Chapter 236: Change

Chapter 236: Change

For many years, Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple had coveted Armament Sect's accumulated riches. They feared that one day Armament Sect would also become a Copper force and cause the state of affairs to turn into one with three forces.

So Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple wanted to destroy Armament Sect.

Yet whenever they were about to carry out even low-impact plans, they would receive a warning—a warning from higher level forces!

They also knew that there was someone protecting Armament Sect that did not allow them to act.

It was something they had tolerated for many years...

Over the last hundred years, they had not heard anything about that person. They had endured until they assumed that person had passed on to dare take action against Armament Sect.

Furthermore, at first, the only thing action taken by them was for Dark Shadow Tower to go and observe.

They received no warning of any kind when Dark Shadow Tower attacked Armament Sect, so they had rejoiced in secret. After that, they ordered Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley, Cloud Sky Mountain, and Purple Mist Sea to take action.

They still didn't receive a warning.

With that, they grew even more daring, completely sure that person was no longer around. So Tu Xi and Xie Zhizhang appeared, and they carried out even more major plans later on.

In the eyes of Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple, Armament Sect, who did not submit to them, was a threat and was also a fat piece of meat that should be taken care of.

They never could have dreamed that Armament Sect, which had been founded at Flame Volcano, existed for nine hundred years for the sake of suppressing the evil nether passageway!

Today, they finally understood why that great personage who protected Armament Sect did not do so just for the sake Armament Sect but for all of Scarlet Tide Continent...

"Woosh, woosh, woosh!”

Thick clumps grayish-white fog came out of the three holes with waves of dark, terrifying vibrations emanating from the smoky mist.

Flame Volcano was shaking, the cracks growing as time passed. The remaining nine spirit pattern pillars were also shaking as though they were being forced up.

Xue Li turned serious. He stared at the three holes and sensed them whereupon the expression on his face became ugly.

Song Siyuan also looked at the three holes, the look on his face also one of fear. He said, "Qin Lie, put the three spirit pattern pillars back and suppress the evil nether passageway. I can promise that, from now on, Profound Heaven Alliance will not touch one hair of Armament Sect!”

"I can also speak on behalf of Eight Extreme Temple. As long as you continue to suppress the evil nether passageway, my Eight Extreme Temple will instantly send out the order and will discard any any notions of ever destroying Armament Sect!” Zhan Tianyi also shouted out.

All the martial practitioners from the five forces and every single person from Armament Sect, in this moment, had gone pale and were filled to the brim with terror.

They finally understood what was happening.

The twelve spirit pattern pillars, which had stood for more than nine hundred years, had the purpose of using the heat of the earthfire at Flame Volcano to suppress the dark evil nether passageway. It was to stop the Nether Realm and Scarlet Tide Continent from being connected!

The evil races from the Nether Realm had to always pass through the Nether Battlefield to enter Scarlet Tide Continent.

The Nether Battlefield was the buffer between Nether Realm and Scarlet Tide Continent. Inside the Nether Battlefield, the strongest elites of Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance stood guard. They cast endless restrictive formations, barriers, and the like, using up the spirit materials of the two great Copper forces to stop the evil races of the Nether Realm from going forward!

The evil races of the Nether Realm had to pay a great price to pass through the Nether Battlefield. They had to withstand the terrifying attacks of the restrictive boundaries and other hindrances.

Due to this, there had not been many evil races from the Nether Realm that had made it through the defensive line at the Nether Battlefield. Even if there were one or two fish that slipped the net, they would be quickly dealt with.

Yet if the twelve spirit pattern pillars rose up and the seal on this land was completely opened, then the passageway between the Nether Realm and Scarlet Tide Continent could be opened.

The evil races of the Nether Realm could easily enter Scarlet Tide Continent through this passageway without needing to deal with the seal and blockades at the Nether Battlefield, not needing to spill much blood at all!

Everyone recognized the severity of the matter.

"Boom boom boom! Woosh!”

After earth-shaking quakes, another spirit pattern pillar flew and floated in the air.

Qin Lie's expression also changed.

This spirit pattern pillar had not risen due to him but was pushed up by an enormous power from under the ground.

"Qin Lie! If you can reseal this land we will accept any conditions!" Xie Zhizhang shouted in fear.

"Act immediately, I guarantee that nothing will happen to Armament Sect!" Song Siyuan also shouted.

"Quickly!" Zhang Tianyi shouted urgently.

"Qin Lie!”

The three reverends and the seven inner sect elders suddenly became excited. They finally saw hope and shouted at Qin Lie as well.

They were now also urging Qin Lie to act.

Qin Lie subsequently sat down. He gathered all of his remaining power and his mind consciousness. According to the method that Xue Li taught him, he tried to get the spirit pattern pillars in the air to come down.

"Boom boom! Boom boom!”

Yet, before he could act, another two spirit pattern pillars flew up.

"Woosh, woosh, woosh! Woosh, woosh, woosh!”

