Chapter 1618: Freely Swim the Galaxy

Tian Qi had crushed Luz and Ling Feng right in front of his face.

If he had enough power, he would’ve killed Tian Qi and every Daniels Family member in this place.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t confident in his chances even if he somehow broke through to rank ten immediately.

After all, Tian Qi was only one step away from that ultimate rank...

“Old man, were those two people his friends?” Betty finally realized what was going on as she shot a glance at the shackled Ling Xuanxuan and Gao Yu. “You’re using them to threaten Qin Lie?”

“What’s wrong? You have an opinion to share?” Tian Qi asked indifferently.

“Old man, you’re aware that Indigo cares deeply for him, right?” Betty asked in a low voice.

She had gone to the Flaming Sun Abyss with Indigo before, so she knew that the two of them shared a very special relationship.

Indigo was destined to become leader of the Spirit Race. She was afraid that Tian Qi would commit an unforgivable offense against Indigo without realizing the truth.

“I know who he is and his relationship with Indigo,” Tian Qi said indifferently, “but our people’s survival depends on him, and that includes you and our own family. As the future matriarch of the Spirit Race, I’m sure Indigo would understand why I’m doing this.”

After that, Tian Qi stared coldly at Qin Lie before saying, “Now finish your business as soon as possible.”

“We need to rely on him to leave Nine Hells Purgatory alive?” Betty looked doubtful.

Tian Qi ignored her and awaited Qin Lie’s decision coolly.

Staring at his immobilized and muted friends, Qin Lie fell silent for a moment before replying, “I understand.”

“Good.” Tian Qi nodded.

Qin Lie’s body became merged with the prismatic crystal once more.

He slowly vanished from everyone’s view.

In the next moment, he reappeared inside the Galaxy Mirror right outside of the entrance of Yellow Springs Purgatory.

“Either I seal off Nine Hells Purgatory too, or… I send the God Race away from Yellow Springs Purgatory first.”

He looked up. A lot of Abyss Devils were gathered at the abyss passageway right behind the Galaxy Mirror.

Most of these Abyss Devils came from Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory. They were all at rank ten or rank nine.

He knew that these Abyss Devils would shatter the precarious balance in Yellow Springs Purgatory the second he shifted the Galaxy Mirror away.

When that happened, all five patriarchs of the God Race would perish in Yellow Springs Purgatory.

However, if he didn’t move the Galaxy Mirror, the Abyss Devils would reach Nine Hells Purgatory.

If he allowed that to happen, the Spirit Race would face destruction and be killed by the Abyss Devils.

However, the first people to die even before the Spirit Race clansmen would be his friends at Nether City.

“Galaxy Mirror…”

He focused his soul consciousness and tried to understand more of the Galaxy Mirror’s inner secrets.

In an instant, his one-level Soul Altar shone brightly.

Countless white stars sparkled inside his Soul Altar and released many waves of profound laws.

At the same time, the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline in his body transformed into brilliant beams of light that looked like white ribbons at first glance.


Before Qin Lie realized it, countless dots of lights had flown out of the abyss passageway towards him. They sparkled with pure light like stars.

When he looked closer, he discovered that the interior of the starlight seemed to hold a world of their own.

Suddenly, every corner of the abyss passageway became covered in light.

Every living being inside the abyss passageway be it the Abyss Devils or something else all appeared clearly inside his head.

It was as if the Galaxy Mirror had transformed into the central hub of the abyss passageway.

Enlightenment dawned upon Qin Lie.

Countless Abyss Devils tried to rush into Nine Hells Purgatory through the abyss passageway.

However, a strange crystalline wall of starlight suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The strange wall completely blocked the entrance to Nine Hells Purgatory.

The Abyss Devils bounced backward the moment they slammed into the crystalline wall.

The Abyss Devils roared furiously. Nine Hells Purgatory was right in front of their eyes, but this strange wall had appeared out of nowhere and stopped them from getting in. They immediately roared and bombarded the obstacle in front of them.

