Chapter 1428: Entanglement of Fate

Chapter 1428: Entanglement of Fate

"To kill him and become the new master of the Flaming Sun Abyss?"

Indigo's brow furrowed. Her light blue eyes turning cold.

She did not disguise her hostility towards Betty.

She knew this beautiful Spirit Race woman was stronger than Oktan. If Betty wasn’t a female, Oktan would have no chance of ever becoming the patriarch of the Spirit Race.

Betty had the fate, life, and space bloodline attributes. She was intelligent from childhood and exhibited stunning talent.

Back then, Betty had not entered the Origin World purely because her bloodline had already reached rank eight.

Before the Origin World became the Flaming Sun Abyss, it limited the entrants to those with bloodlines lower than rank eight.

At the time, Oktan had a rank seven bloodline.

She and Oktan were of similar age, and both had three bloodline attributes. She was usually indolent on her cultivation, but her bloodline rank was always higher than Oktan.

Oktan thought himself the leader of the new Spirit Race generation, but would always be defeated when encountering her.

She was the person Oktan did not want to provoke the most.

Her indolent cultivation and bloodline rank surpassed the hardworking Oktan. And she came from the oldest of the Spirit Race families, the Daniels Family.

The Satorius Family that Oktan came from was a relatively large family in Spirit Race but couldn't compare to the Daniels Family.

The Daniels Family could be said to be the most ancient and strongest family of the Spirit Race.

This family had produced the most patriarchs and Great Sages in the history of the Spirit Race.

From the current leaders, Great Sage Tian Qi came from the Daniels Family. The Daniels Family also had the most rank ten bloodline warriors.

If not for Indigo's appearance, if Betty wasn’t completely devoid of ambition for the throne, if she wasn't a woman...

Oktan wouldn't even have a chance to compete with her.

Even Indigo, who had four bloodline attributes and was recognized by the elders of the Spirit Race, felt great pressure facing Betty.

"Little Sister Indigo, why are you so nervous?" Betty laughed. "I have no interest in becoming the leader, why would I care about the Flaming Sun Abyss? Is just one level of the Abyss as valuable as hundreds of Spirit Race’s realms?"

Indigo was puzzled hearing her answer. "If you don’t desire the Flaming Sun Abyss for yourself, why have you come?"

"Didn't I say? I came for this Qin Lie guy." Betty smiled and said.

"Qin Lie?" Indigo frowned.

At this time, Betty's eyes lit up and she smiled. She said, "He is observing us in secret."

Indigo stilled and then felt with her bloodline, her eyes brightening.

She also smelled something unusual.

Then the two looked towards an empty part of space.

The empty space they observed revealed a purple light dott that flashed brightly.

The purple shadow quickly absorbed abyss devil energy and expanded like a balloon to become a blurry figure.

The blurry figure was made from Qin Lie's soul consciousness.

"Why are you here?" he asked Indigo.

"Ah, it seems you are familiar with each other." Betty laughed.

Qin Lie's soul unconsciously landed on Betty and his soul shook slightly.

Betty was dressed in grand robes and had a beautiful figure. Her movements and smile seemed to be seductive and could draw in people's minds.

For some reason, when Qin Lie's soul looked at Betty, his soul gave off strange shudders.

It seemed that he and this Betty were blessed by the unpredictable fate and should be entangled together.

Betty, who had been teasing Indigo, also shuddered when Qin Lie's soul shadow appeared.

She, who had the fate bloodline, looked at the soul shadow and felt countless blurry scenes in her mind.

She went into a daze.

Qin Lie's soul shadow originally could exist for a long time, but after seeing Betty, it uncontrollably dissipated.

He only said one sentence, saw Betty with his soul eye, and his soul shadow could no longer gather.

His soul consciousness returned to the Origin Sea.

Betty stood silently at her spot, seemingly bewitched and unable to awaken.

This was the abyss passageway entrance where Abyss Devils would occasionally appear.

