Chapter 1513: Forced to Show

Chapter 1513: Forced to Show

At the eastway mountains of the Giant Spirit Realm.

There were six gigantic mountains that joined up to form a vast valley. Many clusters of extraordinarily large stone houses could be spotted in it.

Right now, hundreds of giants were tied up to the stone houses with ropes made from beast tendons.

Almost all the giants had whip marks on them. The stronger they were, the more obvious the whip marks.

There were three rank ten golden giants that had been tortured especially badly. Their powerful, tough-as-metal bodies were currently covered in gigantic squirming ravines.

Many giant bronze cauldrons were placed under their wounds. They were used to hold the dripping blood. Currently, every single one of the cauldrons was filled to the brim.

The Night Ghosts were bleeding the bound giants slowly for their own purposes.

The three leaders of the Giant Race looked ashen-faced and hopeless.

“Will the Giant Race reach the end in our hands…” one of them muttered.

“Who knows why these outer realms’ experts decided to invade the Giant Spirit Realm instead of heading towards Spirit Realm?” Another giant sighed.

“I can’t see any hope for us,” the last giant said.

The three golden giants were tied up relatively close to each other. Although they were sitting on the ground, their heads were still quite high up on the sky.

A lot of Night Ghosts were seated quietly beneath the giants’ feet.

One of them was a ten meter tall middle-aged man who was leaning against a stone house, standing.

On the surface, he looked incredibly similar to a human, a God Race clansman, or a Spirit Race clansman. The only notable differences was his bigger physique and the third eye on his glabella.

He used to belong to the Three-Eyed Race, a race that had been annihilated by the God Race.

Right now, he was holding a ladle and drinking from a cauldron full of golden blood like he was enjoying strong wine.

The rest of the Night Ghosts stayed far away from him. They were clearly afraid of him.

“Swoosh! Swoosh swoosh!”

Xinda and Tia and the rest of the group who had been chasing after Qin Lie returned to the ground.

The Three-Eyed Race clansman who was enjoying a good drink opened his eyes slightly. “What’s wrong? Why are you back?”

Although Xinda and Tia were rank ten themselves, even they seemed to be careful around the three-eyed man. It was evident that their status in the Night Ghosts was lower.

“That bastard kept concealing himself with a Soul Race secret and ambushing us when we were not looking. We lost quite a bit of men as a result.” Tia bowed slightly. “He also concealed his soul servants to keep us from locking down on their position. After some thought, I… believe that we should return and wait for him to come to us instead.”

The Three-eyed Race clansman shot Tia a look before nodding. “You did well.”

Tia hurriedly replied, “You praise me too much, Lord Badi.”

“Starting from now, kill a rank nine giant every hour,” Badi instructed.

Tia nodded and did exactly as commanded.


A rank nine giant’s head suddenly flew off their torso and into the sky.

His golden blood sprayed out of his neck like a fountain.

“We will kill another one an hour later and force him to show himself.” Badi stared emotionlessly at the three rank ten giants who had suddenly gone berserk. “The small race of a low level realm is not worth even a single rank ten Soul Race clansman, so it doesn’t matter if we kill them all. Our profit will be much bigger if we can capture or kill that rank ten Soul Race clansman.”

“I understand.” Tia smiled.



Banderas growled in sorrow and anger as tears fell off his golden pupils.

Campbell, the peak rank nine giant was wearing bloodshot eyes as well.

Both two giants were extremely angry.

Right now they were close the Giant Race’s home, and the six tall mountains were visible at the horizon.

Naturally, they didn’t miss the rank nine giant’s head that was tossed into the air on purpose.

They could even glimpse a stream of golden blood spraying into the air like a fountain.

“Another one has been killed! They’re murdering our kin! I must head there immediately!” Banderas started moving towards the valley, ready to charge out of the Dark Soul Beast’s concealment ability and attack the enemy. He was slowly but surely losing his rationale and self-control.

“Stop!” Qin Lie yelled.

“My clansmen are being killed right now!” Banderas turned around and roared.

“I know,” Qin Lie replied calmly, “but I need to figure out their situation first before taking any action. You’ll only expose us if you charge out recklessly.”

The Lizard Progenitor and Curtis hurriedly did their best to calm down Banderas as well.

“Quick! Be as quick as possible! I cannot watch my clansmen die one by one and do nothing!” Banderas could hardly wait.

Qin Lie stayed silent while his Dark Soul Beast avatar sent out ripples of soul energy towards the stone houses in the valley.

His soul perception seeped into the area like water as he inspected every powerful soul in that area.

“Eh…” He exhaled silently.


Badi’s third eye suddenly glowed dark green.

The bright light instantly illuminated the invisible soul ripples around him.

Badi let out a snort before saying, “I know you’re watching us. If you don’t want more giants to die, come right now or suffer the consequences! Starting from now, I will kill a rank nine giant every fifteen minutes. If you don’t show up even after two hours have passed, I will kill all three rank ten giants!”

He seemed certain that Qin Lie had come to save the Giant Race.

Seeing Badi’s third eye glow, Qin Lie immediately withdrew his soul-searching ability.

He already knew how strong they were.

The Night Ghosts had three rank ten bloodline experts; a Three-Eyed Race clansman, an Earth Demon Race clans man, and a Winged Race clansman. Besides that, there were dozens of rank eight or nine members.

Although this power didn’t seem particularly strong, a foreign rank ten bloodline expert was usually stronger than Spirit Realm’s rank ten expert.

The Giant Race wouldn’t have been beaten this easily otherwise. They did have three rank ten giants after all.

Qin Lie turned around and looked at Banderas, the Lizard Progenitor, Curtis, and the Corpse Demons that Miao Fengtian had brought over. A trace of hesitation lingered in his eyes.

“How is it?” Banderas asked urgently.

“Qin Lie! We can’t afford to wait for too long. The Giant Race’s population is small to begin with, and we may take a very, very long time to recover if too many of us die,” Campbell said.

“I understand.” Qin Lie nodded. “Stay here for now. I’ll be heading over alone.”

“But why?” Campbell asked in confusion.

“I’m not sure if he has other traps set up,” Qin Lie replied.

After that, Qin Lie got up the Dark Soul Beast’s head and flew out of the forest. Then, he landed openly on the valley ground.

“I’m here now.”

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