eyes cloudy as she sank deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole Qin Lie led her in.


Shattered Ice Realm.

The martial practitioners of the six great forces led by Pei Dehong and Hong Ju relaxed as they waited for news from Kong Kun.

They had used the Heaven Reflecting Divine Mirror to capture an image when Qin Lie and Han Che had made contact with each other. They had given the image to Kong Kun so that he could bring it to Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family, confident that the “evidence” was enough to convince them to turn their backs on the Qin Family and join forces with them.

That was why they had temporarily halted their attempt to invade Shattered Ice Realm.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Suddenly, two twisting tornadoes flew out from within Shattered Ice Realm.

The tornadoes were so powerful that any ice or mountain that came into contact with it was instantly grinded into dust. They were so terrifyingly powerful that every Spirit Realm expert present in the area had turned pale with fright.


An earthshaking roar resounded from inside the tornado. The roar was imbued with devilish mental energy, filling these people with terror and despair.

All the Genesis Realm experts and rank ten bloodline experts of Spirit Realm were trembling slightly when they saw the incoming tornadoes and heard the ear-piercing howl.

It was as if an infinite sea of terror and despair was threatening to flood them all.

The domain of negative feelings had affected every peak expert present in this area. The thought that they couldn’t win suddenly become embedded in their minds even before the battle had started.

The strange mentality kept them from being able to unleash their full strength.

“What is that thing?” Pina of the Sea Race screamed.

“Fresh meat!”

Despair Devil King’s strange laugh resounded form inside a tornado. Then, he flapped his massive black wings, flew out of the tornado and descended on them like he was the sky itself.

The strange power of despair was quietly seeping into the Spirit Realm experts thanks to his bloodline power.

A despair devil seed had appeared in every peak expert’s hearts after his bloodline had seeped into their bodies. The despair devil seeds then started absorbing their despair and grew bigger.

Despair Devil King’s most proficient bloodline trait was his ability to plant a despair devil seed inside the bodies of his enemies.

The moment a despair devil seed took root inside his enemy’s body, it would absorb the energy born from their despairing thoughts and emotions and grow.

The more despair the despair devil seed absorbed, the stronger Despair Devil King became.

This in turn would increase Despair Devil King’s oppressive mental powers even further, make his enemies feel even greater despair, and enable him to absorb even more despair power from them.

It was a perfect cycle. If his enemies felt less confident in the process or despaired while they were fighting against him, the devil seed would seize the opening in their hearts and slip in.

Most of his enemies were drained to death by the despair devil seed inside their bodies before he even got serious.

“I am Despair Devil King of the Chaos Abyss, and I have come here today to give your souls infinite despair!” Despair Devil King spread his wings wide, and a tidal wave of despair instantly flooded every Spirit Realm expert beneath him.

Behind him, Terror Devil King had also flown out of his hurricane, swinging his giant tail and laughing sinisterly. “We have found a black hole that leads to Spirit Realm, and my people will be invading Spirit Realm and paying you all a visit very soon!”

Despair Devil King and Terror Devil King’s words made them feel even more terrified and desperate.

Right now, the Profound Ice Family had encamped themselves at Shattered Ice Realm. This was a clear sign that the rest of the families would be making their way to Spirit Realm very soon.

The God Race alone was enough to make them feel uncertain of the future. None of them were fully confident in that they would be able to repel the God Race.

Then, these two Devil Kings of the Chaos Abyss had popped out of nowhere and declared that even more Abyss Devils would soon invade Spirit Realm en masse.

The sheer terror that Terror Devil King had created with his words was even bigger than the despair the other had induced in them!

Terror Devil King hadn’t taken any action yet, but the power of his words alone was greater than the world of despair Despair Devil King had thrown them in. Their minds threatened to break even before the battle had begun.

“The Abyss Devils plan to stick their hands into Spirit Realm as well? Then I will make an example and warning out of the two of you.” Suddenly, a loud voice rang from above Despair Devil King and Terror Devil King. At the next second, a man jumped down from a giant hole in space that had appeared all of a sudden.

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