Chapter 1472: Schadenfreude

Chapter 1472: Schadenfreude

When Pei Dehong came to Shattered Ice Realm, he wasn’t expecting the Profound Ice Family to mount such a fierce resistance despite having lost their two strongest pillars.

For a time, he was unable to accept the reality in front of him.

The two Profound Ice Family starships fired hundreds and thousands of icy attacks at them, turning the entire realm into a hailstorm. At first glance, the two starships looked like giant porcupines covered in quills from head to toe.

Moreover, not a single Profound Ice Family member could be spotted on the starships. They weren’t even able to sense their souls.

It was because the Profound Family members were all hiding inside the giant starships, safe behind the barrage of icy attacks.

Even worse, they were deeply entrenched inside Shattered Ice Realm. The starships’ frost power grew a hundred times stronger as the world started crumbling all around them.

“Crack crack crack! Crack crack!”

As countless glaciers exploded under the barrage, the sky, the earth, and even space itself started freezing bit by bit under the power of absolute frost.

The combined army was blasted by countless ice boulders, icicles, ice beams, ice blasts, and terrifying ice storms.

Their Soul Altars were already full of holes before they even reached within ten kilometers of the giant starships.

The giant dragons’ fate was even worse than the humans’. The icy barrage was literally cutting them into pieces.


When Affleck saw his remaining few kin being cut down one by one by the terrible frost attacks, he finally called for them to stop.

He then turned around suddenly and glared at Pei Dehong brutally.

There was even fire spilling out of the corner of its mouth.

Anyone, giant or human, could see that he was on the verge of a rampage.

Pei Dehong’s expression turned a little unnatural. He seemed to be aware that the old dragon could lose control at any moment.

“You aren’t the only one who suffered a huge loss. Our losses are just as bad as yours.” Pei Dehong hesitated for a moment before justifying himself. “If I really was planning on hurting you, I wouldn’t have sent our Soul Altar martial practitioners to their deaths.”

Affleck looked around himself.


He saw several ice attacks penetrating a five-level fire Soul Altar and the master above it. Both man and the Soul Altar had been cut to pieces before exploding.

The old dragon looked around some more discovered many more human Void Realm martial practitioners losing their Soul Altars.

It was true. The giant dragons weren’t the only ones suffering heavy casualties.

He immediately believed that the tragedy that was happening all around him wasn’t a devious plan to cut down the giant dragons’ numbers.

His fury subsided just a bit.

“Brother Pei! Those God Race fellows seem harder to deal with than we imagined! If we were to approach them by force to kill them… we may have to pay an even bigger price. What do you think?” Hong Ju shouted.

Pei Dehong observed the situation for a moment.

In just a moment, at least fifteen Void Realm martial practitioners had lost their Soul Altars, along with their lives.

Even more people had been injured or had their Soul Altar damaged.

On the other hand, the Genesis Realm martial practitioners’ Soul Altars were tough enough to endure the icy barrage. At worst, their Soul Altars had suffered some tiny cracks on the surface.

Despite the damage, not one Genesis Realm martial practitioner had perished under the barrage.

However, they were still ten kilometers away from the two giant starships. Moreover, they hadn’t encountered even one God Race clansman thus far.

They knew full well that the enemy’s resistance would most likely pick up in terms of ferocity if they were to continue on their course.

Even if they did reach the starships, they might even have to face the Profound Ice Family’s suicidal charges.

Pei Dehong hesitated with a dark look on his face. For a time, he wasn’t able to come to a decision.

“What if we pull back for the moment?” Hong Ju asked.

Pei Dehong hesitated for a moment before saying, “We will pull back for the moment and bring out our Divine Grade artifacts to deal with them.”

Hong Ju let out a secret sigh of relief. “That is what I thought too.”

“Everyone, let us return to Spirit Realm first and grab our Divine Grade artifacts!” Pei Dehong said.

“The items are currently at our sacred halls.”

“Our Divine Grade artifacts too!”

The experts of other forces echoed the sentiment before they started flying back to the realm entrance.


At Sky Bearing City.

Qin Lie’s Soul Race subsoul had finally completed its evolution to rank ten soulline.

The Soul Tree had become thicker and taller, and its branches seemed to have grown an entire size bigger.


The Soul Suppressing Orb floating above the Soul Tree also returned to his glabella after his subsoul had safely completed its breakthrough.

The Soul Beast avatar rolled its eyes once after the subsoul had returned to its body, but it continued to lie there unmoving.

It would take time to digest all the Soul Race secret arts he had obtained after ascending to rank ten soulline.

Moreover, he needed to communicate with his soul servants and seek out the two Soul Race princes.

The Soul Beast avatar was needed to complete these tasks.

Hs true self didn’t stay too long in the secret underground room. He left calmly and appeared outside the Procedural Hall.


“Eh? What are you guys cheering about?” Qin Lie asked.

At the square just outside the Procedural Hall, Chen Lin, Miao Yizi, Dan Yuanqing, Ji Yuan, Ji Yao, and Hua Anyang looked to be discussing something with happy looks on their faces.

“The six great forces and the Giant Dragon Race had suffered huge casualties in their attempt to breach Shattered Ice Realm!” Hua Anyang replied in excitement.

“Haha! I heard that they had lost at least a dozen or so Void Realm martial practitioners, and some of their Genesis Realm martial practitioners were heavily injured as well. It will take a while before they can all recover. Even the Giant Dragon Race had had their numbers reduced by a little. What a tragedy!” Dan Yuanqing chuckled.

For many years, they had viewed the six great forces as their main enemy. After all, the six great forces were the ones who had chased them out of Spirit Realm.

That was why everyone was rejoicing over the painful beating they had suffered in the hands of the Profound Ice Family.

“Just now, your grandfather had sent word to Pei Dehong to return what had been ours. They are to vacate the Qin Family’s territories within a month’s time.” Dan Yuanqing let out a loud laugh again.

“The Ancient Beast Race’s ancestral lands are included in the request as well,” Chen Lin added.

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up when he heard the news.

Right now, the Qin Family was acting to take back what was theirs while the six great forces’ strength was weakened and before the arrival of the God Race’s main army.

He knew that the God Race would be invading Spirit Realm in two years’ time. That was why it was necessary for them to improve their own situation as much as possible during this period.

“If a war were to break out between us, I can contribute four to five Genesis Realm fighters.” Qin Lie smiled.

“Four to five?” Chen Lin exclaimed.

“At least four to five, yes,” Qin Lie added.

Everyone looked surprised by his confident answer. They felt curious about the powers supporting Qin Lie.

But before they could ask what they had in mind, Qin Lie suddenly changed his expression before saying coldly, “I sense some foreign visitors approaching Sky Bearing City right now.”

“Who is it?” Chen Lin asked.

“The Soul Race.”

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