Chapter 1726: Difference in Power

“Whoosh whoosh!”

More and more shadow beings slipped out of the spatial rift and created new bodies very quickly.

The frost domain created by Han Che and the Ice Emperor was slowly being destroyed by the Light of Annihilation.

They couldn’t prevent the shadow beings from entering any longer.

“The Winged Race has begun moving.”

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar cheered the Spirit Realm experts while staring coldly at the shadow beings.

“Thank goodness…”

“The reinforcements are appreciated.”

“Let’s hope that they can slow the shadow beings’ advance.”

The experts of the ancient races sighed in relief when they heard that the Winged Race was joining the fray.

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

However, the powerful shadow beings suddenly stacked together like a human pyramid.

Dozens of shadow beings joined hands and feet before transforming into one whole being.

Every shadow being’s armor was covered in complex and exquisite patterns thatstarted swimming wildly after they merged together.

The shadow beings started shining brightly. In that instant, the world’s laws seemed to be thrown into chaos.

Qin Lie could sense the stray energy around them swimming towards the shadow beings rapidly.

A powerful aura that terrified even Qin Lie started gathering inside the shadow beings.

When he looked at them closely, he discovered that the picture they formed seemed to represent some sort of great way of the nature. It seemed like the ultimate law of the universe.

It was a power that he could only reproduce by putting the most complex ancient diagrams in the Soul Suppressing Orb together.


The giant asteroids from the nearby asteroid field started flying toward them like cannon balls.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Burning meteors were also flying out of various spatial rifts.

Qin Lie noticed that the meteors hadn’t appeared through the spatial rift the shadow beings were pouring in from. These spatial rifts looked like they were linked to a different space.

At the same time, countless rays of Light of Annihilation suddenly shone at the meteors.

Finally, they flew toward the Spirit Realm troops like like torrent of sharp blades.

“Oh no!”

Qin Lie turned pale with shock. The Light of Annihilation surrounding the meteors and the tremendous energy they held was clearly visible to his senses.

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh! Bang bang bang!”

Many Spirit Realm experts were caught off guard and struck by the burning meteors.

It took only an instant to crush their willpower.

Countless experts were caught by the Light of Annihilation and burned into nothing in just a short time.

It took less than a couple of seconds for a dozen or so rank ten bloodline experts and Genesis Realm experts to perish forever.

The turn of tides didn’t just stop there.

Even more light was pouring through the new spatial rifts.

The frost domain the Ice Emperor and Han Che had created was destroyed a long time ago. The latter was even slightly injured despite wielding the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

A bit of Light of Annihilation had struck Han Che’s chest, and the man had dug out the burned flesh without any hesitation at all.

While bleeding from his chest, he yelled with a serious expression, “Retreat from this spatial rift!”

The Ice Emperor immediately abandoned their frost domain and left the area.

However, hundreds of meteors surrounded by Light of Annihilation were still reaping lives all around them.

People kept dying left and right.

“What can you possibly do to fight against us when your flesh cannot withstand the corrosive power of the Light of Annihilation?”

At the spatial rift, a shadow being with blurry face taunted ruthlessly.


An Hao’s domain of darkness had been shredded some time ago, but the destruction caused by the meteors was beyond even his capacity to endure.

“Light of Annihilation, Light of Annihilation…”

An Hao muttered to himself before yelling suddenly, “We need to find a way to counter Light of Annihilation! It’s unwise to fight against it with our flesh and blood!”

Still grabbing onto his Flesh Filling Tombstone, he moved away from the spatial rift just like Han Che and the Ice Emperor.

Whenever a meteor hit a Soul Altar, it immediately started breaking apart.

“This is worse than even the Spirits of Void and Chaos, the Soul Altar Devourers!”

Hua Tianqiong of Sky Mender Palace felt like his soul could skip out of his body as he watched the Soul Altar of a Sky Mender Palace Genesis Realm expert break apart the second it was hit by a meteor.

The light was unbelievably destructive.

Soul altars were famed for their toughness, but they couldn’t even take a hit from the Light of Annihilation.

“Get out of that area!” Qin Lie shouted.

The experts were already scared senseless to begin with, and they scattered like birds the second they heard Qin Lie’s order.

“Hunt them down!”

“Nothing can threaten us in Spirit Realm once they’re all dead.”

“They’re the strongest force in Spirit Realm!”

The shadow beings ordered cruelly as they stared at the Spirit Realm warriors.

“It’s over.”

The Ice Emperor’s face was pale. He knew they had lost their first battle against the shadow beings.

It was a completely one-sided affair too.

“Qin Lie, let’s retreat for now. Your people… can’t fight the way they’re now anyway,” Han Che said coolly.

“Retreat! Retreat and regroup later!” Qin Shan yelled.

Experts of the ancient races of Spirit Realm started running away like their life depended on it.

“Let’s go!”

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar stopped right next to Qin Shan before shouting.

Qin Shan got on top of the Dark Soul Beast avatar without any hesitation.

“You should return to Sky Bearing City first. We’ll cover your retreat,” Lieyan Zhao shouted.


He gathered all of his bloodline power and unleashed a sea of fire that enveloped the entire world.

An Hao of the Darkness Family snorted before using the Flesh Filling Tombstone again.

Two sealing barriers of fire and darkness instantly blocked off the shadow beings from pursuit.

Han Che was surprised, but only for a moment. He also used his Flesh Filling Tombstone to create a third barrier.

“Little Lie, you stay back and help them hold back the shadow beings! I’ll go activate Sky Bearing City’s great formation!”

Qin Shan felt terrible for the three patriarchs. He didn’t expect that they would willingly stay behind to protect their warriors’ retreat.


Qin Lie agreed without a second thought and contacted his real self at Flaming Sun Purgatory immediately.

He was going to use the life crystal of the King of Flame Devils.

“Fire meteor!”

He glared hatefully at the shadow beings while shouting in his mind.


However, he suddenly sensed that the space of Spirit Realm was shackled. He realized that the entire star system was bound with countless restrictions.

These restrictions actually prevented him from summoning the life crystal directly.

“Lieyan Yuan!”

He looked at the sky and roared in unprecedented fury.

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