Chapter 266: Demon God Mountain Range

Chapter 266: Demon God Mountain Range

Increasing soul power...

Xue Li's words truly made Qin Lie realize that it was only when he had enough soul power would he be able to withstand the burden of controlling the spirit pattern pillars.

The Soul Suppressing Orb had swallowed the pure souls of the Soul Devouring Beast and stored them in the deepest depths of the orb. If he could absorb those souls that were pure and without any impurity, he would be able to control six spirit pattern pillars at once.

Qin Lie's heart beat faster.

Collapsed on the ground, his eyes were narrowed in thought. Then he gathered a wisp of mental power to search for the souls inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

That wisp of consciousness instantly went into the vast world inside the orb. In that space, the four basic ancient spirit diagrams still hung high up in the sky. The glacial peak picture scroll of the frost concept that came from under the Arctic Mountain Range was also there.

In this world, there was a barrier that blocked off a new space.

The pure souls that had been sucked in were put into the space that was sealed. Qin Lie might be able to absorb those pure souls and also... look at his memories that had been sealed.

"Right now, my mind consciousness is too weak. I cannot break through the barrier. However, I am now in the Manifestation Realm. After I recover, I might be able to try." Thinking inwardly, he prepared to take back that wisp of consciousness.

Yet, just as his mind was about to withdraw, he felt clear soul fluctuations from inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

A soft, refreshing soul power instantly flooded straight out of the little sealed space in the Soul Suppressing Orb like a warm spring or a gentle wind.

That pure soul power that came from the Soul Suppressing Orb seemed to reach into the depths of his soul.

Qin Lie felt relaxed, as though he was soaking in a heavenly hot spring. The exhaustion of controlling the six spirit pattern pillars instantly vanished.

His Soul Lake seemed to have been cleansed, becoming bright and clear like a mirror, as though it could reflect any change in his body.

"Soul power! Is this the soul power from the Soul Devouring Beast?" Qin Lie instantly realized and hurriedly stopped his stray thoughts. Maintaining a clear mind, he used his mind to feel the wondrous changes in his soul and savored the wonders involved.

Waves of clear soul fluctuations spread from his body. These fluctuations were very small to start with and then gradually increased.

Some time later Song Tingyu, who had been recovering her strength using spirit stones, sensed these soul fluctuations and suddenly opened her eyes. She looked around in confusion and started to search.

She looked over at Qin Lie who was sitting in the distance. She saw that Qin Lie was cultivating and recognized the clear soul fluctuations coming from his body.

"This is..." Song Tingyu had an incredulous expression.

Usually, only martial practitioners who broke through to the Netherpassage Realm would be able to convert their soul into an ethereal form. Then the soul would come out in its true form.

It was only the martial practitioners in this realm that would have a relatively deep understanding of the soul and could truly use a spirit art to cultivate it. They could strengthen their soul in order to increase their perception and their understanding of the spirit energy of the world so they could use their soul to study the martial way. They could use the soul accumulate experience their physical body could not...

While martial practitioners in the Manifestation Realm could form their Soul Lake, the Soul Lake was just a reflection of the soul and not its actual form. It was a mirror that could only help the martial practitioner recognize themselves but would not possess very strong soul fluctuations.

Yet, Qin Lie was currently giving off very strong soul fluctuations.

Those soul fluctuations were so strong they could compare to those of a Netherpassage martial practitioner. They were similar to truly strong individuals that had formed their souls.

This surprised Song Tingyu.

"This guy has an enormous python inside of his body that can release lightning and thunder, can control the spirit pattern pillars, has the Terminator Profound Bombs, possesses spatial spirit artifacts and, right now, in the Manifestation Realm, he has such strong soul fluctuations." Song Tingyu’s curiosity grew even more as she looked at Qin Lie with glittering eyes.

She always felt that there seemed to be a layer of mystery shrouding Qin Lie. She wanted to take away that layer and learn just how many secrets Qin Lie had.

She looked at Qin Lie like this from a distance.

A long while later, Qin Lie opened his eyes. There seemed to be electricity in them, and he felt energetic.

Qin Lie saw Song Tingyu in front of him. His brow creased slightly as he asked, "Have you recovered?”

"Not yet." Song Tingyu smiled brightly.

"Then you..." Qin Lie’s expression was puzzled.

"I was disturbed by the strong soul fluctuations you gave off so I came to see. Right now... has your mind consciousness grown greatly?" She asked probingly.

Qin Lie's eyes narrowed as he checked. He nodded and said, "It increased by a fair amount.”

"Which method did you use?" Sing Tingyu suddenly became interested. "You are just in the Manifestation Realm, how can you cultivate your soul?”

Qin Lie was silent.

He really could not speak about these matters. He would not tell outsiders about the abilities of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

For as long as he could remember, he knew that his soul was stronger than those of normal people. It seemed that, before the age of ten, his soul had been tempered through a wondrous method.

When he was in the Natal Opening Realm, Qin Lie could accurately feel the existence of mind consciousness and learn to inscribe spirit diagrams.

This was where he differed from other people.

Seeing him go silent, Song Tingyu knew that he would not explain and was greatly disappointed. "You are so mysterious. How much are you hiding?”

"I want to go to the Demon God Mountain Range." Qin Lie changed the topic.

"The Demon God Mountain Range!" Song Tingyu was shocked. "Why would you think of going to the Demon God Mountain Range? That place is a restricted area of the evil races; it is where they worship their evil gods. According to the memories you analyzed, there could be pieces of the Demon God's soul in the Demon God Mountain Range... I cannot understand why you would want to go there!”

"The python inside my body seems to want me to go to the Demon God Mountain Range. I do not know why." Qin Lie was honest this time.

Song Tingyu looked deeply at him, her eyes glittering with strange specks of light. A moment later, she nodded and said, "Alright then. We'll make a trip to the Demon God Mountain Range! I will risk my life and go with you!”

Qin Lie was shocked.

"We have already made too much of a commotion. Strong Horned Demons will try to kill us at any price. They should already know our goal of going to the Nether Battlefield. If we suddenly change directions and go to the Demon God Mountain Range, we might have an easier time." Song Tingyu explained.

"Then let's go to the Demon God Mountain Range!" Qin Lie shouted.

The two instantly acted.

In this strange world without a sun, moon, or stars, the two were unable to calculate the time. They did not know how long they walked. Then, one day, they finally arrived at the border of the Demon God Mountain Range.

"Such thick nether demonic energy! Such a gruesome Demon God peak!" Looking at the five mountain peaks shrouded in thick nether demonic energy, Song Tingyu felt the surroundings and then shouted lightly.


An ear-splitting roar of thunder came from inside Qin Lie’s body. The python tattoo that had concealed itself within his neck suddenly appeared.

In the next moment, a blinding bolt of lightning instantly wrapped around Qin Lie. It pulled him directly towards the Demon God Mountain Range.

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