More grayish-white smoke flowed out of the deep of the earth accompanied by terrifying screams and wails, thoroughly shocking everyone’s minds.

"There is no time," Xue Li inserted.

Bloody light flashed in his eyes, and blood colored waves spread from his sitting body.

The blood colored waves rippled out as though they were intelligent vacuums that were searching for something.

All the blood that was seeping out from the recently slain martial practitioners seemed to be attracted to the bloody ripples, being completely absorbed.

The bloody ripples of light expanded out, moving under everyone's feet. It gradually reached the point where it spread out past Armament Sect and sucked up every drop of blood from everyone who had died from the Terminator Profound Bombs and the spirit pattern pillars.

Like blood was being pushed into him, Xue Li's withered and dry body slowly expanded. His ashen skin gradually became flushed.

A terrifying and vicious bloody fluctuation that caused one's blood to boil started to emanate from Xue Li. His state improved drastically in this instant.

The bloody circle of light that Xue Li released was absorbed into his body.

He suddenly stood up.

His body, which had been like a dried corpse, now possessed the figure of a normal person. That ugly and terrifying face became handsome and youthful.

He had transformed into a handsome male of around forty years of age in a short period of time.

Thin, tall, and wearing a dark red robe, he possessed a pair of red eyes on that handsome face and gave off a feeling of extraordinary yet eerie charisma.

"Senior!" Qin Lie shouted.

In this instant, it wasn't just Xue Li's appearance that changed, his aura had exploded as well.

Qin Lie instantly understood. It was not that Xue Li did not have the power to kill the three Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners, but he had kept his strength hidden and was patiently absorbing the power from the blood underground.

—Xue Li had been forcing him into a corner as Qin Lie had expected!

"Boom boom! Boom boom!”

Another two spirit pattern pillars rose up. Amidst the enormous shakes, Flame Volcano started to collapse. The caverns halfway up the mountain crumbled as even more cracks appeared.

"Senior! Can you suppress the evil nether passageway?" Xie Zhizhang shouted.

Xue Li grinned and started to laugh.

He, whose figure and appearance as well as aura had changed, was actually now extremely pleasant to the eyes when laughing. Not only was the bloodiness and viciousness gone, but it also made one feel very comfortable.

He didn't place any importance on Xie Zhizhang, Song Siyuan, or Zhan Tianyi. He only said to Qin Lie, "Kid, unless you can reach the Netherpassage Realm, you cannot suppress the evil nether passageway. So this passageway will be opened, and the evil races of Nether Realm will step onto this land. Heh, better start preparing now.”

Qin Lie's face was dark.

Xue Li looked at Song Siyuan and the two others. He smiled slightly, his tone calm and natural. "You afraid now?”

The three nodded frantically.

"There's no use in feeling fear, what will come will come. Try to prepare and face this calamity." Xue Li was not polite. "You caused this calamity. This passage was opened because of the pressure you were applying onto the sect. Let me remind you, the suppression of this passageway probably relies on those twelve spirit pattern pillars. In addition, Qin Lie might be the only one who can move the spirit pattern pillars and be able to seal this place. Of course, he cannot do it now. He needs time to grow and at least needs to reach the Netherpassage Realm.”

The trio's expression became even more grave.

"Oh, right, let me remind you of one more thing. That Terminator Profound Bomb, it is a great weapon against the evil races of the Nether Realm. If it can be mass produced and used effectively, you might manage to survive," Xue Li snickered as he spoke.

The trio looked at Qin Lie with great emotion.

"Kid, considering how you escaped this calamity, you lucked out." Xue Li scoffed and said to Qin Lie, "Take care of that half of my soul for me. If something happens, I will destroy everyone close to you!”

Upon finishing, Xue Li roared. He turned into a streak of bloody light and flew to the east. In a flash, he disappeared.

Xue Li clearly felt regretful that he could not force Qin Lie to give up the half of his soul, but he seemed to have urgent matters to attend to, so he could not waste more time on Qin Lie. He had to temporarily leave and take care of his private matters.

Half of his soul still remained in Qin Lie's Soul Suppressing Orb which meant he could still communicate with Qin Lie at any time.

He could also knew Qin Lie's state at any moment and could easily find Qin Lie. Consequently, he had no worries about leaving.

"The passageway is already open. Low level martial practitioners should leave now and evacuate. Inform your superiors to prepare for battle." Song Siyuan took a deep breath and shouted, "Everyone, retreat from this place! Starting from now, the battle against Armament Sect is on hold! Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley, Dark Shadow Tower, you are not permitted to take action against Armament Sect!”

"Cloud Sky Mountain and Purple Mist Sea, stop your retaliation against Armament Sect; the grudges stop here!" Zhan Yianyi ordered.

The five forces were shocked when they heard Song Siyuan and Zhan Tianyi's orders.

They knew that the sudden change in attitude from Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance was due to a few of Xue Li's statements—Qin Lie would be able to seal this ground in the future and Qin Lie's Terminator Profound Bomb was crucial in combating the evil races of the Nether Realm!

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