“Bang bang! Bang bang bang!”

The crystalline wall was surprisingly tough. The bombardment failed to crack it in the slightest.

The crystal layers seemed capable of infusing themselves with the power of the abyss passageway. Every time they were attacked, more starlight were pulled into the walls.

Even the parts that became slightly distorted from the attacks were swiftly restored to normal thanks to the infusion of new starlight.

At the entrance to Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Qin Lie withdrew the Galaxy Mirror, but a crystalline wall had appeared where it was gone.

The moment the crystalline wall had appeared, starlight from all over the abyss passageway moved towards it and powered it with their strength.

The Abyss Devils of Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory roared and charged towards the entrance after seeing that the Galaxy Mirror had disappeared.

However, just like the Abyss Devils who were attempting to charge into Nine Hells Purgatory, they were stopped by the crystalline wall of stars.

Their strength depleted much of the crystalline wall’s power, but they didn’t manage to break through.

“Bang bang!”

Strange noises came from the Galaxy Mirror Qin Lie was holding. His pupils abruptly turned deep and mysterious.

He stared into the multifaceted Galaxy Mirror, and his gaze seemed to penetrate its surface and enter to an unfamiliar part of the galaxy.

Brilliant stars could be seen everywhere, but there were no life in the area at all. It seemed like no intelligent lifeform had been born in this corner of the galaxy.

Suddenly, a strange ripple spread out like a tidal wave.

Everywhere the ripple went, stars suddenly started to vibrate intensely.

A short time later, starlight flew out of the stars and vanished into the ripples.

When Qin Lie paid close attention, he discovered that the vanished starlight was actually entering the abyss passageway through various black holes.

After that, they became the energy source that fueled the crystalline walls blocking the entrances to the Nine Hells and Yellow Springs Purgatories.

The abyss passageway was the door to countless realms and the convergence point of planes.

The Demon Spirit of Space and Time had been born into this world to guard the abyss passageway.

The Galaxy Mirror was the key to this central hub, and it had the power to draw star energy from stars and create crystalline walls that could block anything.

This ultimate treasure could take him to countless worlds or seal them off with crystalline walls if he so wished.

“I wouldn’t say that he was invincible, but no one should be able to kill the patriarch of the Demon Spirits of Space and Time with the Galaxy Mirror.”

“How in the world did the Abyss Master Castor manage to kill a being this strange, and destroy even the Galaxy Mirror?”

“He really should’ve been impossible to kill considering his unique abilities.”

The more Qin Lie studied the Galaxy Mirror and the Demon Spirits of Space and Time, the more he realized just how amazing they both were.

He just couldn’t imagine how the Abyss Master was able to kill the patriarch of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time Race and crush the Galaxy Mirror.


This time, Qin Lie didn’t appear through the Spirit Race’s prismatic crystal. Instead, he manifested directly on the square of Nether City.

The Galaxy Mirror was basically a door to any part of the galaxy, realm, or space.

Every space, realm, or world could be connected to the abyss passageway.

This meant that he could travel to any realm freely using the Galaxy Mirror before using Star Abyss or Star Door bloodline abilities to grant others passage. This worked even in remote unnown realms.

“To think that you could come in this easily…”

Astonished, Tian Qi stared deeply at Qin Lie before saying, “It looks like your knowledge of the power of space is slowly surpassing mine thanks to the Demon Spirit of Space and Time Race bloodline and the Galaxy Mirror.”

“It’s mostly thanks to it,” Qin Lie said while gripping the mirror.

“That’s right. Without it, you wouldn’t have been able to swim the galaxy as you wish.” Tian Qi nodded before continuing, “Seeing that you’re here, have you sealed off the abyss passageway to Nine Hells Purgatory already?”

“You should release the hostages now, shouldn’t you?” Qin Lie asked coldly.

“No need to hurry, we’ll do that after the dust is settled here,” Tian Qi said unhurriedly. “Otherwise, what should I do if you reopen the abyss passageway after I free your friends?”

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