Chapter 1521: Capitulate

Chapter 1521: Capitulate

Ancient Beast Realm.

Perhaps because it was too far from Spirit Realm and remote, the invasion of foreign races did not affect this place.

However, the four Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race constantly paid attention to news and did not dare relax.

They worriedly greatly for Spirit Realm's present situation. They feared that if they missed important news, the Ancient Beast Race would be forced into reacting.

"We are lucky," Heavenly Blue Snake King said to Crimson Blood Ape King. "The Giant Race is far from Spirit Realm, but because there are many places with spatial chaos near Giant Spirit Realm, foreign experts could easily enter. Based on the previous news, if not for Qin Lie, those giants... might have been sent to unknown regions, forever turned into slaves. The Wood Race, the Asura Race, the Yaksha Race,the  Black Jail Race, these races near Spirit Realm have all encountered trouble to some degree."

"The world is in chaos, we will... also encounter similar things in the future," Crimson Blood Ape King sighed and said, "The outer realms’ experts will one day come to Ancient Beast Realm after dealing with others."

Yes, they will,” Heavenly Blue Snake King replied, hopeless.

As they spoke, Nine-tailed Fox King suddenly landed from the sky, her eyes filled with excitement.

"What news can make you so happy?" Heavenly Blue Snake King asked curiously.

"Pei Dehong announced to the races of Spirit Realm Ninth Heaven will return all the lands they have taken from the Qin Family!" Nine-tailed Fox King excitedly said. "The six forces will return the Ancient Beast Race’s lands to us! Also, Ninth Heaven told the races that they will leave Spirit Realm after the chaos of Spirit Realm settles and will not step into Spirit Realm for three centuries!"


Heavenly Blue Snake King and Crimson Blood Ape King were stunned.

"Pei Dehong has surrendered?" Crimson Blood Ape King was shocked.

"Leave Spirit Realm for three centuries, return everything, what else is this but surrender?"Heavenly Blue Snake King said.

"But they did not seem to have had a fight?" Crimson Blood Ape King was confused.

"There must be some circumstances we are not aware of. However, Ninth Heaven's attitude proves that Sky Bearing City has the upper hand in their fight against the six forces," Heavenly Blue Snake King said.

"We can return to our lands!" Nine-tailed Fox King said excitedly.


At the same time.

The Wood Race, the Black Jail Race, the fleeing Asura Race, the Sea Race, and the Silver rank forces in various regions of Spirit Realm all learned of Pei Dehong's announcement through different channels.

Spirit Realm exploded.

They did not know the details but Ninth Heaven’s surrender meant that the Qin Family held the upper hand against the six forces!

Soon, they learned Starry Hall and the Ao Family had announced they would return the lands they had taken from Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family, and were willing to pay reparations.

Starry Hall and the Ao Family's subsequent announcements told everyone they had completely lost.

After all, it was the losing side that would pay reparations.

The battle between Sky Bearing City and the six forces was the focus of the races of Spirit Realm and could affect their most immediate future..

Under the eyes of all the Spirit Realm’s races, the six forces, not having fought with Qin Family openly yet, surrendered. Many people were puzzled by this outcome.

They speculated that maybe the recent chaos that occurred in the six forces reached an uncontrollable degree and the six forces had to compromise.

—They had learned some news about the Soul Race running amok among the six forces and knew Spirit Realm was not at peace.

But they did not know the compromise of the six forces was due to Qin Lie alone.


Ninth Heaven.

Miao Yizi, who had come with Qin Lie, held a jade pendant in her hand. The jade pendant was swirling with light as though it was passing messages constantly.

Miao Yizi could not stop her smile from appearing.

After a while, she glanced at Ji Yuan next to her. The two beautiful women with different temperaments exchanged smiles.

"How is it?" Sky Mender Palace's Hua Anyang asked urgently.

Ji Yuan looked at the dispirited Pei Dehong and then nodded at Hua Anyang, saying, "Yes."

Qin Lie opened his eyes slowly and looked at Miao Yizi.

Miao Yizi nodded gently.

Qin Lie smiled and then looked again at Pei Dehong and the others. He said, "Glad you admitted defeat."

Pei Dehong and the others wore ugly expressions. They wisely did not respond to avoid drawing further scorn.

Seeing those old men become mute, Qin Lie snorted and did not continue.

He immediately used soul secret arts to activate the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The best way to fully exert the power of the Soul Suppressing Orb was to use the rank ten subsoul to control it.

But right now, his Dark Soul Beast avatar was in Giant Spirit Realm absorbing the remnant souls of the Night Ghosts, and had to spend effort enslaving the five rank ten experts of the Night Ghosts to ensure Blood Soul Beast’s breakthrough.

This meant his two subsouls could not manipulate the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Fortunately, that rank ten subsoul had absorbed a lot of pure soul power using Soul Burial and his main soul had benefited greatly.

His main soul's soul power had a wider range when using his Soul Sensing Art.

Waves of strange soul vibrations came from his body and stretched outwards.

Any person who reached the Genesis Realm could feel the secret Soul Sensing Art from his body.

Closing his eyes, Qin Lie's soul consciousness sank into the inner world of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

As the Soul Sensing Art spread, the gray world of the Soul Suppressing Orb suddenly had flashing stars.

Those stars represented living souls.

His Soul Sensing Art spread outwards with Ninth Heaven as the center.

The surviving martial practitioners, beasts, small worms, and other beings with souls were within his soul consciousness.


In the north, his soul felt a savage soul consciousness erupt from a cold valley.

Qin Lie shook and immediately exited the Soul Sensing Art. He stood up abruptly.

"North, a cold mountain valley!" he shouted.

"Heavenly Yin Valley!" Pei Dehong suddenly rose.

Before Qin Lie could say more, his eyes flashed savagely. He immediately summoned his nine-level Soul Altar and he flew on his Soul Altar towards the place Qin Lie pointed.

Hong Ju, Ao Changsheng, and the others also flew over on their Soul Altar with killing intent. 

"Why do they believe me?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"They believe the Ice Emperor would not lie to them," Miao Yizi explained softly.

"Everyone! Let's go!" Ice Emperor spoke.

The experts of Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family released their Soul Altars with solemn expressions.

The experts drove their Soul Altars and flew across the sky of Ninth Heaven, toward the north.

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