As a clansman of the Spirit Race, Indigo worried that if she left, Betty would be killed by the Abyss Devils that came in. Therefore, she was forced to stay and protect the female.

Fortunately, Betty did not let her wait for long.

"You know the position of the Origin Sea?" Betty opened her eyes, smiled and said, "Since he isn't willing to come, let's go and find him."

Indigo pouted like she was having a temper tantrum. "Why should I take you along?"

"I'll help you against Oktan," Betty said with a smile.

Indigo stilled.

"Do not worry. I’m looking for that Qin Lie not to kill him or steal the Flaming Sun Abyss," Betty comforted.

Indigo stared at her for a long while and felt with her bloodline. After ascertaining that it was not a lie, she nodded softly and agreed. "Alright."

Betty giggled, and went to rub Indigo's hair like an actual sister.

"I am actually very happy that you’ll become the next leader of the Spirit Race. You are more suitable than that dislikable Oktan. If you did not appear, maybe... no matter how unhappy I was, for the future of the race, I would be forced to compete with Oktan. But that was not what I wanted. I hope you understand that your appearance… made me very happy."

Indigo disliked her action of rubbing her hair and wanted to resist. However, when she heard the words, she suddenly stopped.

After the speech, Indigo frowned and said, "Actually, I also do not want to become the leader of the Spirit Race."

Betty stilled, smiled bitterly, and then said persuasively, "That is your grandfather's lifetime dream, you cannot let him down. Also, I promise you, if you become the leader of the Spirit Race, if you encounter any trouble, I will do my all to help you. Ha, you know how strong our Daniels Family is. I won't be the Spirit Race leader, but I cannot avoid becoming my family’s matriarch. If you do decide to become the leader of the Spirit Race, I and my family will be your staunchest supporters."

She almost swore an oath.

Indigo looked strangely at her.

They were both Spirit Race's Spirit Seeds. Oktan, in order to become the next Spirit Race leader, sneaked into the Origin World to kill her.

Betty was of better birth, and had stronger bloodline and talent. Despite that, she avoided the position of Spirit Race leader like it was poison.

The two's disparity in their attitudes towards the position confused Indigo.

"Do not look at me like this," Betty said with a smile. "If possible. I don't even want to become the matriarch of the Daniels Family. Hmph, if not for Old Man Tian Qi forcing me, and finding me no matter where I hide, I would have disappeared long ago."

Indigo was even more shocked.

Her grandfather Assad, as the patriarch of the Spirit Race, always treated Great Sage Tian Qi with respect and awe.

Betty, who also came from the Daniels Family, called the Great Sage of the Spirit Race "Old Man Tian Qi"...

Indigo felt that Betty was too disrespectful.

"What? You think the old man is really some Great Sage?" Betty snorted and said with a complicated expression, "Maybe, to the Spirit Race, he can be called a sage. But to some other races, the things he has done can only be called great crimes!"

Betty clearly had no respect for Great Sage Tian Qi.

Hearing the words, Indigo was silent. She seemed to have learned something new about Betty.

"Let's go. If we encounter Oktan, I will help you against him," Betty urged.

Indigo did not move. She thought for a moment and said, "Just now, when Qin Lie's soul arrived, I felt unusual vibrations come from your bloodline. What happened?"

Betty shook her head. "I also do not know. However, I think that... Old Man Tian Qi might have done something to me and Qin Lie. I felt the threads of my fate seemed to have crossed with Qin Lie a long time ago."

Indigo was shocked.

Betty giggled. "Do not be so shocked. Your fate lines intersect more with him. Is it not true?"

Indigo was silent.

"I can feel it. You do too. Do you really think Old Man Tian Qi doesn’t?" Betty laughed.

"So what if he knows?" Indigo finally spoke.

Betty shook her head, her expression dimming as she said, "No one knows what the old man wants. He would do anything for the future of the Spirit Race, regardless of how many lives would be ruined or sacrificed in the process."

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